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Mother 3 [GBA – Unused Boss & Sprites]


Mother 3 is the latest (and some say last) installment in the Earthbound saga. Released 12 years after the previous game in the series, Earthbound, it offers a radically different story and presentation than the other games it shares its name with, all the while retaining the same combat system and quirky sense of humor.

Creator Shigesato Itoi initially conceived mother 3 to be released for the N64 when it was announced first in 1996. However due to both the teams inexperience in developing with 3D graphics and the commercial failure of the N64 DD drive (which would have been required to play the game) the project was cancelled in 2000, even though the game was quite far in development. For an interesting comparison between the original N64 version and the GBA version, check this nice article by (warning for spoilers).

The next time anyone would hear about Mother3 it would be in 2003, when it was redesigned for the Game Boy Advance. Graphically the game looked closer to its predecessors, a league away from the blocky, early-3D look that it first appeared with. When it finally shipped in 2006 anticipation was high, so high in fact that when Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu polled its readers on what games they wanted most, Mother3 was on top of the list. Sadly, to date Mother3 has never seen a western release. Fans wishing to play the game are left with importing it and using fan-made guides to finish it. Recently however a dedicated group of fans has translated the entire game and made the patch available for the public. So those that never got to experience this hidden gem can now enjoy it in English.

Below are unused sprites (like a taxy, a bus and an UFO) and a video of unused backrounds. Many people said this was Giygas, but it is not:

From Earthbound Wiki:

Although, even if said by fans that the unused boss is Giygas, it has been said by Shigesato Itoi himself, that they were simply unused backgrounds depicting Lucas’s thoughts over the battle with the Masked Man. Although it makes a huge resemblance to Giygas, it is not. As told by Shigesato, the screaming faces of Claus show that Lucas is recognizing Claus and seeing his pain, even the red deformed face of Claus. This makes much more sense, because hackers have used programs to see where some of the unused music’s events originated from, and the “Lucas’s nightmare” music was going to originally be the Ultimate Chimera’s approach, but was later scrapped because it was too scary for a younger audience.

For more info check:

[spoiler /Sweden translation/ /Hide/]Sve: Giygas skulle egentligen vara i Mother 3, men var raderat från datan, antagligen pga. att bossfighten var för skrämmande för nyare, ungare spelare (fast ironiskt nog så var Mother 3 mycket mer mörkare än Mother 2/Earthbound), eller pga. att Giygas var förstörd för evigt. [/spoiler]

Some sprites from:



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earthboundmother 3RPGSours:

Mother 3/Unused Graphics

This is a sub-page of Mother 3.

To do:
Many graphics still need to be ripped and posted.
  • Check this and this.
  • There are many unused background graphics here.
    • On the background graphics that are on this page, are there any way to re-rip them with the proper palette?
  • Try ripping as many unused graphics as you can find from Jeffman's Mother 3 Funland software.

Unused Battle Backgrounds

To do:
A subpage for unused backgrounds, maybe? There's a lot to do.

There are many unused enemies in the game with a lack of sprites and most of them also have unused backgrounds. That also includes the ones that don't have a name. Some of the unused battle backgrounds removes two black borders, similar to how it looks for the backgrounds with all Earthbound bosses.

Mother3-1.pngM3 BG Clayman Ani.gif
What seems to be an earlier design for the Clayman, very similar to the one found in the final.

Mother3-5.pngM3 BG Exit Ani.gif
An exit sign.

Mother3-bg-5e.pngM3 BG COOL Ani.gif
A really cool one

Mother3-bg-17a.pngM3 BG A2 Ani.gif
A bunch of As.

Mother3-bg-17c.pngM3 BG B2 Ani.gif
A bunch of Bs

Mother3-bg-17d.pngM3 BG A Ani.gif
A giant A.

Mother3-bg-17e.pngM3 BG B Ani.gif
A giant B.

Mother3-bg-125.pngM3 BG NUMBERS Ani.gif
Big ol' Nunbers!

Mother3-bg-159.pngM3 BG CROSS Ani.gif
A health cross.

Mother3-bg-178.pngM3 BG G3 Ani.gif
A giant G3.

These background graphics show an earlier version of the Pigmask design, with them going through multiple different designs throughout development.

  • Mother3-2.png
  • Mother3-3.png
  • Mother3-4.png

Here's what they look like in-game. Note the Pigmask with sunglasses has no animated background, instead staying stationary.

  • M3 BG PIGMASK1 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG PIGMASK2 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG PIGMASK3 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG PIGMASK4 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG PIGMASK5.png

The most notorious below are a series of morbid backgrounds from a giant "X" to a giant/close-up ghostly image of Claus. It even includes a giant red face that has the reminiscent of Giygas in Earthbound, but less terrifying. Shigesato Itoi mentioned in an interview with Nintendo Dream that he originally intended the final boss to be a nightmarish sequence without any dialogue in the original N64 version, but the tone for the GBA version was dialed back a bit for being too dark; the backgrounds might have been remnants of the original plan.

  • Mother3-6.png
  • Mother3-7.png
  • Mother3-8.png
  • Mother3-9.png
  • Mother3-10.png
  • Mother3-11.png
  • Mother3-12.png
  • Mother3-13.png
  • Mother3-14.png
  • Mother3-15.png
  • Mother3-16.png
  • Mother3-17.png
  • M3 Unused Red Background NoNose.png
  • Mother3-18.png
  • Mother3-19.png

When put in-game, they're mixed & matched, which can be seen here.

  • M3 BG FinalBoss0 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss1 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss2 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss3 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss4 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss5 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss6 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss7 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss8 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss9 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss10 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss11 Ani.gif
  • M3 BG FinalBoss12 Ani.gif

Unused Battle Sprites

Mother3 Straw back.pngMother3 CactusWolf back.pngMother3 Forlorn back.pngMother3 Surprise back.pngAlmost Mecha-Lion Back.pngMother3 MechaGorillaBack.pngMaster Eddy Back.pngMother3 Firefly Back.png
Since they cannot be approached from behind, many bosses and mini-bosses have unused back sprites. They include the Strawberry Slime, the Cactus Wolf, the Forlorn Junk Heap, the Surprise Box, the Almost Mecha-Lion, the Steel Mechorilla, Master Eddy, and the Firefly.

Mother3 MaskedMan Back.png
The Masked Man also has a "back sprite" during the first fight with him, which shows him unmasked. It's similar to the one where he reveals his true identity, but still holding his arm cannon. It's notable that he doesn't hold a sword. It's most likely that this was the original sprite used for when he removes his mask.

M3 Alkaline Man.gifMother3 Alkaline Manbattle.PNGM3 AlkalineMan Back.png
This enemy, Alkaline Man, is an extremely interesting and original palette swap of Battery Man. He is sadly unused, and thus we never get to see his wonderful sprites.

An unused mini-boss called the Tiny Forest. According to unused Battle Memory text, it was meant to be fought in the Mole Cricket Hole.

An unused bear sprite with some honey on his claws and teeth. In the game, an item named Honey Shower allows you to summon bees to hit enemies, but sometimes the narration says that a bear showed up instead; no bears actually appear graphically, though. This bear is associated to enemy 00, an enemy that can't be fought.

A palette swap of a Navy SQUEAL. This Pigmask is associated to enemy 100, an enemy that can't be fought because of how the RAM handles enemies. (MAX value ) This can be seen by using this branch of Jeffman's Funland. This is also the last enemy with a sprite.

(Jeff's Graphic Dump:

Unused Character Sprites

Main Characters

M3 YoungClaus Ladder.gif
An animation of Young Claus climbing.

M3 YoungClaus Pulling.gif
Young Claus pulling on something & falling over. Originally intended for the early version of the "F-F-Fire!" scene.

M3 YoungClaus SSC Right.gifM3 YoungClaus SSC Left.gif
Young Claus playing Stone-Sheet-Clippers, used in the unused Masked Man flashbacks.

M3 YoungClaus FallenDown.pngM3 YoungClaus FallenUp.png
Unused sprites of Young Claus knocked out in different directions.

M3 Claus NoShoes.png
An unused sprite of a fallen Young Claus without his shoes. Although he does lose his shoes in the final game, they still appear on his fallen sprite.

M3 Claus Sitting.png
Unused sprite of Claus just sitting.

Claus2.pngM3 Claus Unmasked2.pngM3 Claus Unmasked3.pngM3 Claus Unmasked4.pngM3 Claus Unmasked5.pngM3 Claus Unmasked6.pngM3 Claus Unmasked7.png
Unused sprites for Claus in his Commander outfit. In the final, only a down-facing one is used.

M3 MM NoMask Walk BL.gifM3 MM NoMask Walk L.gifM3 MM NoMask Walk TL.gifM3 MM NoMask Walk DOWN.gifM3 MM NoMask Walk UP.gifM3 MM NoMask Walk TR.gifM3 MM NoMask Walk R.gifM3 MM NoMask Walk BR.gif
Unused walking animations of Claus in his Commander outfit.

M3 Claus Unmasked Talk1.gifM3 Claus Unmasked Talk2.gifM3 Claus Unmasked Talk3.gifM3 Claus Unmasked Talk4.gifM3 Claus Unmasked Talk5.gifM3 Claus Unmasked Talk6.gifM3 Claus Unmasked Talk7.gifM3 Claus Unmasked Talk8.gif
Unused talking animations for Claus in his Commander outfit.

M3 Flint RamDownLeft.gifM3 Flint RamTopLeft.gifM3 flintrammin.gifM3 Flint RamTopRight.gifM3 Flint RamRight.gifM3 Flint RamDownRight.gif
Unused directions for Flint ramming. The up and left animations are used in-game.

M3 Flint KO Burned BottomLeft.gifM3 Flint KO Burned Left.gifM3 Flint KO Burned TopLeft.gifM3 Flint KO Burned Down.gifM3 Flint KO Burned Up.gifM3 Flint KO Burned TopRight.gifM3 Flint KO Burned Right.gifM3 Flint KO Burned BottomRight.gif
Unused burnt variants of Flint walking while K.O.'d. In the final game, Flint is the only playable party member during the forest fire, which prevents you from viewing these.

M3 Flint KO Charred BottomLeft.gifM3 Flint KO Charred Left.gifM3 Flint KO Charred TopLeft.gifM3 Flint KO Charred Down.gifM3 Flint KO Charred Up.gifM3 Flint KO Charred TopRight.gifM3 Flint KO Charred Right.gifM3 Flint KO Charred BottomRight.gif
Charred variants also exist, and just like the burned ones, these also go unused.

M3 Flint Talking Burned BottomLeft.gifM3 Flint Talking Burned Left.gifM3 Flint Talking Burned TopLeft.gifM3 Flint Talking Burned Down.gifM3 Flint Talking Burned Up.gifM3 Flint Talking Burned TopRight.gifM3 Flint Talking Burned Right.gifM3 Flint Talking Burned BottomRight.gif
Unused burnt variants of Flint talking. Due to Flint being the sole protagonist while he is covered in soot, he never talks.

M3 Flint Talking DownLeft.gifM3 Flint Talking Side.gifM3 Flint Talking TopLeft.gifM3 Flint Talking Down.gifM3 Flint Talking Top.gifM3 Flint Talking TopRight.gifM3 Flint Talking SideRight.gifM3 Flint Talking DownRight.gif
Unused charred variants of Flint talking. The top-left and top-right animations' second frame is one pixel off-center.

M3 Flint Burnt KneelDiagonalDown.pngM3 Flint Burnt KneelSide.pngM3 Flint Burnt KneelDiagonalUp.pngM3 Flint Burnt KneelDown.pngM3 Flint Burnt KneelUp.pngM3 Flint Burnt KneelDiagonalUp2.pngM3 Flint Burnt KneelSide2.pngM3 Flint Burnt KneelDiagonalDown2.png
Unused sprites of burnt Flint crouching in all manners of directions.

M3 Flint Charred KneelDiagonalDown.pngM3 Flint Charred Kneel Side.pngM3 Flint Charred KneelDiagonalUp.pngM3 Flint Charred KneelDown.pngM3 Flint Charred KneelUp.pngM3 Flint Charred KneelDiagonalUp2.pngM3 Flint Charred Kneel Side2.pngM3 Flint Charred KneelDiagonalDown2.png
Another set of kneeling Flint, but he's only charred this time.

EB64 Cliff LookUp.png

M3 Flint Looking Up.gif
Unused animation of Flint looking up. The final game has Flint angled to look at the top-right during the cliff scene. Note this animation matches the N64 version of the cliff scene.

Flint hopping & stabbing downwards with the Drago Fang. This could be a number of things, but it's most likely connected to the Mecha-Drago.


M3 Flint HangFull.gif
An animation exists of Flint clinging to the airship at the end of Chapter 5 who, according to the Mother 3 (EarthBound 64) trailer at Spaceworld 1999, would have replaced Kumatora in the party at this point in the game.

M3 Flint Crouch Talk.gif
Unused animation of Flint talking while crouched.

M3 Flint Hat Low.gif
Unused animation of Flint tipping his hat lower than usual, almost taking it off.

M3 Flint Knocking.gif
Unused animation of Flint knocking.

M3 Flint Pushing.gif
Unused animation of Flint doing... something. It almost looks like the pushing sprites Lighter & Isaac have in Chapter 1.

M3 Flint BobbingHead.gif
Another weird unused Flint animation of him talking while doing some weird pose.

M3 Flint Sleep.gif
Unused animation of Flint sleeping.

M3 Flint Train Dodge.png
Unused sprite of Flint dodging the train. This is actually fully functional by putting him in the second party-member slot using debug and bringing him to the train in Chapter 4.

M3 Flint Walk Wood.gif
Unused animation of Flint walking to the right while holding a piece of wood. Found with the sprites for the campfire scene before Ollie being hit, it suggests Flint would've walked to Ollie in order to attack him.

M3 Flint Uppercut.gif
Unused animation of Flint doing either an uppercut or jumping.

M3 Flint Looking Up Walk.gif
Unused animation of Flint looking up & walking.

M3 Flint Looking Up Alt.gif
Unused animation of Flint looking up & just... floating up? The final two sprites are moved up a pixel.

M3 Flint Looking Up Talk.gif
Unused animation of Flint talking while looking up.

M3 Flint Unconscious.png
Apparently an unused sprite of an unconscious Flint, very similar to its hatless counterpart.

M3 HFlint Idle BL.pngM3 HFlint Idle L.pngM3 HFlint Idle TL.pngM3 HFlint Idle U.png
Unused sprites of a hatless Flint standing, with angles never seen in-game.

M3 HFlint Walk BL.gifM3 HFlint Walk L.gifM3 HFlint Walk TL.gifM3 HFlint Walk D.gifM3 HFlint Walk U.gifM3 HFlint Walk TR.gifM3 HFlint Walk R.gifM3 HFlint Walk BR.gif
Unused animations of a hatless Flint walking in multiple directions. In the final, Flint never walks while hatless.

M3 HFlint Talk BL.gifM3 HFlint Talk L.gifM3 HFlint Talk TL.gifM3 HFlint Talk U.gifM3 HFlint Talk TR.gifM3 HFlint Talk R.gifM3 HFlint Talk BR.gif
Unused animations of a hatless Flint talking in multiple different directions. In the final, he only talks facing down.

M3 Flint NoHat Kneel Down.png
Unused sprite of a hatless Flint crouching. He kneels similarly in Chapter 8, but never in this direction.

M3 Flint NoHat Unconscious.png
Unused sprite of an unconscious Flint without his hat. Probably intended for the aftermath of an attack by the Masked Man.

M3 Duster PullStaples NoStaple.gifM3 Duster ClimbStaple NoStaple.gif
Animations of Duster using the wall staples... without the staples.

M3 Duster Talking Angry.gif
A weird animation of Duster talking while doing some weird pose, which matches the unused Flint one mentioned previously.

M3 Duster Electrocuted.gif
Animation of Duster getting electrocuted & collapsing onto the ground. Originally intended for Chapter 5, as a frame of it can still be seen in the credits.

M3 Duster Sleeping Attract.gif
Duster sleeping. The first half is used in the second unused attract animation and his naming screen.

M3 Duster Sleeping Alt.gif
Alternate animation of Duster sleeping.

M3 DiagSnake.gif
Unused diagonal variant of the Rope Snake animation.

Duster whip gif.gifM3 Duster Rope Ch7.gif
Two animations of Duster holding onto a rope, which both match up to animations Rope Snake also has, used in Chapters 5 & 7. This animations are found in an earlier sprite bank (Bank 0, Character 1E7) than all the Rope Snake graphics (Bank 0, Character 1F9). This suggests that Rope Snake might not have existed at one point, & instead Duster used rope.

M3 Lucky2 DownLeft.pngM3 Lucky2 Side.pngM3 Lucky2 TopLeft.pngM3 Lucky2 Down.pngM3 Lucky2 Top.pngM3 Lucky2 TopRight.pngM3 Lucky2 Side2.pngM3 Lucky2 DownRight.png
Sprites for Duster in his DCMC outfit with the second, black wig.

M3 Lucky2 DownLeftTalk.gifM3 Lucky2 SideTalk.gifM3 Lucky2 TopLeftTalk.gifM3 Lucky2 TopRightTalk.gifM3 Lucky2 Side2Talk.gifM3 Lucky2 DownRightTalk.gif
Animations for Duster talking in the same outfit.

M3 Violet Kneel Down.pngM3 Violet Kneel Up.png
Unused sprites of Violet kneeling.

Duster Magic.gifM3 EarlyPTSKumatora Teleport.gif
Unused animations of Duster & Kumatora teleporting. Unused Memo text mentions PSI being able to assist with transportation, which possibly relates to these sprites. Kumatora is also using an unused design, possibly her early post-timeskip design.

M3 EarlyPTSKumatora Yell.gif
Unused animation of older Kumatora yelling with her early design.

M3 EarlyPTSKumatora PSi.gif
Another unused animation with older Kumatora in her early design, yet again. This graphic shows her throwing something or probably using some sort of PSI power in a cutscene.

MOTHER 3 Wess Unconscious Sprites.png
These sprites would be used in the overworld if Wess were to be unconscious. As this can never happen (due to him being a non-playable party member), this set of sprites go unused. By editing a save file to set his HP to 0, these sprites can be seen. Interestingly, Wess seems to be the only non-playable party member with such sprites. This might be a remnant of Wess' original playable party member role, as seen in the N64 version.

We gonna rock all night
Wess does have a rocking chair in his house, but he never sits in it.

More bubble action!
At the end of Chapter 2, there is a graphic that closely resembles to this unused one, but it lacks the bubble. This animation is used in the second unused attract mode cutscene.

Tiny sprites of Salsa. Since they're in the same style as the small player sprites during the refrigerator scene, it's possible that Salsa would have originally been in the party during Snowcap Mountain or might have had more of a longer role somewhere in Chapter 7.


M3 Hinawa FallOver.gif
Unused animation of Hinawa pulling on something & falling over. Originally intended for the early version of the "F-F-Fire!" scene. These also match the unused Claus animations.

M3 HinawaGhost Turnaround.gifM3 HinawaGhost Turnaround alt.gif
Unused animation of Hinawa's ghost turning around. A variant exists with her bottom-half missing, probably meant to be used for Chapter 6.

M3 HinawaGhost HandsOut.gif
Unused animation of Hinawa's ghost putting her arms out.

M3 HinawaGhost Leave.gif
Unused animation of Hinawa's ghost disappearing.

M3 MadHinawa.gif
Unused animation of what appears to be a mad Hinawa's ghost.

Now you know why bread is so expensive
Butch eating an entire loaf of bread.

Mother3 bateau knocking.gif
This animation is of Bateau knocking on a door. It resembles Thomas' knocking animation that is used in the first chapter. This animation is actually used in the second unused attract mode cutscene.

M3 JonelCampfire 1.gifM3 JonelCampfire 2.gifM3 JonelCampfire 3.gifM3 JonelCampfire 4.gifM3 JonelCampfire 5.png
Unused animation of Jonel struggling with something. These animations perfectly match the animation of Bronson struggling to stop Flint during the campfire scene, suggesting that Jonel would've originally tried to stop Flint instead of Bronson.

MR Lighter Swing Front.gifM3 Lighter Swing Side.gif
Unused animations of Lighter swinging his Lumber in different directions.

MR Lighter LookingBack Talking.gif
Lighter looking back & talking.

M3 Lighter Fall.gif
Animation of Lighter falling.

M3 Fuel Burnt Cry1.pngM3 Fuel Burnt Cry2.gifM3 Fuel Burnt Trapped.gif
Unused burnt variations of sprites for Fuel stuck in his burning house.

M3 Fuel Eyes Closed.png
Unused sprite of Fuel closing his eyes. Other NPCs do blink, but they have multiple directional sprites for it. Fuel only has a down-facing one.

M3 Angie Eyes Closed.png
A very similar unused sprite of Angie closing her eyes. Note Fuel and Angie are using their older designs, and that they both work together at the bakery.

M3 Bronson Crouch BL.pngM3 Bronson Crouch L.pngM3 Bronson Crouch TL.pngM3 Bronson Crouch Down.pngM3 Bronson Crouch Up.pngM3 Bronson Crouch TR.pngM3 Bronson Crouch Right.pngM3 Bronson Crouch BR.png
Sprites of Bronson crouching in multiple different directions. When Bronson is loaded as a party member, this plays as his pre-run sprite, which is only reserved for party members. Maybe Bronson was a guest member originally?

M3 Bronson Idle BL.pngM3 Bronson Idle Left.pngM3 Bronson Idle TL.pngM3 Bronson Idle Down.pngM3 Bronson Idle TR.pngM3 Bronson Idle Right.pngM3 Bronson Idle BR.png
Sprites of Bronson blinking in multiple different directions. When Bronson is loaded in-game as a party member, it plays as his idle animation. Supporting the idea that Bronson was in your party at some point.

M3 Bronson Punch.gif
Unused animation of Bronson punching to the side.

M3 Bronson Breathing.gif
Unused animation of Bronson breathing. Probably a part of the punching animation above.

M3 Bronson Weird.gif
A pretty strange animation of Bronson bending over, closing his eyes, and most likely talking.

M3 Bronson Duck.png
Unused sprite of Bronson ducking. Probably a part of the campfire scene.

M3 Bronson CrouchDownLeft.pngM3 Bronson CrouchSide.pngM3 Bronson CrouchUpLeft.pngM3 Bronson CrouchDown.pngM3 Bronson CrouchUp.pngM3 Bronson CrouchUpRight.pngM3 Bronson CrouchSide2.pngM3 Bronson CrouchDownRight.png
Unused set of sprites for Bronson crouching in his worker outfit.

M3 Ollie Demolished.png
Unused sprite of Ollie absolutely destroyed, with his glasses fallen off.

M3 Matt Knocked Out.png
Unused sprite of Matt seemingly laying unconscious.

M3 Mike Talk Bottom Left.gifM3 Mike Talk Left.gifM3 Mike Talk Top Left.gifM3 Mike Talk Down.gifM3 Mike Talk Up.gifM3 Mike Talk Top Right.gifM3 Mike Talk Right.gifM3 Mike Talk Bottom Right.gifM3 Mike Walk Bottom Left.gifM3 Mike Walk Left.gifM3 Mike Walk Top Left.gifM3 Mike Walk Up.gifM3 Mike Walk Down.gifM3 Mike Walk Top Right.gifM3 Mike Walk Right.gifM3 Mike Walk Bottom Right.gif
Unused sprites of Mike in the worker uniform. In the final game, he lives in the Old Man's Paradise, which means he doesn't ever work in the Factory.

M3 Jackie WorkCrouchDownLeft.pngM3 Jackie WorkCrouchSide.pngM3 Jackie WorkCrouchUpLeft.pngM3 Jackie Work CrouchDown.pngM3 Jackie WorkCrouchUp.pngM3 Jackie WorkCrouchUpRight.pngM3 Jackie WorkCrouchSide2.pngM3 Jackie WorkCrouchDownRight.png
A full set of unused crouching sprites for Jackie in his worker uniform.

M3 Bud Crouch Left.pngM3 Bud Crouch Down.pngM3 Bud Crouch Up.pngM3 Bud Crouch Right.png
More unused crouching worker sprites, this time for Bud.

M3 Lou Crouch Left.pngM3 Lou Crouch Down.pngM3 Lou Crouch Up.pngM3 Lou Crouch Right.png
A matching set of crouching sprites for Lou.

Do not separate them.Do not separate them.
Unused matching sprites of Paul & Linda, which seems to be of them kissing each other.

M3 Biff Fishing Talking.gifM3 Biff Fishing Catch.gifM3 Biff Fishing Fail.gifM3 Biff Fishing Leaving.gif
Unused animations of Biff fishing, losing the catch, & leaving. Seeing how he only walks in one direction, this might be intended for the attract mode?

M3 Biff Laughing.png
An apparently unused sprite of Biff laughing. Or maybe he's in shock.

M3 Elmore Pushing.gif
Unused animation of Elmore pushing on something.

M3 Elmore Head.png
Unused sprite of half of Elmore's head--maybe for sitting in a seat?

This is trippy...Mother3 bud evil talk.gifMother3 bud evil walk.gifM3 Lou Sparks Idle.gifM3 Lou Sparks Talking.gifM3 Lou Sparks Walking.gifMother3GBA-Jackie brainwashed stand.gifMother3GBA-Jackie brainwashed walk.gifM3 Jackie Brainwashed Talking.gifM3 Lighter Brainwashed.gifM3 Lighter Brainwashed Walking.gifM3 Abbot Brainwashed Standing.gifM3 Abbot Brainwashed Walking.gifM3 Isaac Brainwashed Standing.gifM3IsaacWalking.gif

A researcher explains a method of brainwashing as it introduced.

These are very creepy animations of Bud, Lou, Jackie, Lighter, Abbot, and Isaac. Due to the characters facing only one direction, they weren't meant to be talked to casually and were meant for a cutscene in Chapter 8. Since it is indicated in Chapter 8 that Porky has a method of brainwashing people, it is likely that many of the Tazmily villagers were meant to be brainwashed to not only respect Porky but to become a Pigmask. It's noted that Isaac already becomes a Pigmask so it probably taken place before Lucas and co's arrival.

M3 OJ LayingDown.pngM3 Baccio LayingDown.png
Two very similar sprites of what seem to be OJ & Baccio laying on the ground. Note the other D.C.M.C. members don't have these.

M3 Andonuts FallingOut.gifM3 Andonuts CrawlingOut.gif
A pair of animations of Andonuts falling/crawling out of his trash can.

M3 Andonuts EnteringTrash.gif
Dr. Andonuts entering his trash can, probably related to the two animations above.

M3 WigDude Walk Left.gifM3 WigDude Walk Down.gifM3 WigDude Walk Up.gifM3 WigDude Walk Right.gifM3 WigDude Talk Left.gifM3 WigDude Talk Down.gifM3 WigDude Talk Up.gifM3 WigDude Talk Right.gif
Walking & talking animations for a generic old-guy wearing Lucky's wig. This might explain why Duster wears a black wig in Chapter 8.

Mother3 item tent left.pngMother3 item tent right.png
Unused sprites of the Item Guy's tent pitched to the ground.

Mother3 item tent man inside left.png
Sprites exist of the Item Guy's cart door open, revealing a person inside. According to an unused memo, this was meant to be a healer.

Mother3 dryerchimera inflate.gif
Sprites exist of the Dryer Chimera inflating.


M3 BetaAeolia Walk Left.gifM3 BetaAeolia Walk Back.gifM3 BetaAeolia Walk Forward.gifM3 BetaAeolia Walk Right.gifM3 BetaAeolia Talk BottomLeft.gifM3 BetaAeolia Talk Left.gifM3 BetaAeolia Talk TopLeft.gifM3 BetaAeolia Talk Back.gifM3 BetaAeolia Talk Forwards.pngM3 BetaAeolia Talk TopRight.gifM3 BetaAeolia Talk Right.gifM3 BetaAeolia Talk BottomRight.gif
Found in Aeolia's graphic bank, unused animations of an early design for them. The walking & talking forwards is missing a frame that was overwritten with the final design.

M3 BetaPhrygia Walk Left.gifM3 BetaPhrygia Walk Forwards.gifM3 BetaPhrygia Walk Right.gifM3 BetaPhrygia Talk BottomLeft.pngM3 BetaPhrygia Talk Left.gifM3 BetaPhrygia Talk TopLeft.gifM3 BetaPhrygia Talk TopRight.gifM3 BetaPhrygia Talk Right.gifM3 BetaPhrygia Talk BottomRight.png
Found in Phrygia's graphic bank are an early design for them walking & talking. Walking is missing a frame in each direction, & two of the talking sprites seem to have been partially overwritten and missing a frame as well.


M3 PigmaskCaptain Pull.gif
Unused animation of the Pigmask Captain pulling something from the ground.

M3 PigmaskCaptain Emerge.gif
Unused animation of the Pigmask Captain emerging from the water, almost loops perfectly.

M3 PigmaskCaptain Carry.gifM3 Pigmask Carry.gif
Unused animations of the Pigmask Captain & Major picking something up from the ground. Its left shoulder has a hole in it.

M3 NavySqueal periscope.gif
Unused animations of a Periscope found within the Navy SQUEAL's graphic's bank. In the final, they never have a periscope.

M3 NavySqueal Appear.gif
Follow-up animation of a Navy SQUEAL popping up from the water, which plays immediately after the previous one.

M3 NavySqueal Water BottomLeft.gifM3 NavySqueal Water Left.gifM3 NavySqueal Water TopLeft.gifM3 NavySqueal Water Down.gifM3 NavySqueal Water Up.gifM3 NavySqueal Water TopRight.gifM3 NavySqueal Water Right.gifM3 NavySqueal Water BottomRight.gif
Follow-up animation of a Navy SQUEAL which plays immediately after the previous one.

M3 BarrierTrio Walk Left.gifM3 BarrierTrio Walk Down.gifM3 BarrierTrio Walk Up.gifM3 BarrierTrio Walk Right.gif
The Barrier Trio walking in multiple different directions. In the final, they stay stationary in the same pose, & never look forward.

Woah Mama!
A Barrier Trio, facing forward and moving it's hips. Same as above, they don't even animate in the final game.

M3 BarrierTrio Ready.gif
An odd animation of the back Barrier Trio, looks like it's readying up?

M3 MM SwordWalkin.gif
An unfinished looking animation of the Masked Man walking with his sword drawn.

I'm the Masked Man, I'm grey and orange~
Unused animation of the Masked Man shooting his arm cannon to the side.

Unused animation of the Masked Man collapsing & exploding. While the first half is used in the final game after defeating him at Chupichupyoi Temple, the second half of him exploding goes completely unused.

Unused animation of the Masked Man being lifted or floating. It seems to follow the previous animation, and it pairs well with the animation of the Pigmasks picking up something from the ground.

A very interesting unused sprite of the Masked Man being repaired, seemingly after exploding. It's possible it was meant as a background detail in Chapter 8.

M3 Porky Early Idle.gif
Animation of an early Porky...floating. Which is weird, as the spider mech existed back during development of the N64 version. Perhaps it was changed back to the spider mech later in GBA development?

M3 Porky Early Close.gifM3 Porky Early Open.gif
More animations of the early Porky Closing/Opening his pod. Note that, while the sprite editor shows it closing, in-game it's opening.

M3 Porky Early Speak.gif
Possible talking animation for the early Porky design.

M3 Porky Early Unknown R.gifM3 Porky Early Unknown L.gif
The early Porky wobbling in his floating contraption before floating back up.

M3 Porky Early Fall.gif
Early Porky falling from the ground, breaking the glass from his contraption all over the floor.

M3 Porky Early Struggle.gif
Follow up to the previous animation, Porky struggling after falling to the ground. Possibly calling the Absolutely Safe Capsule?

M3 Porkybot2.pngM3 PorkybotTalk.gif
Unused sprites for a Porkybot sitting and talking.

M3 PorkybotFall.gif
Unused animation of a Porkybot falling or stomping its foot.

M3 PorkyBot Destroyed.gif
Unused animation for a destroyed Porkybot.

M3 Porky Bot Destroyed.pngM3 PorkyBot AbsolutelyAnnihilated.png
An unused sprite of the destroyed Porkybot without the electric effects, and a completely destroyed Porkybot.

M3 PorkyBot Shine.gif
Unused animation of an early Porkybot shining its eyes. Maybe a form of brainwashing?

M3 PorkyBot Death.gif
Unused animation of the same early Porkybot falling over & breaking apart.


Huzzah for Engrish!
Some text that resembles the "End?" text that appears in the ending.

M3 Statue Unused.png
Found in the graphics bank for the Osohe Castle statue, graphics of an unused variant/early design for it exist.

M3 TrashCan Falling.gif
Found in Bank 0 - Character 1F6, graphics of a trash can falling over. This might be related to the graphics of Andonuts falling over in the Trash Can.

Mother3 Rocking Chair.gif
A rocking chair that is found with the previous graphic of Wess.

An animation exists of the pig-shaped vending machines dispensing an item.

M3 slimeplaceholder.png
A dummy graphic, whose sprites are copied at least 24 times in the ROM, that is often used as the overworld sprite for unused enemies, such as the Tiny Forest. It resembles a Slime from the Dragon Quest series. Some of these sprites appears on an unused cutscene.

Why did HAL/Brownie Brown give him a butt?
Another dummy graphic, depicting an immobile naked man, which could have been used as the placeholder for NPCs on the overworld. It appears if the party gets a game over when Kumatora is in the lead (impossible to happen without the use of the Debug room).

Unused Background Graphics

Your life is now complete.
In Chapter 8, in the toilet dungeon, there is an inaccessible room which contains an unanimated toilet overflowing. The animation of it overflowing is loaded with the other room graphics.

An alternate sign for the Sheriff's Office exists, with more compact letters and a star.

Unused signs exist for the Yado Inn and Thomas's Bazaar with the name "Hotel & Saloon" and "General Store". For the "Hotel & Saloon", it's possible that the graphic could've been used somewhere in Chapter 3 as Tazmily Village starting to get modernized in Chapter 4. The Yado sign was probably meant to be displayed on the right side of the building, while the Bazaar sign "General Store" seems to be a leftover from the N64 version, where it was called "Thomas' General Store".

A sign that says "JUNGLE DOME" and has a bunch of arrows pointing up. It was possibly displayed right before the party entered the Hippo Launcher floor in the Empire Porky Building.

Luke Skyrunner?Tonda Gossa! Oops, wrong gameM3largetaxi.pngNot every person lives in one.
Larger, custom sprites exist for the Sky Runner, the Runaway Five tour bus, a taxi, and the Yellow Submarine in the Hall of Memories. In the final game, their sprites are directly taken from EarthBound.

A very jagged rock that wouldn't look out-of-place in an area such as Drago Plateau or the location of the final Needle.

A statue of Buddha.

A Pork Skin Rug?
A pig version of a bear skin rug.

Some text saying "MONSTER CHECK".

Some sort of pedestal. Possibly for holding a needle?

M3 Graphic unknown.png
These are certainly graphics for something. They resemble the illustrated concept art for the game.

M3 miscgraphics.png
Miscellaneous unused graphics, including some numbers, the letter "F", and an unused "END" graphic.

M3 misctiles.png
More miscellaneous graphics, including a cardboard box, and what appears to be a pillow?

M3 BushPeople.png
What appears to be a pile of papers, or a bush. People appear to be hiding inside of it.

M3 PorkCompany.png
Unused graphics for a "Pork Company".

Other Graphics

Mother3 unusedsprite five.png
This is loaded while the game is showing Nowhere Islands in the intro. However, it's covered up by the body of water surrounding the islands, making it invisible unless the player uses an emulator's tile viewer. It says 仮, which means "temporary".

A low-quality picture of the Ostrich Burgers Historic Summit Inn Cafe on Route 66. It's possible that it was simply inserted into the game to test how the game displayed graphics. It seems to closely resemble the Dur-T Cafe found during the Highway section of Chapter 5.

These unused graphics are actually more remnants of the lost coupon mechanic!

A giant grey pig attached to a ship; likely an early Pigmask zeppelin. This would probably explain the "waste products" the party will find occasionally around Pigmask-occupied locations. Interestingly, the game's art director posted a concept art of an early Pork Tank that is similar to this without the body; just the head.

M3 MedHeli.gifM3 TinyHeli.gif
Smaller size variations for the crashing Pork Heli used in the ending sequence.

aww yeahM3earlypigmaskfix.png
A weird yellow Pigmask. Interestingly, the "foot" of the left sprite is actually a fix for the Pigmask's left eyebrow, which uses the same bottom pixels as the right eyebrow. The right sprite shows what the Pigmask should look like with the eyebrow fix added. Yellow Pigmasks, outside of a mask Boney wears during the Chimera Lab sequence and the unused Navy SQUEAL palette swap above, do not exist in the final.

Mother 3 Kanji Name.png
This game has an entire small kanji font for displaying names, but there is no way to input kanji, so it goes unused.

Credits Images

  • Mother3 credits scene1.png
  • Mother3 credits scene2.png
  • Mother3 credits scene3.png
  • Mother3 credits scene4.png
  • Mother3 credits scene5.png
  • Mother3 credits scene6.png

Six ending images go unused. The fourth image is optional and not the correct solution for that scene.

(Source: Jeffman)

  1. Angel images clipart
  2. Malibu landscape lighting kit
  3. Spherion part time jobs
  4. Grip puppies amazon
  5. Jackson laboratory stock


For fighter info, see Lucas (SSBB), Lucas (SSB4), and Lucas (SSBU).

Lucas (リュカ, Lucas) is a character in the EarthBound universe, debuting in the Japan-only Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance.


Lucas is the main protagonist of Mother 3. The son of Flint and Hinawa, he is characterized as more timid than his twin brother, Claus. Despite being young, however, he was forced to face a broken family following the death of Hinawa and the disappearance of Claus. While playable briefly during the prologue of Mother 3, he is an NPC for the first three chapters of the game, with Flint, Duster, and Salsa being the main characters of those chapters. After reappearing in the climax of Chapter 3 against the Pork Tank, he becomes the main playable character after the three-year time skip to Chapter 4, and retains this role for the remainder of the game.

While he initially leaves his hometown of Tazmily Village to locate Duster, he quickly becomes involved in a greater struggle against the Pigmask Army. He learns PSI, and his ability to use PK Love sets him into a chase against the Masked Man to pull the Seven Needles to awaken the Dark Dragon living under the Nowhere Islands. Lucas' main party of allies includes Kumatora, Duster, and his beloved pet dog Boney.

In battle, Lucas fills the same archetype as his predecessor Ness did in EarthBound, being somewhat slow, but having a strong basic attack and access to a variety of PSI techniques such as stat boosts, Lifeup, PK Flash, and the aforementioned PK Love. Whereas the previous Mother protagonists wielded baseball bats, Lucas generally wields sticks.

Lucas' appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series have helped considerably boost his public image but not to the same extent as Ness, though this can be attributed to Lucas appearing only since Brawl. Despite this fact, Lucas became more or less of a mainstream character in gaming culture rather than remaining a curious cult character who would be known only to the highly devoted Nintendo fandom.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

On July 17th, 2001, Masahiro Sakurai updated the Smabura-Ken on Ness's profile, revealing that Ness was planned to be scrapped and replaced by Lucas as a playable character. However, Ness instead reprised his role due to the cancellation of Mother 3 on the Nintendo 64.

Actually, at first, I planned to change him [Ness] into the protagonist of Mother 3 [Lucas], but for various reasons during the delay, I settled back on the original idea. (実は当初、MOTHER3の主人公に変更する予定でしたが、いろいろあって遠回りしながら、元のさやに収まりました。)
—Masahiro Sakurai, Smabura-Ken Ness page (Japanese)

Both Ness and Lucas would ultimately appear as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Lucas (SSBB)

Lucas, as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Lucas makes his Super Smash Bros. series debut, and by extension his international debut, in Brawl. His special moves are similar to Ness, but with some key differences. For example, Lucas' PK Thunder goes through opponents and can deal multiple hits, whereas Ness' version disappears on contact. Lucas' Final Smash is PK Starstorm, which he shares with Ness. Lucas also has near-identical physics to Ness. However, the majority of Lucas' moves completely differ from Ness, thus rendering him as a pseudo-clone of his fellow EarthBound series fighter.

Lucas is ranked 30th out of 38 on the tier list, placing him in the E tier. His lower mid-tier placing is primarily due to the additional 10 frames he gets when grab released (a trait he shares with Ness), which makes him vulnerable to grab release follow-ups from every character, including zero-deathchain grabs from Marth and Donkey Kong.


The Lucas trophy from Brawl.
The younger of twin brothers living in Tazmily Village in the Nowhere Islands. He's a kind boy who can communicate with animals, but he's shy and never really got over the tragedy that struck his mother. He fights a warped dictatorship, hunts the Seven Needles, and crosses swords with his missing brother, Claus. In the end, the young boy with psychic PSI powers grows up.
GB Advance: Mother 3(Japan Only)


Brawl Sticker Lucas (Mother 3).png
(Mother 3)

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Lucas (SSB4)

Lucas, as he appears in Super Smash Bros. 4.

Although Lucas was not present in the final roster upon Super Smash Bros. 4's initial worldwide release, he was later released as a DLC character on June 14th, 2015. Prior to this, his non-fighter trophy appeared in both versions of the game, while his special moves became available as custom variations for Ness' respective specials.[1]

Lucas is ranked 28th out of 55 on the tier list, placing him in the C tier. In addition to tying him with Ness, this placing renders him as a high-tier character. Like Ness, Lucas no longer possesses the 10 extra grab release frames, a main contributor to his lower mid-tier position in Brawl.

Rope Snake has become significantly more useful in two ways: the changes to hitstun canceling grant his modified down throw excellent combo potential, while his tether recovery is more reliable thanks to SSB4's new edge mechanics preventing edge-hogging. On a related note, update 1.1.3 presented a significant upgrade to Lucas' grab game, as now his tether grab has noticeably less ending lag, making it reasonably fast for a grab of its nature.

However, Lucas received various nerfs to his damage output, knockback and range, while his useful Magnet Pull and Zap Jump techniques were removed. Overall, Lucas is considerably more viable than he was in Brawl, and he has gained a dedicated playerbase and decent results in competitive play.


North AmericaBefore adventuring, Lucas was a timid, cautious boy. His journey has made him a stronger person. Maybe he met someone to spend his life with... Hang on—we're moving way too fast! For now, remember that Lucas and Ness are favorites in the hearts of EarthBound fans.
EuropeOnce upon a time, Lucas was a bit of a cry-baby. You might even say he was a wimp. But then, well...he had more than his fair share of rough times and toughened up a bit. Who knows what he's up to now? Whatever he's doing, his story - much like Ness's - lives on in the hearts of all Mother series fans.
GB Advance: Mother 3 (Japan Only)
Lucas (Classic)
North AmericaThe younger of the twin brothers from Nowhere makes his triumphant return to the game of Smash. Hailing from the Japan-only game Mother 3, Lucas's specialty is psychic projectile attacks. He can use these PSI attacks to do things like absorb enemy projectiles and deal supernatural damage!
EuropeLucas, the younger of the twin brothers from Tazmily, comes originally from the Japan-only game, Mother 3, and now makes his triumphant return to Super Smash Bros.! Here he makes great use of his PSI powers with lots of projectile attacks, and can use his faster attacks on anybody who gets too close.
Lucas (Alt.)
North AmericaLucas’s up special PK Thunder can hit enemies multiple times, but if you hit yourself with it, you can then tackle and launch opponents! Lucas’s up smash has the strongest launch power of any fighter's up smash. The range for this attack is wide, and it’s strongest right after Lucas unleashes the attack.
EuropeLucas's up special, PK Thunder, can either hit enemies multiple times, or hit Lucas himself to push him into a powerful charge attack. Meanwhile, his up smash attack is the most powerful launching move in the entire game, so make good use of it! It's a wide-range attack that is most effective right after Lucas unleashes it.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Lucas (SSBU)

Lucas, as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Lucas returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as fighter #37. Unlike his previous appearances, he is now an unlockable character.

In his transition from SSB4, Lucas has received a mix of buffs and nerfs. His combo game was toned down due to his down throw having more end lag and footstools being techable. He has recieved buffs, however, such as PK Freeze launching opponents horizontally making it a lethal edge-guarding technique, furthermore Ultimate's engine indirectly buffed him as the return of directional air dodges allow Lucas to have a reliable mixup in place of PK Thunder.

Initially, Lucas's results and representation were scarce, especially compared to his fellow EarthBound fighter Ness. However, his playerbase has slowly expanded as the metagame has progressed, with the likes of Mekos, ChocoTaco, Remi and WhYYZ achieving respectable results at regional and even national tournaments.


Names in other languages[edit]


  • None of Lucas' special moves are used by him in Mother 3. Rather, they are all learned by Kumatora instead. This is similar to Ness, who uses threespecialmoves that he could not learn in EarthBound, but were instead learned by Paula and Poo.
    • Alongside Rope Snake, Lucas' neutral attack and down tilt are references to Duster, whose primary form of attack consists of kicks.
    • In addition, despite Lucas using PK Freeze rather than Ness's PK Flash, Lucas can learn PK Flash in Mother 3.
  • Lucas' normal PSI-based attacks emit hexagonal blasts of PSI, whereas Ness' emit circular blasts.
  • Lucas is the only character to have been a starter (Brawl), DLC (SSB4), and an unlockable character (Ultimate).
    • He, Pokémon Trainer and the Ice Climbers are also the only starter characters to have been cut, and additionally, he is the only character to have been cut from a roster without skipping an installment.
    • Due to being a pseudo-clone, he is also the first clone of any kind to be available by default, announced as DLC, and to not be added late in development prior to debuting in the Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Lucas' home village is transcribed as Tazumili in the NTSCBrawl, but Mother 3 creator Shigesato Itoi stated that the village is Tazmily when written in the Latin alphabet. This was corrected in the PAL release of Brawl and its subsequent installments.
  • In Japanese, Lucas' name is read "Ryuka", which is derived from the French pronunciation of the name, [lyka] ("Lu-ka"). However, the Japanese versions of each game consistently use the English pronunciation /ˈluːkəs/ ("Lu-kis"). This is unlike similar characters such as Lucina and Richter, whose names use differing pronunciations in Japanese.
  • Although Lucas has only appeared in a Japanese-exclusive game, ironically he is voiced by Lani Minella, an American actress.
  • Lucas is the only playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series that has never appeared outside Japan otherwise.
  • Lucas, Roy, and Dark Pit are the only characters to have never appeared on a home console outside of the Super Smash Bros. series or the Virtual Console.
  • Lucas, Ness, Min Min and Kazuya are the only characters to have a reflector outside of special moves. Coincidentally, all (except Kazuya's) are a smash attack.
  • In all of his playable appearances, Lucas is the only character so far with a move (Up smash) that grants both intangibility and invincibility frames.


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Lucas Sprite/Pixel Art speed paint Mother 3

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Mother 3 featuring Ness sprite as Lucas

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