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When you're redesigning your kitchen (or building a new one from scratch!), your cabinets are one of the most important choices you can make. Not only are the cabinets where you'll store everything you cook with, they also take up a majority of the space in your kitchen, meaning you want them to look good, too. If you're in the market for new kitchen cabinets, consider these kitchen cabinet sources. From retail go-tos like IKEA and Home Depot to high-end designer favorites, here's where to score the perfect kitchen cabinets for you.



That’s right—your go-to store for affordable home goods is also one of the best places to buy your kitchen cabinets. According to a 2019 report by J.D. Power that surveyed more than 1,500 customers who’d bought kitchen cabinets within the past 12 months, IKEA’s cabinet system, Sektion, ranked the highest in overall satisfaction. This ranking was based on five different features: design features, operational performance, ordering and delivery, price, and warranty. The Sektion system can be customized with dozens of different door styles, drawer fronts, hardware, and interior organizers, and you can install it yourself or have IKEA handle it for you.




Another J.D. Power survey winner, KraftMaid came in second for overall customer satisfaction with kitchen cabinets, so you know it’s a good option based on reviews. Plus, they’re accessible—you can purchase KraftMaid cabinets through Home Depot, meaning you can schedule an appointment at your local store for a consultation to set up your perfect kitchen. KraftMaid has tons of styles and color options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love.


American Woodmark

Facebook/American Woodmark

American Woodmark, another cabinet brand available at Home Depot, tied with KraftMaid for second place in the J.D. Power report. All of the brand’s cabinet options are assembled in the United States, and they come in more than 15 different collections that fit more than a dozen different design styles from coastal to farmhouse.




Rounding out the J.D. Power report options, Thomasville came in third place for customer satisfaction, and you can also shop options at Home Depot. The brand has been making cabinets since 1904 and offers a wealth of styles to choose from. Plus, Thomasville is committed to sustainability, using environmentally-responsible materials and working to reduce waste in the manufacturing process.


Stoffer Home

David A. Land

There’s nothing quite like being able to buy your kitchen cabinets straight from an interior designer, and at Stoffer Home you can do just that, working with Jean Stoffer and her team. Stoffer Home offers a line of English-style flush-inset cabinets that can be made in four different wood finishes and twelve different paint colors—all carefully curated, of course—and customers can work with a designer on the team to tailor their kitchen to their needs. (By the way, the above example comes from our own Editor-in-Chief's kitchen!).




Waterworks is most known for its classic American bath fittings, but the brand expanded to kitchens some years ago and created an entire line of cabinetry. Its cabinet options include four collections, each of which come in a variety of color options (including eight different wood finishes and 24 different paint hues) and can be customized to fit your style.


St. Charles New York

Courtesy of St. Charles New York

As an 85-year-old brand, St. Charles New York has long been associated with luxury. Recently, the brand launched three new (and its first-ever) pre-designed kitchen models that can be tailored to individual clients. Designer Karen Williams told House Beautiful that the goal of this launch was “to take the guesswork out of it by offering custom personalization that would deliver foolproof results and unparalleled luxury.” Perhaps the best part of the collections is the storage and organization options offered—the key to which is actually custom drawer liners that show where everything should go.




Bilotta—which has been around since 1955 when it started as a residential construction company—makes custom kitchens in three different styles: contemporary, traditional, and transitional. The brand’s products are all handcrafted, and along with kitchen cabinets, it also works on bathrooms and other custom rooms.




If industrial style is your aesthetic of choice and you’re looking for something truly custom, head to Amuneal. There you’ll find sleek, custom cabinets made with plenty of metal details. The brand—a family business—has an interesting history, too, since it started as a magnetic shielding supplier in 1965 and works on furniture and the fabrication of everything from stairs to, of course, kitchens and bars.


Plain English

Facebook/plain english

Plain English is a beloved, iconic English brand that finally launched two years ago in the United States. It’s a great option for you if you love color, as the brand is known for its bold, rich-but-livable hues (purple cabinets, anyone?). That includes custom colors you can only find in their collections. Oh, and all of Plain English’s cabinets are traditionally hand-made, too.


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IKEA vs. Home Depot: Which should you choose for a NYC kitchen renovation?


If you're trying to keep to a budget with your New York City kitchen renovation, you probably already know that using Home Depot or IKEA will save you money. What you may not know is that a lot of designers go this route with high-end projects—and then (usually) add their own custom touches.

Jeff Streich, founder of Prime Renovations, used IKEA cabinets in a $500,000 project on 54th Street in Manhattan and even a $5 million renovation on Hudson Street. (Want to take a similar mix-and-match approach? Read: "Hack your IKEA cabinets with these custom pieces for a more upscale look.")

Here's how he and other experts rank IKEA and Home Depot on price, durability, style, service, and installation.

How prices compare 

According to Dan DiClerico, a renovation consultant, most Home Depot kitchens will be in the $20,000 to $25,000 range (installed), while you can have an IKEA kitchen for $10,000 to $15,000 (plus installation), not including the flooring. 

Prices at Home Depot depend on whether you go with ready-to-assemble (RTA) options or their pre-assembled stock cabinetry, which can range from $100 to over $3,000 per cabinet. Custom options will cost even more. IKEA cabinets start at $57 and top out at $1,600, with the bulk falling in the $200 to $300 range. 

Jorge Fontan, founder of Fontan Architecture, says his personal preference is for IKEA because of its affordability. More of his clients want to go with IKEA rather than Home Depot too. “But if the exact cabinet the client likes is at Home Depot and they are willing to pay a little more for it, then that’s their taste,” he says. 

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[Editor’s Note: A previous version of the article ran in June 2021. We are presenting it again here as part of our summer Best of Brick week.]

What the experts say about durability

Even though the quality of stock cabinets from IKEA and Home Depot is not the same as custom work, DiClerico says they’re surprisingly sturdy and durable. 

All IKEA cabinets are made with medium-density fiberboard (MDF); same for many of Home Depot's RTA products, while others are made of plywood. 

Only a couple of the experts interviewed had enough (or any) experience with Home Depot products to speak to how well they hold up over time, though you can read reviews on the website to get a sense of what customers have to say. 

On the other hand, all experts agreed that IKEA kitchens are built to last, at least when it comes to the "box" or core components and the hinges and inner hardware. Having installed some 60 to 80 IKEA kitchens over the past seven years, Streich says his clients have never had an issue, unlike with other types of cabinets. That's saying something.

The fronts––which Yaiza Armbruster, founder of Atelier Armbruster, describes as "a little flimsy"––are the exception. For one, they are five-eighths of an inch thick compared to the standard three-quarters of an inch you'll find with most Home Depot brands (and the standard in the industry). They are also prone to dings and scratches. 

That's why most experts often go with other options for fronts. "Just be sure to account for that extra thickness in your countertop," advises Meret Lenzlinger, founder of Lenzlinger Architecure.

Buyer beware: The warranty is 25 years for IKEA cabinets and fronts (and only 10 years for faucets and five years for appliances). Home Depot offers a limited lifetime warranty—be sure to read the fine print. 

calculator iconBolster

NYC Renovation Calculator

What's this?

About Bolster's NYC Renovation Calculator: Bolster's Renovation Calculator enables you to easily calculate the estimated cost of a major New York City renovation. All you'll need to know is 1) the scope, complexity, and type of your project, 2) the quality of your desired finishes, and 3) the area being renovated. [Hint: Bookmark this page for easy reference!]

About Bolster: Bolster is a New York City design-build firm that delivers a seamless, radically transparent renovation experience--beginning with a line-by-line cost estimate that empowers you to plan your scope, budget, and schedule.

Standard: The quality of the finish is acceptable with attention to detail but reliant on big-box store sourced cabinetry, MDF etc. 

Mid Range: The quality of the finish is good (grade A) with attention to detail but reliant on big-box store sourced cabinetry, MDF etc.

High Range: The quality of finish is high (grade AA) and customized with fine finishes and materials being used that can last years, if not a lifetime.

Upscale: The quality of finish is the highest possible (grade AAA) and labor-intensive, with every surface bespoke, new, and beautifully finished.

Low: Simple design, no layout or structural changes, elevator in building.

Medium: Average design, moving of some systems and/or structural changes, no elevator in the building.

High: Complex design, complicated engineering, lots of logistics (e.g. boom lifts, suspended scaffolds, etc.), dangerous working conditions.

Small: Changes to surfaces only (e.g. painting, tiling).

Medium: Small + Changes to the finishes themselves (e.g. removing plaster, replacing flooring etc).

Large: Small + Medium + Changes to the building's infrastructure (e.g. replacing all systems, walls, floor joists etc).

Design & Build: Full architectural services including schematic design, design development, construction drawings and approvals from the DoB and full build services.

Build with some Design: Full build services and some design with minimum compliance.

Build Only: Full build services with no design input (performed by another architect or not required at all).

Sq. Feet

TotalPer SF

Project Cost


Materials & Finishes


Architect Fees


Third Parties


Skilled Labor


Project & Site Management


Workers Comp Insurance


Contractor Overhead


Contractor Profit


General Liability Insurance


Start Your Project With Bolster

Which one has more selection?

Home Depot definitely has more options. "That’s because IKEA primarily sells its own branded products, while Home Depot carries a bunch of different brands," DiClerico says. 

Having fewer choices can certainly ease the decision-making process, especially now that IKEA has consolidated its former kitchens under the SEKTION umbrella. All the cabinet and drawer components work together and can even share interior space. They have also been expanding options for the fronts, including the most recent introduction of BODARP (made partially from recycled plastic bottles).

With Home Depot, you have to evaluate each of the different brands. That can be a plus or minus depending on your patience and perseverance. Having lots of options isn't always the end-all-be-all either. Armbruster once inquired about a Martha Stewart kitchen at Home Depot and decided against it because the components wouldn't arrive in time for the small project's work schedule.

On the other hand, she finds IKEA to be much more customizable since companies like Semihandmade and Reform make IKEA-compatible fronts in a range of finishes and styles––and you can paint them any color you want, Armbruster says. 

Lenzlinger also likes Dunsmuir for their "playful cutouts" and integrated pulls (see photo at top). She also suggests using a combination of IKEA and custom fronts, such as the Semihandmade ones above, for added visual interest (and to minimize costs). 

Like others, Streich mostly goes with custom fronts, with 80 percent of his clients going with white flat panels. (One client also ordered gray replacements for when he grows tired of the white.) He does however recommend IKEA's "crazy cheap under-cabinet lighting."

Even when using IKEA fronts, there's the option of shopping elsewhere for exterior hardware. Armbruster added brass pulls from Schoolhouse Electric.(Rejuvenation is another favorite source) and repurposed a brushed-brass corner guard that would typically used on a wall to hide under-cabinet strip LED lighting. 

All experts here opted to source the countertop and backsplash from other sources, as IKEA only has two options––wood veneer and laminate. Same for when using Home Depot cabinets. Here Armbruster used a high-tech matte black countertop from FENIX (it's scratch- and fingerprint-resistant); the backsplash was designed with tiles from Town and Country Surfaces.

One final style point: Home Depot offers a "cabinet makeover" service where they refinish the existing fronts, and some are easy enough to repaint on your own. IKEA cabinets cannot easily be repainted without some major stripping, preferably by taking them to a mill worker. Of course you can always buy new fronts, but that might not be something you want to do.

Feedback on delivery

According to DiClerico, IKEA's delivery is quicker––less than seven weeks as opposed to more than 10 weeks for Home Depot.

Custom fronts for IKEA cabinets may take longer. Reform for instance lists 10 to 14 weeks as the standard time for delivery; Semihandmade has a two-to-six week lead time. 

Streich for one says "you can't beat the quickness of delivery" of IKEA. 

However, some other customers may not agree at all with that assessment. (Brick Underground has written about the headaches of getting IKEA furniture deliveries in NYC—think delayed deliveries, canceled orders, and credit card charges for products never delivered. Read: "How to get IKEA furniture delivered to your NYC apartment without losing your mind.")

The experts here have some complaints about Home Depot's delivery process too, it seems. Lenzlinger says she never willingly uses Home Depot kitchens, not because of the products because of the process. "They changed my designs so that once installed the cabinets cannot open without banging into the range." 

A similar "snafu" happened on a project where Fontan said things were somehow just a few inches off. "They ended up shuffling the layout of the cabinets so it all ended up working but we did have to re-order one cabinet.

Comparing the installation experience

Home Depot cabinets are relatively easy to install, especially the pre-assembled ones––but even their RTA models have much fewer pieces and more standardized instructions.

Not so with IKEA (it's practically a joke). Assembling one of their simple desks or bunk beds can be trying, much more so an entire kitchen system. 

"IKEA's biggest issue is that there are so many bits and pieces and you may not know what to look for in terms of what might be left out," says Guy Kohn, founder of Kohn Architecture. A typical scenario means your contractor has to deal with 100-plus flat-pack boxes and might not even know what has been ordered. "But when I used an IKEA recommended-installer the process went fairly smoothly."

Streich too hired someone who was very familiar with them (and has now installed more than 60 systems).

Nowadays there are also companies that help New Yorkers with their IKEA installations, and some even handle pickup and delivery.

Other kitchen cabinet options

In case you don't find what you want with IKEA or Home Depot, the experts suggest turning to other companies with good quality, reasonably priced cabinets in both standard and custom sizes.

Kohn particularly likes Pennsylvania-based Wolf Home Products (especially the Wolf Classic line) that you can see in their Brooklyn showroom. "You wouldn’t know the difference between those and a very fancy brand, even if you open them up." 

Armbruster worked with Intelligent Kitchen New York on a couple projects. "It’s slightly more upscale and more customizable and their product is really good." 

For the most part, Fontan finds semi-custom cabinets end up feeling cheap considering their steep price tags. "A lot of contractors will say they are just more expensive versions of IKEA." So he would suggest custom (or truly high-end companies like Cesar Kitchens) over expensive semi-custom. 

If RTA is more in line with your budget, Lenzlinger has used Conestoga systems on two projects with just one quibble: These cabinets (and Home Depot brands) use the American cabinetry system, which eats up a little space thanks to a small frame inside the door. This is unlike IKEA products, where the hinge attaches directly to the door. On the plus side, you have greater flexibility in designing the layout and can get what you like delivered with a painted factory finish in either their own range of colors or your own shade, she adds.

The final verdict

There are plenty of good reasons to get kitchen cabinets from IKEA and Home Depot, despite the service snags of both.

Whichever you end up using, be sure to visit the stores to see, touch, and test the cabinets in person––preferably avoiding weekends and other high-traffic times (usually right after work). 

—Earlier versions of this article contained reporting and writing by Sarah Wormser

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Cabinets homedepot

Home Depot Kitchens

Rated with 2 stars
Jorge of Mecca, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2021

Over 25+ yrs construction pro, installed and managed sales in these areas for a time for them. Contractor services. Long ago... Now, it shows in the quality of the work and effort is $ driving. Poor quality. Will never refer any of my customers or family to HD. You never know how the much crafty magic you will need to do. A one day install can turn in to a 2-3 day install quick. Take it from a pro big store mindset shipping don't mix with fine furniture... Think about it. It's subgrade materials passing off as solid wood... Only solid parts are door face and edges and only truly save 3-9% over custom solid builds. Unless you are pulling off the shelf and inspect it very very carefully.

As an installer and "design true" remodeling pro... I received many a constant flaw, damaged, scratched, blotched orders, restocked gouging, no door, forklift fork not needed in cabinet design, pantry= it twins leaning tower in Rome, forget the trim and toe kick that's extra, overlay cab door not what that! Moments. For example yesterday's HD experience triggers this...

(Fred) one of my longest full time laborer said after delivery on window and other cabinets pending from previous delay "...Yesterdays HD order came (pause...sad lower tone)... It was like Christmas morning as a kid opening up presents. (Pause-deep messy broken inhale like a child's trying not to cry.) ... " "Then you find out your family religion does not practice Christmas and you get socks for your birthday on that same date. They are too small and not gender appropriate." Window was not retrofit and they took it off of the original shipping base and it warped out of square. And side panels to finish the job are not matching the color and 24/97 pantry has a forklift rubber in it with a peephole. Who freaking leaves their used beat up rubbers behind really... Pick up afterwards "que no!"

Construction guys are so funny... But it is unfortunately the only thing keeping us sane after this job. So. Cal Depot Indio CA. But not just here Santa Fe, NM, 2021 late July....this summer job I straight out told them cancelled. Not even going there. Too much other stuff going on... Do not need that used solid wood builder locally and gave me huge discount for upselling the bath for same customer after I told them 200 more saves us 4 week wait and bath vanity to match like she thought she wasn't going to be able to afford. And there it is... Last resort or rental fixes only or Flips etc. But off the shelves and inspect carefully... Work was not hard.

God bless,
George R.

Owner CPM

Read full review
Rated with 1 star
Andrea of Blacksburg, VA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2021

I ordered Cambria quartz for my bathroom based on multiple samples. The actual countertop did not match the samples but the installer broke my vanity cabinet "preparing" to install, without even installing the countertop. When I tried to cancel, Home Depot informed me that there was an 80% cancellation fee. Not only will they not provide a countertop that matches the samples, I now have a broken vanity cabinet, as well. And, Home Depot still wants me to pay 80%.

Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.

Rated with 1 star
gilles of Largo, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2021

Horrible Home Depot contractor...StoneWorks in Largo! It was for a new countertop. The first cut of the Quartz countertop after measurements appeared to be wrong so they need to come back again = 4 days without kitchen. Ok it can happen..then were not able to send a plumber for reconnection of the new faucet and sink before the weekend of Labor Day: would have been 7 days without kitchen.. They propose us to get our own plumber to go faster before the weekend and they will reimburse..

Last thing they forgot to reconnect the cooktop (prepaid). I had to do myself...(risky I am not electrician..) Finally when the reconnection was finished by our plumber Roto Rooter, they did not want to reimburse the whole bill as they estimate it was too high! So my experience with Home depot which whom I was sharing my bad experience is that they should have had better help me to fight with the contractor instead of forwarding my emails to them or keep telling me the management is aware.. At the end I lost $350 because I surrender.. I was tired to chase..!

Read full review
Rated with 1 star
Noami of New York, NY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2021

I placed the order for new kitchen cabinets at the end of June 2021. Measurements were taken the second week of July. Payment of over $10,000 taken in advance. Department does not answer calls or respond to emails. It's been almost 4 months and nothing. Highly unreliable service. Please do NOT use the Home Depot for ANYTHING. You are better off contacting a private contractor.

Rated with 1 star
Elizabeth of North Miami Beach, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2021

I had my kitchen redone by Home Depot. I had a damaged in the way the canopy molding on the top was made it has at the lake could come right through the damage. I called them over six times. This was done in January. It is now August. Not one person has shown up to fix this. Now as of today the bracket on holding the door underneath the sink came off. I would never do business with these people again. Beware because this is a very costly remodeling. These people are very irresponsible.

Rated with 1 star
FUAD of Salt Lake City, UT Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2021

Buyers beware!!! When you purchase a countertop from Home Depot, understand that they subcontract to a third party. The third party becomes their representative. This means that, if you have any problem with the product, Home Depot will not back you up. Let me explain. I recently purchased a quartzite countertop from Home Depot. Their third party in Salt Lake City is Accent Countertops. The installers broke the countertop at the level of the sink. The break is irreparable because it is full thickness.

I was concerned about the integrity of the countertop. I asked for an independent assessment by a licensed stone contractor. His assessment was that the stone needed to be replaced. When I tried to negotiate with Accent countertop, they claimed that it was Home Depot's decision. When I called Home Depot, they said that they have nothing to do with it because Accent countertop represents them. Do not go with Home Depot, or for that matter Accent countertop. You will be disappointed.

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Rated with 1 star
Jennifer of Kansas City, MO Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: July 14, 2021

Home Depot is working to resolve this issue.

Original review: May 21, 2021

On March 24th, I ordered countertops for my kitchen, at that time I was advised by my sales person of a timeline of 7-9 weeks from start to finish. On April 15th the installers came out to measure my kitchen for the final time. On the April 22nd, I followed up with Kathy Fithen, Customer Order Specialist and gave final payment for the countertop order. Kathy told me that the order will go into production on the following Monday, April 26th and would take 4 weeks. On Monday May 17th (which marked 4 weeks) I started calling Kathy to find out when my countertops were going to be delivered. After speaking to her, it was clear that she did not have the information I was requesting about my order so I called into customer service and escalated a ticket to get information on my order.

Today, I received a call from a representative of Home Depot, she told me there was a problem with the paperwork for my order which is why there is no information to provide me, she said that Home Depot was not made aware of the problem with the paperwork until they started to investigate the whereabouts of the order based on the escalation I filed. This means to me that -my order sat around on someone’s desk for 4 weeks with no attempts being made to resolve the problem within a timely manner.

Unfortunately, she could not tell me how much longer I would continue to be inconvenienced or when my order would be complete, she mentioned, WHEN they get the material it would still need to go through production, (4 additional weeks). Meanwhile, based on the original timeline I was given, I scheduled time off to be available for the installation of the countertops, I also ordered new appliances to be delivered around the 9th week, and have had to push the date out once already. So this is a huge inconvenience and bad business practices. The fact that somewhere along the way someone dropped the ball I don’t feel like I should be expected to carry this burden. I want the original timeline to be honored and my countertops to be installed within a reasonable timeframe. I would also like to know and feel like Home Depot cares about my business and wants to make every effort to correct this error and meet the expectations that were set with me.

Read full review
Rated with 1 star
guillermo of Lutherville, MD Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2021

Home Depot installed a sink exactly the size available from the cabinet. If you want to replace it, you can't do it. It was installed like 8 years ago, but one day it fell down from one side. I contacted. They did not care. The installers (a third party named MR stone) told me to come home and fix it. They would charge me 250 dollars, as if it was new. I did for nothing, just bought some sink holders for 30 dollars. It cost me 3 hours. Home Depot did not even send someone to check it out.

I won't recommend Home Depot for sink renovations at all, because you do not have support after.

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Finally the unfinished work was completed after nearly a month. I would have been a happy customer if this work was done all at once.

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We recently changed our kitchen countertops through Home Depot. The work wasn't finished because they ran out of granite as they wasted the piece trying to make holes for the electric outlet. It was difficult for them to cut the opening so we decided to close the outlet. They said they would be back next week to finish the work. It's been two weeks since then and they never came back. It is causing a lot of inconvenience with the unfinished work. There was also a groove in the backsplash they installed and I'm not sure how they are going to fix whenever they are going to come back to install.


Deslaurier vs. Home Depot: A Comparison of Cabinets

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets in Ottawa, there’s a host of options waiting for you.


But how do you know which one is best for your kitchen reno project?


We’ve written this article to guide you on that quest. At Deslaurier, we recognize that there are many cabinet solutions out there, and we want to help you find the right fit for your home—whether or not that solution is us!


In this article, you’ll find an objective, side-by-side comparison of Deslaurier cabinets and Home Depot cabinets. We’ll discuss everything you need to know from the cabinet types to the design process at both companies.


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Home Depot

Most people are familiar with the home improvement store Home Depot. Home Depot is a worldwide retailer with more than 2,200 stores across North America alone. Home Depot offers almost every major home-related appliance or accessory you might need, and cabinetry is no exception.


Home Depot offers two main categories of cabinets: stock and semi-custom cabinetry. They also offer refacing services.


Home Depot owns and operates manufacturing plants all over the globe, and as such, your cabinets are likely made and shipped from a location outside of Canada.


Deslaurier Custom Cabinets


Deslaurier is a family-owned and operated cabinet maker in Ottawa with a network of 30+ dealers across Ontario and Jupiter, Florida. As the company name implies, Deslaurier deals exclusively in semi-custom and custom cabinets. There are no stock products or refacing services available.

An exterior view of Deslaurier's Ottawa showroom.

Deslaurier cabinets are manufactured locally in Renfrew, ON with locally sourced wood products.


Home Depot Stock Cabinets

Pre-Assembled and Ready-to-Assemble


Home Depot offers two main types of stock cabinets: pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble.

Pre-Assembled Stock Cabinets


The pre-assembled cabinet selection is called the Hampton Bay collection and it’s the most affordable cabinet type that Home Depot offers. Each cabinet is sold as its own unit, and you can build your kitchen’s cabinetry design piece by piece. Because each cabinet is priced individually, you can estimate costs easily by adding items to an online shopping cart.

The fact that these cabinets are already assembled reduces the customer’s labour significantly. They come ready to install. Plus, Hampton Bay products are in-stock products and ready to be shipped within 24 hours (or loaded into your truck and driven home immediately). If you’re looking for a DIY project on a small budget and a short timeline, the Hampton Bay collection at Home Depot might be your one-stop-cabinet-shop.


Home Depot has created Hampton Bay pre-assembled cabinets for several rooms in the home, including:


  • Kitchen
  • Entryway
  • Wet bar
  • Laundry room
  • Garage


While convenient and affordable, the drawback to the Hampton Bay collection is its limited design possibilities. All the cabinets have a shaker door style, and you’ll have a choice between only three classic colours: Edson Shaker Grey, Edson Shaker White, and Edson Shaker Dusk. If you have other colour scheme plans, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets


Home Depot’s ready-to-assemble product line is the Eurostyle collection. The Eurostyle cabinets come 80% pre-assembled—this is because most of the mounting hardware (cams and dowels) is already installed.


Eurostyle cabinets offer customers more design freedom than Hampton Bay cabinets. There are 18 door styles to choose from in 4 different materials: laminated MDF, melamine, acrylic, and thermofoil. They also have a couple of accent door options in aluminum. You can choose between roughly 40 colours with the Eurostyle collection.


Some Eurostyle cabinets may be available in stock, and others will require a delivery wait time. In general, the ready-to-assemble cabinets are the next step up from the pre-assembled cabinets—in cost and design selection.


Like with the Hampton Bay collection, you can verify availability online and estimate prices by using the website.

A picture of a Deslaurier-designed kitchen, bathroom, and basement.

Home Depot Semi-Custom Cabinets


Last but not least, the Thomasville cabinetry line is Home Depot’s in-house semi-custom collection. These cabinets are for homeowners who want to work with a designer for a tailor-made space. All cabinet door styles and colours included, there are over 4,200 possible combinations available in the catalogue.


Customers have free reign to build kitchen cabinets with a wide spectrum of door styles, finishes, built-in accessories, and decorative hardware options.


As with any customized product, costs become difficult to estimate without a concrete design in place. For an accurate quote, you’ll need to work with a Home Depot designer. However, if you know exactly what your selections will be, the Thomasville cabinetry website offers a budget estimator tool. You can enter your kitchen layout, design level, and cabinet selections to generate an estimated project cost.


According to the estimator, a small, L-shaped (10 x 10) kitchen with Thomasville cabinets using standard design selections (the Nouveau series Anson door style in oak with a Tumbleweed finish) is estimated at $5,280.


With Deslaurier cabinets, a 10 x 10 L-shaped kitchen with standard selections (shaker door in oak, standard water-based stain, white melamine interior, metabox drawers, and standard hardware allowance), as seen below, is estimated at $6,300.05.

A 10 x 10 kitchen at Deslaurier with standard design selections.


Now, if, still using the estimator tool, you outfit the same kitchen with Thomasville cabinets using premium design selections (the Classic series Camden door style in cherry with a Clove finish), the estimate jumps to $23,200.


At Deslaurier, when you upgrade the 10 x 10 kitchen with our premium selections (shaker door in cherry, standard water-based stain, white melamine interior, antaro grey drawer with rail, garbage pull-out, false door at exposed ends, cutlery tray in drawer bank, lazy susan in corner cabinet, glass in the wall angle corner cabinet, medium cove crown, and 2" light valance), the estimate comes in at $13,629.74. 

A 10 x 10 kitchen at Deslaurier with premium design selections.

As you can see, price fluctuates drastically based on the tier of your design selections.


Using a 10 x 10 kitchen example, Thomasville cabinets range from $5,280 - $23,200.


Using a 10 x 10 kitchen example, Deslaurier cabinets range from $6,300.05 - $13,629.74.


Sometimes, the cost to make significant modifications to semi-custom cabinet pieces costs more than making the same number of modifications to custom cabinets. That's why it's always a good idea to get multiple quotes.


You can learn more about how much a kitchen renovation costs in our Learning Centre.


The budget estimator is a useful tool for homeowners to gauge costs and design possibilities before their first design appointment.


Home Depot Cabinet Refacing Services

A service that is unique to Home Depot is cabinet refacing. If the bones of your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, you may consider paying only to swap out the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. Refacing is a great way to revitalize the whole look of your space at only a fraction of the cost of a full renovation project.


Deslaurier's Custom Cabinets


Deslaurier offers a far-reaching collection of semi-custom and custom cabinets. At Deslaurier, there are no stock (pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble) options, so prospective customers should know that they’re in the market for a personalized project in a higher price range than Home Depot’s Hampton Bay or Eurostyle collection.

A wholly custom kitchen design by a Deslaurier designer.

Without question, Home Depot’s Thomasville line is the most comparable offering to Deslaurier cabinets. However, Deslaurier’s catalogue is considerably larger. Accounting for only standard door styles and stains, there are over 20,000 potential cabinet combinations you can make.


Deslaurier’s catalogue is also more customizable, as virtually every component of your cabinets can be modified to suit your preferences.


For example, if necessary, Deslaurier cabinets can be modified in increments of 1 ½ inches and less. At Home Depot, cabinets are typically only modified in 3-inch increments. Deslaurier can also create wholly customized products, such as range hoods and paint colours, which opens up an endless realm of design possibility.


At Deslaurier, the professional designer assigned to you will quote your design selections for you, but there isn’t an online design tool or estimator that you can explore on your own at home.

The Kitchen Design Process

Deslaurier vs. Home Depot


Home Depot employs kitchen designers with whom you can schedule appointments to collaborate on your kitchen design.


Deslaurier also employs a team of professional kitchen designers. A designer is assigned to each customer for the entirety of every project.

A kitchen designer collaborating with a homeowner on a design concept.

On paper, the timeline of the design process looks quite similar at both companies. The initial consultation is free at both places, so you can get an idea of what each cabinetry provider has to offer with no strings attached.


It’s worth noting, though, that Home Depot kitchen designers have other store-wide responsibilities. They may not have as much uninterrupted time to focus on your design as a designer at a company exclusive to cabinetry design will, like Deslaurier.


One example of this is the in-home measuring appointment. At Home Depot, a separate department is responsible for conducting these visits. That means that a Home Depot employee other than your designer will schedule and perform the appointment with you. On the other hand, at Deslaurier, it’s most often the designers themselves that verify measurements with the client.



Deslaurier vs. Home Depot


Home Depot has a network of independent contractors that they use for installation work. If you choose to pay for cabinet installation, they’ll use one of these contractor connections, based on location and availability, to install your cabinets.


Deslaurier has its own in-house installation crew that performs all Deslaurier installations across the Greater Ottawa Area. Outside of Ottawa, Deslaurier’s authorized dealers perform the installation.

Cabinet Material and Construction

Deslaurier vs. Home Depot


The wood species and other manmade products available for Home Depot’s Thomasville cabinets and Deslaurier cabinets are both extensive. Popular wood species like maple, oak, cherry, alder, as well as sought-after engineered materials, like thermofoil and acrylic, are available at both companies.


As for the underlying cabinet construction, one clear distinction is the thickness of the cabinet’s back panel. Thomasville cabinets use a 3/8” integrated back panel while Deslaurier uses a 5/8” back panel.


Both backs are load bearing (which means you can install them directly to the wall without additional braces). However, the extra thickness of Deslaurier cabinets offers extra load capacity. Similarly, Thomasville uses ½” sides where Deslaurier uses thicker 5/8” sides.


Overall, you can expect the box construction at Deslaurier to be sturdier than that at Home Depot.


Apart from the standard box construction, almost all other aspects of your cabinet’s construction are customizable. You can customize slides, drawer box type, joinery method, and more. These upgrades have varying price structures at both companies.

A close-up look at custom cabinets with pull-out drawers

Home Depot vs. Deslaurier

The Similarities and Differences


At the end of the day, the cabinet maker for you boils down to the type of renovation (and the timeline for it) that’s at hand.


If you need basic cabinets installed over the weekend, you’ll appreciate the convenience of Home Depot’s in-stock products.


If you have a very unique kitchen configuration with odd nooks and crannies that requires non-standard cabinet dimensions, you’ll find more design possibilities at Deslaurier.


If you only want to reface your cabinets, Home Depot is the place to go (as Deslaurier doesn’t offer refacing services).


If you desire lots of uninterrupted time to work one-on-one with your designer, Deslaurier will likely be a better fit.


Home DepotDeslaurier Custom Cabinets

  • In-stock and semi-custom cabinets are available.
  • Refacing services are available.
  • Design combinations for Thomasville cabinets are considerable (+4,200).
  • Cabinet materials are sourced and manufactured all over the world.
  • Your designer may not have as much uninterrupted time for your design project due to other store-related responsibilities.
  • Hampton Bay and Eurostyle cabinet prices are available online. There is an online budget estimator tool for Thomasville cabinets. Clients can schedule a free consultation with a designer for a quote.
  • Only semi-custom and custom cabinets are available.
  • Refacing services are not available.
  • Design combinations for Deslaurier cabinets are virtually limitless (+20,000).
  • Cabinet materials are sourced and manufactured locally.
  • Your designer will be devoted to your design project from start to finish.
  • There are no online estimator tools. Clients must schedule a free consultation with a designer for a quote.

What’s Next?


As you search for a cabinet maker in Ottawa, don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes from different places. Both Home Depot and Deslaurier—along with many other cabinet makers—offer free initial appointments, so there’s no harm in getting a clear picture of what the project will look like from various sources.


Why not start by booking your free consultation at Deslaurier? All you have to do is fill out the form below to connect with us!


Live outside the Ottawa area? No problem! Use our Find a Dealer tool to connect with an authorized Deslaurier dealer near you.

The Deslaurier Custom Cabinets logo.

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Buy Below Home Depot Kitchen Cabinet Prices

Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes are popular with homeowners due to the convenience they provide. They are a one-stop shop for most home improvement items. While the convenience they offer is great, you are usually paying extra for that convenience. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

Home Depot is retail store and buying cabinets from Home Depot you will inevitably pay extra as they buy from a distributor or factory and add a hefty markup.  If you want to buy your kitchen cabinets at prices cheaper then Home Depot then you need to look for a factory direct cabinet company like Woodstone Cabinetry.

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With our improved factory direct process, when you purchase cabinets through one of our showrooms or the internet, you are buying directly from the cabinet manufacturer. No middle-men are in the process, and we pass on that savings to you. Typically, you save between 20% – 30% when compared to buying at Home Depot.


Are the Cabinets the Same Quality as Home Depot Cabinets?

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How to Save Up to 30% Off Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets?

Buy Factory Direct Cheaper than Home Depot Cabinet Prices

Buy Factory Direct Cheaper than Home Depot Cabinet Prices

The answer is not to buy Home Depot kitchen cabinets and buy cabinets directly from the factory. You can get started by requesting a Fast Free Estimate through our website OR visit one of our locations in either Norcross Georgia or Nashville Tennessee.

We have a full showroom at each of our locations and kitchen design staff ready to help with free kitchen design services. Even if you don’t visit one of our location you can take advantage of our design services and factory direct prices by buying online.


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