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Imagine how useful it would be to have a big, deep coat closet in your garden. For inspiration, consider Julie’s made-from-a-kit shed in Mill Valley, California (shown in the photo above). As you can see, she has kitted it out with shelves,  hooks, and plenty of wall space for pegs.

Like a coat closet, a wooden garden shed can hold (and hide from view) all sorts of stuff you own: tools, off-duty hoses, and mucky boots. Not to mention bikes, pool equipment, bamboo garden stakes, balls of twine, and that bag of muddy dahlias you just dug up. If you’re the organizing type (and we are), you can putter for hours, putting everything in order while you wait for spring.

Here are 10 of our favorite small wooden sheds to assemble and tuck into a corner of a garden:

A Grand Garden Chalet made of western red cedar measures 6 feet wide by 3 feet deep (and is 7\2 inches high). It is \$\1,\2\29.99 from Home Depot.
A Waterproof Wooden Garden Cabinet made of solid wood has two built-in shelves and a peaked roof and is \$\184.99 from Vidaxl.
This 6&#8\24\2; x 4&#8\24\2; Forest Tongue and Groove Pressure Treated Wooden Shed comes with a \15-year anti-rot guarantee and is £399.99 at Bu Sheds Direct.

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With that in mind, it may be time to consider installing a garden shed outfitted with as much style as your main digs. These stand-alone structures can be used as an alternate work-from-home setup, a remote school or homework hangout, or a backyard escape for when you haven't left your dining room or den in days.

And while decamping to the garden is no substitute for that overseas vacation you've had to reschedule three times, these eight seriously luxurious garden shed kits, ranging in style from Amish cottage to classic folly, will make you feel like you're worlds away from that same-old vibe inside.

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1The Capel Greenhouse

Alitex Greenhouses


Now you can work in—or just escape to—an English country garden in your own backyard. Named after Lord Capel, who founded the exotic gardens at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, this 8'5" wide by 10'1" long greenhouse is made of 90 percent recycled aluminum and features automatic roof vents that open and close using a temperature-controlled bayliss piston system. It comes in 12 standard colors (we have our eyes on Sussex Emerald) or can be custom colored for an additional fee.

2Colonial Gable Hobby Greenhouse


Hello, gorgeous! This made-in-the-USA kit includes a floor kit and comes with preassembled, labeled panels that are primed and ready for paint. The finished backyard escape will measure 8 by 12 feet and, thanks to 16 floor-to-ceiling windows outfitted with screens, will be flooded with light. Throw in an under-counter fridge and some wireless speakers, and you'll find yourself in work-from-home heaven in no time. 

3Modern-Shed, Medium/Large

Modern Shed


Modernists, rejoice: This 10-by-12-foot structure elevates the simple shed form and humble, eco-friendly materials like corrugated metal and HardiePlank lap siding into a backyard retreat masterpiece. Most design elements, including window and door styles, are customizable. 

4The Octagon

Hillbrook Collection


When it comes to historic garden follies, it doesn't get more timeless than an octagonal one. This contemporary design, from Hillbrook Collections, is delivered fully assembled. It's also customizable and can be topped with an octagonal cupola or finial. Just imagine the inspiration that would come inside this classically inspired structure.

5Cottage Kwik Room

Kanga Room Systems


Now you can have a little house on your prairie, complete with board-and-batten siding, a front porch, and a galvanized metal roof. Everything in this charming cottage kit (except for the siding) comes precut and panelized, making on-site assembly a breeze.  

6Heartland Metropolitan Lean-To Engineered Storage Shed

$2,249 AT LOWE'S

Talk about turnkey living: This prefab kit made of treated engineered wood siding comes primed and ready to paint and will not warp (like plastic sheds) or rust (like metal ones). Measuring 8 by 12 feet, it provides ample space for working from home, schooling from home, or hosting family or friends for extended visits. 

7Woodville Shed Kit

$4,250 AT AMAZON

Dreaming of country landscapes dotted with rustic red barns? Now you can re-create that vibe at home no matter where you live, thanks to Best Barn's 10-by-16-foot barn-style wood shed. Complete with a second-floor loft and double doors, this shed can accommodate all of your storage and backyard-retreat needs. Install a hanging egg chair and a well-styled (and well-stocked) bar cart and call it a day.

8Penthouse Cedar Garden Shed


Raise your hand if your backyard has an irregular shape! This 9-by-9-foot five-sided shed is ideal for corner placement and, with French doors that create a gracious 52-inch-wide opening, will feel more spacious than it looks. Made of western red cedar, it also offers resistance to insects and decay. 

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Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds beauty shot Summerwood ID 151929Garden Sheds beauty shot Summerwood ID 151929

Modern or Traditional, your ideal shed design
is right here!

explore summerwood Sheds

We offer premium prefabricated garden shed kits. A handyman’s hideaway? A haven for lawnmowers and ladders? A private space or cozy place? For storage or leisure? Whatever your reasons for needing a new shed, let Summerwood be your shed information center. From rustic to regal, large sheds to small wood sheds, Summerwood transforms humble shed kits into stylish extensions of homes. Work with us to design your shed easily, then enjoy it for years. You’ll love the freedom to customize, and decorate your garden shed with design variations you won’t see anywhere else.

Three ways to find your perfect Shed!

  • browse by style

    Browse our wide range of Garden Shed styles to find the perfect fit for you and your family.

  • our favorites

    The best of the best Garden Sheds as chosen by our staff. All in one place!

  • design your own

    CDC temporarily unavailable! You'll be able to design your dream Garden Shed in our NEW custom design center SOON!

Fall is on its way Sale - Save 25% on all base kit prices and options only until October 13thFall is on its way Sale - Save 25% on all base kit prices and options only until October 13th

popular Shed styles

  • Quadra

    With its clean lines and optional awning, the Quadra is as chic as it is functional. This contemporary style enhances any space with its modern charm.

  • Copper Creek Workshops Summerwood ID number 90356

    Copper Creek

    The steep gable roof of the Copper Creek storage shed has a unique look, perfect for those looking to add drama to their backyard.

  • Cedar Sonoma Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 97384


    The Sonoma shed is a classic addition to any outdoor space and is known for its hip roof design that brings natural light to the interior.

  • Cedar Dune Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 111727


    You’ll love the contemporary look and feel of the Dune storage shed kit, offering incredible storage capacity for all your backyard needs.

  • Telluride Cabins Summerwood ID number 105267


    Loved for its roof design that allows for a loft, the Telluride shed kit has a historic feel that is sure to turn heads.

  • Palmerston Workshops Summerwood ID number 169321


    A Summerwood original, the Palmerston shed design brings elegant backyard style to all your storage needs.

  • Melbourne Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 49953


    Get a striking look with the Melbourne, a backyard shed that packs style with its double doors and roominess.

  • Cedar Verana garden sheds Summerwood ID number 166386


    Our Verana sheds are part of a contemporary collection boasting refreshing simplicity you’ll love.

  • Glen Echo Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 42584

    Glen Echo

    The Glen Echo can feel more like a home than a garden shed, with a 3 foot overhang for a perfect little porch.

  • Canexel Catalina Backyard Studio Summerwood ID number 1045


    It’s the perfect corner garden shed with five sides and soaring interior space, ideal for bikes, garden tools and pool accessories.

  • Bar Harbor Workshops Garden Sheds Summerwood ID number 166

    Bar Harbor

    With a saltbox roof and french double doors, the Bar Harbor garden shed is the finishing touch to a picture perfect backyard space.

  •  Urban Studio Pool Houses Summerwood ID number 178826

    Urban Studio

    Find your perfect garden shed in the Urban Studio, a versatile design that boasts classic, modern head-turning style.

  • Cedar Sarawak garden sheds Summerwood ID number 132


    If you’re tight on space then the Sarawak lean to shed is your answer, with a sleek design that “leans” against your home.


Browse all Garden ShedsDesign your own

Choosing the Right Shed Kit

Choose a garden shed kit at Summerwood ID number 1318

With the many garden sheds that we offer, chances are good you'll find exactly what you want. Or invent it. You can modify any of our existing DIY sheds, or design your ideal shed from scratch in our custom design center.

Get our shed designers involved early. They've designed countless sheds and can help you decide what features you need. To contact our garden shed design team, call our toll-free number.

Here are some shed tips and ideas to help you along, based on questions we've received about sheds from customers like you over the years. You can even send us a drawing of your dream garden shed and we'll work to your specifications, creating whatever shed kit you desire - sky's the limit.

Have design questions? Need help? Call us at 1 866 519-4634 anytime.

How long does it take to Build a DIY Shed?

Build a DIY shed kit Summerwood

Our garden shed kits are designed to be a fun family project. We've had virtually every age of person - of varying skills and strengths - assemble our storage sheds and garden sheds successfully. And remember, the instructions for our shed kits are broken down by task. So you can plan the assembly of your shed easily and quickly.

Even if you've never built sheds before it's easy with our building kits. We provide an easy-to-understand online shed construction video and if you run into a problem that you can't seem to solve, you can ask an expert online, or call our toll-free customer service line for help. We're here to help you every inch of the way, before, during and after your shed building project. Over the years we've converted many novices into budding (and beaming) carpenters!

Before You Spend Money on A Shed…Watch This Video
outdoor garden sheds nj

You want to keep your backyard looking spectacular and tidy at the same time. That means a place to store garden tools, pulling weeds at the right time and keeping the flower beds in tiptop shape. A portable garden shed can help keep your backyard looking good (sorry, it can’t pull the weeds!)

However, trying to find the perfect storage shed can be time-consuming with all the options out there. But with the right answers to your questions, it doesn’t need to be too difficult. Here are some questions to ask before pulling the trigger on purchasing a garden shed.

#1. How do I build a garden shed?

There are basically three ways to get the Garden Shed of your dreams. You can build a shed yourself, buy a DIY shed kit or purchase a fully assembled building for your backyard. Let’s go through the options one-by-one.


Yes, you can build a shed yourself. There are plenty of resources on the web on how to build a backyard garden shed step by step. You need the materials, a plan, and creativity. When you build your own garden shed, you get to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of building something with your own two hands.

building a shed

Photo credits: The Family Handyman

Keep in mind, that building a shed is not for everyone! Be prepared to spend plenty of days working on your storage space as they are not as simple as they look. If you’re not too familiar with building, you might want to consider other options. 

Need some ideas for your new garden shed? Check out our Unique Storage Sheds Uses article for some ideas and features you could add to your new shed! 

Buy a DIY Garden Shed Kit from a Shed Builder

If you know a bit about building, but don’t want to take the time for a full-fledged building project, a garden shed kit is a great way to get it done. You will get your hands dirty without having to figure out all the details. This is how it works. You pick the storage shed you want, many of the parts are assembled and stacked (walls, rafters, doors, etc), then the package is delivered so you can assemble the garden shed yourself. That’s it! Shed kits give you the freedom to build when and how you want while also providing quality from a trusted company like Sheds Unlimited. You can learn how to assemble the outdoor shed with our storage shed kits video.


The easiest choice is simply buying a prefabricated garden shed that is simply delivered to your home and placed on a prepared shed pad. You’ll simply find a local shed builder, figure out which garden shed you want, place the order and wait for delivery. You can still get some of the satisfaction of making it yourself by using a 3D Shed Builder to fully customize your own garden storage building! 

a premier garden shed

Having a storage shed built for you may cost slightly more upfront, but it will save you plenty in terms of time and stress!

#2. What type of Garden Shed is best?

Ok, this is a question that can really only be answered by the size of your yard and your preferences. At Sheds Unlimited, Garden sheds come in multiple styles and sizes including 5 different style storage sheds, a 2 story storage shed, and 3 different styles of siding! Depending on the size of your yard and the style you like best will be the main influencer of your decision! As far as size, style, color, and options, here are a couple of examples of the many outdoor sheds you may choose from:


If you are looking for something low cost to store your basic garden equipment, this may be the one for you. This MiniBarn shed offers you:

  • Low cost
  • 21+ color options
  • 5-year warranty
8x10 amish garden sheds


This shed is great if you want a bit more eye candy in a backyard shed that also provides you with the storage space you desire. A few highlights include:

  • Four 24×36 windows plus four transom windows
  • Metal or wood grain trim options
  • The option of a dormer for an extra fancy touch
outdoor garden sheds nj pa ny


The Dutch Barn Shed is a popular, beautiful, and spacious outdoor shed that will provide you plenty of room for general storage but also extra storage as well with its high roof. 

  • Lots of Overhead Storage space (with loft)
  • 20 Miles Free Delivery 
  • Old-fashioned Dutch Look
premier dutch garden shed


The two-story shed provides workspace, comfort, and storage. This custom shed also gives you:

  • Choice of a Barn style or a Workshop Style
  • Full second floor and Stairway included
  • Nearly 2x regular storage shed space
two story sheds pa

#3. How much to build a garden shed?

The pricing of your garden shed really depends on the size and style of the storage shed you choose plus any options you want to add. Quite simply, building an outdoor shed can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000. For example, the pricing for a Premier Workshop Garden Shed ranges from an 8×8 for $3,841 to a 16×48 for $28,017. 

Listed below are a few garden sheds in our collection along with their prices:


This awesome-looking Barn Shed is one of the lowest-cost outdoor sheds out there. The starting price for an 8×10 MiniBarn garden shed is around $1,881.

This shed could fit general storage, lawn care equipment, one riding mower, etc. This is a really good choice if you are in need of a storage shed and tight on money.

10x12 minibarn garden shed


If you want a shed that is maintenance-free, this will do the job! This storage space is one of the most common, and one of the favorites amongst the other sheds.

The workshop shed provides plenty of space for your backyard or outdoor life at a great price. A 10×14 standard garden shed starts around $3,116

classic workshop garden shed


The Saltbox provides a unique “New England History” design that will have your backyard looking pleasing and also tidy with plenty of storage room to stock it up.

Keep in mind, this outdoor shed has a lower back wall than the front meaning less headroom. The starting price for an 8×12 Saltbox Garden Shed is around $3,002 

10x14 classic saltbox garden shed


The modern-styled shed is a beautifully designed storage shed that offers the desired space you are looking for and also a great look to your yard. This magnificent storage space comes in 2 different styles: The Studio 1 modern shed, and the Urban 360. This shed starts at around $11,983 for an 8×12.

modern garden shed

#4. Where can I buy a garden shed?

There are multiple ways to find the perfect garden shed. You can find a shed builder online (like you just did 🙂 or visit a local builder. Many areas also have resellers who buy from the manufacturers and then resell garden sheds in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and many other states. If you want to save some money, think about buying directly from the manufacturer. 


Speaking of the manufacturer… Sheds Unlimited has been selling directly to consumers for decades. We’re a premium provider of storage sheds, backyard barns, prefab car garages for PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, and some other surrounding states. We’ve been building people their dream sheds since 1988 and we’ve built up a loyal fanbase of happy customers. Read our reviews.

sheds unlimited team about us shed builders 1

“We were incredibly impressed with Sheds Unlimited. They were super organized, extremely hard-working, and did a great job. The quality of the shed is excellent, and we are very happy. – Michelle Curran”

If you do choose Sheds Unlimited, we can either build you a custom shed or you can choose from a wide variety of different sized storage sheds in our inventory. 

Search for a Garden Shed on the Internet

Yeah, that’s a generic answer, but the internet is a great spot to look when in the market for basically anything. The internet provides many market platforms to buy sheds from, like Craigslist (great for used sheds), (good for low-cost options), and Amazon, to name a few. However, purchasing a shed online can be risky because anybody can post anything online and it can be hard to know what you will actually be getting. As previously mentioned, always make sure to check the reviews of sellers and specific products!

That being said, we do recommend going to a physical store or storage shed manufacturer as the smartest idea. Make sure to check the shed reviews of any company you choose to buy a shed from. You want to make sure you buy from a trusted, well-known storage building manufacturer or dealer that will stand behind their products. 

#5. How do I supply electricity to a garden shed?


Solar energy is an option for getting electric power into your shed. This is done by installing solar panels either on top of or beside your garden shed. Using solar energy is cleaner and could save you a lot of money in the long run. There are other benefits though, like lower power costs and environmental impacts.

solar panel garden shed


Many people get power to their shed via an underground cable from the electric panel in their home. They connect the panel to a wire that runs all the way underground to their backyard shed. Be sure to hire a licensed professional, as this is a very dangerous job if done wrong.

garden shed with electric2 0

#6. Is planning permission or a permit required for a garden shed?

So, you’re thinking about buying a shed for your backyard, but what does your local town have to say about that idea? Well, in some cases, you should not need a permit for your shed. Some towns require a permit over a certain side. However, even if you don’t need a permit, there may be a possibility you will need a storm and water plan. That being said, make sure you follow all of your state and county rules for planning and zoning! 

A couple of things to be aware of: be aware of setback regulations (how close buildings can be to property lines), restrictions on buildings that will be lived in, and any local regulations on electricity and plumbing (if applicable). Always be sure to check with your local municipality for specific regulations!

#7. Does a garden shed need a concrete base?

The answer is no, a concrete base is not required for any type of storage shed. Nevertheless, a garden shed should have a stone shed pad to make sure it holds up. As shown in the picture, the base used for this shed was gravel. In fact, we have an entire tutorial on how to prepare a gravel shed pad for your convenience. 

building your shed pad in pa 0

Thank you for joining us! We hope this helps you answer some of your outdoor shed questions. A garden shed is an amazing building to have in your backyard, get started toward owning yours today!


Shed kit garden

6 Best Garden Shed Kits You Can Buy Online and Assemble Yourself

A garden shed adds practical storage and an attractive focal point to your backyard. This structure can provide a handy spot to stash gardening tools, lawn care equipment, outdoor furniture, and other items that might otherwise take up valuable space in your garage or basement. Beyond storage, you can also use a garden shed as a potting station or turn it into your own personal outdoor retreat.

Designing and constructing a shed from scratch can be a complicated process, but garden shed kits make it easy to build your own without having to measure and cut all the materials yourself. These DIY garden sheds are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and layouts, and you can often customize features like windows, doors, storage areas, paint colors, and other style elements.

garden shed with pathway and picket fence

Before purchasing a garden shed kit, make sure to consult your local building codes. You might need to acquire a permit before you start building or follow certain guidelines on the shed's size, location, type of foundation, and more.

Tips for Choosing the Best Garden Shed Kit

Most garden shed kits are made of plastic, wood, or metal. In general, plastic sheds, which can be made of resin or vinyl, are lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. Wood garden sheds offer more customization and a sturdy, durable structure, but they tend to cost more and require occasional upkeep to maintain the finish. Metal shed kits are one of the most cost-effective options and require little maintenance, but they might be flimsier than other types and prone to rust or leaks.

Size is another important consideration when purchasing a garden shed kit. The average dimensions range from as little as 4x4 feet to 10x12 feet or larger. Determine how you plan to use the shed and what you need to store to help guide your decision. A push mower and a small collection of garden gear will likely fit inside a 6-foot-square shed, for example, but you'll need a much bigger structure if you have a riding lawn mower and several other types of equipment to store.

Check out our picks for the best garden shed kits to find a structure that works for your backyard.

Related Items

Best Small Garden Shed Kit

Resin plastic walls reinforced with steel make this garden shed waterproof and resistant to all types of weather, including harsh UV rays. The long-lasting material won't peel, rust, rot, or dent, and the gray finish doesn't require repainting. The shed measures 4x6 feet and features a front door, one fixed window, and a vent at the top for air flow.

Buy It: Keter Manor Plastic Vertical Storage Shed ($387, Wayfair)

This sturdy metal garden shed is made of carbon steel and coated with an enamel paint finish to protect against corrosion and rust. The structure measures 8x10 feet with sliding doors that open 55 inches wide to accommodate large equipment. A pitched roof provides extra headroom while helping rain and snow slide off the top.

Buy It: Arrow Newport Galvanized Metal Shed ($345, The Home Depot)

Best Wood Garden Shed Kit

This charming wood garden shed features one door and a functional screened window with a flower box that's ready for planting. The paneled walls are crafted from western red cedar and well-suited for painting or staining. Assembly takes one to two days to complete and requires only screwing or nailing the components together using the included hardware.

Buy It: SpaceSaver 8×4 with Single Door ($1,999, Outdoor Living Today)

Complement a contemporary home and landscape design with this modern shed kit. Made of durable resin, it's designed to withstand all weather conditions, including snow loads up to 40 pounds and UV protection that lasts up to 10 years. Transom windows let in natural light around the top, and vents allow for air circulation. The shed measures approximately 7 feet square and requires minimal tools to assemble.

Buy It: Suncast Modernist Resin Storage Shed ($899, The Home Depot

DIY Shed Kit Review - Princeton (Liberty) 10x10

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