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LIV’s iOS app is in open beta, offering an easy way to capture mixed reality footage with select games using just an iPhone and an Oculus Quest headset.

Update: The LIV Connect Quest app is now available on App Lab, meaning it doesn’t require sideloading and is even easier to install. For instructions on how to install App Lab apps, check out our guide. Original article continues below. 

An early version of the software was available back in March 2020, but was taken down and improved to make it more reliable and accessible. Now, the new open beta gives anyone with a Quest and an iOS device an accessible way to start capturing mixed reality footage.

The app is available in open beta through Apple’s beta testing platform, Testflight. Users can install the app on their iOS device through Testflight and will then also need to install the LIV Connect app for Oculus Quest, which is available for sideloading through SideQuest.

Once everything is installed, the LIV Connect app on Quest runs the user through a quick calibration process to align everything. Once that’s complete, the LIV app can show a mixed reality view of select Quest games, where the player is overlaid onto a third-person perspective view of the virtual world.

Mixed reality capture has been available in varying capacities across many VR systems for some time now, but the LIV iOS app makes it much more accessible for Quest users. Only a phone and a Quest headset are needed — no additional equipment is required, not even a green screen. The app is able to identify the user against any background and dynamically place them into a third-person perspective of the virtual world, with generally positive results. Users can record the mixed reality view by using iOS’s built-in screen recorder.

For now, only select Quest games support mixed reality with the LIV app — Beat Saber, Crisis VRigade, Cubism, FitXR, Hyper Dash, OhShape, Real VR Fishing, Smash Drums, Space Pirate Trainer, Superhot and Synth Riders.

The LIV Beta app for iOS arrives at a time when there seems to be increasing support and interest in mixed reality capture. Facebook is seemingly trying to build its own answer to LIV’s mixed reality tools, but the features are segmented and don’t quite work together cohesively yet. Live Overlay lets you view a cut-out of the user playing VR (taken from the phone’s camera) on top of the first-person VR view cast to a phone. However, this misses the essential third-person perspective needed for mixed reality.

Meanwhile, its Spectator Camera feature will allow users cast a Quest to a phone and reposition the camera to third-person positions (that offer a different perspective to the VR user’s first-person view), but lacks any implementation of mixed reality features. The building blocks are there, but all remain separate and don’t come together cohesively like in LIV’s iOS app.

Likewise, Fabio Dela Antonio’s Reality Mixer app is another community project offering mixed reality capture on Quest, which Mark Zuckerberg seemingly used in a recent Facebook video showing him playing Beat Saber captured in mixed reality.

LIV’s iOS app is available in open beta now through Testflight. You can read more on the LIV blog.

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Update 6/25/2021: You don't need to put your Oculus Quest into developer mode anymore! Instead of downloading the companion on Sidequest, you can get it directly in-headset on App Lab. One less step to get setup!

The open beta for the iOS app is now out on TestFlight! is the newest, most simple way to capture VR gameplay on your Quest and Quest 2.

Some of you may remember the LIV Quest Beta back in 2020. It was an extremely early build of a project GiantSox from LIV was working on in his spare time. The goal of the app was simple; we wanted to allow people to capture Quest games without a pile of expensive hardware.

It was glitchy, difficult to use, and required a ton of support from us to keep running. Since we were a small team, we decided to take the LIV Quest Beta offline, and the new mobile team got to work making mixed reality more accessible and easier to set up.

This is what the early build of the LIV Quest Beta looked like!

We merged our iPhone Camera solution and Quest support to turn phone-based mixed reality into...real reality! Try the app out to help us shape what the app will look like in the future.

Let’s take a look at some of the cool new features and a preview of a few things the mobile team is working on:

The easiest mixed reality calibration ever

Anyone who has tried mixed reality on PCVR has done the dance; you calibrate by moving to the corners of your space and trying to match your controllers to the viewfinder. It makes for accurately matching your controllers to your in-game hands, but on mobile it’s even easier.

Since your iPhone is already “tracked”, all you have to do is hold your controller up to your phone to get calibrated! It takes literally 3 seconds.

Right now it’s a work-in-progress, but LIV PC’s latency adjustment has also made its way over to Latency adjustment is important: it’s what keeps your real hands lined up with your in-game hands. Too much or too little would mean the game would look like it was reacting too late or too early to your movements.

Already compatible with tons of Oculus Quest titles!

Oculus Quest’s MRC (mixed reality capture) can easily be enabled by developers, allowing you to capture apps with Some of VR’s best titles, like Beat Saber*, OhShape, SynthRiders, SUPERHOT, and my personal favorite, Real VR Fishing, work out of the box!

You can view our full games list here, but we haven’t tested every title. If you find another one that works, let us know so we can add it!

*Go into settings and enable MRC for Beat Saber to enable mixed reality capture!

A clearer, guided flow to get setup

Usability was one of our key focuses this time around, since we want the app to be accessible to even the most casual VR players.

We worked with our friends at Splitverse to record in-app video demonstrations, and takes you step-by-step to go from standing in your room flailing your arms around to looking like a badass in virtual worlds. also provides the lowest setup cost to do mixed reality. Equip yourself with an iPhone and Quest, and you’re good to go! You don’t even need a green screen, with’s AI-powered background removal.

You can move the camera or have any amount of random trash in the background, and your phone uses artificial intelligence to tell what’s a people and what’s not a people to composite into MR.

The only time I’ve seen the background removal get confused is if you have a grandiose self-portrait of yourself on the wall. It won’t cut that out. (sorry, Dr. Doom)

Let’s get started!

You don’t have to stray far from this blog post to get everything you need. Head to the page, and make sure you download our app from TestFlight and the companion app on SideQuest! We’re working on getting LIV Connect, our in-headset companion app, on the Quest Store soon.

If you’ve downloaded everything and still need more help, check this demo from engineer Sox, who will walk you through from start to mixed reality capture:


We hear you, Sox and I both use our Android phones on the daily! In our developer Q&A, Sox talks about our planned Android release, and much more. Check out what he has to say about developing for the past year!


Let us know what you think of the iOS App! Hit us up on the LIV Twitter, or join the Discord to get support, suggest features for the app, and share your recordings!

Nicky from StealthShampoo

Nicky is a Twitch Partner and former professional livestreamer who has enjoyed VR since he first bought his OG Vive in early 2017. His favorite pancake games are rhythm games and the incredibly underrated monster collecting game, Temtem.

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LIV develops software for mixed reality video capture, and over the years it’s become the de facto method for streamers showing themselves immersed in VR from a third-person perspective. For best results though, using LIV invariably means you’ll need some extra equipment, which isn’t ideal for everyone. Now LIV has released its newly unveiled mobile iOS app which lets you record your Quest experience without the need of a green screen, webcam, or PC—only an iPhone or iPad.

The mobile app is still in early beta, however it can be freely downloaded via the iOS TestFlight program. You’ll also need the LIV Connect Quest companion app, which is available for free on SideQuest. Of course, you’ll need an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), but also ideally a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. The team says it’s coming to the Oculus Store via App Lab soon, and also to Android by the end of the year.

The mobile app includes two modes, a ‘Mixed Reality’ mode for third-person capture using the iOS device, and ‘Watch Mode’ for watching gameplay from a fixed perspective. Calibration is said to be “the easiest mixed reality calibration yet,” which only requires you to hold a Touch controller to the iOS device so the physical and digital cameras can line up properly.

Check out the app in action below:

There’s only 11 Quest games that natively support LIV’s mobile app for now, including:

Like custom Zoom backgrounds, the masking effect isn’t as perfect as it might be with green screen chromakey, however the results seem much more stable than previous efforts. Considering its quick setup time and excellent latency, it’s a great option for aspiring streamers, and anyone who wants to showoff their in-game experience to friends.

LIV had previously released a similar Quest beta last year, although the developers admit was “glitchy, difficult to use, and required a ton of support from us to keep running.” Since then, the team has devised a new method, having completely taken the Quest Beta offline.

If you’ve never installed an app from SideQuest, check out our handy step-by-step guide to get you perusing a mountain of Quest content.

This article may contain affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product we may receive a small commission which helps support the publication. See here for more information.

Scott Hayden

Mixed Reality with LIV iPhone App! Easy tutorial for Oculus Quest 2 without green screen or PC!

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Oculus Quest 2 Air Link and Mixed Reality LIV VR Setup

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