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Audi A3 8V Quattro 2.0T CTS Turbo Turbochargers

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MQB BOSS 600 (Bolt-On Speed Solution) Turbo Kit - GTX3071R

World's first truly bolt-on turbo upgrade for MQB vehicles

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CTS IS38 Turbocharger

A ready-to-install turbocharger kit with performance and reliability enhancing upgrades

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$799.99 $679.99

Free Shipping

BB-550 Hybrid Turbocharger - With Install Kit

Premium ball-bearing hybrid turbo with stainless steel exhaust housing - Designed by CTS engineers to fulfill the demand from customers who desire a direct-bolt-on turbo for their existing IS12, IS20 or IS38 turbocharger!

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$1855.16 $1671.31

Free Shipping

MQB BOSS 500 (Bolt-On Speed Solution) Turbo Kit - GTX2867R

World's first truly bolt-on turbo upgrade for MQB vehicles

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BB-550 Hybrid Turbocharger

premium ball-bearing hybrid turbo with stainless steel exhaust housing

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OEM Diverter Valve Harness Extension

Extension harness required to retain OEM DV on CTS BOSS Turbo Kit

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BOSS 600 V2 Upgrade Kit

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Conversion kit to upgrade your BOSS 600 kit from Version 1 to Version 2

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BOSS 500 V2 Upgrade Kit

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Conversion kit to upgrade your BOSS 500 kit from Version 1 to Version 2

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MQB BOSS 700 (Bolt-On Speed Solution) Turbo Kit - GTX3076R

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World's first truly bolt-on turbo upgrade for MQB vehicles

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Sours: https://ecstuning.com/Audi-A3_8V-Quattro-2.0T/Engine/Performance/Turbocharger/CTS_Turbo/

CTS Turbo

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We are proud to announce the release of the long-awaited CTS BOSS Turbocharger upgrade kit for EA888 Gen3 vehicles. This kit is a complete bolt-on big turbo solution for Gen3 NON-MQB (CPLA/CPPA) engines.

After a lengthy development and testing process, this kit is now ready to hit the market. The biggest challenge was to design a big turbo upgrade that works seamlessly with your existing aftermarket mods without having to make any custom parts like with IS38 swaps.

This was achieved by CTS' engineering team by using the latest in 3D rapid prototyping technology. The final prototype was installed and tested in their own 2017 VW GLI.

To install, simply remove the factory turbocharger, transfer and calibrate the factory wastegate actuator and re-install using the supplied installation hardware. You must upgrade your tuning software to Unitronic Stage 3 in order for this turbo to run properly on your vehicle.

The high-performance 67mm turbo was designed to fulfill the demand from customers who desire a direct-bolt-on turbo for the E888 Gen3 platform. This turbo has a perfect balance between spool-up time and power capabilities of 400+ hp.

The CTS CHRA is mated to a dual-ball bearing setup that is made from heat-resistant ceramic. Finally, CTS finished the assembly on a VSR high-speed balancer.

The result is a reliable 400hp on the factory fueling system when running 93 octane fuel straight from the pump.

The CTS-TR-2000 kit requires specific software tuning and is currently available from Unitronic for 2.0T Gen3 TSI engines only; 1.8TSI and B-Cycle engine support is coming in the future.


  • 400hp+ capable dual ball-bearing 67mm turbocharger.
  • Factory location bolt-on hardware solution, compatible with 3″ intakes, 3″ downpipes and factory location turbo outlet pipe.
  • Proprietary 3″ compressor cover with factory-spec intake and outlet locations.
  • Stainless steel flow-optimized exhaust housing, factory wastegate geometry.
  • Relocated diverter valve location allows for easy installation or upgrade.
  • Oil and coolant lines are included for easy installation using factory connections.
  • Compatible with factory wastegate actuator.
  • No upgrades to the fueling system required.


  • MK6 Jetta EA888 Gen 3 TSI (1.8T and 2.0T)
  • Mk2 Beetle EA888 (1.8T and 2.0T)
  • NMS (B7) Passat EA888

Please note that hardware will be compatible but tuning may not be available for your vehicle.

Parts Required:

  • Aftermarket high-flow intake (or equivalent)
  • 3″ high-flow downpipe (or equivalent)
  • Upgraded aftermarket intercooler
  • Upgraded turbo charge pipe set
  • Unitronic Stage 3 Software Tuning
Sours: https://store.ngpracing.com/cts-turbo-ea888-gen3-tsi-boss-turbocharger-upgrade-kit-non-mqb-vehicles.html
CTS Turbo MK5 MK6 B7 B8 BOSS KIT Development

CTS Turbo is a manufacturer and wholesaler of performance automotive parts, specializing in late-model Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen vehicles. The company also offers products for Toyota and MINI Cooper models. All CTS Turbo products are TIG welded and constructed using T304 stainless steel.

CTS Turbo prides itself on being a leader in the industry, offering an unparalleled level of high-end products, technical know-how, and customer service. The brand has everything you need to enhance the performance of your car; that includes cold air intakes, catch can kits, turbo kits, and performance exhaust systems. CTS Turbo’s team of skilled engineers and fabricators are dedicated to constantly developing new performance parts for your car to take it to the next level.

CTS Turbo Catch Cans

Oil catch cans are simple devices that can greatly benefit direct-injection motors. They are used to prevent oil and other contaminants from entering the intake manifold and clogging up the intake valves with buildup. Oil deposits on the intake manifold and valves can reduce performance and cause poor fuel mileage. 

CTS Turbo Intakes

Cold air intakes help deliver a smooth entry of cold air directly into the engine to improve performance and acceleration. Using mandrel-bent aluminum intake piping, CTS Turbo reduces unwanted turbulence within the pipes, which would otherwise reduce airflow into the engine. High-flow air filters utilize a cone design for better engine breathing and a great sound too.

CTS Turbo Exhausts

All CTS exhausts are hand TIG-welded using the finest T304 seamless stainless steel designed for both street use and track applications. Other systems use lower-quality materials causing them to crack and decay over time. CTS’ exhaust systems also deliver a tantalizing aggressive sound that produces several smiles per mile. 

CTS Turbo Downpipes

Downpipes are the perfect high-performance replacement for the factory downpipe, which rob your vehicle of its potential power. CTS Turbo’s downpipes feature a stainless-steel construction and built with maximum performance in mind. They are available in race-spec and street-spec varieties featuring Magnaflow catalytic converters.

Upgrade to CTS Turbo Today

When looking for a performance exhaust, CTS Turbo has the parts you need to unleash the potential power of your vehicle. Vivid Racing carries a wide selection of CTS Turbo products, including catless and catted downpipes, catch cans, heat shields, cold air intakes, pulleys, radiators, intercoolers, tubing, and more! We also carry complete turbo and exhaust kits from CTS Turbo. If you have any questions regarding the products listed above, please do not hesitate to call us at (480) 966-3040.

Sours: https://www.vividracing.com/cts-turbo-m-954.html

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CTS Turbo Diverter Valve Kit

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