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ach guild on the plane of Ravnica has its own unique symbol. In addition to the Ravnica Minisite, you can also see the guild symbols printed lightly in the background of the text box, and of course on the four artifact signets (see right).

The guild symbols also show up, sometimes subtly, in the art of Ravnica: City of Guilds cards. Below, check out these examples of signets buried in art.

Dimir Signet

Ravnica guild symbols

Conclave Equenaut


Wojek Embermage


he guild symbols are all over Ravnica. And that means that they're all over Return to Ravnica, too! You might see the Azorius symbol being used as handcuffs on an unruly Ogre....

Inaction Injunction | Art by Wayne Reynolds

You might see the Rakdos symbol as a hole in a human's chest....

Dreadbore | Art by Wayne Reynolds

Guildgates, of course, are likely to have the symbol of their guilds....

Izzet Guildgate | Art by Noah Bradley

If you look carefully at a priest's breastplate, you might even see a symbol for a guild that isn't even in Return to Ravnica!

Cremate | Art by Cynthia Sheppard

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The Guilds of Ravnica are ten sociopolitical factions that hold power on the city plane of Ravnica. Each guild has its own distinct ideology that unifies its members with one another, with the guild itself, with its functions and purposes, and with its structure.

In the game of Magic: The Gathering, guilds are represented by two-colored pairings of Magic's five colors and have, to date, been predominantly featured in the Ravnica, Return to Ravnica and Guilds of Ravnica blocks.[1][2][3]

The ten guilds[]

The guilds are:[4]

Each guild has a Parun, which is the founder of a guild and first guildmaster. Besides a guildmaster, each guild also features its own guildmages[5] and a champion.

Some characters from Ravnica, such as the unguildedKrenko[6] and Yeva of the Selesnya Conclave,[7] are not featured in any of the cards from those blocks, but still bear the indelible influence of the guilds of Ravnica.

Set distribution[]

Due to the equal weight given to all ten guilds, this allows for the color pie to be expressed slightly differently[8]. Ravnica block had an unusual 4/3/3 split, with the first set having only one blue and red guild, with the second and third having a color with two guilds to make up for it. The next two blocks were five-guild splits, and the ally and enemy mixing the normal structure of the pie. Return to Ravnica block had a pie where Red and Black were switched and "ally" was first, and Guilds of Ravnica block had one where Blue and White were switched and "enemy" was first. There are hence three more of these "switched pies" for use in the future.


Collectively, the guilds of Ravnica have ruled the plane for 10,000 years, since the signing of the ancient and magically potent Guildpact, a binding spell, document, and contract, that details the specific role and responsibilities of each of these guilds.

Prior to the events of the novel Dissension, guilds would try to find loopholes so as to increase their power without breaching it. Following Dissension, however, guilds are no longer bound by the document; and, although the guilds themselves did not completely collapse, their influence on the city and plane of Ravnica diminished, as demonstrated in the Return to Ravnica block storyline arc.[9]

After the breaking of the Guildpact, Teysa Karlov of the Orzhov Syndicate drafted a new, non-magical document amongst the guilds in the interest of cooperation and stability for Ravnica;[9] however, the powerful and wealthy became even more powerful and wealthy and, by and large, the guilds had disappeared.

Gradually, the general populace's distrust of the guilds diminished and, once again, the guilds returned and became ascendant.[10][11][12] Old guild and factional loyalties rekindled, and new guildmasters assumed the mantle of a majority of the guilds;[9] only the Izzet League, Orzhov Syndicate, and the Cult of the Rakdos retained their original guildmasters.

In the events of the Return to Ravnica block, planeswalker Jace Beleren collaborated with Niv-Mizzet of the Izzet League,[9] while planeswalker Gideon Jura was in alliance with Aurelia, commanding Boros Legion soldiers.[13]

Guilds of Ravnica[]

Guild Crest Guildhall ParunOther GuildmastersMazerunnerNotable members Formal Guildpact civic function Notes
Azorius Senate
Azorius Logo.png
Prahv / New PrahvAzor IAugustin IV
Dovin Baan
LaviniaBruvacRavnica's government and legal sector.
House Dimir
Dimir Logo.png
DuskmantleSzadekLazavMirko VoskCircu
Ravnica's couriers, information brokers, and librarians. In practice, little information on the Dimir is known. It is, however, known that the Dimir are involved in assassinations, criminal activity, and espionage on a contractual basis.
Cult of Rakdos
Rakdos Logo.png
Rix MaadiRakdosIzolda/Lyzolda[note 2]ExavaJudith
Massacre Girl
Ravnica's entertainment, food industry, mining, and other blue-collar manual labor and pink-collar service sectors. In practice, the Cult of Rakdos is also involved in criminal activity, civil disorder, and slave trade industry.
Gruul Clans
Gruul Logo.png
Domri Rade
Ruric TharUlasht
Ravnica's foresters, gamekeepers, park rangers, wildlife officers, and wildskeepers. The Gruul Clans were not formally organized and, with time, became increasingly unorganized and fractured, with no central authority. With the wilds declining, the role of the Clans has also diminished, and many Gruul Clans members and entire groups, or clans, have adopted an anarcho-primitivist ideology and become Ravnica's defenders of nature, intent on destroying civilization.
Selesnya Conclave
Selesnya Logo.png
Vitu-GhaziMat'SelesnyaTrostaniEmmara TandrisTolsimir Wolfblood
Conservationists and charities, as well as a nature cult that competes with the Orzhova faith. The Selesnya Conclave parun, Mat'selesnya, is an elemental formed from the fusion of numerous dryads, and powers the Guildpact.
Orzhov Syndicate
Orzhov Logo.png
OrzhovaObzedatKayaTeysaTomikRavnica's dominant religious order, as well as its largest bank. The parun of the Orzhov Syndicate, the Obzedat, is a council of the ghosts of Orzhov patriarchs and matriarchs, not a singular individual. In practice, the Orzhov Syndicate is also involved in slavery, both in life and in the afterlife.
Izzet League
Izzet Logo.png
NivixNiv-MizzetRal ZarekMelekTibor and LumiaRavnica's formative and physical scientists and engineers.
Golgari Swarm
Golgari Logo.png
Svogthos/ KorozdaSvogthirSisters of Stone Death
Ravnica's agricultural and waste management sectors.
Boros Legion
Boros Logo.png
TajicAgrus KosRavnica's security force, constabulary, and standing army.
Simic Combine
Simic Logo.png
Novijen / ZameckSimic[note 3]Momir Vig
VorelProject Kraj
Ravnica's life scientists and conservationists.

Graphical evolution[]



  1. ↑Supposedly, or at least according to the Ravnica block novels, all Ravnican angels other than Razia, the parun and one-time guild leader of the Boros Legion, are created in her image. As such, a Firemane Angel is technically a depiction of a legendary Ravnican; Razia.
  2. ↑In the Dissension novel, Izolda/Lyzolda is the acting guildmistress of the Cult of Rakdos while the parun and guildmaster Rakdos hibernates.
  3. ↑Cory J. Herndon, author of the Ravnica Cycle novels, has stated that the parun of the Simic Combine is a vedalken biomancer with the surname Simic.


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