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Member Favorites: 24,639 Age: 15
Birthday: January 11
Blood Type: O
Height: 176 cm (5'9")
Affiliation: U.A.
Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot

He is a student at Yuuei training to become a Pro Hero. He got into Yuuei through a scholarship because of his powerful Quirk.

Shouto has bi-colored hair, the right side is white, the left one is red. He has a burn on his left eye. In his Hero Costume, Shouto wears a dark blue jacket, dark blue pants, a silver-colored combat vest, and white boots. He also wears a silver-colored belt with metal capsules.

(Source: Boku no Hero Academia Wiki)

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Review Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 290: Dabi Adalah Touya Todoroki, Bakugo Akhirnya Sadar

PORTAL JEMBER - MangaBoku no Hero Academia chapter 290 telah dirilis dalam scanlation terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia. Pada chapter kali ini ada hal baru yang terungkap, di antaranya adalah fakta bahwa ternyata Dabi adalah sosok anak dari Endeavor, Touya Todoroki.

Chapter dibuka dengan kepanikan yang terjadi di rumah sakit tempat ibu Shoto berada. Stasiun TV yang sedang beroperasi dibajak oleh pasukan Liga Penjahat dan menayangkan Dabi yang tengah duduk.

Di saat yang sama, ibu Shoto menyaksikan siaran tersebut di kamarnya.

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Berpindah ke medan pertempuran, Shigaraki yang sudah tak mampu bertarung masih bertahan dari serangan demi serangan yang dilancarkan oleh pahlawan.

Shoto yang telah tiba berniat menghabisi Shigaraki yang sudah melemah. Ia merasa terlalu berlebihan apabila menghadapi Gigantomachia dan Shigaraki sekaligus, sehingga tujuannya sekarang adalah menumbangkan Shigaraki terlebih dahulu.

Nejire yang juga ada di sana bersiap menyerang bersama Shoto. Dua serangan kejutan dari Shoto dan Nejire menghantam tubuh Shigaraki dan menimbulkan ledakan hebat.

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Di saat yang bersamaan, Gigantomachia menerjang dan berada di medan pertempuran untuk menarik mundur Shigaraki. Bakugo yang sedang digendong Iida telah sadar dan berniat ikut bertarung.

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“Warning!! be advised that the article contains spoilers (İmage Spoiler) if you haven’t read chapter 290 of My Hero Academia then avoid reading it as we’ll be plunging into some genuine spoiler!”

The exciting arc in the road of My Hero Academia’s War Arc has appeared to be constant over the previous year. The two powers have emptied their blood and attacks guaranteeing their side rises as the victor. The loss of life has been the most elevated out of any arc in the arrangement yet.

So much has happened that more modest uncovers and character improvements have come up short on the consideration they would have gotten in some other arc.

Shoto Todoroki’s most recent catalyst is one such model, naturally tumbling to the wayside for the life-and-death shows that have resulted.

In the last 5 chapters, (285-290) Shoto shows beforehand inconspicuous flying capacities. While he presently can’t seem to straightforwardly clarify the mechanics of how he utilizes his Quirk to fly, it’s a painfully required improvement for him if he will stay aware of the remainder of the primary cast, given the huge significance of trip for heroes in the realm of My Hero Academia.

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Shoto first exhibits his flying capacities soon after joining the pitched fight against Shigaraki. With Ryukyu and Aizawa down and out, Endeavor, Deku, and Bakugo are putting forth a valiant effort to put down Shigaraki for the last time. It isn’t almost enough, because of Shigaraki’s regenerative forces, thus Endeavor, Shoto, and Bakugo collaborate to cool the No. 1 legend down enough for a last, full-scale Prominence Burn against Shigaraki.

While Shoto’s main obligation is to chill off his dad so he’s done overheating, he and Bakugo both need to drive Endeavor up through the air so as to get him sufficiently close to Shigaraki for the attack. Shoto exhibits his flying capacities once more, however this time in an unquestionably more authoritative manner. Attempt, Bakugo, lastly Deku are generally tossing like flies out of the sky in the wake of neglecting to have completely finished Shigaraki, and Shoto speeds through the air to get them every one of them individually before they tumble to their deaths.

Given the boards that we see, Shoto isn’t just at a huge elevation noticeable all around as he races over the sky, however, he’s ready to get a musclebound grown-up man, and afterward a short time later two of his schoolmates while proceeding to look after height. It’s not simply that, either he’s likewise ready to reduce the effect of arriving for each of the three of the harmed legends he’s conveying.

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Doubtlessly Shoto presently has aeronautical mobility he needed preceding his work-concentrate with Endeavor. Shoto’s flying powers are critical for two inherently connected reasons. Above all else is the way that flying is the main capacity for any support the hero in My Hero Academia to have. Why? The idea of the reprobates they battle. Shigaraki is risky due to his city-size Decay waves that quickly slaughter anybody contacting the ground or items it spreads to.

Thusly, flying is an unbelievable preferred position against any lowlife that needs flying themselves or has ground-breaking landlocked attacks. The subsequent explanation Shoto’s new flying powers are significant is that pretty much every primary character has a limit with regards to trip in some style. Among U.A’s. understudies, Deku, Bakugo, Ochaco, Tokoyami, Nejire, and Tamaki would all be able to fly, as can huge supportive of legends like All Might, Endeavor, and Hawks. The flying is basic to have the option to crush impressive reprobates and stay aware of the most elite on the legend side.

-- Todoroki Family reacts to Dabi -- Manga Spoilers -- Not Very canon --
Dabi is reveal to be Toya Todoroki in chapter 290 of My Hero Academia.

Chapter 290 – “Dabi’s Dance”

The theory regarding Dabi’s true identity has been confirmed in My Hero Academia manga chapter 290, Dabi is Toya Todoroki. I explained why I thought he might be the lost son of Endeavor in my post Is Dabi Toya Todoroki? In the post, I go through the clues, the mystery surrounding his name, his age, and how Quirks are inherited. Chapter 290, Dabi’s Dance, centers primarily on this reveal but also ends the fight between Shigaraki and the heroes. Gigantomachia arrives just in time. Tomura’s body is in bad shape after fighting Deku and Endeavor. Shoto and Nejire Chan attack him, hoping to finish the villain. They simultaneously use their Super Moves, Nejire Flood, and Flashfire Fist – Jet Kindling but Gigantomachia interferes. 

Dabi is Toya Todoroki

While an exhausted Endeavor considers his options against Machia, Dabi gets excited when he sees Shoto and Endeavor. He pours a liquid on his head washing away the black dye. He tells them to call him “Toya.” Elsewhere, Skeptic broadcasts a pre-recorded video where Toya reveals the abusive past of Endeavor. The video is broadcasted to his mother as well, even though the doctors think it will cause her harm. In the video, he reveals his real name and that he murdered “30 innocent people.” He blames the abuse he suffered for behavior. Toya explains to Endeavor that he aimed to “ruin his life and make him hurt.” When he learned that Endeavor became the number 1 hero, he knew how to destroy him. 

The past never dies

After confessing to sending the Hood, Starservant, and Ending after Endeavor, Toya challenges his father. He asks Endeavor to “dance with him in Hell.” My Hero Academia chapter 290 was unexpected. Most fans were sure of Dabi’s true identity but I don’t think we thought it would be revealed so soon. I have so many questions regarding what changes in this series. Kohei Horikoshi loves introducing more sophisticated characters who have complex morals. Endeavor was made a more complicated figure, a hero and former abuser that was attempting to redeem himself. However, now that it’s revealed to the public will he be forgiven? How will Rei Todoroki respond? If Natsuo knew Toya was alive why didn’t he say anything? 

I don’t think Toya and Endeavor will fight here. The latter is in terrible shape and we are just ending the fight between Shigaraki and the other heroes. The damage that Toya will do has already been done. He has tarnished the image of the number one hero, Endeavor. My Hero Academia chapter 290 has shaken up this series. 

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✧ Past Todoroki Family reacts -- Mha/Bnha -- MY AU -- ⚠️MANGA SPOILERS⚠️ -- (2/4)

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