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  • Title: Samurai Jack – Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon
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Samurai Jack - Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the adventures of the time-displaced samurai and his quest to make his way home. Jack‘s (Phil LaMarr) wanderings lead him into woods and a nearby village both plagued with an ungodly stench. Many of the early scenes feature Jack trying to keep the stench away (which his sword can miraculously cut through) and haggling with the Scissorsmith (John Kassir) of the town, unwilling to offer up any information for free (even if it might help save the town from the stench which is ruining their crops and forcing wildlife to flee). The man’s bird (which may or may not have once been his wife) proves more helpful in starting the samurai on the right path.

Often referred to by fans as “Jack and the Farting Dragon,” the episode is one of the goofier of the series as it involves Jack scaling a mountain by flying on the back of a gigantic moth before finding the flatulent dragon (Clancy Brown) in his cave unable to prevent his noxious farts from descending to the town below. Much of the episode takes place inside the dragon, where Jack searches for the cause of the creature’s pain until he discovers a cracked dragon egg with a baby dragon spurting fire on an unknown organ of the larger creature. Launched out the of the larger dragon’s backdoor (so to speak), the town is saved (except for the fact that now it has to deal with a baby dragon lighting all their buildings on fire).

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Jack comes across a town plagued by a terrible stench, which he is told comes down from a mountain spire home to a dragon. Upon reaching his destination, Jack finds the culprit is the dragon, who has a serious flatulence problem and begs Jack to help him, so Jack must travel through the dragon's body in search of the source.


  • Aside Glance: Jack gives one when one of the birds inside the dragon's bowels steals his sandal.
  • Baleful Polymorph: The Scissorsmith's parrot used to be his wife.

    Scissorsmith: Never sell a wizard an expired fishing license!

  • Bigger on the Inside: The dragon isn't shown to be all that bigger than Jack, but it's insides seem to contain an entire world.
  • Body Horror: Jack asks the scissorsmith why he's not bothered by the smell and gets his answer when he sees the scissorsmith had cut off his own nose!
  • Denser and Wackier: Not quite to the extent of "Jack Is Naked", but it's definitely one of the more jokey episodes, both in its premise and content.
  • "Fantastic Voyage" Plot: Jack helps the dragon by traveling deep inside her body to discover what's causing her gas.
  • Farts on Fire: Jack escapes the dragon's bowels by using the flames of her baby to blast him out of the cave.
  • Gasshole: The titular dragon, though not by choice; the gas is caused by a partially hatched baby dragon still stuck inside her body, which is blowing flames under one of her intestines.
  • I Take Offense to That Last One!: The first villager Jack encounters wants him to know that he is unfortunate, but he is not poor.

    Jack: "Those poor- I mean, those unfortunate people."

  • Monster Is a Mommy: The titular farting dragon is a mother, since she laid an egg that only partially hatched and is still stuck inside her body. The gas is caused by her baby blowing flames under one of her intestines.
  • Larynx Dissonance: The dragon is female, but speaks with a deep, booming voice.
  • Overly Long Gag: The first villager Jack encounters having a minute-long coughing fit as Jack awkwardly waits for him to finish.
  • Shout-Out: To Don Bluth's arcade games. Doubles as Incredibly Lame Pun.

    Scissorsmith: At the fork in the road, follow the rocky path. It will take you to the Dragon's Lair!
    Jack: Where will the other one take me?
    Scissorsmith: Space Ace!

  • Toilet Humor: Not only is the episode about a village ravaged by a dragon's putrid farts, but once inside it's body, Jack has to jump across what is all but confirmed to be bubbles of urine!
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Jack and the Dragon


September 6, 2002

At the fork in the road, follow the rocky path. It will take you to the Dragons Lair!
Where will the other one take me?
Space Ace!

—The Scissorsmith referencing Don Bluth games while talking to Jack

"Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon"[1] is the twenty-first episode in the second season of Samurai Jack. This episode features Jack coming across a village that is plagued by a foul stench caused by a dragon who was suffering from a mysterious ailment.


The episode begins with Jack spearfishing in a forest when he notices that several of the fish are dead. Suddenly, a stampede of panicked animals runs past him. Jack soon discovers the reason: an incredibly foul smell coming from somewhere beyond the forest. Jack follows the smell to a village, taking notice of the completely decayed crops nearby. A farmer tries to warn Jack to turn back but is incapacitated by the smell before he can tell Jack what it is. The smell starts to close in, forcing Jack to fight and dodge the noxious fumes in order to get inside the city.

Inside the city, Jack sees the citizens suffering from the effects of the foul stench. Suddenly another wave of the smell approaches from the distance, and the villagers run to the shelter, only to find it "full" (it's only occupied by one cat). The smell hits, causing more suffering for everyone in the city. Jack then hears a cheerful whistling, confusing him. He follows it to the shop of a scissorsmith, who is immune to the smell due to not having a nose. The scissorsmith keeps trying to offer Jack a bizarre variety of products and services, but refuses to tell Jack where the smell is coming from without payment. Fortunately for Jack, the scissorsmith's bird, who is apparently his wife ("Never sell a wizard an expired fishing license!"), tells him that the smell is coming from a dragon who lives in a Spire to the east, infuriating the scissorsmith. As Jack leaves to deal with the dragon, the scissorsmith stops him and gives him a sheep's bladder, which will supposedly help him to resist the smell.

Sometime later, Jack starts climbing the spire. He grabs what looks like a strange plant, but turns out to be the antenna of a giant moth that Jack rides up the spire. Approaching another cloud of gas, Jack applies the sheep's bladder but finds that it too smells bad. Compared to the dragon's stench, however, Jack quickly reapplies the bladder. Once past the smell, Jack jumps off the moth and finds himself at the entrance of the dragon's lair. Inside, Jack finds the dragon, who naturally breathes fire at Jack. However, it quickly becomes clear that the dragon isn't actually evil, but rather in pain. The smell that it had been unleashing is actually the dragon farting, due to intestinal distress. Jack offers to put the dragon out of its misery, but the dragon instead asks Jack to enter its body and eliminate the source of its pain, which Jack reluctantly does.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 11.27.50 PM.png

Inside the dragon, Jack travels through its digestive system, including its stomach, intestines, and other organs, encountering many bizarre creatures and body parts. Finally, Jack comes across the source of the dragon's pain: a partially-hatched baby dragon (which is confusing due to the dragon being a male) breathing fire on an organ, which responds by unleashing more flatulence. Jack cuts the baby free and tries to carry it out, but is cornered by the gas. Thinking quickly, Jack gets the baby to ignite the gas, somehow launching them both out of the dragon. The baby dragon carries Jack back to the village, who praise Jack for freeing them from the smell. Unfortunately, the baby dragon is overzealous with its fire breath, but the villagers don't seem to mind. The scissorsmith offers Jack a way to put out the fires, but his bird badmouths him again. The scissorsmith chases the bird, while Jack looks on confused, trying to process the incredibly weird day he's just had.


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  • This episode is sometimes erroneously referred to as "Jack and the Farting Dragon" in fan circles.
  • The Scissorsmith references two laserdisc arcade games produced by Don Bluth Studios. When giving Jack directions to the Dragon's Lair, he states that taking the other path at the fork will take him to Space Ace. Jack is understandably bamboozled, complete with "dong" sound effect.
    • This scene is rewritten in other languages, thereby removing the reference. The French dub, for instance, has the Scissorsmith stating to stop at the rocky path and that Jack should open his parachute if he goes down it. The Brazilian dub, meanwhile, simply have him state that he doesn't know where the other path leads.


Samurai Jack - Final Question (Season 2, Episode 2)

The Dragon

The Dragon appears in Episode XXI: Jack and the Dragon, in which Jack has to save a town from its flatulence.


The dragon gives off an air of intimidation and fear when first introduced and even tried to kill Jack before his stomach started acting up, and was likely simply fighting in self defense. When Jack offered to aid it, the dragon was far more welcoming.

The dragon has an offspring: the Baby Dragon.


During his journey, Jack came upon a ravaged village full of people and animals near death. As he was getting near the village, he smelled the most awful stench imaginable. While traveling through the village to see what was causing the whole problem, he met a man with no nose who told him of a dragon that lives on a mountain close to the village, and that the smell was coming from there. Jack travelled up the mountain, past a massive cloud of stink, and made it to the dragon. The dragon at first tried torching the young samurai, even coming close to killing Jack, but gave up when his stomach pains returned and let out a large blast of gas. The dragon revealed that he has been farting more than usual lately. He originally felt great releasing his gas and feeling immense relief, at the hands of the villagers, but it eventually led to stomach pains that grew. The dragon then persuaded Jack to enter his body to find out what was causing his pain. Realizing the dragon was only harming the villagers by proxy than intent, the samurai reluctantly agrees. After traveling through several organs and fighting off strange antibodies and bacteria, Jack discovered the cause; it was a baby dragon that was breathing fire on the Dragon's organs (odd as the dragon seemed to be male). Jack then grabbed the egg and managed to make it out before another blast and saved the village from the Dragon's flatulence. Unfortunately, the baby dragon was trigger happy and began breathing so much fire that the entire village caught ablaze just as Jack was about to leave.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affects his existence.


  • The Dragon having a baby inside it would mean the Dragon is female with a very deep voice, or it is a male and reproduced its baby asexually. In the case of the latter, this is among the few instances where male-pregnancy is portrayed in a children's cartoon.
  • The Dragon seems to be massively larger on the inside compared to its elephant-sized outside, with the change noticeable as soon as Jack enters its mouth. The reason for this is unknown.

Dragon samurai jack

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Samurai Jack - Final Question (Season 2, Episode 2)

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