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Vendo 44 Coke Machine: Extremely Rare Original 1950’s Survivor Vendor – VM6190

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Original Vendo 44 Brochure

Original Vendo 44 sales literature.

Once in awhile, H.J. Nick finds a machine that is in "survivor condition", meaning that it is in fully working museum quality condition as it stands, and does not require a restoration. This Vendo 44 Coke machine is just such an item, and these "survivor items" stand above all others in the eyes of collectors, command the highest prices, and have the best investment value as machines with their original parts and paint will only become harder to find as time goes on. Journey back to a period in time when you could get and ice cold Coca-Cola for just a dime. This machine is very popular with collectors, and becoming harder to find as fewer and fewer people are letting them out of their collections. Call us today at 1-800-292-0008  for pricing on this vintage Vendo 44 Coke machine, of any of our restored vintage vending machines. Furthermore, if you have a machine of your own that needs restoration, we can do that too!

About ArtFactory.com Full Museum Quality Restorations

Our restorations are the finest quality available anywhere due to our attention to detail, and the fact that no one has been doing it for longer. This means that unlike other restoration shops out there, we repaint even the parts that you can't see. We restore old soda machines, slot machines, candy vending machines, vintage visible gas pumps from the inside out. Any of our vintage restorations are guaranteed to the same functionality that would have been expected from a new machine ordered from the manufacturer. Furthermore, all of our restorations are done to historically correct specifications with original, period correct signage and paint schemes. This ensures if a collectible item that will have future appreciable value.

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Vendo Coke Machine History And Serial Numbers

Vendo 44 Coca Cola Machine History & Serial Numbers



The Vendo 44 Coca Cola machine was manufactured from 1957 – 1961. All five years of production, the Vendo 44 Coca Cola machine featured Two-Tone, (Red and White paint), and Chrome coin entry (pictured above)

The history of the Vendo 44 begins with the VMC company. For 1956, Vendorlator Manufacturing Corporation (VMC) introduced the VMC-44. As a very narrow, single selection Coke machine, it proved very successful. During 1956, the Vendo Company merged with Vendorlator. Vendorlator continued to manufacture machines. However, certain models were re-branded as Vendo machines, (such as the VMC 44). The VMC 44 would now carry the Vendo name on the lower front door and on the newly added, chrome coin entry plate. The main door liner was changed from metal to plastic at this time as well

The result, (for the 1957 model year) was the Vendo 44. “Built by Vendorlator for Vendo” (as it actually reads on the metal ID tag)

To operate the Vendo 44 Coca Cola machine, you insert 5 or 10 cents in the chrome coin entry, the coin mechanically allows you to crank down on the chrome vending handle, and your bottle of Coke would come out the bottle chute below

The Vendo 44 is a single selection Coca Cola machine, designed specifically for the original 6-1/2 oz Coca Cola bottle. This size bottle was discontinued in the mid 1990’s, replaced by todays 8oz Coca Cola bottle, (which uses thinner glass), making it a smaller diameter bottle. The 8oz Coca Cola bottle will not work well in the VMC 44 or Vendo 44, without adding a “Shim Kit”, (to compensate for the difference in bottle sizes). Once a shim kit is installed, the Vendo 44 Coke machine will then accept the Coke 8oz bottle, Diet Coke 8oz bottle, Coke Zero 8 oz bottle, Sprite 8 oz bottle, or the new Coke Life 8 oz bottle. Most customers prefer glass bottles. However, we do offer a 12oz can conversion

For 1956, Coca Cola began a new advertising campaign, focusing on a fresher new look. From 1956 on, all Coca Cola machines would have the top 12″ painted DuPont Iceberg White with Red lettering, and polished metal trim. Each VMC44, and Vendo 44 came from the factory with the new two-tone paint scheme

There were three optional mechanical coin mechanisms available for the Vendo 44, each could be set for 5 or 10 cents

  • The first optional coin mechanism was very simplified, and would only accept the coin denomination it was ordered in, 5 or 10 cents
  • The second optional coin mechanism could be set to either 5 or 10 cents by an adjustment. And could accept either two nickels or one dime
  • The third optional coin mechanism could be set to either 5 or 10 cents by an adjustment. And could accept either two nickels, one dime or a quarter (in which, it would give 15 cents back in nickels). This is the most desirable of the three coin mechanism


For the 1960 model year, Vendo introduced many new Coke machine models, all with a modern “Square Top” look. However, the Vendo 44 did not change, cosmetically. Because the Vendo 44 was so narrow, (only 16″ wide) it could fit almost anywhere, especially small locations that might otherwise not be able to have a vending machine. For this reason, the Vendo 44 proved successful, and continued production through 1961

Since the Vendo 44 Coke machine was actually built by VMC in the VMC plant, the Vendo 44 serial numbers continued sequentially, from the VMC44 production run. VMC serial numbers are different for Vendo serial numbers. VMC serial numbers do not include a date code, nor did they keep a record of serial numbers, as far as we know

However, the Vendo 44 serial numbers are consecutive, and each used a specific cooling system. Each cooling system has its own serial number ID plate (which includes a date code). Each also included a compressor with its own serial number ID plate (which includes a date code). We found, (using these three serial number ID tags together) a date of manufacture can be established. Having serviced many VMC machines over the years, we were able to compile a list of serial numbers (from actual machines), with date codes

Once a list was created (from these three serial number ID tags), a pattern emerged that could then prove the date of manufacture, and if the cooling system was factory installed, or had been replaced. All three ID tags must fit into place, on the charts below (like a puzzle piece). If your serial number and date code ID tags do not fit on the chart below, something on your Coke machine has been replaced, and we may not be able to establish a date of manufacture

The cooling system serial number ID tag, is Red and Silver, and located on the base plate of the compressor (right behind the drain pan, to the left). A serial number will be stamped into that ID tag

Here is an example:P7A9467

Here is how this number breaks down

  • P – Cooling system model code: “P” specific to VMC 44 and Vendo 44 Coke machine cooling systems
  • 7 – Year of manufacture: A single number representing the last digit of the model year the cooling system was built. Our example shows “7” for 1957
  • A – Month of manufacture: A single letter representing the month the cooling system was built. A = Jan, B = Feb, etc. Skipping the letter “I”, because it looks too much like the number 1. So, “J”= Sept – “M”= Dec. Our example shows the letter “A”, for January
  • 9467 – Serial number


One variance in this date code, was the 1960 and 61 model years. These years are actually stamped 60 or 61, example:P60J38939

The compressor has its own serial number ID tag as well, similar to the base plate date code. The compressor ID tag, is an embossed metal tag, welded to the back of the compressor. The date code will be in the upper left corner, of that tag

Here is an example:E 26 59

  • E – Month of manufacture: A single letter, representing the month the compressor was built. Our example shows “E”, for May. Remember to skip the letter “I”, because it looks too much like the number 1
  • 26 – Day of the month: Our example shows the 26th day of May
  • 59 – Compressor year of manufacture: Our example shows 59 for 1959

Please email us your VMC 44 or Vendo 44 serial numbers and date codes. We will gladly add them to the chart below

Dimensions of Vendo 44 Coke Machine: 58″ Tall, 16″ Wide and 16″ Deep

The 1957 Vendo 44 Coca Cola machine, featured a VT10 Tecumseh cooling system, a Two-Tone (Red & White) paint scheme, chrome coin entry plate, and “Have a Coke” side logo. The Black and Silver ID tag, is mounted outside the cabinet, door hinge side, and read “Vendorlator”. All VMC 44, and Vendo 44 serial numbers, end in A31

The following chart are results from the list we have created, starting with the cabinet serial number, followed by the cooling system serial number, and finally, the compressor date code (if available)

Cab Ser#    Cooling sys   V-44 Years

6992A31     This was the earliest Vendo 44 version we found

9129A31      P7A9467       Jan, 1957   Tag printed “44”, says “The Vendo Company”

11599A31    P8A22868    Jan, 1958

12088A31    P8B22341      Feb, 1958

12927A31    P8E23104     May, 1958 Compressor date code D 09 58

17646A31    P9D28122     April, 1959

19408A31    P9H29830     Aug, 1959    Compressor date code E 05 59

21970A31    P60A8228      Jan, 1960

23317A31    P60D33430   April, 1960    Tag stamped “44”

25057A31  P60E35549    May, 1960

26405A31   P60J36923    Sept, 1960    Compressor date code F 28 60

28864A31  P60J38939      Sept, 1960    Compressor date code G 07 60

30551A31   P61E40704      May, 1961     This is the highest serial number we have found

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1950 Coca-Cola Coin-Operated Vendo 80 Vending Machine

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A rare, two-tone (red-and-white) coin-operated Coca Cola vending machine by the Vendo Company, Kansas City, Missouri. The refrigerated unit (M 80 E) features rounded corners and an intact interior (to cool, store, and vend multiple bottles of Coke). Great untouched as found condition and color on an important piece of memorabilia. Full working order. Dimensions: 59" H x 28" W x 20" D.


  • Vendo Corporation (Manufacturer)
  • Height: 59 in. (149.86 cm)Width: 28 in. (71.12 cm)Length: 59 in. (149.86 cm)
  • ship freight on a pallet estimate 650 continental usa.
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Coca Cola Vendo Vending Machine Promotional Documentary 1950's-60's

1950's Coke Machine Vendo 110

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Seller:scouten45-2012✉️(151)100%, Location:McKean, Pennsylvania, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item:1643926171101950's Coke Machine Vendo 110 . 1950's Coke Machine Vendo 110 . Condition is Used runs and cools as should local pickup only. All original has key and opensCondition:Used, All returns accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted, Brand:Coca-Cola

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