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Cheats, Codes, Tips and More for Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a mobile multiplayer role-playing game that you can play for free on both iOS and Android. The game is free to download and play, and you can technically play as much as you want without paying any money. Social Point, the developer of the game, is able to offer the game in this free-to-play format by selling a type of currency called gems, which can be purchased with real money (charged to your credit card).

There are technically two types of in-game currency, gold, and gems, but gems are tremendously useful. You can use gems to buy powerful monsters and speed up things that would normally take a long time, so most cheats and exploits, as well as legitimate tips and tricks for playing the game, are centered around obtaining gems without handing over any money.

Whether you just downloaded the game, or you're stuck and looking for a way to get ahead, we've compiled all of the most important tips and tricks you'll need to get free gems, breed and raise some powerful monsters, and become a legend.

Monster Legends Cheats

The most important thing to understand about free-to-play games like Monster Legends is that there are two ways to play. You can either take it slow while maximizing all of the opportunities the game provides, or you can pay a bunch of money to jump ahead.

There are a lot of apps, sites, and online key-generators that promise to provide a bunch of free gold and gems, but it's best to avoid these supposed shortcuts.

Monster Legends Has No Legitimate Cheat Codes, Free Gems, or Hacks

Downloading any programs, providing your login information, or filling out any surveys that promise free gems for Monster Legends may open you up to phishing or malware. Even if they did work, using a cheat or hack would likely result in your account being banned.

Playing a game like Monster Legends without boosts from free gems can be hard, but there are a ton of ways to get legitimate gems just for playing the game.

How to Earn Free Gems in Monster Legends

Monster Legends allows you to earn free gems by earning achievements, completing daily goals, completing daily missions, and completing various other in-game tasks. Here are some of the ways you can get your hands on a few free gems here and there:

  • Level up by earning experience.
  • Fight bosses on the adventure map.
  • Fight in the monster arena.
  • Clear meteorites on your island for a chance to find a gem.
  • Log in every day and claim your daily bonuses.
  • Watch ads and complete tasks in the Monsterwood once it unlocks.

The Monsterwood isn't available until you have played the game for a while.

Unlock Monster Legends Achievements for Free Gems

Monster Legends has achievements, which you can earn by reaching specific milestones like gathering a set amount of gold or winning battles. When you unlock an achievement, you are awarded both experience and gems.

Each achievement in Monster Legends has three tiers, and the game provides you with an award for reaching each tier. For instance, you get one gem for gathering 500,000 gold, three gems for gathering 10,000,000 gold, and 10 more gems once you collect 500,000,000 gold.

If you're able to unlock every tier of every achievement, you'll net about 300 gems. That would cost about $20 in the in-app shop, which is pretty decent for just playing the game.

After earning an achievement, goal, or daily mission, you need to tap the goals icon on the left side of the screen and then tap collect reward.

AchievementHow to Unlock ItNumber of Gems
Gather GoldCollect a total of 500K, 10M, and finally 500M gold from your habitats.1/3/10
Gather FoodGather a total of 100K, 2.5M, and finally 50M food from your farms.1/3/10
Collect StarsCollect a total of 20, 100, and finally 300 stars from the adventure map.1/5/25
Win BattlesWin a total of 10, 250, and finally 2K matches in the monster arena.1/5/35
Remove ObstaclesRemove a total of 10, 50, and finally 500 obstacles from islands.1/10/10
Get MonstersCollect a total of 5, 20, and finally 50 different monsters.1/3/10
Stolen GoldSteal a total of 50K, 2M, and finally 100M gold in the monster arena.1/3/10
Stolen FoodSteal a total of 10K, 250K, and finally 5M food in the monster arena.1/3/10
Stolen TrophiesSteal a total of 75, 750, and finally 5K trophies in the monster arena.1/3/10
Assist Your FriendsAssist a total of 50, 250, and finally 2K buildings on your friends island.1/3/10
Feed Your MonstersFeed a total of 25K, 300K, and 5M food.1/3/10
Use ItemsUse a total of 10, 100, and finally 500 items in any battle.1/3/10
Hatch EggsHatch a total of 10, 50, and finally 250 eggs.1/3/10
Evolve Your MonstersEvolve a total of 5, 20, and finally 75 adult monsters.1/3/10
Level Up Your MonstersLevel up a total of 5, 15, and finally 50 monsters.1/3/10
Receive GiftsReceive a total of 25, 500, and finally 2.5K gifts.1/3/10
Have FriendsMake a total of 5, 20, and finally 100 friends.1/3/10

Complete Monster Legends Goals and Daily Missions for Free Gems, Food, and Gold

Monster Legends provides you with a set of goals that help get you started if you aren't sure what to do next. Completing these tasks helps you make progress in the game by guiding you toward important goals, but they also provide you with free gold, food, and even gems.

In addition to goals, the game also provides daily missions. These missions are basic tasks like hatching a monster or gathering gold, and completing each one provides you with a reward of gold, food, or gems.

Goals and daily missions change, so you need to tap the goals icon on the left side of the screen to see what they are in your own game.

Here are some examples of goals in Monster Legends:

GoalHow to Accomplish ItRewards
Breed Firesaur With TreezardBreed your two starting monsters together.250 gold and 160 food
Start Your AdventureBattle enemy monsters on the adventure map.1 gem
Open Your First Free ChestOpen a free chest.1 gem

Here are some examples of daily missions in Monster Legends:

Daily MissionHow to Complete ItReward
Complete All Daily MissionsComplete all of the other goals for the day.4 gems
Collect Gold From HabitatsGather a total of 7,500 gold from your habitats.150 food
Collect Food From FarmsCollect food from your farms two times.150 food
Feed MonstersFeed 1,600 food to your monsters.500 gold
Breed MonstersBreed a monster.500 gold
Hatch EggsHatch an egg.150 food
Lucky MasterOpen a specific number of chests.500 gold
Adventure ModeFight a specific number of battles on the adventure map.500 gold
Log In TodayLog into the game.1 gem

How to Breed in Monster Legends

While you can buy powerful monsters with gems, that isn't really a viable option unless you want to spend cash in the in-app store. That means breeding monsters is extremely important in Monster Legends. Better monsters provide you with more gold and stand a better chance at winning fights.

Here's a quick rundown on rarities, elements, and legendary monsters to get you started.

Elements and Rarities in Monster Legends

There are nine elements in Monster Legends, and each is strong against one element and weak against another.

ElementStrong AgainstWeakest Against

The most basic creatures in the game are common rarity monsters. These are single element monsters, so they are weak against one element and strong against another. Breeding them together can result in uncommon, rare, or epic dual element monsters.

RarityEvolves to AdultMax LevelNotes
CommonLevel 740Single element
UncommonLevel 1060Dual Element
RareLevel 1575Dual Element
EpicLevel 2590Dual Element
LegendaryLevel 25100Dual element, one is always legendary

How to Breed a Legendary Monster

Legendary monsters are the most powerful creatures in Monster Legends, so you'll eventually want to get your hands on some to build the best team. Each of these monsters can be obtained by breeding a specific pair of lower level monsters. The chance of obtaining a legendary from such a pairing is low, but it is the only way to get legendary monsters without paying for them.

The specific breeding pairs required for obtaining legendaries changes from time to time, and new legendary monsters are added to the game from time to time, but these are some pairings you can try out:

Legendary MonsterMonster OneMonster TwoElements
Arch KnightGoldcoreEsthirelLegendary/Light
Lord of AtlantisRazfeeshDrop ElementalLegendary/Water
GoldfieldErphamDrop ElementalLegendary/Magic
Worker HulkPandalfHyperionLegendary/Magic
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7 בAugust 2016

What Kind of item is Monster Legends? Its own full warned role-playing game and also your timeless job is to develop, ready and send to field of battle military of a beast birthed coming from unhatched eggs. Numerous monsters manage to develop new combinations varieties so it gives you the possibility to construct a whole force of monster prepared to consume adversary! If you hunting for monster legends latest hack.

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Its remarkably prominent game today both in the social as well as mobile globe. I experience monster legends for a substantial period of time and also test many cheats and also hacks. I recognize which work for Mobile Legends as well as would like to show you it. But allow’s discuss gameplay for monster legends hack apk most up-to-date

Monster Legends Gameplay
Monster Legends provides you a chance to feel monster in ambushes of struggle. You lead your qualified beasts by means of the fight versus computer-controlled opponents and players coming from the whole entire world. As time goes you have a possibility to acquire accessibility to Beast Heaven where you heroes are actually standing by in special environments. You will supply all of them, teach them as well as multiply in between going out battle or launching journeys with monster legends with hack

The Monster Legends is actually fully offered for every single preferred nation. Fight model is actually rep of lots of similar RPB struggles as well as needs really careful technique plans. Your development is compelling and participating in one versus one in this style appears great. Long-term exciting as well as buzz appear genuine! Also checking for monster legends hack amount of money

Monster Legends might be managing in a concern of a few minutes– releasing this software we are actually extremely welcomed by Pandalf– a beast Expert providing you advise on exactly how to cultivate your own isle.

Increase your island with even more sturdy creatures, play your very own plan. An advocate is never ever far– click or tap on the Objectives switch lead you to the following work. You constantly talk to monster legends hack just how to

Your military is going to cultivate and also be ready for your very first fight in Monster Legends. Time will certainly offer you additional ease as well as you will bang on your rivals. You can easily additionally you our effective Monster Legends Hack to safeguard your succeeding streak.

As experience is actually increasing you will come to be much more comfy along with battles– developing to PVP method coordinating with gamers and also climb up positions. Participate in different leagues to compose a lot more. Utilizing our powerful
Monster Legends hack apk needs to assist you obtain it!

Which Hacks for Monster Legends Performs, Which Do not?
The Hacks and Cheats in Monster Legends might offer you with required sources. When you looking for functioning generators for this mobile monster game it is not easy to accomplish.

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