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50 Outline Tattoos For Men – Silhouette Design Ideas


Outline tattoos are the most understated, ravishingly simple option for a man looking for the perfectly classy statement piece of ink work. Outline tattoos focus on form, design, and simplicity.

An outline tattoo can work for any design that a man chooses.

Outline designs in their most basic form, are black and white, and focus on shape and are more like illustrations than colored tattoos. Outline tattoos are the perfect canvas for ideas like animals, skulls, objects, or symbols. This can be the perfect tattoo choice to create a customized design by selecting a shape or symbol that is meaningful and highlighting it through tattooing the outline only.

The best part about outline tattoos is that they can be the start of a bigger design, and can also be colored in later if desired. The outline tattoo gives the ultimate flexibility for the connoisseur looking for a crisp, striking image highlighting good taste and design sensibility.

Selecting the work of a particular artist or illustrator can be a great step in finding the ideal design for an outline tattoo. Intricate images like technical drawings or botanical drawings can be perfectly rendered in an outline tattoo.

The possibilities are endless for the discerning design buffs or artists who are looking to make an enormous impression with a sophisticated outline design or series of outline tattoos. The skin is truly a blank canvas that can only be enhanced by stunning outline tattoo work.

1. Forearm Outline Tattoos

Creative Outline Rose Flower Forearm Tattoos For Men

Outline Tattoo Designs For Guys

Skeleton Hands With Planets Forearm Outline Mens Tattoo Ideas


2. Bicep Outline Tattoos

Incredible New York City Skyline Outline Tattoos For Men On Inner Arm Bicep

Mens Outline Rose Flower Tattoo Design Ideas


3. Arm Outline Tattoos

Arm World Map Outline Tattoos For Gentlemen

Masculine Outline Tattoos For Men

Amazing Mens Koi Fish Outline Tattoo Designs

Artistic Koi Fish Arm Male Outline Tattoo Ideas


4. Sleeve Outline Tattoos

Cool Outline Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Guys Tattoos Full Arm Sleeve With Outline Design


5. Chest Outline Tattoos

Awesome Upper Chest Outline Tattoos For Men

Chest Map Outline Mens Tattoo Designs

Gentleman With Ram Chest Outline Tattoo

Guy With Whale Outline Tattoo Design On Upper Chest

Male Outline Skull Chest Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Wolf Chest Tattoo Ideas With Outline Design

Upper Chest Dragon Outline Male Tattoo Designs

Male With Cool Chest Outline Tattoo Design


6. Back Outline Tattoos

Distinctive Male Roaring Bear Back Outline Tattoo Designs

Male Full Back Tattoo With Outline Design

Unique Mens Outline Tattoos


7. Stomach Outline Tattoos

Outline Tattoo Ideas On Guys


8. Side Outline Tattoos

Outline Rib Cage Side Guys Tattoo Designs


9. Leg Outline Tattoos

Guys Outline Tattoo Design Ideas On Leg


10. Thigh Outline Tattoos

Guys Outline Deer Thigh Tattoo Designs

Thigh Hedgehog Outline Guys Tattoos


11. Hand Outline Tattoos

Manly Outline Sailing Ship Hand Tattoo Design Ideas For Men


12. Ankle Outline Tattoos

Cool Male Bear Ankle Outline Tattoo Designs


13. Skull Outline Tattoos

Mens Cool Skull Outline Tattoo Ideas


14. Watercolor Outline Tattoos

Watercolor Flower Outline Tattoo Design On Man


15. More Outline Tattoo Ideas

Guys Thigh Tree Outline Tattoos

Male Cool Wolf Howling At The Moon Outline Tattoo Ideas

Male Outline Owl Tattoo Ideas

Mens Anchor Tattoo With Outline Design

Mens Outline Owl Tattoo Ideas

Mens Outline Roaring Bear Tattoo Design Inspiration

Ocean Wave Sharp Outline Male Tattoo Ideas

Outline Dog Small Simple Male Tattoos

Outline Pine Cone Guys Tattoo Ideas

Outline Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Outline Tattoo Ideas For Males



Simple Dragon Head Outline Tattoos For Males



100 Silhouette Tattoo Designs For Men – Shadowy Illustration Ideas

Silhouette tattoos are impeccable displays for all modern ink masters who desire an elevated pursuit of style. These shadowy illustrations are timelessly alluring and intelligently streamlined.

For an inked revelation, you absolutely need to check out silhouette tattoos.

These gentlemanly outlines use intriguing optics to invoke endless imagery with startling ease. By employing the mere outlines of preferred subjects, shrewd fellows are accessing riveting concepts with minimal effort and expenditure. The best part is that literally anything can be transformed into a shadowy masterpiece.

To reap the rampant rewards of silhouette ink, it is smart to pick a subject that can be discerned by shape alone. In this sense, animals are always in vogue. The nude human figure is another excellent option that allows for an appreciation of the body without being unsafe for working environments. Supernatural creatures can also be implied with sublime contours.

Silhouette tattoos are typically comprised of black ink, but the truth is that any color will do. Picking a unique shade is a sly way to boost the civilized valiance. Ultimately, a silhouette design is cerebrally stimulating and subtly poignant.

Stellar simplicity awaits with our chic assortment of silhouette tattoos. Get ready for a dose of perceptual amazement.


Abstract Female Portrait Silhouette Mens Forearm Tattoos

Abstract Shark Silhouette Mens Back Tattoos

Bear Silhouette Mens Blackwork Tattoo Ideas

Bird On Wire Fence Silhouette Watercolor Sky Tattoos For Men

Birds Flying From Tree Mens Silhouette Upper Arm Tattoos

Bird With Power Line Silhouette Guys Upper Arm Tattoos

Blue And Black Ink Silhouette Tree Sky Moon Scene Tattoo

Blues Brothers Small Simple Guys Silhouette Tattoos

Boat Out On Lake Silhouette Mens State Tattoo

Broken Glass Silhouette Mens Back Tattoo

Businessman Kicking Leg Silhouette Tattoo For Guys

Businessman Standing On Street Silhouette Tattoos For Guys

Castle Silhouette Mens Small Armband Tattoo Design Ideas

Cat Silhouette Graveyard Male Arm Tattoos

Child With Red Ballon Silhouette Mens Forearm Tattoo

Circle Safari Awesome Mens Silhouette Tattoos With Animals

Circle Tree Silhouette Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Cool Atomic Bomb Silhouette Mens Sleeve Tattoos

Cool Guys Silhouette Of Skull With Rose Flower In Teeth Tattoo

Cool Outdoors Forester Silhouette Mens Inner Arm Tattoos

Creative Female Silhouette Mens Inner Arm Tattoos

Dark Silhouette Forest Mens Forearm Tattoo

Deer And Wolf Silhouette Mens Lower Stomach Tattoo Ideas

Deer In Woods Silhouette Mens Forearm Tattoos

Deer Jumping With Trees Silhouette Mens Rib Cage Side Tattoos

Deer Silhouette Mens Upper Arm Tattoo With Rising Sun Design

Deer With Skull Silhouette Mens 3d Tattoo On Arm

Eye With Silhouette Of People Inner Arm Tattoos On Male

Female Silhouette Inside Of Skull Mens Arm Tattoos

Flying Birds Silhouette Rib Cage Side Tattoos For Gentlemen

Flying Birds Silhouette Tattoos For Guys On Upper Arm

Flying Eagle Silhouette Mens Chest And Shoulder Tattoo

Forearm Black Ink Silhouette Tree Tattoo On Male

Forest Fire Silhouette Darth Vader Mens Arm Tattoo

Forest Silhouette Mens Thigh Tattoos

Fox Silhouette Mens Tree Chest Tattoo

Gentleman With Portrait Silhouette Moon Shoulder Tattoo

Glowing Skull Silhouette Mens Arm Tattoos

Guys Couple Out In A Boat On Lake Silhouette Sleeve Tattoo

Guys Silhouette Graveyard Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Silhouette Hunter Tattoo On Arm

Guys Silhouette Kids Playing On Beach Half Sleeve Tattoos

Guy With Howling Wolf Silhouette Forest Tattoo On Forearms

Heart Silhouette Mens Moon Tattoo

Human Face Silhouette With Trees Mens Optical Illusion Tattoos

Lion Silhouette Sun Mens Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Male With Dotwork Hawk Silhouette Chest Tattoo

Male With Motorcycle Helmet Silhouette Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Man In Hat Smoking Silhouette Mens Forearm Tattoos

Man Walking Down Cobblestone Street Silhouette Sleeve Tattoos For Guys

Man With Harpoon Silhouette Moon Tattoo On Inner Arm

Man With Tattoo Of Giraffe Silhouette On Leg Calf

Masculine Howling Wolf Silhouette Mens Leg Tattoo Ideas

Mens Evolution Ape To Surfer Silhouette Back Tattoo

Mens Father And Son Silhouette Chest Tattoos

Mens Silhouette Bear Forest Tree Tattoo On Upepr Arm

Mens Silhouette City Street Tattoos

Mens Silhouette Wolf Tree Tattoos

Mens Silhouette Wrist Tree Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Silhouett Of Animals In The Woods Leaf Tattoo On Arm

Mens Small Simple Black Ink Silhouette Tattoo Of Deer

Monster Silhouette Small Mens Forearm Tattoo

Moon Forest Silhouette Mens Bird On A Tree Branch Tattoo Design Ideas

Mountains Silhouette With Trees Guys Arm Tattoos

Native American Silhouette Mens Upper Chest Tattoos

Navy Ship Silhouette Mens Black Ink Tattoos

Negative Space Silhouette Mens Mechanical Gear Hand Tattoo

Negative Space Silhouette Tree With Howling Wolf Tattoo For Guys

Ocean Beach Sunset Silhouette Father And Family Mens Half Sleeve Tattoo

Palm Trees Silhouette With Sunset Mens Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Polynesian Tribal Lion Silhouette Half Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Rememberance Fallen Solider Silhouette Mens Cross Tattoo

Rib Cage Side Mens Silhouette Tree Tattoo With Black Ink Design

Safari Elephant Silhouette Mens Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Sailing Ship Silhouette Guys Leg Tattoos

Sailing Ship Silhouette With Moon Mens Leg Calf Tattoo

Silhouette Bear Trees Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Silhouette Father And Child Arm Tattoos For Guys

Silhouette Of Animals Mens Armband Tattoos

Silhouette Of Bear Mens Tree Tattoo On Forearm

Silhouette Of Person Inside Eye Guys Arm Tattoo

Silhouette Of Statue Of Liberty Tattoo On Mans Forearm

Silhouette Of Trees Mens Forearm Tattoo

Skull Bird Mens Silhouette Inner Forearm Tattoos

Skull Flower Silhouette Mens Tricep Tattoos

Skull Silhouette Mens Forearm Tattoos

Skull With Flower Brain Silhouette Mens Lower Leg Tattoo Ideas

Small Simple Guys Silhouette Flying Airplane Chest Tattoo

Small Simple Mens Silhouette Barbershop Pole Tattoos

Soliders On Battlefield Mens Silhouette Tattoos On Arm

Sunglasses With Skyline Silhouette Mens Small Tattoo Ideas

Super Mario Mens Silhouette Dotwork Tattoos

Tree Branch Silhouette Mens Chest Tattoos

Trees Forester Silhouette Mens Forearm Tattoos

Tree Sky Silhouette Mens Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Trees Silhouette Mens Wrist Tattoos

Vampire Mens Silhouette Coffine Tattoos

Virgin Mary Silhouette Guys Tattoo With Black Ink Design

Watercolor Sky Silhouette Of Man Guys Upepr Arm Tattoo

Watercolor Trees Silhouette Mens Forearm Tattoos

Wolf Howling Silhouette Tree Tattoos For Guys

Wolf Roaming Beach Guys Silhouette Sleeve Tattoos

Woman Holding Child In Woods Guys Silhouette Forearm Sleeves

Woman With Umbrella Guys Silhouette Leg Tattoo

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100 Silhouette Tattoos For Men

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Silhouette tattoo man

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