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Blaine Sumner

American powerlifter

Blaine Sumner (born June 22, 1987) is an American world champion powerlifter from Conifer, Colorado, currently residing in Gillette, Wyoming, United States.[9]


Blaine was the 2019[10] and 2016 IPF Open World Superheavyweight Champion[11] and was the first American male to win a gold medal in the IPF Classic World Championships (2012).[12] He was the 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019 USAPL Superheavyweight Equipped Champion and Champion of Champions across all weight classes in 4 of those 5 years.[13]

Blaine has set 28 World Records in the Classic Squat, Classic Total, and Equipped Squat, Equipped Bench Press, and Equipped Total.[14] He has won thirteen National Championships and set 42 American Records in the Raw (Classic) Squat, Raw Total, Equipped Squat, Equipped Bench Press, Equipped Total, Junior Raw Squat, Junior Raw Deadlift, Junior Raw Total, and Junior Equipped Squat.[15]

He has the highest single ply total of all time across all federations (including untested federations) of 1,296 kg (2,857 lbs). Including all triple ply lifters in all federations this ranks Blaine, with a single ply tested total, as the #4 of all time.[16] Blaine's single ply squat of 515 kg (1,135 lbs) is the heaviest walked out squat of all time.[17]

In what may be the most athletic display ever by a powerlifter, at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival Blaine competed in 3 competitions over 3 consecutive days winning 2 gold medals, setting one world record, setting 2 American records, and winning best overall lifter.[18]

On March 5, 2016 Blaine Sumner made history at the Arnold Sports Festival when he broke 6 IPF World Records. He became the first lifter in IPF history to squat 500 kg (1,102 lbs) breaking the existing record by 22 lbs. He then broke 3 bench press records finishing with 401.5 kg (885 lbs) which broke the existing record by 67 lbs. Blaine finished by breaking the record total twice. His final total was 2,803 lbs shattering the existing record by 91 lbs. This calculates to the highest Wilks score in IPF history of 692.2.

Blaine became the first lifter across all powerlifting federations to bench press over 1,000 lbs in single ply gear on March 2, 2019.[19] This broke his own record by 88 lbs. Blaine was the first person to achieve these IPF/USAPL milestones:

  • 400 kg raw squat
  • 400 kg equipped bench press
  • 500 kg equipped squat
  • 1000+ lb equipped squat
  • 1100+ lb equipped squat
  • 900+ lb equipped bench press
  • 1000+ lb equipped bench press
  • 2800+ lb equipped total


Blaine played collegiate football at the Colorado School of Mines from 2006 to 2011 as a nose guard and short yardage fullback. He was multiple time All-RMAC, NFF All-Colorado, and Don Hansen All-Region.[20] Subsequent to his senior year he broke the NFL record for bench press reps with 52 at his Pro Day.[21] Blaine also turned in a 33" vertical jump and 10' broad jump for an NFL Pro Day record Kirwan Explosive Index of 95.[22] Blaine was not signed by any NFL team.

Other athletic achievements[edit]

Blaine competed in four sports in high school earning Conference MVP awards in both football and wrestling; team MVP awards in football, wrestling, and lacrosse; and setting school records in football, wrestling, lacrosse, and track/field.[23]

Personal life[edit]

Blaine graduated from Conifer High School in 2006 and Colorado School of Mines in 2010. He lives in Gillette, Wyoming and is a petroleum engineer.

In addition to his competitive powerlifting career, Blaine also is a published author in the powerlifting field and provides coaching to other powerlifters at his website

Personal competition records[edit]


  • Squat - 1,135 pounds (515 kg)
  • Bench press (Single Lift) - 1,003 pounds (455 kg)
  • Bench press - 939 pounds (426.0 kg)
  • Deadlift - 816 pounds (370 kg)
  • Total - 2,857 pounds (1,296.0 kg)

Raw (Classic)

  • Squat - 915 pounds (415 kg)
  • Bench press - 530 pounds (240 kg)
  • Deadlift - 766 pounds (347 kg)
  • Total - 2,210 pounds (1,002.5 kg)

Record lifts in competition[edit]

  • Total - 1,846 pounds (837 kg) - USAPL Teen American Record +125 kg - 6/3/2007
  • Squat - 771 pounds (350 kg) - USAPL Raw Open American Record +125 kg - 3/20/2010
  • Squat - 771 pounds (350 kg) - USAPL Raw Junior American Record +125 kg - 3/20/2010
  • Deadlift - 672 pounds (305 kg) - USAPL Raw Junior American Record +125 kg - 3/20/2010
  • Total - 1,868 pounds (847 kg) - USAPL Raw Junior American Record +125 kg - 3/20/2010
  • Squat - 903 pounds (410 kg) - USAPL Junior American Record +125 kg - 6/20/2010
  • Squat- 804 pounds (365 kg) - USAPL Raw Open American Record +125 kg - 7/18/2010
  • Squat- 804 pounds (365 kg) - USAPL Raw Junior American Record +125 kg - 7/18/2010
  • Deadlift - 705 pounds (320 kg) - USAPL Raw Junior American Record +125 kg - 7/18/2010
  • Total - 1,940 pounds (880 kg) - USAPL Raw Junior American Record +125 kg - 7/18/2010
  • Squat- 854 pounds (387 kg) - USAPL Raw Open American Record +125 kg - 8/21/2011
  • Squat- 975 pounds (442 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/3/2012
  • Squat- 805 pounds (365 kg) - IPF Raw Open World Record +120 kg - 4/1/2012
  • Squat- 843 pounds (382 kg) - IPF Raw Open World Record +120 kg - 4/1/2012
  • Squat- 881 pounds (400 kg) - IPF Raw Open World Record +120 kg - 4/1/2012
  • Squat- 881 pounds (400 kg) - USAPL Raw Open American Record +125 kg - 4/1/2012
  • Total- 1,995 pounds (905 kg) - IPF Raw Open World Record +120 kg - 4/1/2012
  • Total- 2,056 pounds (933 kg) - IPF Raw Open World Record +120 kg - 4/1/2012
  • Squat- 1,003 pounds (455 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +125 kg - 6/24/2012
  • Total- 2,066 pounds (937 kg) - IPF Raw Open World Record +120 kg - 2/28/2014
  • Squat- 1,008 pounds (457 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/1/2014
  • Bench Press- 782 pounds (355 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/1/2014
  • Squat- 1,025 pounds (465 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 5/17/2015
  • Squat- 1,069 pounds (485 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 5/17/2015
  • Bench Press- 805 pounds (365 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 5/17/2015
  • Bench Press- 827 pounds (375 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 5/17/2015
  • Total- 2,613 pounds (1,185 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 5/17/2015
  • Total- 2,656 pounds (1,205 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 5/17/2015
  • Total- 2,210 pounds (1,000 kg) - USAPL Raw Open American Record +120 kg - 9/12/2015
  • Total- 2,210 pounds (1,000 kg) - IPF Raw Open World Record +120 kg - 9/12/2015
  • Squat- 1,102 pounds (500 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Bench Press- 885 pounds (401.5 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 885 pounds (401.5 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Total- 2,715 pounds (1231.5 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Total- 2,803 pounds (1271.5 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Squat- 1,102 pounds (500 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Bench Press- 827 pounds (375 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Bench Press- 885 pounds (401.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 885 pounds (401.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Total- 2,715 pounds (1231.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Total- 2,803 pounds (1271.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/5/2016
  • Squat- 1,113 pounds (505 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Bench Press- 904 pounds (410 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 904 pounds (410 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Total- 2,805 pounds (1272.5 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Squat- 1,113 pounds (505 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Bench Press- 904 pounds (410 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 904 pounds (410 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Total- 2,805 pounds (1272.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/4/2017
  • Bench Press- 915 pounds (415 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 11/10/2018
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 915 pounds (415 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 11/10/2018
  • Bench Press- 915 pounds (415 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 11/10/2018
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 915 pounds (415 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 11/10/2018
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 937 pounds (425 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/2/2019
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 1003 pounds (455 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/2/2019
  • Bench Press- 937 pounds (425 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/2/2019
  • Bench Press- 937 pounds (425 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 5/12/19
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 938 pounds (425.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 11/23/19
  • Bench Press- 938 pounds (425.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 11/23/19
  • Total- 2,812 pounds (1275.5 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 11/23/19
  • Squat- 1,135 pounds (515.0 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/7/2020
  • Total- 2,813 pounds (1276.0 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/7/20
  • Total- 2,857 pounds (1296.0 kg) - USAPL Open American Record +120 kg - 3/7/20
  • Squat- 1,135 pounds (515.0 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/7/2020
  • Bench Press (Single Lift)- 939 pounds (426.0 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/7/20
  • Bench Press- 939 pounds (426.0 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/7/20
  • Total- 2,813 pounds (1276.0 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/7/20
  • Total- 2,857 pounds (1296.0 kg) - IPF Open World Record +120 kg - 3/7/20


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Category 52 kg


Faas Heather O 1983 USA SC 51.63 120.0 125.0 130.0 130.0 130.0 67.5 70.0 72.5 72.5 72.5 157.5 162.5 165.0 165.0 165.0 367.5 460.67


Dellinger Erica O 1983 USA AZ 51.67 100.0 110.0 115.0 115.0 115.0 77.5 90.0 90.0 90.0 110.0 125.0 132.5 132.5 132.5 337.5 422.81
Category 57 kg


Le Kathy O 1992 USA CT 56.08 132.5 142.5 147.5 147.5 147.5 72.5 75.0 75.0 75.0 175.0 182.5 182.5 182.5 405.0 475.99


Race Abigayle O 1997 USA IL 56.81 130.0 135.0 135.0 135.0 77.5 80.0 82.5 82.5 82.5 147.5 155.0 160.0 160.0 160.0 377.5 439.20
Category 63 kg


Mendall Kait O 1988 USA MA 61.79 132.5 140.0 145.0 145.0 145.0 92.5 97.5 97.5 97.5 160.0 170.0 175.0 175.0 175.0 417.5 455.04


Misiak Cassandra O 1993 USA IL 61.25 130.0 137.5 142.5 142.5 142.5 72.5 77.5

77.5 77.5 137.5 147.5 147.5 147.5 367.5 403.25


Sanford-Taylor Karan O 1966 USA GA 57.14

52.5 55.0 55.0 55.0 97.5 100.0 102.5 102.5 102.5

Category 72 kg


Hubbard Paige O 1992 USA OH 70.94 155.0 160.0 165.0 165.0 165.0 92.5 92.5 92.5 177.5 185.0 185.0 185.0 442.5 436.22


Andrew Precious O 1986 USA NM 69.82 142.5 150.0 155.0 155.0 155.0 85.0 92.5 95.0 95.0 95.0 175.0 185.0 185.0 185.0 435.0 433.53


Bogdan Brianna O 1993 USA NJ 68.27 135.0 142.5 147.5 147.5 147.5 80.0 85.0 85.0 85.0 182.5 195.0 195.0 195.0 427.5 432.80


Bradshaw Elis O 1981 USA MN 71.23 142.5 152.5 152.5 152.5 72.5 77.5 80.0 80.0 80.0 145.0 155.0 155.0 155.0 387.5 380.95


Webb Kelsey O 1989 USA IA 69.89 145.0 145.0 145.0 77.5 80.0 80.0 80.0 155.0 160.0 160.0 160.0 385.0 383.43


Pearson Stella O 1997 USA TX 71.36 132.5 142.5 142.5 142.5 67.5 70.0 72.5 72.5 72.5 147.5 160.0 160.0 160.0 375.0 368.21


Carrington Rita O 1991 USA MO 69.90 120.0 130.0 130.0 130.0 60.0 65.0 67.5 67.5 67.5 140.0 150.0 150.0 150.0 347.5 346.05
Category 84 kg


Lusk Jennifer O 1987 USA AZ 83.51 172.5 185.0 185.0 185.0 110.0 117.5 117.5 117.5 192.5 205.0 205.0 205.0 507.5 453.89


Kilgore Daniela O 1980 USA TX 78.57 145.0 152.5 152.5 152.5 90.0 92.5 92.5 92.5 177.5 187.5 187.5 187.5 432.5 399.81


Dark Kaela O 1986 USA WA 80.41 147.5 155.0 155.0 155.0 97.5 100.0 102.5 102.5 102.5 170.0

170.0 170.0 427.5 390.06


Holloway Brittany O 1994 USA AZ 81.09 150.0 155.0 157.5 157.5 157.5 95.0 95.0 95.0 140.0 147.5 155.0 155.0 155.0 407.5 370.11


Perkins Cheyenne O 1996 USA VA 72.14 147.5

147.5 147.5 77.5 82.5 82.5 82.5 155.0

155.0 155.0 385.0 375.29


Hutchison Amy O 1982 USA NC 74.20 130.0 137.5 137.5 137.5 60.0 65.0 67.5 67.5 67.5 157.5 162.5 162.5 162.5 367.5 351.73
Category 84+ kg


Cohen Samantha O 1981 USA MA 90.57 175.0 180.0 180.0 180.0 95.0 100.0 107.5 107.5 107.5 180.0 195.0 200.0 200.0 200.0 487.5 420.14


Akpala Michelle O 1989 USA TX 89.88 145.0 155.0 165.0 165.0 165.0 67.5 72.5 77.5 77.5 77.5 200.0 215.0 227.5 227.5 227.5 470.0 406.34
  1. Stern defense upper
  2. Ebay soap dish
  3. Ls turbo kit
  4. Waterway de filters

Will The USAPL Grow As A Result Of Securing Arnold?

Now that the USAPL has secured arguably the biggest stage in powerlifting, in the Arnold Classic, does it become a more attractive federation to top lifters who compete in other federations? Or are those who would lift by the rules of the USAPL already lifting there? Certainly, the WPO as well as the APF and WPC were aided when the WPO held that spot. The APF grew to dominate the national multi-ply lifting landscape. Can the Arnold serve to unify single ply lifting, if not powerlifting? A poster at Go Heavythinks that it could result in the U.S. fielding stronger teams in coming IPF World Championships.

I have never been a big fan of the u.s.a.p.l., but they are the only fed that we have that is in the i.p.f. The one good thing that I can see about the u.s.a.p.l, getting into the arnold, is that it could possibly recruit a lot of top lifters in to the u.s.a.p.l. That could be a gaint step for the U.S.A. team dominating the i.p.f. worlds again, for the first time in years. Every since the u.s.p.f. was kicked out of the i.p.f., the U.S.A. team has not been as dominate. Yes it is true that a lot of the numbers will go down at the arnold, but a lot, of the w.p.o lifters, if they showed up would still win, thier lifts would not be as high. Just because you make them squat lower, reduce them to single ply, and throw in a drug test does not mean they are going to roll over and play dead, not all but a lot of them would still win.

2018 Arnold Strongman Classic - Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift - Full Live Stream Event 4

Garrett Ford with Arnold Schwarzenegger, backstage at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Special Olympics Ohio powerlifter Garrett Ford is now closer to fulfilling his dream of competing at the Arnold Sports Festival, one of the world’s largest sporting events which just happens to be produced by his hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Garrett (aka “The Hulk”) who lives in Pataskala and trains and competes with Special Olympics Ohio- Licking County, has received his USA Powerlifting (USAPL) membership card, a necessary step in qualifying to compete. While there is a USAPL Special Olympics division in which Garrett could have joined, he decided to register based only on his age. “He’s going to take this membership and go full-out,” said John Wysocki, Special Olympics Ohio Vice President of Sports and Programs and one of Garrett’s coaches. “He has to get his max lifts up a bit more, then he’ll be ready for the Arnold in March. That will be his first USAPL competition.”

Garrett brought home gold medals for powerlifting at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games and the 2019 Special Olympics World Games. The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival will be held March 5-8 in Columbus, Ohio.


Arnold usapl



Feb-March 2011


Pulls 788lb at the Arnold!


Presidents Message P.2

Organizational News P.3

NGB Notice P.3

Technical News P.4

Women‟s Committee P.6

eStore News P.7

Local News P.8

International News P.9


Dr. Larry Maile, Ph.D.,


PO Box 668

Columbia City, IN 46725

Telephone: (260) 248-4889

Fax: (260) 248-4879

1 | P a g e


It has been an exciting, and busy couple of months, so busy that we didn‟t have time to produce a

newsletter. But we‟ll take a deep breath here and try to catch up before the all of your Executive

and senior volunteers are swamped with the next few weeks meets.

Before we get to powerlifting related news, let‟s take a moment to think of our friends in Japan.

The area that was devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami was the home to several

powerlifters, some of whom have visited the U.S. over the past several years. Please keep them,

and our other friends in Japan in your prayers as they are engaged in rescue and recovery


USAPowerlifting has just completed our most successful Arnold Sports Festival. One of the things that contributed to

that success was a new venue, not quite as large but open to the main concourse. In fact, we were right across from

one of the two wristband stations. We were constantly full, with loud, supportive crowds and all but blocked the

concourse with people stopping to watch who were just passing by. I would like to thank our generous sponsors of the

USAPL events at the Arnold: Brown‟s Gym, Titan Support Systems, and GNC Amp line of supplements. Without the

financial support of these gracious companies, our powerlifting events would not be possible.

We would also not be able to host the Arnold events without the efforts of dozens of volunteers. I will, no doubt leave

some of these important individuals out, but it is only because there are so many who pitched in to help. The Ohio

Crew was chaired by Greg Page, the Ohio State Chair. Greg coordinated receiving and transporting of our

merchandise, weights, platforms, and other supplies. He delegated the very task of driving, setup, and behind the

scenes event management to Stephanie Dzurnak. She was assisted by Ron Dues, Bernie Tatulinski (who also lifted), and

a host of others who moved equipment, spotted and loaded, and every other thing that was necessary. To all our

Spotters and Loaders, who worked countless hard hours. Johnny Graham, Lanette Lopez and Donna Bryant managed

lifter registrations. Robert Keller served as Technical Secretary and was assisted by Jack Marcus (Doping Control), P.J.

Couvillion, Dr. Billy Jack Talton, Dan Gaudreau, and more than a dozen other officials. Joe and Cathy Marksteiner

served as scoring managers, and Rick Fowler and Lance Slaughter did a masterful job as masters of ceremony. Priscilla

Ribic, Katie and Frank Tatuliski worked the USAPL merchandise booth all weekend. The sales abilities have

contributed significantly to our closing the financial gap between what would like to do and what we can afford to do.

IPF Secretary General Emanuel Schieber worked all weekend at whatever task he was asked to perform, from setup to

awards presentation. There were really just so many people who contributed to the success of the USAPL events at the

Arnold that its not possible to remember each of their contributions.

In visiting with Dr. Talton in Columbus, he informed us that the Louisiana High School Activities Association designated

powerlifting an official high school sport. They will follow USAPowerlifting rules and will test powerlifting for two

years in a timeslot that will fall between other sports‟ seasons so that the highest number of kids can participate.

What an exciting development that will bring many more young people to our great sport!

USAPowerlifting will sanction several “pro” events in 2011in addition to those at the Arnold. The first of these will be

the GNC Pro Deadlift at the Northern Quest Casino in Spokane, Washington. It will be held in association with the

Empire Classic Bodybuilding Competition, a show that sells out 1500 seats months in advance. USAPL will also sanction

a Pro Bench and Deadlift competition at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey late in July. Arrangements are

being finalized now. This movement represents a new direction for powerlifting through which our Elite athletes can

raise money to participate in national and international competition, and gain the recognition that their years of

dedication merit.

As I write this the Military Nationals are wrapping up, and the High School Nationals are in final preparations, and the

Collegiate Nationals will be in two weeks. We‟ll take a short breather, and then on the Master‟s Nationals, in early

May, followed by Women‟s Nationals, later on in the month, and Men‟s Nationals in June. It is a heavy competition

schedule but it will be exciting and give more than 1000 athletes a chance to compete for the title of national

champion. Watch the USAPowerlifting website for results, our Twitter and Facebook pages for immediate results, and

our newsletter, Powerlines for articles and information on USAPowerlifting events.

2 | P a g e



Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Thursday, June 10 th 2011

All current USAPL members are invited to attend the 2011 National Governing Body Meeting.

The official agenda will be posted on the USAPowerlifting web-site the week of May 30th. Below you will find the

listings for elections and honorary awards. If you would like to nominate someone for an elected position or for an

honorary award, please notify Angela Simons at [email protected]

A reminder to all State Chairs and voting members: if you are planning to proxy your vote to another member you must

notify USAPL Secretary, Angela Simons, by mail or email. Your proxy must also carry a copy of the letter with your

signature to the NGB meeting before they will be given your voting card. State Chairs must proxy their vote to a

member from their state. Only one vote is allowed per individual. All voting members must have a current


If you have any questions, please contact any Executive Committee member. Executive Committee members contact

information can be found at

Elected Executive Committee Positions (3 year terms):



EC Members (2 elected)

Honorary Awards:

Brother Bennett Award

Coach of the Year

Referee of the Year

Important Deadlines:

April 3 rd : All by-law amendments & additions (current by-laws can be found at

May 10 th : All nominations (Treasurer, Secretary, Two (2) Executive Committee Positions and all honorary award

nominations) Agenda Items, NATIONAL MEET BIDS (Men‟s open/jr/teen, Bench, Raw, Deadlift/Push-Pull, American


Please note that all National Meet bids must be submitted on the National Event Application Form. The application

form can be downloaded at:

* All other National Meet Bids (High School, Collegiate, Women‟s) are submitted to the appropriate committee chair for

consideration at the corresponding national committee meeting. (Committee chairs contact information can be found


** Committee reports will be included in NGB materials per NGB vote in 2007. Committee chairs are still encouraged to

use their time to thank those they wish and give a brief summary at the meeting.

Angela L. Simons

USAPowerlifting Secretary

[email protected]

3 | P a g e


Greetings everyone. I trust everyone had and pleasant and enjoyable holiday season. In this newsletter, I am going to

cover the following items:

1. 24 Hr Weigh-ins

2. USAPL American, USAPL National, NAPF Regional and IPF World Records

3. IPF Category I and II Examination Notification

4. IPF Category I and II Re-registration [2012 – 2015]

5. USAPL Rulebook – Update

6. USAPL State and National Referee Examinations

7. Non-supportive Singlets

8. Powerlifting Shoulder Straps

9. Alterations to Suits and Shirts [IPF Update -- March 13, 2011]

10. Deadlift – Foot Movement [IPF Update – March 13, 2011]

24 Hr Weigh-ins

Meet directors, please take notice, per the 2010 NGB, 24 Hr Weigh-ins at local, state and regional competitions are no

longer allowed.

USAPL American, USAPL National, NAPF Regional and IPF World Records

I received several phone calls this month regarding the actual procedures on setting USAPL American, USAPL National,

NAPF Regional and IPF World Records and the process of applying for these records. Based on the number of phone

calls and emails, I believe it important to review once more. Questions, please contact me directly at: [email protected]

USAPL American Records can be set at any USAPowerlifting Championship, so as long as three [3] National

and/or IPF Cat I or II Referees are present to adjudicate the lift(s). The minimum amount of weight that an

American Records can be set by is .5 kilograms. American Records set at a National Championship or the

American Open do not require a record application. American records will be updated directly from the results.

USAPL American Records set at a local, state or regional championship require a record form to be completed

and sent to the National Office within 30 days from the date the record was set. The American record form can

be found here:

All Open American Records must be tested.

Note: National Referees that have not officiated for several years, please make sure you contact the National

Office or with Bill Clayton to ensure that your referee credentials are still active and current. This should be

done well before the start of the competition.

USAPL National Championship Records can only be set at the corresponding National Championship. As an

example, Junior National Record = Junior National Championship; Master National Record = Master National

Championships, etc.

Furthermore, three [3]

National and/or IPF Cat I or II

Referees must be present to

adjudicate the lift(s). The

minimum amount of weight

that a National Record can be

set by is 2.5 kilograms.

National Records do not

require a record form.

National records are updated

directly from the signed score

Get Your USAPL Membership HERE!


4 | P a g e

NAPF Regional Championship Records can only be set at the corresponding NAPF North American Regional

Championship with three IPF Cat I or II Referees present to adjudicate the lift(s). As an example, the NAPF

North American Regional Powerlifting Record = NAPF North American Regional Championships; NAPF North

American Bench Press Record = NAPF North American Bench Press Championships, etc. The minimum amount of

weight that an NAPF Record can be set by is .5 kilograms. NAPF records are updated directly from the signed

score sheet.

As of January 01, 2011, IPF World Records can only be set at International, International Regional or IPF World

Championship events. Of course, three [3] IPF Cat I or II Referees are required to adjudicate the lift(s). The

minimum amount of weight that a World Record can be set by is .5 kilograms. IPF World Records can no longer

be set at USAPL National Championships. An IPF Record Form must be completed and sent to the IPF Record

Registrar within 30 days of the championship. All IPF World Records must be WADA – IOC Tested.

IPF Category I and II Examination Notification

The IPF Referee Registrar now requires a 3 month notification for those desiring to take the IPF Category II

examination. Up until, January 01, 2011, only the IPF Category I Examination required 3 months but now both are in

sync notification wise. Having said this, please be sure that you contact Bill Clayton and me at least one [1] month

before the IPF three [3] month deadline to be sure we have time to prepare, review and submit the required

documents. All IPF Cat I and II Candidates must be approved by the referee committee and the President of USA

Powerlifting, before submitting your credentials to the IPF Referee Registrar.

IPF Category I and II Re-registration [2012 – 2015]

All IPF Referees requesting to be re-registered by the IPF, must send to Bill Clayton or to me, by September 01, 2011,

the IPF Re-registration Form. To re-register with the IPF, it is required that each international referee will have

officiated at four [4] National, Regional and/or World Championships during the past four [4] years and attend and IPF

Rules Clinic/Seminar. I will host a two IPF Rule Seminars this year -- 2011 USAPL Men‟s National Championships in Bay

St. Louis, Mississippi and 2011 USAPL Master‟s National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. I am in possession of the reregistration

form for 2012 – 2015 and will, shortly, be sending it to each of international referees by way of email. If

you wish to have one in advance, please let me know.

USAPL Rulebook Updates

The updates to the USAPL Rulebook are now finalized and should be ready to go by April 01, 201. The rulebook is now

being reviewed and edited for content. My compliments go out to Dr. Joe Warpeha for his excellent work and

thoroughness in making the necessary updates – Great job and thank you.

USAPL State and National Referee Examinations

Once the Rulebook is finalized and posted, the next task for the Referee and Technical Committees is to update the

USAPowerlifting State and National Referee examinations. This work

shall begin March 01, 2011 and they should be ready to go by May 01,


Non-supportive Singlets

All Referees. Please, when performing equipment check, and you come

across a non-supportive singlet and you discover a patch over the crotch

area or it is double-layered in the crotch area, the suit is to be

approved, as it is non-supportive! As the technical rules state, “…The

non-supportive leotard or singlet may also have a double thickness of the

same material size 12 cm x 24 cm in the area of the crotch.”

Powerlifting Shoulder Straps

I have received a number of calls in recent days regarding the length of

5 | P a g e

the seam on the shoulder straps. Where a tightening has been made in the shoulder straps and the excess material

is longer than 3 cm’s, this then must then be turned inside the suit and fixed flat. No more than 3 cm length

may protrude outside the suit. Now, referees, at your next meet, if you discover the straps on a suit are too long and

more than 3cm, please use your best judgment. The new rules just went into effect and not all of the coaches and

lifters are up to speed. Please take into account that the seam length overage will not provide a lifter with an unfair

advantage over another.

Alterations to Suits and Shirts [Update from IPF – March 13, 2011]

As of March 13, 2011, the IPF has corrected the Rules for Costumes as follows: Non-Factory alterations to tighten suits

and shirts are not illegal when done in the form of pleats. However, the pleats must be made only on the

manufacturer‟s original seams. These pleats must be made on the inside of the suit or shirt. Any alterations made on

areas other than the manufacturer‟s seams are illegal. Pleats may not be sewn back onto the body of the garment.

Deadlift – Foot Movement [Update from IPF – March 13, 2011]

Foot movement after the command "Down" will not be cause for failure - following item #5 , Causes for Disqualification

of a Deadlift.

To close, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at either: [email protected] or 954.790.2249.

As always, constructive comments are always welcome. Thank you!

Robert Keller

IPF Category I Referee

Chairman, Technical Committee


The Women‟s Committee will be held Saturday evening at Women‟s Nationals in Atlanta.

We are currently accepting:

� Agenda Items

� Nominations for Committee Members

� Bids for 2013 Women's Nationals. 2013 will be held the weekend of May 18th & 19th Bids must be formally

submitted in writing.

Deadline: April 8th

Submit to: [email protected]

Please visit the contest website: 2011 Women‟s Nationals

6 | P a g e


Five of the top USAPL deadlifters go head-to-head for the biggest pull and $2500 at stake. See who‟s battling it out

and more information on the show…..this will be a sellout crowd!



It‟s a new year and we have fresh NEW items on our eStore. Click on the images below to view the items or go directly

to the USAPL eStore.

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7 | P a g e


Meet Directors/State Chairs - Submit your local meet reports, links to results and photos for the newsletter to

[email protected]


MN 2/19 MN State Open Brooklyn Park, MN [RESULTS]

AZ 2/19 Valley of the Sun Push/Pull Scottsdale, AZ [RESULTS]

FL 2/19 Florida State Bench Press/Deadlift/Push-Pull/ Powerlifting Lake Mary, FL [RESULTS]

CA 2/19 California State Championships Santa Clara, CA [RESULTS]

TX 2/26 2011 USAPL Aggie Showdown College Station, TX [RESULTS]

WA 3/05 Washington State Championships Tumwater, WA [RESULTS]

WI 3/12 WI High School State Championships Eau Claire, WI [RESULTS]

MO 3/12 2011 Missouri ST/Ozark St Louis, MO [RESULTS]

TX 3/12 2011 USAPL Spring No-Frills Qualifier Spring, TX [RESULTS]

Attn: State Chairs – Please review your State Website Link on the USAPL website. If you have a new URL for your

website or now have a website, please email webmaster Tony Cardella @ [email protected] to update.


Congratulations to Kat Clark for receiving the

Washington State Athlete of the Year Award!



Jeff Blindauer and Brian Jacobson were inducted into the South

Dakota Hall of Fame during the State meet on March 12 th .

Read their Bios:

Jeff Blindauer

Brian Jacobson


Welcome Arkansas State Chair!

Jeff Phillips

312 West Main Street

Russellville, AR 72801

P: 479-967-8100

P: 479-967-7771

E: [email protected]

JUST IN, RESULTS FROM MILITARY NATIONALS! - March 19, 2011 - Brooks City-Base, San Antonio, Texas


8 | P a g e


All USAPL sanctioned meets can be found on the USAPL Official Website at:

2011 USAPL Bench Press Nationals – Orlando, Florida

The USAPL Bench Press National Championships will take place on September 3 & 4, 2011 at the Hyatt Hotel, in

Orlando, Florida. Details will be forthcoming next week. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free

to contact me at: [email protected]

Thank you, Robert Keller



Fifteen Women competed this year, with the front

runners being multi-time IPF World Champions Jennifer

Thompson and Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary. Siouz-x had an

outstanding day going 8 for 9 and taking him 2 nd place for

Best Wilks (459). Jennifer Thompson, despite missing two

attempts on „her lift‟, the bench, took Overall with 501

Wilks points, the highest Raw Wilks ever in the

USAPL/NAPF! Monica Augustine also made a showing with

the only over 400lb squat for the day.

Lightweight men, weight classes of 66kg-93kg battled it

out with top awards going to Russian lifters, Aleksey

Bakhirev, who impressed the crowd with the ease he

moved his lifts and his double overhand pull of 628lbs at a

body weight of 171! Second runner up was Arkansas lifter

Jamie McDougal, also pulling an outstanding 628 on this

second attempt.

Heavyweight men put on a good showing with some very

heated battles for the top slots. In fact, fellow Canadians

Jamie Emberley and John MacDonald tied with Total and

Body Weight for 1 st place! Jamie walked away with the

win due to hitting the winning total first. Letroy Higgins


The USAPL was host again to the powerlifting events at the Arnold Sports Festival in

Columbus, Ohio. As you may know, the Arnold Sports Festival is the largest multisport

event in the Nation, with over 18,000 athletes and hundreds of thousands of

spectators. This was the fourth year for USAPL (in conjunction with the IPF and

NAPF) to host its events, including the Raw Challenge, Brown’s NAPF Gym Pro Meet,

GNC Pro-Performance Pro Deadlift, Titan Bench Bash and this year a special meet for

Ohio residents only, the Ohio Invitational Push-Pull. Over $20,000 in cash prizes was

awarded to the top athletes in these events!

Brief Highlights

takes Overall for Wilks and SHW 1 st place winner Michael

Neal takes 2 nd in Wilks.

Masters and Juniors used Wilks points scoring. Tammy

Walker was the winner for Women and Ron Garofalo for

Master‟s men, while Danny Flonta of Idaho took home the

Junior Division. Had Danny also lifted in the Open

Division, he would have placed 2 nd overall on Wilks for the

Heavyweight‟s. He is an impressive young lifter!


This meet was an outstanding meet with top lifters from

the U.S.A., Canada, Guatemala, Brazil and Puerto Rico

showing the Arnold crowd what they are made of.

Saturday morning started out with thirteen ladies battling

it out for the top slot, including Maria Louisa Vasquez

from Guatemala, who at only 103lbs, attempted at World

Record squat of 396lbs. The crowd, all on their feet were

amazed at the poundage this gal was moving. Maria took

Runner Up in Wilks to Erica Bueno of Brazil. Erica also

won Overall in this event in 2010.

9 | P a g e

The Lightweight Men‟s battle came down to Eric Oishi of

Brazil and Marcus Williams of the U.S. Eric Oishi won his

weight class, but Marcus Williams due to a lighter body

weight won the Overall Wilks by less than 2 Wilks points!

The Middleweight Men kept the audience on their feet at

TEN World Records broken in this session! Seventeen

year-old Jesse Norris of Idaho showed the audience a

World Record squat of 727lbs at only 182lbs body weight,

followed by a World Record deadlift of 677.5 and a World

Record Total of 1807! Jesse went back to back with

legendary Master, Dave Ricks. At over 50 years old, Dave

broke the Squat (777lbs), Bench (496lbs) and Total

(1923lbs) World Records. A special touch was added by

having Dave‟s Father called to the front of the venue to

watch him break these World Records. Dave won Overall

Wilks followed by Canadian lifter John MacDonald. This is

the same John MacDonald who also lifted the day before

in the Raw Challenge!

Heavyweight men showed some mighty squatting and

deadlifts. With Steve Mann‟s notorious lightening fast

squat and Randall Harris making a large 799 pull to wrap

up the day! Notable lifter was Beau Moore, who did not

make the timeline to enter the Raw Challenge, but overly

qualified for this meet, lifted Raw among the geared

lifters and was very much a crowd pleaser. Randall Harris

took Overall Wilks and Runner-up was Steve Mann.

The Masters and Junior Divisions were scored by Wilks,

with the Luis Tapia of Puerto Rico coming out on top for

the Masters. The Juniors battle was extremely tight with

Mike MacDonald of Canada edging out World Record setter

Jesse Norris by only 1.71 Wilks points for the lead.

Meet Sponsors Jim and Janel Brown of Brown‟s Gym

included a special award for the Best Overall Squat (by

Wilks) of the meet. The Winners were Dave Ricks and

Maria Vasquez. They were presented with 4ft Trophies,

which was nearly as tall as the mighty Maria Vasquez!

Arnold made his presence at the Brown‟s Gym Pro meet!

He gave a short speech, stayed around to watch some of

the lifting and several of those in our audience were able

to get a personal handshake and a few words in with the



The much heavily contested event was held on the Main

Expo Stage at the Arnold Sports Festival. Familiar names

were back, but also some new fresh faces joined the elite

pullers. Represented this year were the U.S.A, Iceland,

Norway and Sweden.

For the women, the winning pull for both the Wilks and

Heaviest pull was done at the end of the first round, with

Alyssa Hitchock‟s opening pull. IPF Hall of Famer, Inger

of Norway gave a mighty attempt on her last pull, which

would have put her in the lead for the Heaviest pull, but

came up short. Tiny 110lb Michelle VanDusen impressed

the crowd with a 385lbs lift.

The Men‟s battle was a fun one to watch when you throw

in the factor of Wilks scoring. Thirteen men, three

attempts each.. the outcome? The Winner on Wilks, by a

narrow margin of only .712 Wilks (yes, less than one Wilks

point), was 17-year old Texan, Ian Bell, pulling a

remarkable 788lbs, edging out 2008 World Champion Dan

Williams. IPF Hall of Famer, Brad Gillingham went all out

again for the biggest pull of the event and did not



How many meets can you see twenty-three World Records

set? This meet was full of World Champion benchers,

heading it up were the Women, with Justyna Kozdryk,

Poland winning Overall Wilks with a 3 for 3 day and

setting a World Record bench of 264lbs at a mere body

weight of only 96lbs! Runner-up was 2010 World

Champion Yulia Medvedeva of Russia. Heaviest Bench

award went to World Champion Devon Doan of the USA!

Lightweight Men was a tight battle with only 1.57 Wilks

separating 1st-3rd place, with Multi-time World Champ

and Record holder Markus Schick, Germany winning

Overall Wilks, ahead of Runner-up Fredrik Jäder of

Sweden. Markus Schick and Joe Smith (USA) each set

World records in their respective weight classes. The

excitement in this class was watching the battle between

the 93kg lifters, Dennis Cieri (USA), Jan Wegiera (Poland)

and Fredrik Jäder (Sweden). They each opened up with

the World Record, they each made it and went back and

forth as the current World Record holder. Out of 9 World

Record attempts, 8 of them were made! Very impressive

lifting by all three!

In the Heavyweight Men, World Record holder John Bogart

came on a mission and did not disappoint. Not only did

he win the Overall Wilks with an outstanding 193 Wilks

points, but his 3 for 3 attempts lead to both Open and

Master World Records along with the Heaviest Bench

award. Fredrick Svensson of Sweden took Runner-up with

less than a Wilks point above Chris Asbury of the U.S.


2011 was the first year of this event for the Arnold Sports

Festival. It was a well received event by the ASF

Organizers with having an event held specifically for

10 | P a g e

lifters within their state. The majority of these lifters

have never had the opportunity to lift at an event this

big, but their performance showed they had what it takes

to please the Arnold crowds!

Among the Ohio lifters, USAPL Women‟s Hall of Famer

and World Team member Cathy Marksteiner moved the

heavy weights, and that‟s even after her working the

scoring table the three days prior. Helen Daher edged

Cathy out for the Best Lifter award by a narrow margin of

.112 Wilks. There were some outstanding lifting done in

the Men‟s Division, with World Team Member and World

Record holder Jeremy Auerbach coming away with a

commanding lead for Best Lifter.



A special thanks to all the athletes that participated in this event and made it entertaining for the thousands of

spectators that filtered through, throughout the weekend. There were many times the crowd backed all the way out

into the hall and many lifts left spectators mouths a gasp! No event can go on without the many, many volunteers who

make the show run, from those who coordinated the event, those who hauled in and set up the equipment, the

announcing, the spotting and loading, refereeing, scorekeeping, hats off to the long hours you all put in!

Thank you to our sponsors who made this event possible: Pete Alaniz of Titan Support Systems, GNC Pro Performance,

Jim and Janel Brown of Brown‟s Gym.

And finally, a Thank You to USAPL President, Dr Larry Maile for the countless hours of negotiations with the Arnold

Sports Festival Organizers, making it possible for USAPowerlifting to be the host of this spectacular event!

Markis (GER) & Erika (BRA)


Janel & Jim Brown present Best Squat

to Dave (USA) and Maria (GUA)

Eric (BRA)

11 | P a g e



OCTOBER 7 – 9, 2011

The 2010 IPF/FESUPO/NAPF Pan-American and North American Regional Bench Press Championships was a held on

October 7-9, 2011 in Road Town, Tortola, the British Virgin Islands. Overall the competition was well directed by Mr.

Steve George, President of the BVI Powerlifting and Fitness Federation, despite the tropical storm that punished the

small Caribbean Island with tropical force winds and rain for nearly five consecutive days! This was the BVI‟s first stab

at directing an international championship and they pulled through it very well, despite the weather and last minute

change of the venue. In the end, the BVI‟s efforts produced a total 53 entries from 7 member federations from North,

Central and South American as well as the Caribbean Islands. Overall, this was the largest USA Team fielded in the five

years that we have held this championship and the individual results were quite good given the weather and humidity

that blanketed you like a Speedo wet suit, from the time we stepped off the plane onto the tarmac, until the day we

departed back to the USA. The air-conditioning in the

rooms worked perfectly.

Day 1: Thursday, October 07, 2010

We held the Technical Meeting in the poolside lounge.

Quite good. After the Technical Meeting, three seminars

were held for the athletes, which included an IPF Technical

Rules Clinic on the bench press, a thorough bench press

training seminar and finally a brief nutritional class for the

athletes. I deliver the technical rules seminar; however,

would like to send special thanks to John Bogart for

delivering the training seminar in the bench press and Mike

Licciardi for overseeing the nutritional class for the

athletes. The lifters found the clinics to be quite helpful

and informative, as this was their very first international

competition. Good show and thank you Mike and John!

Day 2: Saturday, October 08, 2010

Frances Baez and Gladys Serrano – Puerto Rico, provided a strong one two punch with some very successful lifting.

Gladys went 3/3 and had one of her best days ever. Irani Barbosa – Brazil, missed her opener, came back and made it

on her second with a strong tough push. Her subsequent try at a huge 102.5kgs was nearly locked out. Great try. Jen

Maduro is a standout track & field athlete for the BVI and is now adding powerlifting to her repertoire. Her structure

and background will make her a really good one if she decides to stay with it. We‟ll see. Lastly, Rebekah Lair

absolutely crushed her first and second attempts in the bench press with 100kg and 110kg, respectively, and nearly

made a huge PR with 127.5kgs on her third attempt. Rebekah was our first ever Women‟s USA Team lifter to go to this

championship. Super job! Congratulations to all of our ladies.

12 | P a g e

Raghunauth Boodram – BVI and Eric Oishi – Brazil went unopposed, winning the 56kg and 67.5kg weight classes,

respectively. At 75kg, Carlos Melendez – Puerto Rico overcame a nearly disastrous performance by making his final

attempt with 172.5kg. All I can say, it was a close one. There was nothing left after the press. Demetrius Maury – USA,

was not so fortunate and missed all three attempts with 195kg. Tough one. However, next year, there will be another

story. He has the talent to be a great one! In the 82.5kg class, James Bardsley started the Men‟s USA Team off right

with three strong and powerful bench presses ending with 162.5kg for gold! James also served as the teams official

photographer. Thank you James! Super job! Subsequent to James‟s performance his father squeezed out a close win

over Danley Anderson from the BVI to win the gold as well. Double gold for the Bardsleys! Congrats!

Day 3: Sunday, October 09, 2010

At 100kg, Clint Poore was revved up and ready to go and stroked three strong and powerful bench presses ending with

a perfect 230kg for Gold! Clint is one of the most enthusiastic lifters I have ever met and loves to be a part of this

team!. As a coach, he is someone you definitely want to have as part of your team. He will give you a 100%

performance all of the time. At 110kg, ever consistent , Chris Calvano nailed another gold this year, which now makes

him winningest Bench Presser in NAPF History – 5 at the North American Championships and 2 Pan-American Gold for a

total of 7, not to mention a slew of NAPF Records. Well done Chris! Teammate, Douglas Currence of West Virginia went

3/3 with a personal best of 222.5kg for silver. Very well done. In the 125kg class, newcomer Shaun Bales performed

quite well and just missed an ever so close PR third attempt of 250kg, on a 2-1 decision by the referees. More to come

from this guy! Very well done. At 125+kg, the baddest cat on the planet in the bench press lined up for a shot at yet

another IPF World Record! Jon‟s opener of 315kg was a toy and then went directly to 360.5kg [folks that is 795lbs] on

his second, the most ever lifted in the IPF and a new world record. Close on the 2 nd attempt and valiant effort on his

third. Next time for sure! Just incredible! Cliff Williams, the strongest man in the BVI, pushed a new National and alltime

record for his country. It was well received by the media and audience. Congratulations!

I want mention the sportsmanship displayed by Demetrius Maoury and Ryan Lair for stepping in to assist the BVI Staff

with the spotting and loading on Saturday to ensure the safety of the lifters! Well done and thank you!

On Saturday evening, after the competition, the traditional

closing banquet was held under the poolside Veranda with

all of the blackened Mahi-Mahi you could feast on –

Excellent. Our honored guest and awards presenter for the

evening was Ms. Dacia Penn, the Deputy Premier for the

BVI and Mr. Patrick Harrigan, the Minister of Youth and

Sports for the BVI. Irani Barbosa [Brazil] and Jon Bogart

[USA] were your respective Champion of Champions. Team

USA was victorious in the Mens Competition and the Team

Puerto Rico in the Women‟s Category. My thanks go out to

Steve George, his lovely wife Monique and Cliff Williams for

staging a memorable championship – Well done.

After the banquet, the USA Team was on the prowl and

wanted to throw me in the pool. I had to hideout in the

kitchen until the coast was clear. Once I guy like Jon

Bogart gets a hold of you, lights out, I was going for a

swim. Not this time. You will have to wait until next year.


As I close, I want thank Robert Massey, the President of the USVI Powerlifting Federation for loaning all of his ER

Equipment, Ivanko weights, etc, to the BVI Federation for the championship, which was only a 45 minute ferry ride

from St. Thomas. His contribution is very much appreciated to say the least. Thank you Robert! Also, I would like to

thank Mike Licciardi [USA]., Fernando Baez [Puerto Rico] and Eric Oishi [Brazil] and Hugo Velasquez [Costa Rica] for

officiating the championship. Sergio Centeno for his steadfastness as the scoring guru. A great team of people to make

it all go and pull you through when conditions are somewhat not easy to work with. Thank you gentlemen!

13 | P a g e

Next year‟s North American Bench Press Championships will be held during October, in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

and the next Pan-American Bench Press Championships will be held by Dan Gaudreau, in Denver, Colorado, during

October 2012. See you next time!

Championship results here:

Thank you,

Robert Keller

Secretary General

North American Powerlifting Federation



The 40 th Men and 31 st Women’s IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships were held during November 7 – 13, 2010 in

Potchefstroom, the Republic of South Africa. Potchefstroom is the home of Northwest University and was like most

college towns – vibrant and active. The drive to “Potch” is a little over 2 hours north of Johannesburg. The USA Men’s

Team stayed at the PUK Hotel. Interestingly, this was the same hotel used by the Spaniards for the recent World Cup,

held just weeks before the IPF World Championships. The rooms were clean and the meals in the restaurant cooked very

well. Overall, the experience with the hotel was quite good.

The championship took place on the campus of Northwest University and was not without its controversy. This year, the

hotel arrangements and how things were billed took center stage. These matters were eventually sorted out through

diplomatic discussions with the IPF and Hannie Smith, the organizer of this year’s World Championships. In the future, the

IPF will now require ALL member federations attending an IPF World Championship to stay in the assigned meet hotel

selected by the organizer of the championships, at the established rates set by the organizer, and approved by the IPF. I

am interested to see how this works out next year.

14 | P a g e

Each year, the championship begins with the IPF General Assembly and many sweeping changes were made [Please

review my Technical Committee Report in the February issue of Powerlines here]. The changes that stand out the most

are the newly formed weight classes and world record standards. On an interesting note, Johnny Graham from the USA

was elected as IPF Vice-president. In the past, this position normally went to selected/elected IPF EC Member. However,

after this congress, the IPF has now made the position of Vice-president a permanent one. Our congratulations to Johnny


The venue for the lifting was large and spacious sports center located on the Northwest University campus, with 5 large

scoring screens that were strategically placed all around the venue, so whichever way you looked, a scoring screen was

available to keep you posted on the results and who was lifting on the platform – very well done. There were quite a few

vendors, and the venue was full with spectators during most of the afternoons when the lifting took place.

This setting served as an ideal location for the championship. Now to the lifting:

56.00kgs: Chris Tran, still a Junior a lifter and college

student at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he

studies Education and Sports Coaching, lead Team USA

off with a strong 7 for 9 performance. Chris missed his

second squat; however, came back on his third with the

212.5 and made it easily. His final deadlift of 237.5 was

plenty strong, bust lost his grip right a lockout. I believe the

total of 560 was close to his PR. Chris boasts an awesome

lifting resume: 3 Times National Teen/Junior Champion,

Twice National Collegiate Champion and twice National

Open Champion. He will be a force to reckon with in the

future. Super job by Chris and my congratulations.

Fedosienko was again, unbelievable, finishing with the

Gold and the off the chart Wilks score of 668.14. Folks, I

checked it, not a misprint. Wszola from Poland was

second and Wu from Taipei was the third. Fedosienko was

the competition’s overall best lifter. Well done!

60.00kgs: The USA Team did not have any entrant.

Mohamed Lakehal, the overall bronze medal winner, now

has the distinction of being Algeria’s first ever IPF World

Championship medal winner. Lited from France finished

with just kilos ahead of Lakehal with 625kgs. Hsieh from

Taipei was dominating with his final attempts in the bench

press and deadlift looking to me, like openers.

67.50kgs: Once more, the USA Team did not have a lifter

entered into this weight class. This provided the coaching

staff with an opportunity to sit, rest and watch one of the

best lifters of all-time do his thing – Jaroslaw Olech from

Poland. On the nominations, Jaroslaw was scheduled to lift

at 75kg, but surprising, dropped to 67.5kg. His final squat

of 350.00kgs [771lbs] was deep and easy, but was called

for depth. Impressive and the lift looked clearly good. The

bench press was off this day, but finished strong in the

deadlift and a new world total of 825kgs. Tremendous

lifting by Jaroslaw this year! Sergey Gladkikh and Nikolay

Sokolov from Russia, were second and third, respectively.

Sokolov is only 21 years of age and is poised to take over

the reins in this weight class as the man to beat. Tough

day for 5 lifters in the class this year -- 5 bombs. The most

of any weight class. Most surprising was Oishi from Brazil.

Long ride folks to South Africa. For most of us, travel time

to South Africa was 24+ hours from the house to hotel. Try

having your best day lifting after a trip like this. Not real

easy. Try it sometime.

75.00kgs: Knute Douglas from Mississippi is clearly one of

the USAPowerlifting’s most promising and exciting young

talents. Still in the junior ranks, he was not intimidated and

stroked a 300kg squat on his 3 rd attempt that was right on

the money. This earned Knute the Bronze medal in the

squat. Knute ran into some difficulties on the bench press,

making only his second attempt; however, came back

strong in the deadlift finishing a hard fought 287.5kg which

landed him in fourth position in hard fought battle for the

overall bronze medal with Aelmerdenov from of Kazakhstan

and Ozerov from Russia. Castillo from Ecuador won the

gold and is the first lifter from Ecuador to the win an world

open championship – congrats! Needless to say, this class

was a nail biter all the way to the finish. Interestingly, Knute

is the son of Jeffrey Douglas, who also was selected to the

team at 110kg. They’re the first father/son combination

ever to lift on the same platform at the IPF World

Championship. Currently, Knute is a student at Jones

College, where he is a standout NCAA soccer player. No

doubt the strongest one in the land. Knute will attend the

University of Southern Mississippi with his good friend and

training partner Chris Tran next year. He is currently

studying education and coaching. Great job Knute and well


82.50kgs: The US of A’s Dan Williams performance was

simply outstanding! Cool, calm and collected with the

confidence of seasoned pro, Daniel reeled off 9 perfectly

selected attempts to finish in a solid 5 th position, in likely

one of the most stacked and talented weight classes of the

competition. His deadlift of 330kg [727lbs] won him the

overall gold medal in this lift – well deserved. This four time

USA teen/junior and USA twice open national champion

15 | P a g e

will no doubt be ready for golden honors next year. Great

job Dan! Sorokin from Russia was tremendous and broke

one of the oldest IPF world record marks in history -- Mike

Bridge’s squat of 379.50kg – with a 380kg effort and

looked good for even more. Wow! Sorokin’s 910kg total

earned him the gold medal over the two Ukrainian lifters

Rysev and Naniev, which placed second and third,

respectively. Some great lifting in this weight class.


90.00kgs: Professional strength coach Eric Kasabuske

from California, in his first ever international/world

championship, lifted extremely well and stuck 7 very strong

attempts. His third squat of 315kgs was turned down 2-1

and from my positioning was a clearly a good lift.

Sometimes this happens. Not sure what the officials were

looking at. A nearly 5.0kg drop in bodyweight forced Eric to

alter his original established attempt selections. Look for

some big things from Eric at this year’s national

championship. It is amazing to see the lifters development

after one very successful world championship, as

demonstrated by Eric at the recent Arnold Sports Festival.

He is now under the tutelage of Kevin Stewart of

Washington State. Great job Eric, keep it going! The

Ukrainian Team finally got on track in pursuit of the team

title with Bulanyy winning gold over Sholskiy of Russia.

Sholskiy from Kazakhstan was third.

100.00kgs: Now senior USA team member, Nick Tylutki a

Police Officer from Minnesota, came to the event, clearly

ready to go! All three of Nick’s squats were strong and

powerful; however, during his last attempt, he reinjured/pulled

an erector in his lower back which forced us

to lower his opener in the deadlift to 260kg. Nick,

nevertheless, was able to gut out a 300kg second attempt

that would have brought any normal human to their knees.

Clearly, after the opener most would have packed it in and

called it a day; however, Nick stepped up a delivered one

for the team! All I can say is that he is one tough

competitor. Thank you and well done! The Ukraine’s Ivan

Freydun was unstoppable and posted 9 perfect attempts,

totaling a mind-boggling world record total of 1047.5kgs.

Lebedko from Russia, though, still brought the red heat

and tried to overtake Freydun on his last two deadlifts. It

was not to be on this day. Great competition between

these two athletes! Well done! The Ukraine was now back

on track for the team title with two gold medals in the 90kg

and 100kg weight classes.

110.00kgs: Jon Krogman and Jeff Douglas placed 5 th and

6 th , respectfully. Jon, a deputy sheriff from Minnesota is 24

years of age and is just out of the junior ranks. He had,

nearly, a flawless day by going 8 for 9, missing only his last

deadlift, which was within a fraction of second of receiving

the down signal from the chief referee. Jon’s final deadlift

would have placed him in fourth position over Golubev

from Kazakhstan. It was that close. Overall, a tremendous

performance, considering this is Jon’s very first open

worlds. Well done and congratulations! As coaches, we’re

very excited at what next year will bring for the Krog-Man!

Jeff Douglas, a Sales Manager for a Lumber Mill in

Mississippi, one of senior veterans of the team and past

silver medalist at the World Championships. For all of you

old timers out there, Jeff is still going strong and continues

to improve well into his late 40s. Jeff’s openers in the

squat, bench press and deadlift were called for technical

infractions. However, Jeff roared back on all of his seconds

to make them easily. His third squat was called high and

was a close one. I thought it was good. Jeff’s last deadlift

of 320kgs was called good by the platform referees;

however, was overturned unanimously by the jury for not

having his shoulders locked out. When challenging this

decision, I politely reminded the jury that when reversing

calls by the platform officials, the cause for disqualification

has to be a blatant an obvious error, which was not the

case. They, of course, grumbled. Jeff dropped from 5 th to

six place on this call. Overall, a tough day, but fine

performance by Jeff. Great work! Lastly, Barkhatov from

Russia outdistanced Pevnev and Karpov from the Ukraine

with a world record total performance. Russia was now in

the driver’s seat to win, yet another team title.

125.00kgs: Emerging superstar and St. Louis Police

Officer, Nick Weite was absolutely sensational and reeled

off a perfect 9 for 9 day, ending with the silver medal in the

deadlift and total. Nick’s performance was most impressive

and with his rate of improvement the past two years, he will

no doubt challenge the Russians and Ukrainians for the top

spot in the 120kg class at next year’s World

Championships. Watch, wait and see! Nick, super job!

Journeyman Pat Anderson, a chiropractor from Georgia

had a simply tough day, making only three attempts. This

was unusual, as Patrick is one of the most consistent lifters

in all of powerlifting. Pat came to the championship nursing

a strained hip, which forced him to alter his training

somewhat and was not able to recover in time enough to

post his normally big numbers. However, he still gave his

all and was able hobble his way through the meet to the

finish line. Tough day. Nice work. Igor Gagin, as master

lifter, used a world record total to out distance Nick for the

gold medal, after Viktor Testsov surprisingly bombed in the

deadlift. Sarik from the Czech Republic won the bronze.

125.00+kgs: Brad Gillingham was simply brilliant and the

IPF Hall of Famer from Minnesota delivered big time for the

USA on the final day of the championships. Brad nailed 9

perfect attempts that landed him with the overall bronze

medal, as well as the gold medal in the deadlift with a

16 | P a g e

world masters record of 400kg! There is no doubt in my

mind, and that of many others, Mr. Brad Gillingham is by

far the greatest super-heavyweight powerlifter of all-time,

barring absolutely none! 11 Times Men’s National

Champion; 2 times IPF Open World Champion; 4 times

Open Worlds Silver medalist; 3 times World Masters

Champion and 3 times World Games competitor. No other

lifter in history, in this weight class, can match his

credentials. Powerlifting’s true ironman! Great job Brad!

Before I close, I want to send special thanks to Mike Anderson, Gary Grahn and Michael Pratt for serving as assistant

coaches for the men’s USA Team this year. Not an easy job; however, each coach did an excellent job with their assigned

lifters. Once the ladies were complete with their lifting, Matt Gary, Head Coach of the USA Women’s Team, and Kevin

Stewart both stepped in to assist the men during the last day. Kevin did a very nice job setting the bench press shirts for

the lifters. A unique talent. Matt assisted the lifters with their preparation with their gear and warm-ups. Thank you. All

around great teamwork by everyone and very well done! Thank you men! I want to offer a special note of thanks to Angela

Simons, the USAPL Secretary, for assisting with the completion with some of the documentation that was required to be

sent to the organizing committee. The IPF is becoming very stringent on the nomination process; however, it is only to the

benefit for all of us as an organization. Thank you Angela.

On Saturday evening, the banquet was held at the Elgro Hotel and was magnificently done. Prior to the team and best

lifter award ceremony, there was an indigenous peoples dance performance that was quite good and very unique. The

meal was well done and the room was completely decorated, resembling something you would see right out of the movie

Casablanca! Overall, a very nice banquet.

Before I close, I would like to send my special thanks to Mr. Pete Alaniz from Titan Support Systems and Mr. John Inzer

from Inzer Advance Designs for sponsoring the USA Team once again. Pete, also supplied the Team USA shirts as well.

Thank you Pete!!

This year the USA finished fourth behind Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Next year’s championship will take place in Pilsen,

Czech Republic. Based on the outstanding performances by the USA lifters this year, the USA Men’s Team is now poised

to climb back into one of the top three positions. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Nationals this year in Bay St.

Louis. No doubt, it will be a great show!

� Results

� Photos via IPF Facebook Fan Page


1. 2011 Arnold Sports Festival – Columbus, Ohio

2. 2011 Caribbean Championships – Cayman Islands

3. 2011 North American Regional Championships – Miami, Florida

4. 2011 NAPF Raw Powerlifting Championships & NAPF Bench Press

Championships – Tampa, Florida

5. 2011 NAPF Pro Grand Prix Bench Press and Deadlift Tournament – Atlantic

City, New Jersey

6. IPF Raw Rankings

7. USVI Powerlifting Federation – Olympic Committee Recognition

8. CI Powerlifting Organization – Cayman Islands Powerlifting Federation

9. Puerto Rico Powerlifting Federation – Fernando Baez

10. Bahamas Powerlifting Federation – Nina Miller

11. 2013 NAPF Bench Press Championships -- Guatemala Powerlifting Federation

12. Pan-American Special Olympics – Costa Rica

13. NAPF Records

14. NAPF Website – Lea Hendrix

17 | P a g e

2011 Arnold Sports Festival – Columbus, Ohio

I would like to extend my compliments to USAPowerlifting for directly a simply outstanding championship once again

at the Arnold Sports Festival. This year, the Browns Gym Pro Invitational Championship and the Raw Challenge

competition were sanctioned by the North American Powerlifting Federation. Congratulations to all of the athletes!

2011 Caribbean Championships – Cayman Islands

The FINAL nominations for the 5th Annual IPF/NAPF Caribbean Powerlifting Championships that will take place on

March 23 - 26, 2011, in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands are now posted are now posted on the NAPF

website. 51 lifters from 7 member federation countries will take part in this year‟s championship. The Ramada Grand

Cayman Resort will serve as the primary Headquarters for the competition. The Caribbean AGM, the Championship

Technical Meeting and the farewell banquet will be held at this location. Information here: The competition lifting will take place at Kings Sports Center. The new IPF weight

classes will be used for this competition. The Caribbean Championship will be live streamed via the internet here:

2011 North American Regional Championships – Miami, Florida

The 9 th Annual North American Regional Powerlifting Championships will take place at the Hyatt Hotel, in Miami,

Florida on July 7 – 9, 2011. The official invitation will be posted the week of March 21, 2011.

2011 NAPF Raw Powerlifting

Championships & NAPF North

American Bench Press Championships --

Tampa, Florida

The NAPF International Raw Powerlifting

Championships and the NAPF Bench Press

Championships will held together on take

place in Tampa/St. Petersburg on

October 7 – 9, 2011. The official

invitation will be posted the week of

March 21, 2011.

2011 NAPF Pro Grand Prix Bench Press

and Deadlift Tournament – Atlantic

City, New Jersey

The NAPF Pro Grand Prix Bench Press and

the NAPF Pro Grand Prix Deadlift

Championships will be held on Saturday,

July 23, 2011 at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Information TBA sometime the first week of April, 2011.

IPF Raw Rankings

I have requested Kalevi Sorsa, the IPF Rankings Coordinator, to begin keeping Raw Rankings for the IPF. They will be

done the first year by Wilks. The meets recognized will be the NAPF Arnold Raw Challenge and the NAPF International

Open Powerlifting Championships.

USVI Powerlifting Federation – Olympic Committee Recognition

During January 2011, the USVI Powerlifting Federation officially received recognition from the USVI Olympic

Committee. Compliments go to Robert Massey, the President of the USVI Powerlifting Federation for all of his hard

work in developing his federation and getting this done.

CI Powerlifting Organization – Cayman Islands Powerlifting Federation

During March 2011, the Cayman Islands Powerlifting Organization officially received recognition from their Olympic

Committee. Compliments go to out to Rex Whitaker and Tony McInerney for all of their hard work in developing their

federation and getting this done. We look forward to their direction of the Caribbean Championships.

18 | P a g e

Puerto Rico Powerlifting Federation – Fernando Baez

During January 2011, Mr. Fernando Baez was elected as the new President of the Puerto Rico Powerlifting Federation.

Mr. Nestor Gregory stepped down after almost 2 decades as the President. Our congratulations to Fernando and special

thanks to Nestor for all of great work the past 20 years. Thank you.

Bahamas Powerlifting Federation – Nina Miller

Nina Miller, the General Secretary of the Bahamas Powerlifting Federation has stepped down after more than 10 years

due to professional obligations. Our congratulations to Nina for her promotion and we send our thanks for her very good

work the past 10 years with the federation. Thank you.

2013 NAPF Bench Press Championships -- Guatemala Powerlifting Federation

The bid for the 2013 North American Bench Press Championships was recently awarded to the Guatemala Powerlifting

Federation. Congratulations!

Pan-American Special Olympics

The NAPF has been requested by the Costa Rica Special Olympics Association to assist in the direction of the Pan-

American Special Olympics Powerlifting Championships. This championship is being tentatively scheduled for the

Summer of 2012. Negotiations now taking place. More to come.

NAPF Records

The old NAPF Records will be merged into the new IPF assigned weight classes. The new data base is now finished and

the new records will be up to date by the end of April. The old records will be frozen.

NAPF Website – Lea Hendrix

Special thanks go out to Mrs. Hendrix for her great work in redesigning the NAPF Website – Thank you!!

Comments, questions, please contact me at: [email protected]

Thank you,

Robert Keller - Secretary General

North American Powerlifting Federation


Have a topic you want covered or want to contribute to Powerlines? How about Video or Photos? Please email

[email protected]


The USAPL is connecting to our membership via the many Social Media outlets. We are present on both Twitter

and Facebook, along with a USAPL Blog which will keep you abreast of organizational information, meet

announcements, information on live streaming, meet schedules, nominations, etc.

Can’t view social media at work? No problem. On the USAPL main webpage we have a

live feed from Twitter on the right-hand column. You can see our updates and communications anytime!

Stay Connected!

19 | P a g e

2014 USAPL Arnold Equipped 105-120+ Men BP

USA Powerlifting

The Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships will return to the Arnold Sports Festival for an 14th straight year in 2021.

USA Powerlifting (USAPL), based in Anchorage, Alaska, has more than 22,000 members who compete in an organization committed to drug-free competitions throughout the United States. The group is also the only U.S. member of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), the oldest and largest governing body for the sport of powerlifting. The IPF, founded in 1971, has members in more than 100 countries.

Dr. Larry Maile, President of USA Powerlifting, said, “USA Powerlifting is thrilled to return to the Arnold Sports Festival for our 11th year. Once again, we will showcase many of the world’s elite lifters as they compete in the benchpress, deadlift and squat.  Watch as the best athletes go head-to-head in competition and watch as they attempt breaking World Records!”

2020 USA Powerlifting paid out $42,000 in prize monies to our Pro Athletes at the Arnold!  Watch them compete again in 2020 for the Gold, the American and World Records and cash payouts!

More information will be posted soon.



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