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This is an in-depth SWTOR 6.0 Onslaught Defense Guardian Tank guide focusing exclusively on PvP, written by Valek. It’s suitable for beginner players as well as veterans, who seek to learn how to improve their performance!


This guide is written for by Valek


Defense Guardian is a hard hitting, high defensive tank that utilizes both lightsaber and force attacks to deal damage. In this guide I will outline the basic builds and playstyle for the class while elaborating on why I believe they are strong in the current patch. Defense utilizes multiple ways of utility that can help a team in PvP while having great defensives, offensives, and peel mechanics making it an excellent choice for 6.0.


Set Bonuses

The set bonus I am running is a 6 piece “Descent into Fearless” and a 1 piece “Amplified Champion”. Another gear choice you can run as Defemse tank is the “Force Bound” set bonus(4 piece set bonus) with 3 “Amplified Champion” pieces. The reasoning behind running the “Descent into Fearless” set bonus is due to the fact of how often you will have you Force Clarity ability up. Each attack you do, you have a 10% chance to regain a charge of this ability, which increases single target melee attacks by 25%. By gaining or using a charge of Force Clarity while in combat, the set bonus also grants you a 10% damage increase for 10 seconds.

force clarity 1 On my buff bar here, you see the Force Clarity ability, but next to it is the buff you will recieve when you gain or use a charge, which is the 10% damage increase. Having these 2 buffs up at the same time is when you can dish out a lot of damage, with a 35% increase on your next melee attack(s). Prioritizing this with Crushing Blow is how you will be able to achieve these big hits.


Defense doesn’t have a variety of good tacticals to choose from as of writing this guide. Right now the best tactical to use is Throwing ArmThrowing Arm, which applies a 70% accuracy debuff to the target.

Life WardenLife Warden is always good to run when the 10 minute debuff is gone after the tactical has been used a previous time. When the tactical Embrace the Pain is released, this will hands down be the best tactical you can run.

Embrace the Pain is a tactical that reduces the cooldown of Focused Defense by 2 seconds each time you are attacked, but this effect cannot occur more than once a second.


Combat amplifiers (Armorings) needed will be Weapon Expertise, due to almost all of Defenses attacks being weapon damage, AKA white damage. 

Bonus amplifiers (Mods) don’t affect PvP much, but your best choice is running featherweight, as that would be the only amplifier in this tier that could do anything in PvP, if you want to spend a little extra credits.


Stats I run:

  • Relics – Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution (I use Sha’tek)
  • Stim – Advanced Kyrprax Versatile Stim
  • Augments include 4 Advanced Critical Augment 74’s and 10 Advanced Versatile Augment 74’s. This should bring you to around 3449 critical rating. (In my current build as of writing this guide, I am not fully augmented in 74’s, but did the math to get the correct number of augments needed to reach this critical rating. 
  • Armorings – 8x Superior Versatile Armoring 80’s
  • Mods – 9x Lethal Superior Mod 80’s (Best mods are Lethal Mods R-2, R-3, and R-5 and can easily work as well mixed together)
  • Offhand – Defense Generator (when choosing an offhand for Defense, make sure the stat the offhand has is Force Power)
  • Hilt (Mainhand) – Superior Versatile Hilt 80

The reasoning behind the stats is simple, having 1213+ alacrity will put your gcd cooldown at 1.4 seconds, down from the base 1.5 second gcd. The way I achieved the alacrity I have is by using 2x Superior Nimble Enhancement 80’s, and 1x Sha’tek Quick Savant Package MK-19(Implant). After achieving the 1.4 second gcd, critical chance/multiplier will be your next step. Having at least 3400 critical rating will boost the multiplier up to 70%, along with the crit chance to 42-43% which are optimal stats to have to be able to meet the thresholds of your tertiary stats. You can achieve this critical rating by having 7 critical pieces, I use 1x Sha’tek Adept Package MK-19(Implant) and 1x Sha’tek Adept Device MK-19 (Ear). For enhancements I have 5x Superior Adept Enhancement 80’s. Accuracy is not needed on any tank as all tanks have a skill built into their skill trees that increase their accuracy by 10%.

Please note: These are my personal preference for stats, you are more than welcome to change what you want to cater more towards your personal preference of play.


Primary Offensive Abilities

Guardian SlashGuardian Slash
Your hardest hitting ability, Guardian Slash should always be your priority ability when you can afford the rage and the ability is off cooldown. This is where the bulk of your damage will come from, Guardian Slash will also debuff the target applying a 5% damage debuff to force and tech abilities. This ability is also an AoE and will hit targets close to the single targets debuff bar Crushing Blog debuff.

This ability should always be used after you use Guardian Slash, as using GS will proc Riposte to be useable on a target. Using Riposte will grant you a 3% defense increase, along with another 5% defense increase buff that looks like this on your buff bar Riposte buff.

Blade StormBlade Storm
This will be not only one of your offensive abilities, but generates a moderate damage absorption shield to your buff bar, called Blade Barrier which looks like this Blade Storm buff.

blade barrageBlade Barrage
Blade Barrage is a series of attacks that deals a moderate amount of damage, while costing no rage. Using Blade Barrage will grant a buff called Defensive Swings, which will stack up to 3 times and grant a 3%  defence increase each stack. The buff looks like this bladebarrage 2.

Your main filler ability, Slash will apply Trauma, which is a debuff applied to the target each time Slash is applied, refreshing each time. This is what the Trauma debuff looks like on a targets debuff bar Trauma debuff. Trauma applied to targets will see that their healing received will be reduced by 20%.

Primary AoE Abilities

Force SweepForce Sweep
Your main AoE ability, force sweep will deal damage to enemies in a 5 meter radius, while also applying a debuff that will reduce their accuracy by 5%. The debuff on the target will look like this Smash.

Cyclone SlashCyclone Slash
As Defense, your Cyclone Slash will spread trauma, just like Slash does, but to all targets it hits. I really only recommend using Cyclone Slash if there are 4 or more targets present for the ability to hit.

Primary Defensive Abilities

Saber WardSaber Ward
This is a defensive ability you pretty much always want to use when you are above 50% of your health, it’s not that great of a dcd due to how other classes are performing right now, and the type of damage they are doing. Saber Ward increases melee and ranged defense by 50%, while also absorbing 25% of the damage taken from force and tech abilities. When first activating Saber Ward, you will be granted a buff “Blade Turning” for 3 seconds. This buff will absorb 100% of incoming ranged and melee attacks(white damage), the buff will look like this on your buff bar Saber Ward buf. Saber Ward will stay active for 12 seconds with a buff looking like this upon using the ability: sabver ward buff republic.

Warding CallWarding Call
This is a great defensive ability, when used it grants you 40% damage reduction for 10 seconds. This is an ability I usually pop first, as in the first parts of matches, the DPS will be using most of their high damage abilities, such as auto crits and damage buffs. The buff you will receive upon using the ability will look like this Warding Call buff.

Saber ReflectSaber Reflect
A simple defensive cooldown, saber reflect will reflect 100% of the single target attacks you take back at the target attacking you. The buff you will get will look like this Saber Reflect buff republic upon using the ability and will grant you 3 seconds of reflect. This is a great ability to use when you are getting tank tunneled to help relieve some of the pressure off yourself.

Blade Blitz
Using Blade Blitz will charge your character forwards, with the utilities I have shown above, Blade Blitz can be activated while you are rooted, therefore breaking the root. While in the Blade Blitz animation, you will be granted a 100% defense chance. This is a good defensive to use to close the gap between you and your target. The buff that will be applied to your buff bar upon activating the ability will look like this Blade Blitz buff.

This is your Crowd Control (CC) breaker, this is a very important ability, it can save yourself or save a teammate. Using your breaker properly as a tank is what can win games in a ranked scenario. Having the Second Wind utility will make this ability grants a small heal upon use, so it can help a little with survival if you are having a hard time staying alive.

Also called by many as “Fake Health” Enure increases your max health pool by 30% for 20 seconds. When the ability is used, a buff will appear on your buff bar that looks like this Enure buff. Using this along with your warzone medpac will have its maximum effect and benefit. While this may seem like a good defensive, it can be dangerous. If your health is low enough (32% or lower) by the time the buff falls off, you will lose 30% of your health, putting your health very low, sometimes 0 hp.

Focused DefenseFocused Defense
Finally, the last defensive Guardians have, arguably one of the best dcds in the game. Focused Defense is your self heal, this ability cannot be used above 70% of your health, but I never recommend using it that early. This should be an ability you use at around 20-30% of your health pool left. Using this ability will grant you 12 stacks of enraged defense, and when you take damage, will heal you each time a stack is consumed. The buff on you will get on your buff bar will look like this . This defensive can also be used while you are stunned, which makes it a defensive you can use no matter what.

Team Utility Abilities

Using this on an enemy DPS will effectively reduce their damage done by 30% for 6 seconds. This is a great ability to use to help a teammate who is struggling and taking a lot of damage. The debuff on the target’s buff bar will look like this Taunt buff.

Challenging CallChallenging Call
Essentially, this ability does the exact same thing as taunt does, but is an AoE taunt, this affecting everyone within a 15 meter radius of the position you use it. Targets affected by the AoE taunt will have the same buff as a single target taunt Taunt buff.

Guard Republic Jedi KnightGuard
The most important ability a tank has, using this on a friendly target will increase their damage reduction up to 50% and redirect the other 50% of the damage to you, the tank. Guard has a 15 meter radius, so always staying within 15 meters of your guarded target is what you want to do.  When you are in the range of the guarded target you will see this icon on their buff bar Guard orange, but when you are out of range of your guarded target, this icon will appear next to the guard icon on the guarded targets buff bar Guard out of range. This is your indication you need to get closer to your guarded target to activate the 50% damage reduction buff guard gives. Another visual key you can look for is the blue sphere around the character, in guard range a blue sphere will surround the guarded target, like so:

blue sphere

When you are out of range, this blue sphere will not be present, this is a visual key you can use to get closer to your guarded target:

blue sphere 2

You can see by the feet that there is a pulsating blue light, which then indicates that you are not within 15 meters of the guarded target.

Guardian LeapGuardian Leap
A very helpful ability Guardians have, Leaping to a friendly target will grant this target a buff that reduces incoming damage by 20%. This is what the intercede buff will look like when a friendly target has received an Guardian Leap Guardian Leap buff.


Below is a list of the utilities I use and why I use them, there will be explanations to what these utilities do and change to current abilities. 


Second Wind
– Reduces the cooldown of Resolute by 30 seconds and causes resolute to heal you for 10% of your maximum health when used.
– This is a utility that I almost never not take, having your Resolute ( CC Breaker) cooldown reduced by 30 seconds can be a game changer in certain scenarios, add along the heal it can also be used as a last means to stay alive if need be.

Battlefield Command
– Getting attacked reduces the active cooldown of Force Leap by 1 second. This effect cannot occur more than once every 1.5 seconds.
– Battlefield Command is very important as a Guardian, as this will help you stick on targets and control their damage while also dealing damage to them.

Gather Strength
– Whenever your movement is impaired, you gain a 10% damage bonus to your next ability that consumes focus. This effect can stack up to 5 times and lasts 15 seconds.
– By far one of my favorite utilities Guardians have, this is how the big hits happen. Stacking this with your Force Clarity ability, along with the 10% damage increase you get when using or gaining a stack of Force Clarity via Descent into Fearless set bonus can do some serious damage. Using this utility at 5 stacks, with the Force Clarity ability, and Descent into Fearless buff, is a massive 85% damage increase.


– Reduces the cooldown of Force Stasis by 15 seconds.
– This is a fairly simple utility, this will allow you to have your Force Stasis stun up every 45 seconds, but the cooldown varies with alacrity. With the build I have posted above, my Force Stasis is on a 41.8 second cooldown.

Focused Freedom
– Activating combat focus purges movement-impairing effects and increases your movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.
– This utility will allow you to use your combat focus more effectively than just a focus builder. Having this will help with your movement, allowing you to cleanse both roots and slows, while also increasing movement speed directly after.

Stalwart Defense
– For Vigilance and Focus, all area effect damage is reduced by 60% for 15 seconds after Challenging Call is activated. For Defense, all damage is reduced by 30% while stunned. 
– As Defense, you will not benefit from the first sentence of this utility, but what is super important is the damage reduction when you are stunned. This is by far one of the most important abilities to have in any form of PvP, as you will be stunned quite often in any and all forms of PvP.


Through Peace
– Reduces the cooldown of Focused Defense by 30 seconds.
– Hands down the best utility Guardians have, reducing the cooldown of your most important defensive cooldown by 30 seconds can help increase your survivability massively. Focused Defense will be on a 1 minute 30 second cooldown, which can be a game changer.

Cut Loose
– Blade Blitz can be used while immobilized, purges movement-impairing effects when activated, and deals 50% more damage. Additionally, the cooldown of Blade Blitz is reduced by 10 seconds.
– Blade Blitz can be an important ability in some situations, it can be a cleanse for a root or slows, and can also help mitigate some damage you are receiving for a brief few seconds. Finally.

Jedi Warden
– Reduces the cooldown of Force Push and Awe by 15 seconds, Additionally, Saber Throw immobilizes the target for 3 seconds.
– This utility can bring a lot of utility to your team, whether it is Regular Warzones, Solo Ranked, or Group Ranked. Having your Force Push on a 45 second cooldown (41.8 with the stats I have posted in the gearing section) can help peel for teammates, along with a 3 second root on saber throw, and if you have the Throwing Arm tactical, also will apply an accuracy debuff to the target, which is excellent to help peel melee off teammates. With your Awe on a 45 second cooldown (again 41.8 seconds with the stats I have listed in the gearing section) can help peel for teammates and even help with your survivability.

Honorable Mention – Thwart
– The utility Thwart is also a good choice to run, having this utility will reduce the cooldown of Guardian Leap by 5 seconds, and turns the damage reduction it provides to 30% up from 20%, while also granting you a 20% damage increase on your next melee attack after using intercede. If wanted, you can drop Jedi Warden for Thwart.



Your opener should consist of these abilities in this order:

  1. force leap Leap
  2. Warding Strike Warding Strike
  3. Force Clarity Force Clarity + Guardian Slash Guardian Slash
  4. Blade Storm Blade Storm
  5. blade barrage Blade Barrage
  6. Force Sweep Force Sweep
  7. Slash / Cyclone Slash Cyclone Slash

Burst Rotation

Your Burst Rotation should consist of these abilities in this order:

  1. Warding Strike Warding Strike
  2. Force Clarity Force Clarity + Guardian Slash Guardian Slash
  3. Riposte Riposte
  4. Blade Storm Blade Storm
  5. blade barrage Blade Barrage
  6. Force Sweep Force Sweep


Priorities After Opener:

  1. Warding Strike Warding Strike
  2. Guardian Slash Guardian Slash
  3. Blade Storm Blade Storm
  4. Riposte Riposte
  5. blade barrage Blade Barrage
  6. Force Sweep Force Sweep 
  7. Slash / Cyclone Slash Cyclone Slash
  8. Saber Throw Saber Throw

Note that Force Clarity should always be paired with Guardian Slash.


Focus Target’s Target and Target’s Target

Having these 2 keybinds can define how fast you can react to enemy DPS abilities. I highly recommend having these 2 keybinds, which are “Acquire Target’s Target” and “Acquire Focus Target’s Target”. Found here in the settings.


These keybinds can help you greatly with guard swapping. Having a sniper on focus target, and seeing them cast ambush, all it takes is the press of a button to acquire their target and throw that friendly a guard. I have my keybinds set to Q and E because these keybinds are very close to where my fingers are while playing, so it is quick to press and guard.

Tanking against Ranged

Tanking against ranged in PvP can prove to be tricky, as you need to watch your positioning to not over extend to attack them. If you over extend to attack the ranged, this can leave you vulnerable to a knock back which can result in your guarded target being killed. Watching for key abilities such as Ambush (Marksman Sniper) and Thundering Blast (Lightning Sorcerer) will give an indication of who to guard. 

There are really only 3 abilities that ranged classes can use that are worth guard swapping immediately for. These 3 abilities are Ambush (Marksmanship Sniper), Explosive Probe (Engineering Sniper), and Thundering Blast (Lightning Sorcerer). Mercenary is a class that is a bit too difficult to guard swap against considering their main, big hitting abilities are not casted, but are an instant ability.

Marksman Sniper

One of the easiest classes to read, Marksman has a staple rotation of Snipe, Snipe, Ambush. This can be easy to read and if you react fast enough, you can guard the Ambush. Snipers get a buff that looks like this: Marksman Sniper icon from using Snipe 2 times. At 2 stacks Ambush has a reduced cast time, so looking for this buff and acquiring the Sniper’s target. Wait for ambush to start casting and use your acquire target’s target keybind, or if you have a sniper on focus target, use your acquire focus target’s target keybind and guard that target. In this screenshot, you can see that the sniper has a green buff on his buff bar, this is Target Acquired Laze Target. When a Sniper has this buff, it is imperative that you guard the target, as that means the Sniper’s Ambush will be an auto crit.

You can also see a red eye on the Sniper’s target, this is your visual indication of who the Sniper is casting Ambush on.

Engineering Sniper

Dealing with an engineering sniper can be quite tricky. Guard swapping against it on the other hand can be quite simple, it just requires a bit of attention. When playing vs an Engineering Sniper, all of their burst comes from one predictable ability. This ability is explosive probe, and vs an Engineering Sniper it is important to be looking at your teammates buff bar, as the explosive probe debuff shows up like this Explosive Probe. When the target with this debuff is attacked it will explode and put 3 stacks of explosive probes on the target . This deals quite a bit of damage all together, and as the tank, you can mitigate that just by guarding the target with the debuff shown above. If you are having a hard time staying alive vs an Engineering Sniper, I would recommend staying out of the Sniper’s AoE attacks.

Lightning Sorcerer

Certainly one of the scarier classes this patch, Lightning Sorc can deal a lot of burst with 2 abilities, Thundering Blast + Chain Lightning. While Chain Lightning can be activated instantly after using certain abilities, the most burst will come from the TB + CL pair, and luckily for us, Thundering Blast is casted, which means you can easily guard it. You also have a visual key from the Sorcerer that shows they are casting Thundering Blast, it will look like this:


If you are targeting the Sorc, or have them on focus target, you will primarily be looking for this cast:

Thundering Blast Cast Bar

Guard swapping to their target on this ability can help mitigate a lot of burst damage the Sorcerer can do.

Tanking against Melee

Tanking against melee is on the easier side of tanking in PvP, due to you will always see where the melee you are watching runs to. There are 2  abilities that you need to look for as a tank against 2 classes, Thermal Detonator (Advanced Prototype Powertech) and Volatile Substance (Concealment Operative). These 2 abilities leave a debuff on the target that you can guard swap to to mitigate the damage.

Advanced Prototype Powertech

Generally it is a good idea to guard the target a Powertech is sitting on, and swap guard if they swap targets. Powertech damage outside of what you can predictably guard is very high. The ability that you want to guard swap for is Thermal Detonator, and will show up as a debuff on the target looking like this thermal detonator buff. Thermal Detonator can be part of a burst rotation, which can nuke the targets health. You have a very tiny visual key, which is the animation of the Powertech throwing the Thermal Detonator:

throwing the Thermal Detonator

While this is a very tiny visual indication, can help make guarding the target easier when you see the animation and where the Thermal Detonator goes to.

Concealment Operative

Concealment can utilize a high burst rotation, due to a tactical. As a tank, you want to look at the buff bar of your teammates to watch if they get the debuff Volatile Substance, which is where the operative burst rotation starts. The debuff will look like this Volatile Substance, guarding this will require a lot of attention, as this tactical Concealment Operatives run makes this ability detonate instantly, causing it to critically hit, they will also be granted another auto crit big hit ability after they utilize Volatile Substance. Unfortunately there is no easy to see visual key like a Lightning Sorcerer or Marksman Sniper has.


I’d like to thank Vulkk for the opportunity given to me to write this guide. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Cai’bek ( ) and Kre’a ( ) as they were very helpful to me throughout the writing process of this guide. A special thanks goes out to Nimmy and As’ana as well.

About the Author

Hey guys, I’m Valek, I have mained Juggernaut for 4 years now. I have also mained tank for about the same time, and hope that this guide can help shed some light on the class. I have several achievements in ranked, such as: Season 8: Top 3 Assassin, Juggernaut, and Shadow. Season 9: Top 3 Assassin, Juggernaut, and Vanguard. Season 10: Top 3 Juggernaut, Guardian, and Powertech, along with a multitude of gold tiers across the seasons. You can occasionally see me stream at If any questions arise, you can message me on twitch, or in game. I play on Darth Malgus, and my character names are Kelav (Guardian) and Vålek (Juggernaut). Thanks for reading guys!

From Vulkk

Tanking is not only rare in PvE, but even more rare and hard to play well in PvP. I would like to thank Valek for providing this PvP Defense Guardian Tank Guide, so all new or aspiring Guardians can learn how best to play their role in Warzones and Arenas… and in Open World PvP too.

In this guide I have used Valek’s own images as well as my own along with some of the abilities icons available on the Jedipedia and TorCommunity databases.

If you are skilled with a Class and Discipline that has not yet been covered with a guide on VULKK (check the list here), and you want to provide one for the SWTOR Community, contact me via email or wherever you see Vulkk present.

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A defensive measure is only defensive until it is activated.  Once activated, the Guardian comes to the fight with bright hot heat of an eternally burning flame, and the Guardian will not stop until the threat has been neutralized.  

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