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25 Life-Changing Ways to Organize Your Purses

The start of a new season always makes me want to clean out my closets and organize everything. Having a clean home makes me feel more calm and on top of things. In fact, organizing is my go-to stress reliever when I’m feeling anxious and out of control, which is like every day lately. Funnily enough, I have cleaned out almost every drawer, cabinet and closet in our house since the pandemic began — except my own closet (probably because I barely even open it these days). But as spring approaches and I contemplate actually getting dressed again, I want to get my entire closet organized, including my purses. While I’ve spent a lot of time creating organizational systems for my clothes and shoes, I haven’t found a good purse organization system.

Most of my handbag collection is just sitting in baskets right now. Even though I’m not using handbags much these days, I’d love to find a way to organize my purses so I can see them when getting dressed. I never wear half my bags, mostly because I’ve never really found a great purse organization system. While I don’t want my bags to be part of our room decor per se, I also don’t want them so tucked away that I can’t see them. Because you know, out of sight, out of mind, and those babies deserve to see the light of day.

The problem is I have to find a place to store my purses. When we were building closets in our room, I was so focused on having space for clothes and shoes, that I sort of forgot about all the handbags I’ve been collecting to pass down to my kids one day. So currently, they have no home. Bottom line: I need to find some creative purse organization ideas, because my husband is not keen on building any more closets in our room.

I spent a lot of time in the black hole of Pinterest looking for purse organization ideas and researching all the organization sites and books to find the best tips for storing and organizing purses. My goal before spring arrives is to get all my handbags in order once and for all. Here are the best ideas and inspiration I found for organizing your purses.

1. Line up bags on overhead shelves. Place the ones you use the least on the highest shelves and keep your everyday bags on lower shelves you can more easily reach. This approach to purse organization is great for closets with high shelves.



closet organizing-purse organization-sweater organiation-hat organization-hats-purses-handbags-cubbies-color coded closet-celeb closets-blogger closets-aimee song-closet-via-song-of-style

who what wear

2. Use cubbies to keep bags organized. It’s like giving each purse its own home, which I love. 



3. Sort purses.

By type.

purse organizing-closet organization-via-purewow


By color.

purse organization-purse cuvvies-ikea shelf for closet organization-ikea hacks-closet organization-how to organize your accessories-shoes-purses-jewelry-via-instagram


By size.



4. Use clear dividers to organize purses on shelves or in cabinets.

purse organization-handbag storage-closet organizing-hanging handbags-store purses in shelves in a closet cabinet-thecoveteur-celeb closets

the coveteur

5. Lay large totes flat on shelves. 

purse organization-line up closets in clear cubbbies-stack totes-closer otgranization-handbag storage-celeb closets-gayle king-thecoveteur


6. Keep bags you use all the time front and center by using open shelves or cubbies.

closets-closet organization-via-ahouseinthehills.com


7. Display bags on bookshelves.






8. Fill purses with tissue paper, dust bags, and/or t-shirts to keep them upright on shelves.



9. Use shelf dividers to keep bags upright and organized. 



10. Turn a bookshelf into a purse cubby by adding hooks for tote bags and lining up clutches on shelves.



11. Love this purse organization hack: Hang totes on shower curtain rings.



12. Arrange totes along shower curtain rods. 

purse organization-closet organization-hang cl purses on rod in closet-shower rods into purse organizer-handbag storage-via-comoorganizarlacasa.com


13. Store small purses in plastic stacking shelves. 



14. Light on space? Hang totes on a floor mirror.


apartment therapy

15. Corral clutches in magazine files.

organizing clutches-closet-org-cluches-via-perpetuallychic.com


16. For a luxurious approach to purse organization, keep your bag collection safe in a cabinet.

purse organization-organize purses in a cabinet-closet organization-accessories-via nicolette mason pinterest

nicolette mason pinterest

17. Or display bags in an armoire with glass doors so you can see them.



18. An easy, budget-friendly approach to purse organization: Hang bags on wall hooks.

purse organization-hang purses on hooks--via roomandbath.com

19. My favorite purse organization trick for small spaces: Line up bags on the back of your door. 

closet organizing, how to organize your purses handbags


20. Place clutches in open trays. 


21. Use every bit of closet space when organizing your purses and install narrow baskets along closets walls.


22. Add shelves to closet doors to house clutches and small bags.  

purse organization-store clutches in small baskets on closet walls or doors-closet organizing - closets closetful www rebecca minkoff closet designer celeb closets


23. Such a sneaky purse organizing trick that makes a big impact: Install hooks below shelves to hang bags. 

urse organization-closet organizing-hang purses on hooks-via-instyle


24. Arrange clutches on magazine files. Who knew office supplies could serve as purse organizers? 

purse organization-store purses in magazine files-closet organizing-via-goodhousekeeping.com


25. The best way to organize purses in an entrance that doesn’t have a closet: Hang bags on a coat rack.

purse organization-hang purses on a coat rack-closet organization-apttherapy

apartment therapy

Sours: https://www.closetfulofclothes.com/25-life-changing-ways-to-organize-your-purses/

How To Store Purses In Your Closet

The door to your closet is probably one of the first doors you open at the start of every day. Therefore, believe it or not, how organized your closet is has a powerful effect on the tone of your morning and maybe even your whole day. For instance, do you open your closet door to a neatly organized closet that makes you feel on top of things and ready to tackle the day? Alternatively, do you open your closet door to a mini disaster, sigh a big overwhelmed sigh, and immediately add “organize or clean out closet” to a never ending to-do list in your head even though you know today won’t be the day to dive into your closet?

If you closet is well organized, then you will have an easier time getting dressed, save time in the morning, and will most likely feel more inspired by what you’re wearing for the day. Do you see? The benefits of having an organized closet can have a ripple effect on your whole day and mindset.

I try to clean out my closet every year at the end of fall/winter and again at the end of spring/summer to keep things streamlined. In addition, I try to maximize my small closet space by staying very organized with everything down to my purses. Whether you’re heading out into the world or still staying home, it’s a great time to organize your closet because a) it’s the start of a new season b) some people are still advised to stay home because of COVID-19 so projects are great c) you might feel that you didn’t get enough projects done while sheltering in place so mastering how to store purses in your closet is a small, easy project to accomplish.

How To Store Purses In Your Closet | Rhyme & Reason
How To Store Purses In Your Closet
How To Store Purses In Your Closet

How To Store Purses In Your Closet 

Keep your Purses in a Cool, Dry Place out of Direct Sunlight

Many purses and most designer bags are made from leather or fabrics that could fade in the sun. In order to combat this, store your purses in a part of your closet that does not get hit by direct sunlight. Even better, make sure your closet is cool as excessive heat isn’t great for maintaining purse shape, structure, and color.

Stuff Purses to Maintain Original Shape

Don’t you hate reaching for a purse that should be structured or have a specific shape only to realize that it has collapsed or become concave? In order to avoid this happening, I suggest stuffing purses with plain tissue paper (don’t use newspaper as the printing can bleed or rub onto the lining of your purse), out of season items you aren’t currently wearing (i.e. sweatshirts in the summer), or these quilted purse shapers.

Keep your Dust Bags

Many purses come with dust bags when you buy them. Use these guys! I always pack my purses in dust bags when I travel to keep them nice but I also use them for specific purses in my closet that I really want to stay nice (i.e. designer purses). Many dust bags are labeled with the purse brand so, even though you can’t see the purse when it’s in a dust bag, you can see the dust bag label and should be able to use that to quickly identify your purses. These dust bags are also amazing and have label inserts.

Zip, Close, and Fasten Handbags

When you put away a purse, do the following to help it last forever: unclip straps and place them inside the purse, zip or close or fasten your purse closed, and fold purse handles down on top of the purse (don’t forget to stuff them too if need be!).

Don’t Do the Following

I don’t love storing smaller purses inside of larger purses. Sure it’s a great way to maximize space but I can’t see the smaller purses and end up forgetting about them. Out of sight, out of mind applies to purses.

I don’t recommend hanging purses on hooks by their handles. It can cause wear and tear on the handles.

I don’t recommend storing your handbags in plastic. Plastic does not breathe so it can trap wetness. Therefore, mold can form if you store your purses in plastic bags or containers. No thank you!

How To Store Purses In Your Closet

Purse Organizing Essentials

Acrylic 4-Section Purse Organizer

I have this acrylic 4-section purse organizer (as seen in the photos of this post) and love it. It does the trick of making purses stand upright. And keeps purses organized in one place. It is such a godsend to have an organization tool stop purses from falling all over each other, get smushed, or end up stacked on top of each other. It works perfectly for clutches, crossbodies, wallets, small purses, and evening bags. Trust me, it’s fantastic to be able to see your purses and grab the exact purse you need in an instant. 

Acrylic 3-Compartment Clutch & Small Purse Organizer

This acrylic 3-compartment clutch & small purse organizer is a great option because it keeps purses upright, preserves purse shape, and keeps purses dust free. It can be uses horizontally or vertically based on your needs with purse shapes. Again, it works wonders with clutches, crossbodies, wallets, small purses, and evening bags.

8-Pocket Hanging Purse File

This 8-pocket hanging purse file is a wonderful purse organizing option if you have more hanging space in your closet than shelf space. When you hang this purse file on a hanging rod, you keep bags organized and easily accessible. It can hold eight large handbags or multiple smaller bags. Another bonus: the clarity of the material helps you find the bag you’re looking for in a snap. 

Shelf Dividers

These shelf dividers are incredibly versatile so they can organize anything from sweaters to towels to linens to, you guessed it, purses. They easily slip onto any solid shelf and are incredibly sturdy as they are made of heavy-gauge steel wire. P.S. These shelf dividers come in white or chrome so you have options based on what your closet looks like. P.S.S. If you need shelf dividers I have and love these!

8 & 12 Compartment Purse Organizers

This 8-compartment purse organizer is another versatile closet organizer. It has generously sized compartments that can accommodate large shoes and store handbags and clutches. The 12-compartment purse organizer is the same footprint as the 8-compartment purse organizer so it is a great solution for shoes like loafers and low-heeled sandals or for smaller purses and evening bags. The best part is that both the 8 and 12 compartment organizers can be positioned vertically or horizontally to best fit your closet space and they can be stacked or positioned side by side. P.S. Both purse organizers comes in white and natural… White: 8-compartment and 12-compartment. Natural: 8-compartment and 12-compartment.

Linen Storage Bins

These linen purse storage bins are great looking organization solutions for your closet. They work brilliantly for storing purses or can be used for linens or folded garments. They are generously sized to hold plenty of items. There’s also a label on the back of the bins if you want to style them in your closet facing backwards to keep items out of sight (the label allows you to still be able to identify what’s in each bin quickly and easily). P.S. This is a second linen purse storage option with a different shape. P.S.S. These are two great linen storage box options with lids: one and two.

Natural Storage Bins

I found a handful of natural storage bins that work great for sliding onto closet shelves or for using as organization options for those high up, top of closet shelves. Purse storage solutions like storage bins are perfect to use to store summer purses in the winter or winter purses in the summer. You can switch them out as the seasons change and store away the seasonal purses you don’t need high up in your closet. See below for my favorite natural storage bin options… some have lids, some have handles etc.

Purse Organizing Essentials

I hope this post gave you a little mid-week motivation to organize your closet a bit! I also hope you learned a new tip or two for how to store purses in your closet. Trust me, you’ll feel fantastic once you get an organization method down for your purses.

Sours: https://rhymeandreason-jillian.com/how-to-store-purses-in-closet/
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Whether you just have a few key bags that you swap out for different occasions or a collection of handbags, purses, and clutches so big you don't know what to do with them all, keeping them organized and finding storage for them can be a little tricky. From those lucky enough to have a big walk-in closet or those desperate for space, these purse organizers can help.

From acrylic dividers to wall and door-mounted hooks and utility systems, these purse storage ideas will totally revolutionize your closet.

1Bunny Williams Acrylic Closet Organizers


Stow away or show off a few of your favorite purses in these acrylic organizers, which come in a set of two. 

2Chrome Metal Tote Hangers


If you've got the closet space, hang your handbags from these special hooks along with your clothes.

3White Elfa Utility Mesh Closet Door & Wall Rack


A utility rack like this, which can be mounted on a door or a wall, is great because yo can store handbags and clutches and organize other items, like jewelry.  

4ZOBER Hanging Purse Organizer


To keep your purses free of any dust and dirt, hang them in your closet in a dust bag organizer like this one, which has a swiveling hook for easy access.

5Divide Clutch Organizer


If you've got quite a few clutches and small bags to stow away, put them in an acrylic divider like this one—perfect for the shelf in your closet.

65-Compartment Hanging Organizer Tray


Or take advantage of the unused space below your closet shelf and add this hanging acrylic divider.

7Umbra Estique Over-The-Door Organizer


Add some stylish hooks to the back of your door for hanging scarves, purses, and more. 

8PerfectCurve Over-Door Bag Rack


This bag rack easily mounts to your door and allows you to neatly hang 9 purses, backpacks, and more. Your purses will almost look like art!

9Easmor Hall Tree


If your entryway is in need of some extra storage, a hall tree with hooks like this one can be a great place to hang purses, too.

108-Compartment Shoe and Purse Organizer


You can store shoes and bags in the cubbies of an organizer like this, and easily add more organizers if you need more than 8 cubbies.

Brittney MorganMarket Editor, House BeautifulBrittney Morgan is a noted land mermaid and a Virgo with a penchant for crafts, red lipstick, and buying way too many throw pillows.

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19 Handbag Storage ideas

Purse & Handbag Storage Ideas & Solutions

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If you enjoy using different purse with various outfits, or for different occasions, you can quickly acquire quite a few of them. But since you can only use one handbag at a time you need a place in your home to store the rest of them while they're not in use.

Organizing Purses Challenge
Below I've provided quite a few purse and handbag storage ideas and solutions you can use for this purpose.

You can use them in conjunction with the organizing ideas provided in the Organizing Purses & Handbags Challenge, here on the site, and which is one of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenges.

Most of these storage ideas are for the bedroom closet, since this is an ideal location for purse storage. The reason is that it is near your clothes and other accessories, so if they're stored there it is easier to see what all matches or coordinates, and choose the purse you'd like to use on various occasions.

From that perspective it is ideal to keep your purses in an organizer or storage solution that lets you see them all. It helps you remember what you have and make sure you're using them frequently enough to justify the space they're taking up in your closet.

On the other hand, infrequently used purses stored in this manner can get dusty.

If your purse collection is getting quite dusty you really need to be honest with yourself about whether you need to declutter some of them that you just don't like very much, or don't fit your lifestyle or style anymore. They may have cost quite a bit of money, but if they're just collecting dust with no hope of getting used they're still clutter.

However, if do choose to keep them, and plan to use them enough to justify their storage, you may also want to consider holding these types of infrequently used purses in closed containers, like clear plastic bins that you can keep on shelves in your closet, or in a clear plastic zippered bag in an under the bed organizer, or somewhere else somewhat out of the way.

Finally, when considering what type of handbag or pocketbook storage to choose from, think about the size and shape of your bags. If you've got quite a few clutches, for example, the organizer products shown below that hang the bags by their strap won't work for you.

Similarly, some bags are much bigger than others, and small hanging pocket organizers may work for small to even medium sized bags, but would not even begin to fit these larger bags.

Scroll down below to see the ideas for storage below.

purse and handbag storage ideas and solutions

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Use A Hanging Closet Purse Organizer With Pockets

hanging closet purse organizer with pocketsCanvas Hanging Handbag Organizer
{Click here to buy on Amazon}

As mentioned above there are several types of organizing and storage products designed to hold your purses or other bags in your closet. The first several I'm going to show you are designed to hang the bags from the closet rod.

Obviously for any of these solutions you'll need adequate hanging space in your closet.

The first variety, as illustrated above, shows how you can hold purses in the individual pockets of one of these organizers. When purchasing one of these types, make sure that your purses are not too big to fit into the pocket size.

These can be nice though since they do some to protect the handbags from dust between uses. In addition, if your purses don't have straps these work well, since the organizer does not need the straps to hang the purse.

Here are several varieties of these hanging organizer which have pockets, that you can choose from.

Please note that if you want something not made specifically for purses, in case you'd like to use it for something else later, a hanging closet shelving system, such as the one shown to the far right, which is often used for sweaters, may also work. This is also a good choice if you like this idea, but your purses are a bit bigger since these shelves are bigger than the pockets made specifically for purses.

Lots of purse and handbag storage ideas and solutions you can use for your purse collections {on #HomeStorageSolutions101}}use this Pin it button to save to Pinterest

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Another Variation Of Hanging Purse Storage In Your Closet

hanging purse storage closet organizerHanging Closet Purse Organizer
{Click here to buy on Amazon}

Another variation of the storage product which uses your closet rod are these hanging organizers which, instead of pockets, hang the purses up by hooks on the product.

Obviously this only works if you've got straps on your purses, but if you do they can be more convenient since you don't have to worry about larger bags not fitting.

Remember, the bags these products always show as examples have short handles, like you'd carry as a handbag. If you've got longer strapped bags this type of product can still be used, but your purses will hang down closer to the floor because of the longer straps.

Here are some of this type of hanging closet organizers for purses:

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DIY Handbag Closet Organizer - Sturdy Hangers

Although they make hanging closet organizers that you can purchase specifically for purses, as shown above, there is also the DIY method, which can just utilize something you probably already have in your closet -- hangers.

That's exactly what a couple of readers did, and they've shared their pictures of their handbag collections with me to show how they've done it.

The photo above is from a reader, Sherry, who says: "I prefer to see everything at-a-glance, so I use my hubby's suit hangers and store each handbag separately. Then, I have another suit hanger w/clips that I use for my seven interchangeable Grace Adele clutches. I keep my large Dooney in its dust bag. And I store the Grace Adele clip-ons at the end of two shoe boxes. I will be selling or gifting 1-2 of these shown because I don't carry them."

Sherry makes a good point about using this method. You've got to use sturdy hangers if you're going to do this. This is especially true the heavier your bags are, especially if you continue to hold things in them even while in storage.

Here's another example of using hangers for hanging your purses, this time from a reader, Frances.

using hangers for handbag storage

Frances said, "This is my collection. I had a lot more but I decluttered my closet a month ago and got rid of the ones that I haven't used in about a year or more. These are the ones that I use most. I love handbags and purses."

You can get sturdy hangers for this or other purposes for your closet here:

One disadvantage of using hangers, or advantage, depending on how you look at it, is that if you store just one bag on each hanger you will take up a lot of horizontal space in your closet on the clothing rod. Depending on the amount of clothes you've got this may not be ideal. That's why the purse organizers shown above use vertical space.

On the other hand, if you have two closet rods or other storage on your closet floor going vertical may not work for you, and then using horizontal space may make more sense for you.

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Use A Closet Shelf Organizer For Storage For Purses

purse shelf organizer for closetCloset Shelf Organizer For Purses
{Click here to buy on Amazon}

All of the ideas above, so far, required that you have enough space on your closet rod to add an organizer of some variety to store your purses. But I know that is not realistic for everyone, depending how many hanging clothes also need to fit into that space.

Therefore, a closet shelf organizer is another option for handbag storage inside your closet, but that doesn't use your closet rod at all. Instead, it uses the shelf space at the top of your closet.

This storage method also at least partially protects your handbags from dust accumulation, although not completely, and may utilize space that otherwise wouldn't be used.

While it is pictured on top of your closet shelves I could also envision this product used on the floor of your closet if you had more room for it there, although you'd of course have to stoop down to store and retrieve the purses.

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Use An Over The Door Or Wall Purse Rack

over the door purse rackOver The Door Purse Organizer
{Click here to buy on Amazon}

The final idea for storing purses and handbags in your bedroom or closet is to utilize either wall space, or the often not utilized door storage space of your closet.

wall purse and backpack storage using hooks
This can be handy if you don't have either space on your closet shelves or closet rods.

As with a lot of types of wall storagethe idea is to use hooks to hang your purses. There are organizer products, such as the over the door purse organizer above, that are designed to do this for you, or you can do it yourself like a reader, Mel, did.

She sent in the photo to the right, and explained: "My husband and I just made a place to store all my bags and purses vertically. We had this small corner that was pretty much useless and decided to hang a 'hook board' to hang all my purses and bags in one place and make use of the space. (I actually have a ton more bags to hang but then you wouldn't be able to see the board or hooks we hung. Lol We will paint it eventually but for now it is very functional and already helping to make it more organized!)"

So how do you keep your purses and handbags organized while they're not in use? I'd love to see, so you can submit your photos hereand I'll add the best ones to the site.

More Home Storage Solutions

{A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas
I hope you enjoyed these ideas for purse storage, and organizing your handbag collections.

There are even more ideas for storage and organizing on the site in the {A-Z} Storage Solutions & Ideas round up page. Go check it out if you'd like to see even more ideas.

In addition, if these ideas have inspired you to organize even more things in your closet make sure to read the Organize Master Bedroom Closet Challenge, which is part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge I run on the site!

Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family. My integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me so I only recommend products I would purchase myself, and that I believe would benefit you. To learn more please see my disclosure statement.

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Organizer handbag closet

How to store purses to keep them in excellent condition. Here are some tips, tricks and hacks to help you get your purse collection under control.

I’m not the most enthusiastic purse lover you will ever meet, but over the years I seem to have gathered an extensive collection. Every wedding and special event or new outfit needs to have a matching purse to finish the look.

✅ What is the best way to organize this growing collection?

It is so easy to just to store these bags in a pile at the bottom of the closet. This is not good for the purses, which will become worn and shabby. I always feel it is such a shame to damage expensive bags by sloppy storage.

**Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn commission from qualifying purchases**

Here is a collection of 31 clever ways to organize the purse collection that will keep your bags beautifully displayed and organized.

I have selected simple yet clever ideas that anyone can make. But also I have selected some products you can buy that make storing purses a breeze.

✅ Hanging Handbag Organizer

It can be a challenge to organize all your handbags if you are short of space.

This idea is such a space saver for organizing your purses in the closet. The organizer simply hangs from your closet rod.

As it has 10 compartments, it should be the right amount for most people. Just make sure you leave enough space for all your clothes.

LONGTEAM Hanging Purse Handbag Organizer Homewares Nonwoven 10 Pockets Hanging Closet Storage Bag

✅ Dust Bag Storage Ideas

You can buy dust bags that are specifically made for storing valuable leather purses. Plastic bags seem tempting, but these are not suitable as they don’t allow the leather to breathe.

These bags are a good idea too if you have patent leather purses, as they can stop the shiny leather becoming smeared with fingerprints.

Dust Cover Storage Bags Silk Cloth with Drawstring Pouch For Handbags Purses Pocketbooks

✅ Use Clear Shelf Dividers or Boxes to Organize Bags

Use clear perspex dividers that easily clip onto your shelves, leaving slots you can store your purse in.

The great advantage of perspex is you hardly know it is there, so we can see plainly the beauty of our handbag collection.

Alternatively, there are perspex boxes with lids that will display your purses well and keep them dust-free.

mDesign Plastic 5 Compartment Hanging Closet Storage Organizer Tray - Divided Sections for Holding Sunglasses, Wallets, Clutch Purses, Accessories - Hangs Below Shelving - 2 Pack - Clear

✅ How to Organize Purses on a Shelf: Open Shelving

I love the idea of using open shelving for leather handbag storage.

I believe that storing bags in this way will increase the life of your bag and will keep them in tip-top condition for years. An important consideration if you have spent a lot of money on a designer bag.

You will need to have the space to do this, though!

✅ Handbag Shapers

Do you sometimes feel your bag is too floppy? The answer is an insert to give body and structure to the bag. It protects the bag from collapsing and creating creases and wrinkles that will eventually make your purse look shabby.

Easy to use as well. First, you place a separate insert into the bottom of the bag. Followed by an insert that has handy pockets for organizing all the stuff you keep in a bag.

Doxo Purse Organizer Insert with Base Shaper Handbag Felt Organizer Insert large,Bag in Bag Organizer with Zipper Fits for Speedy and Neverfull

✅ DIY Purse Rack Cheap and Easy to Make

It’s hard to keep all your purses organized!

I love this tutorial that shows you how to organize your purses using a homemade divider. This project is very easy and nice and cheap to make. It requires simple DIY techniques that most of us can do using simple tools.

A top tip is to get the hardware store to cut up the wood to size for you!

✅ Large Totes Folded up and Stored Flat

Here I don’t mean the cheap tote bags you buy to carry home your groceries. These can just be folded up and placed inside other bags.

Instead, I mean the large designer bags that have cost you a lot of money. You should store these on their side. Provide some kind of stuffing or bag shaper inside to help keep its shape.

I recommend you store tote bags in a dust cover, either use a cover the manufacturer provided or buy one.

✅ How to Display Purses on a Bookshelf

You might have a selection of evening bags that will look great displayed on a bookshelf.

I love these floating shelves that have been used to display and store beautiful objects like designer handbags and shoes.

✅ Overdoor Purse Organizer

When you are short of space, one area that you can use is that area behind the door. Such a clever, cheap and practical idea.

Over Door Hanging Purse Storage Organizer - Durable, Holds 50 POUNDS, SWIVELS 360 Degrees for Easy Access; Purses, Handbags, Satchels, Crossovers, Backpacks,12 Hooks, Chrome

✅ How to Store Handbag on Hooks without Damage

The only practical way to stop the damage from hooks is to find another way to store your handbags. Avoid this if you can.

I know that closet space is at a premium, so sometimes hanging on hooks is the only option.

To lessen the impact and damage a hook might to your handbag handle. Frequently change the place on the handle you hook the bag up to.

✅ Modular Shelving for Closets

If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, then think about installing a modular shelving unit to house all your handbags.

Shelves should have different sized cubby holes so you can have space for both large and smaller purses.

Storing your purses in this way will ensure they remain in the best condition possible. Also when you are getting ready to go out you can see at a glance what bag to wear to compliment your outfit.

An alternative is installing a simple closet shelf that runs along the length of the closet.

One disadvantage of keeping bags hidden away in a closet is that it is so easy to forget what is in the collection.

Modular Purse and Shoe Shelving Storage OrganizerModular Purse and Shoe Shelving Storage Organizer

✅ Fill Handbags with Tissue

One of the most important things you can do to keep your purses looking as good as new is to stuff the inside of the bag with tissue so that it keeps its shape while being stored.

One tip is to make sure that you keep the tissue paper that was inside the bag when you bought it. It’s very tempting to throw this away!

An alternative to tissue paper is to use bubble wrap.

✅ Free Standing Hall Tree

A hall tree sitting next to the front door can act as a great way to store your more frequently used purses, totes, and handbags.

✅ How to Care for and Store Designer Bags

In this video, you are shown the best organizing and storage ideas for your purse collection. There are some great tips particularly if you are short on space.

Following these tips ensures that all your handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags and purses are easy to reach and always in good condition.

✅ Hang Purses in the Closet using Shower Curtain Rings

Over at creatively organized, there are some creative ideas for using cheap shower curtain rings from the dollar store.

✅ Store in Armoire with Glass Panels

If you have space in your bedroom then a glass-fronted armoire would be the perfect place to display and store your purse and leather bag collection.

✅ Tips for Small Closet Purse Organization

Here is a useful video that shows you how to make the most of a small closet to store your purses.

✅ Dust Covers for Purse Organization and Storage

This is a very useful product that will keep your purses in excellent condition. I would certainly recommend this if you have spent a lot of money on a leather designer bag.

I love the see-through design and useful carrying handle of this must have organizing accessory.

Outgeek Handbag Storage Handbag Organizer 3 Pack Dust Cover Bag Transparent Anti-dust Purse Storage Bag for Hanging Closet with Zipper and Handle (Beige)

✅ Organize Clutches in Open Trays

If you have an extensive collection of clutches, then you will know how difficult it is to store them in an orderly way. Here is a great product that will allow you to store clutches neatly.

✅ Shelving in the Closet

If you have plenty of space in your closet, then consider freeing up some space with shelving to store your expensive leather handbags and clutches.

✅ Money No Object Purse Organization Closet Ideas

If I had Kylie Jenner’s money, then this is the kind purse storage I would have. Amazing!!!!

✅ Hang Handbags on Coat Hooks

Choose an area in your bedroom wall and put up some beautiful looking coat hooks.

These will be perfect for hanging those handbags that you use regularly.

✅ Use Tension Rods or Shower Rails and Hooks

At View Along the Way there is a great tutorial post I would recommend. It shows you how to makeover a really messy closet.

Part of the post shows you how to use a tension rod to organize a purse collection.

✅ Hanging Organizer for Closet Doors

Here is a product that will let you make the most of the storage space behind the closet door.

MISSLO Over Door Organizer for Handbags, Caps, Accessories (White)

✅ Repurpose a Coat Rack

Coat racks make a great hanger and are a great way to organize the purses you use regularly.

✅ Use Pegboard and Hooks for Storage in a Closet

A Bowlful of Lemons takes us on a tour of her wonderfully organized closet.

✅ Organize Clutches in Magazine Files

Perpetually Chic organizes her clutches and accessories in magazine files.

✅ Store Purses in Clear Plastic Boxes

These boxes are so practical as the keep your purse collection clean and dust-free. They also have the added advantage that you can see the contents at a glance.

mDesign Plastic Open Front Closet Home Storage Organizer Bin Box Container - for Bedroom, Cube Furniture Shelving Units - Holds Men's, Women's, Kids Clothing, Accessories - 12" Wide - 2 Pack - Clear

✅Ikea Hack Billy Bookcase Purse Storage Ideas

Using one of Ikea’s most popular products the Billy bookcase case. You can keep your purse collection well organized.

Final Thoughts

I very much hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you plenty of ideas and inspiration on how to organize, purge and display your purse collection.

You have no doubt spent a lot of money on your purses. It will pay you to look after this collection well.

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For many women, handbags are a daily essential item and picking the types of handbags that go into your collection is a way to express your personality. If you are a fan of Disney Dooney and Bourke bags, the number of handbags in your collection might exceed just a few. Knowing how to store and display your handbags when they are not in use can be an organizational issue. Having a good system to organize handbags is necessary to maximize space and easily know what bags you have available in your collection.

Today, we are showing you with 5 different ways to organize, store and display handbags in your home or closet.

1. Shelves

There are many ways to use shelves to display your amazing handbag collection. Transform an existing linen closet into a dedicated handbag mecca.

Disney Dooney and Bourke Collection in a dedicated purse closet

Disney Dooney and Bourke Collection in a dedicated purse closet

Finding a beautiful bookcase for your handbag display can add a touch of glamour to your room or your closet if you have space. In truth, any bookshelf would work for this method of purse storage. This system works best with handbags that have a flat bottom.

Bags without a flat bottom don’t need to be left out though. Just add some clear shelf dividers to line up slim bags, clutches and other handbags that have a hard time standing upright.

Disney Dooney bags displayed on a shelf

Disney Dooney bags displayed on a shelf – Photo by Sakura Gallegos

Cube organizers and cube bookcases add some additional structure to the traditional bookshelf because they have built-in dividers that keep your collection looking neat and tidy.

Disney Handbags in a Cube Bookshelf - Photo by Stephanie Noel Amato

Disney Handbags in a Cube Bookshelf – Photo by Stephanie Noel Amato

No matter how many purses you have, there are a lot of options when it comes to sizes for cube organizers. You can find them with 2 cubbies up to 12 square cubes so you can find the right combination for your space.

Using cubbies and cube organizers to store handbags

Using cubbies and cube organizers to store handbags – Photo by Sakura Gallegos

Want to keep your precious purses dust free? Use display cabinets with glass doors so you can see those pretties but protect them from dust. These BESTÅ Ikea cabinets can be customized with glass doors and have plenty of space for a large collection.

Purse Collection in Ikea Display Cabinets

Purse Collection in Ikea Display Cabinets – Photo by Aj Silberman Moffitt

Another option is a China cabinet, curio cabinet, sideboard buffet, or storage cabinet with sliding glass doors.

Storing Handbags in Sliding Glass Cabinet

Storing Handbags in Sliding Glass Cabinet – Photo by Jenn Thomas Murphy

2. Hooks 

Hooks are a simple way to organize purses while also making use of vertical space. There are so many options for hooks available. You can use decorative hooks to display individual handbags in your room or entryway, or for the more practically-minded, bike hooks are a great option to hang up several purses on a single hook in a space that is out-of-sight. Just be sure to keep the load manageable so that you can still see each purse.

Hooks can also make for an easy DIY project since there are options on the market that are simply peel-and-stick or that screw right into the wall, making hooks a quick and affordable way to create your own handbag storage. 

Purse Hooks Photo credit: NY Mag


Disney Dooney & Bourke bags handing on a wall

Photo by d8toc

Wall hooks also make it possible to display your handbag collection as home decor. For example, pairing your handbags with vintage looking posters of attractions from the Disney Parks shows off your love for Disney and makes your handbag collection into works of art. 

Handbag Wall Display

Handbag Wall Display – Photo by Bree S

3. Magazine Holders

Using magazine files to hold thin clutches, wristlets and wallets are another way to up your purse storage game while making efficient use of space and keeping these styles of handbags organized. This method also helps you organize handbags in a way that is easy to see all of your options at a glance. To prepare your purse display, find some shelf space in your closet and buy a couple of magazine holders. We recommend using clear magazine holders for this purpose in order to keep all of your bags visible. Then line your wallets, clutches, and wristlets upright in the magazine holders, being mindful to keep them closely packed together in order to avoid any of them slumping over, which may be harmful to their shape.

4. Behind the Door

Hanging your handbags behind your door may be the way you prefer to create your handbag display, while also making the most out of the unused space in your closet. Not everyone has a large walk-in closet, so taking advantage of the space you have is essential to keeping your handbags organized and stored away when they are not in use.

Hooks To Organize Purses

Hooks To Organize Purses – Photo by Lindsay Zuck

Behind the door closet organizers are available on the market, which require little to no assembly, so you can get your closet clutter-free and organize purses quickly. Another bonus is that these closet organizers tend to be cost-effective. The ones linked here are only $9.97 for one or $16.99 for two.

Behind the Door Handbag Organizer

Behind the Door Handbag Organizer Photo Credit: Amazon


5. Pegboard

If you have a lot of empty wall space in your walk-in closet or another area of your house that you use for accessory storage, this purse display method is for you! All of the items needed to create your own pegboard handbag storage system can be purchased at your local hardware store. The items you will need are a pegboard, peg board hooks, and a drill. While this DIY project may not be for everyone and is not the chicest display, it is simple and cost-effective. Once you have your designated space cleared, hang your peg board on the wall and then organize the peg board hooks however you like. The good thing about this method is the hooks can be moved around at any time. Once that is completed, hang up your handbags from the hooks to keep your collection organized. The pegboard system can also be used to hang wristlets, scarves, belts, and jewelry.

Bonus Tip: Stuff Your Bags

Regardless of how you organize or store your handbags, consider stuffing the inside of purses with packing paper in order to keep them from falling over on a shelf and help them to retain their shape. Packing paper is used for wrapping fragile items when moving or shipping.

Packing Paper used for moving and shipping

Packing Paper used for moving and shipping

It’s our favorite handbag stuffing because it’s really cheap and easy to crumple down to the exact size and shape you need. Packing paper is sometimes referred to as newsprint but don’t use actual newspaper! Make sure to use paper that does not have print or color on it because the ink can bleed into your bag if it gets moist or too warm. Another option is to save those air pillows that are used by Amazon and other online retailers to cushion items in a shipping box.

Air pillows used for shipping

Air pillows used for shipping

These are just a few ways we have found to create your own system of handbag storage to keep your bag collection organized and your closet clutter-free.

What method is your favorite? Tell us in the comments and share photos of your own collection on our Facebook Page!

5 Ways To Organize Your Disney Dooney Handbags

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