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DIY Unicorn with Flowers Framed Art – Cute & Easy!



First, download Design #271 which is my free  personalized Unicorn With Flowers Framed Art SVG/DXF/PDF from my free resource library (get the password to the library in the form at the bottom of this post). If you're going to cut it on your cutting machine, upload the file to your design software. This is what the personalized Unicorn Frame SVG file looks like in Cricut Design Space.

This is what my unicorn frame design looks like in Cricut Design Space

Tip: If you're not sure how to upload an SVG cut file to Cricut Design Space, watch this helpful video training series I made. If you're on an iPhone or iPad, here's how to download and upload SVG files to the Cricut Design Space app.


Before cutting the design, you will want to measure the width and height of your frame and adjust the size of the design if needed. If you are using the same frame listed in my project supplies you do not need to make any size adjustments.

Measure the width and height of the frame for my personalized unicorn frame

When cutting the design, I used the glitter vinyl material setting for the black, gold, and pink vinyl cuts. Make sure to change the material selection before cutting the vinyl and the cardstock.

Weed your vinyl pieces and use Cricut StrongGrip Transfer Tape. Cut all your vinyl pieces as close to the edges as possible. Gather your cut out rose pieces and a pen or cylindrical rod.

Gather your cut vinyl and paper roses to begin assembling your personalized unicorn frame


Take a pen or cylindrical rod and begin to roll the rose petals over the rod to curl them. You can also do this step after the flower is rolled if you prefer.

Roll the petals using a pen or other round device for the roses in my personalized unicorn frame

Once your petals are curled, put the loose end of your flower pattern in the slot in the tip of your quilling tool and being rolling toward you. If you do not have a quilling tool, you can use long-nose pliers or tweezers. You can also make your own DIY quilling tool.

Put the end of the paper rose into the quilling tool and roll the paper roses for the unicorn frame

Continue rolling your paper, keeping the bottom edges aligned with one another as best you can.

Roll the paper rose for the unicorn frame

Once the rose if rolled the way you like, add glue on the bottom of the rolled rose.

Fold the circle flap over the glue on the rose for my personalized unicorn frame

Fold the circular tab over the glue. I used the tip of my hot glue gun to hold the tab over the glue. No one wants burnt fingers. Repeat this process to assemble all the roses. You do not have to use hot glue, it was just what I preferred to use for this project.

Once your rose is rolled add glue to the bottom for my personalized unicorn frame

Open the back of your frame and remove the foam insert.

Remove the back of the frame for the personalized unicorn frame

Next, cut your piece of foam core to the same size as this insert.

Remove the frame insert for the personalized unicorn frame

Find the center of your foam core and measure approximately one inch from the top. This is where we will place the top of the unicorn horn.

Find the center and measure one inch down on the foam core for the personalized unicorn frame

IMPORTANT! Before laying down any of the vinyl pieces it is very important to cut as close to the design as possible to reduct the amount of transfer tape that will touch the foam core. Next you will want to repeatedly slap each piece of vinyl on your skin (or a cloth) prior to laying it on the foam core. This is so the transfer tape does not rip your foam core.

Put vinyl on skin to remove the tackiness for my personalized unicorn frame

Lay the unicorn horn down and use a scraper over the vinyl. Avoid scraping the transfer tape as much as possible.

Center the unicorn horn on the foam core for the personalized unicorn frame

Slowly and carefully remove the transfer tape from the unicorn horn.

Carefully and slowly remove the transfer tape from the unicorn horn for the personalized unicorn frame

Fold the vinyl in half for the ears to find the center point. Align the ears just below the unicorn horn.

Find the center of the ears by folding the vinyl in have for the personalized unicorn frame

Remember to remove the tackiness of the transfer tape before laying the vinyl on the foam core.

Using a ruler align the unicorn ears for the personalized unicorn frame

Slowly peel back the backing of the vinyl and add the ears. Carefully remove the transfer tape from the ears.

Remove the backing from the vinyl ears for the personalized unicorn frame

Eyeball placement of the pink inner part of the ear. Remove the backing and transfer tape from the vinyl.

Eyeball placement of the unicorn pink ears for the personalized unicorn frame

Measure approximately 3 1/2" from the bottom of the unicorn horn for placement of the eyelashes. Again, cut as close to the design as possible, remove the tackiness of the vinyl and apply to your foam core board.

Center and measure placement for the unicorn eyelashes for my personalized unicorn frame

The last piece of vinyl to add is the name. I eyeballed the placement of Alexa and applied it to my foam core board for the personalized unicorn frame. Once you have all the vinyl applied its time to add the roses. You can add them any way you want or refer to my finished design for placement. I used hot glue to place the roses on the foam core board.

Add a name to the personalized unicorn frame

Clean the glass of your frame.

Clean the glass of your frame for the personalized unicorn frame

Add your foamcore board in the frame, put the frame back on and you have finished your personalized unicorn frame.

Insert the foam core into the frame for the personalized unicorn frame

This is what my finished personalized unicorn frame looks like.

These is what my personalized unicorn frame looks like finished


I’d love to see your personalized unicorn frame project! If you make one, please share a photo in our Facebook group, email it to me at [email protected], or tag me on social media with #jennifermaker.



The font Magnolia Sky was used for Alexa in this project.


Special thanks to the JenniferMaker Design Fairy Team, specifically Design Fairy Caitlin, for helping me design and assemble this awesome design.


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✓ Unicorn Party Decorations: Package includes gold glitter unicorn horn, gold glitter and pink glitter unicorn ears, black glitter unicorn eyelashes, 3 x flowers, and 60 pieces glue dots.


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How To Make Paper Flowers

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On the hunt for a perfect paper flower tutorial for giant flowers resulted in less than awesome results. So I came up with my own and I’m in love with this easy step-by-step paper flower tutorial.

It has been oh so long since I have done any paper crafting. I wanted to do my youngest bedroom in a unicorn theme, but I also wanted to do it on a budget. I thought giant paper flowers were perfect, but I needed to teach myself how to make paper flowers first.

So I went on the search for a flower template and I had an idea in my head of what I wanted and couldn’t find it. So I gave making my own template a shot. And my large paper flower came out beautifully!

The first one was so perfect, I ended up making about 5 before I even realized what I was doing was making more giant paper flowers than I really needed. LOL!

And, if you were to mix in some gigantic flower made of paper and some smaller flowers, well, you’ve got yourself a regular wall mural happening in just a few minutes.

Seriously, these DIY giant paper flowers were really simple to do using my Cricut cutting machine, but hand cutting wouldn’t be bad. Next, I will be trying a paper rose, I just have to figure out where it will go.

Because you are using card stock for these DIY paper flowers, they will be much sturdier than the crepe paper or tissue paper flowers you might have made as a kid.

But you can use them to decorate in the same ways. When I was little girl, I like to have them just to play with, but they fell apart so easily! I’m glad that these I’m making now are so much more sturdy because they’ll last a bit longer and be more loved.

I have provided you with both the cut files, template and tutorial video that will help you learn how I curl the edges and also how to put the flowers together.

Once you figure out the pattern, though, it’s super intuitive. You can almost make a flower without even thinking about it.

I wanted to do my youngest bedroom in a unicorn theme, but I also wanted to do it on a budget. I thought giant paper flowers were perfect. #cricut #paperflowers #giantpaperflowers #papercrafting

What paper is used for paper flowers?

I like to use a medium weight cardstock although you can use just about any type of paper as long as its thick. I prefer to use paper of the same weight you use for things like cards, boxes, scrapbooking and other paper crafts. Now, just so you know if you are making smaller flowers you can use a lighter weight paper.

Then, for the center of the flower, you can pretty much use anything–I thought these pretty foil paper bursts were perfect because the went so well with the unicorn, but you can do just about anything. Don’t worry about those falling over as much because they’re really small and supported by the petals all around them. Just hot glue it in the middle and get it tucked in nicely.

With a smaller flower, you can use a quilling tool to help make the petals curl, but with the larger flowers, you’ll need to do it the way I show you in the video.

I wanted to do my youngest bedroom in a unicorn theme, but I also wanted to do it on a budget. I thought giant paper flowers were perfect. #cricut #paperflowers #giantpaperflowers #papercrafting

What kinds of things can you use Cricut flowers for?

These flowers can be used for a ton of different things from wedding decorations to home decor. Some of my favorite ideas for decorating with paper flowers include:

  • non-traditional wedding bouquet
  • wall decor
  • centerpieces
  • corsages
  • cake toppers
  • party decorations
  • wreaths
  • and so much more

Just let your imagination run wild with the things you can do with these amazing beauties! The look on my daughter’s face when she saw her unicorn flower was priceless! I am always happy to make her happy and the fact that I have the knowledge and the skill to use my Cricut to make these amazing creations makes it even better.

And once you get the hang of how to make large paper flowers, you can seriously make them in just a few minutes.

So, it’s totally worth it to make these flowers and then get that big blooming smile–it’s like two ways to brighten your day in one project. So cool. 

And the fact that I can make ’em fast with my Cricut? Well, that puts a smile on my face, for sure.


But, like I said before, you can make these by hand, or you can make them with your Cricut, which is going to be a lot faster, in my humble opinion.

If you don’t have a Cricut and love to craft, I strongly suggest you get one. I have been a user of Provo craft (the parent company of Cricut) since the very beginning when they were first introduced. My first Cricut was the small little 6 inch and I now have the Cricut explore one and I have the Cricut maker coming. It’s a veritable Cricut-farm in my house!

My T-shirt business was solely created using the Cricut, the first t-shirt order, I was still using an iron to press my design! And now I am receiving large volume requests and I can bang them out in just a few minutes with my handy Cricut Design Space and some vinyl.

I wanted to do my youngest bedroom in a unicorn theme, but I also wanted to do it on a budget. I thought giant paper flowers were perfect. #cricut #paperflowers #giantpaperflowers #papercraftingLooking for more great Cricut crafts?

I really enjoy using my Cricut. So much so that I’ve already made plans to get a second one (you know, the Cricut Maker–the one that can cut wood!). Just perfect for all sorts of crafting and I can’t tell you how easy it is to use. So, rather than telling you how easy it is, how about I just show you some of the best tutorials for Cricut projects I’ve got!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Active Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

I wanted to do my youngest bedroom in a unicorn theme, but I also wanted to do it on a budget. I thought giant paper flowers were perfect.


  • 15 12x12 sheets medium weight cardstock


  • Flower SVG (enter your email above for the free file)
  • Cricut
  • Spatula to lift cuts
  • 1 Cricut mat
  • Scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • mounting tape


  • Cut all pieces with the Cricut
  • For giant flower, the sizes are as follows
  • (make sure the flower petals are grouped)
  1. Largest petal 8 inches (7 of each petal)
  2. Circle base 6 inches
  3. Flower centers 3 inches
  • all 3 leaves are 11.25 (cut what you need for the project)
  • Using the scissors cut a slit about an inch up the center of each flower
  • Using the edge of your table curl your petal
  • Put a small glue dot on one slide of the slit and barely fold the other side over (see video)
  • Once you have done this to all petals it’s time to assemble your flower
  • Starting with the largest, put a line of hot glue on the back side of the petal and glue to your circle base
  • Continue around, moving towards the middle of the base with each layer
  • Once you have applied all petals place in your center
  1. To hang I used mounting tape

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Facebook

I wanted to do my youngest bedroom in a unicorn theme, but I also wanted to do it on a budget. I thought giant paper flowers were perfect. #cricut #paperflowers #giantpaperflowers #papercraftingI wanted to do my youngest bedroom in a unicorn theme, but I also wanted to do it on a budget. I thought giant paper flowers were perfect. #cricut #paperflowers #giantpaperflowers #papercrafting

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Unicorn & Flowers Framed Paper Art Templates


This purchase includes unicorn & paper flowers framed art templates:
– unicorn templates (5 details)
– templates of 3 types of flowers
– leaves templates

We recommend placing this artwork in a 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 inch shadow frame that will also highlight the 3D effect. But you can also use a frame of a different size. To do that, resize all templates proportionately, changing the settings in your cutting machine or printer.

Check out the full video tutorial and the supplies list on OGCrafts Blog.


● SVG cut files – for cutting machines like Cricut, Brother and Silhouette (with Studio Designer Edition).
● DXF cut files – for Silhouette Studio Basic Edition.
● PDF printable templates – for printing and hand cutting (US Letter paper size). The templates are not coloured and are black outlined for easy cutting.

For more information on how to work with templates, see our Cutting Machine and Template FAQs.


Digital files will arrive in a separate email a few minutes after your purchase. Please include your preferred email address.

If you need help accessing your order please contact us at [email protected]


● All templates and videos are COPYRIGHTED AND FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.
● You CAN use our designs for resale of PHYSICAL PRODUCTS you create using the templates.
● Please do NOT share, resell or redistribute our templates, videos or design methods.


Due to the digital nature of items, there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES on all downloadable files.


Unicorn paper flowers

Floral Unicorn Wall #ctmh #closetomyheart #nationalpapercraftingmonth #unicorn #diydecor #cricut #flowermarker #paperflower #paperunicorn #girlsroom #youaregorgeous

If you haven’t gotten down and crafty yet this year, now is the perfect time to start. For our second week celebrating National Papercrafting Month, we created this beautiful, large scale, floral wall décor and are giving you our Cricut Design Space™ file, FREE, to recreate this very same project at home!

Floral Unicorn Wall #ctmh #closetomyheart #nationalpapercraftingmonth #unicorn #diydecor #cricut #flowermarker #paperflower #paperunicorn #girlsroom #youaregorgeous

(Click on the individual images for a closer look!)

In order to keep things simple, we manipulated shapes from just one of our Cricut® collections, Flower Market, while designing our arrangement.  If you don’t own the Cricut® Flower Market Collection, contact your Close To My Heart Consultant (or find one near you, here) to get started.

To give you an idea of the physical size of this project, the center French Vanilla flower is 20″ in diameter, both Peach flowers are 17″, the Lilac flowers are 14″, and the smaller Mint flowers are 13½” each.

When you open the file in Design Space, you will find some hexagon shapes among the petal shapes. These are your bases for each of the flowers. Attach the petals of each flower, layering them from largest to smallest, to these bases. You will also notice that the eyelashes are quite large. They are so large, in fact, that when you attempt to “make it” the program will tell you that you need a 12″ x 24″ mat. We did not use a longer mat to cut these, so there is a way around it! When the prompt comes up, all you need to do is select the image and rotate it to make it fit diagonally in the 12″ x 12″ square.

We don’t want any of our readers to feel left out, so for those of you who do not use Cricut®, a few months ago, our very own Jill Broadbent visited Studio5 and shared how to make similar large paper flowers without a cutting machine.

Download the PDF below for a template to make large paper flowers without a cutting machine.

Paper Flower Template

Every little (and grownup) girl deserves to know just how gorgeous she is! Happy crafting!

Make sure to stop by next week to see what we’ve got in store for a boy’s space using our Urban collection!

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