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555 Capital Advisors is an investment banking firm focused on middle market mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and private equity transactions. The firm's clients include private family-owned companies, closely held companies, private equity sponsored companies and public companies. 555 Capital serves companies in the technology, consumer, business services, manufacturing and healthcare sectors. The firm was founded in 2015 and is based in Irvine, California.


555 Capital Advisors offer middle market companies solutions for capital and human talent constraints, well-capitalized competition, and divergent ownership perspectives and goals.

And they work to structure, market, negotiate and close merger and acquisition and financing transactions of all types, including: 100% sale or divestiture, recapitlization, growth capital, merger, management buyout and strategic acquisition.

They have led transactions for Auxilio, triPAQ, Gardner Trucking, Eaglerider Motorcycles, Scope Packaging, TSE Brakes, Bullet Freight Systems, Metro Mechanical and SDC Technologies.

Sours: https://golden.com/wiki/555_Capital_Advisors-JNGNZVN

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Frequently Asked Questions about 555 Capital Advisors, Llc

When was 555 Capital Advisors, Llc founded?

555 Capital Advisors, Llc was founded in 2015.0

Where is 555 Capital Advisors, Llc headquartered?

555 Capital Advisors, Llc is headquartered inIrvine, California, United States

How many employees work at 555 Capital Advisors, Llc?

555 Capital Advisors, Llc currently has 1-10 employees.

What Industry does 555 Capital Advisors, Llc operate in?

555 Capital Advisors, Llc operates in the Investment Banking Industry.

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Capital advisors 555

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