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I'll go to the bathroom, wash. A few minutes later, Tanya left. She could not wash all the sperm.

It is drizzling outside, strong winds, and poplar branches swaying right by the windows of the room. A rather unusual person lives in this room. Officially, Denis Akinshin, but his nickname is Kesha, therefore everyone calls him Kesha (and in our story we will call him that), an ordinary student, dark-haired, short, handsome, with.

Thick black eyebrows.

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Of course it's convenient. And it is convenient for you, and for me, - and I put my hand on her ass, stroking her slit with my finger. She, indeed, was again very wet. It was nice, but I had to remove my hand, and a guard came down from above. The third floor was completely empty.

And then there's this heat. I open the doors, shoes to the corner - to the bath myself. I see - again my Mishka flaunts in front of the mirror. The brat is jerking off again - I think in my hearts.

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When I put myself in order and fell from fatigue on the sofa, I turned on the TV. Lena, who was sitting in an armchair, suddenly asked: - And what to do with the bank, after all, you said that we would bury, they completely forgot about. Them. What to do then. Lena chattered so much that I didn't even have time to think about what she was saying, let alone answer all her questions.

Well, if you want, you will get it, but bear in mind, I will not pity you, as it was with Olya. You will think with your head next time. - And you don't have to pity me, you won't have to hold me, I'll bend myself. - Her beauty, I thought so too, but it was very painful, reflexively squeezes you. - In short, do not care how, but I want you to break my ass no worse than Ole.

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Order your hangers-on to let me go. I could hear the horse's crossing from foot to foot at the hitching post. The bartender slid quietly behind the counter.

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