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Personalized Coco Door Mats

Personalized Coco Door Mats are coarse door mats made from coconut husk fibers and detailed with your family or business name. The coco fibers function like brush bristles to scrape and clean shoes. Your name is dyed into the mat for long-wearing durability yet these personalized coco mats remain tough on dirt and moisture.

• 1" thick pile helps to trap & hold dirt below the walking surface to help prevent debris from being tracked inside.

• Available with and without the matching color border.

Unfortunately, due to pandemic related constraints, this product has been temporarily discontinued without a reactivation date set at this point in time.

• Personalized coco mats demonstrate your commitment to the environment since these door mats come from natural, renewable components.

• Ideal for light-moderate traffic, indoor & outdoor locations.

• Up to 15 characters (including letters and numbers) can be included on these personalized mats. All text is displayed in Georgia Font.

** Please use the Logo Instructions box to specify any instructions for placement, orientation and/or color.

Item No: LPCDM

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Natural Coir Mats

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We source our coir mats directly from our manufacturer in India. Because of the partnership, we are able to produce high quality natural coir mats with different designs and concepts that are cost effective to our customers. If you are interested in selling our natural coir mats in large quantities through a retail chain, contact us here.  


Custom Rubber Natural Coir Mat

This simple, yet structured design is a great way to welcome guests into your home. One of our best sellers, this durable custom welcome mat will keep your guests shoes clean and entertained both inside and out.




Allete Monogrammed Rubber Natural Coir Mat

Crafted from natural coir, this all-weather design showcases a generously sized silhouette letter that gives guests plenty of space to scrape off their shoes. Its non-slip rubber backing helps it stay put to ensure it does its job, while a black scrolling border completes the look with a touch of traditional style.




Monogrammed Black Frame Natural Coir Mat

A classic monogrammed theme is a perfect fit for any entry way. Keep your shoes and house clean with this 2" thick natural coir mat. Monogrammed with a letter of your choice, this mat will welcome your guests with hospitality and design.




Macalester Natural Coir Non-Slip Door Mat

Greet guests with a natural rustic appeal when you lay down this vinyl backed natural doormat, the perfect pick for your porch or entryway.


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Designer Coir Inlay Logo Mat


For pricing, please email us at [email protected] and include the following:

1. Which type of logo mat you are interested in

2. A pdf or jpeg file of your logo

3. The size(s) needed

4. The quantity needed

5. Any additional instructions

We will get back to you asap with your custom logo mat quote!

The Designer Coir Inlay Logo Mat uses an inlay process to recreate your image on a durable Coco Mat. Commercial Mats and Rubber use mats made from high quality natural coconut fiber with seven different colors choices to cut out to create your Coir personalized door mats. You can add beveled rubber edging to this personalized coco door mat or have straight edges cut to your specific size to fit perfectly into recessed areas.

-Coco Mats are made from natural coconut fiber

-Inlay process insures a long lasting image

-Overall thickness is 5/8?

-Available with or without high profile rubber edging in Black or Brown

Recessed areas, higher traffic entryways, foyers, etc

This product ships FREE within the Continental US!

-Coco Mats are made from natural coconut fiber
-Inlay process insures a long lasting image
-Overall thickness is 5/8"
-Available with or without high profile rubber edging in Black or Brown

Contact Us

DB Industrial Supply
125 High Rock Ave 1st Floor
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(800) 810-7847 (RUGS)
[email protected]


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Brush-Coir - Vinyl-Backed Coco Mat

Brush-Coir - Vinyl-Backed Coco Mat

Brush-Coir is a Vinyl-Backed Coco Mat made with natural coco fibers embedded in a PVC vinyl backing resulting in an excellent scrubbing and moisture absorbing entrance mat. Available in three thicknesses (5/8″, 3/4″, or 1″), Brush-Coir can be surface mounted and edged with a vinyl nosing or placed in a recess. The natural coconut fibers of this mat are a bi-product of the coconut harvesting industry making Brush-Coir highly-sustainable and eligible for a variety of LEED credits.

Brush-Coir vinyl-backed coco mats are available in a wide variety of colors and can be in-laid to make custom logo mat designs. Choose Brush-Coir for an eco-friendly, highly-absorbent solution for your commercial entrance.

  • Brush_Coir_Natural_Coconut_Fiber_Entrance_Mat_Main
  • Brush_Coir_vinyl_backed_coco_mat_side

Features & Specifications

  • Applications

    Entryways, Vestibules, Foyers, Recessed Enrtries

  • Sizes


    • 5/8" (natural / colors)
    • 3/4" (natural only)
    • 1” (natural only

    Roll Length: 6’7” X 39’

    Cut Lengths: Custom sizes available upon request.

  • Features

    • Natural cocoa fibers scrub away dirt, sand, and moisture like a brush
    • Can be recessed or surface mounted to meet entrance needs
    • Vinyl-Back Coco Mats are easy to maintain with regular vacuuming
    • Available in many colors and can be in-laid for custom logos/designs
    • Three thickness options for maximum application flexibility
  • Specifications


    • Pile: 100% Recycled Coco Fiber
    • Backing: Solid PVC Vinyl
    • Please refer to the "Document Downloads" tab for full Specification.

Mat custom coco

About Us

about us WILLIAM F. KEMPF & SON opened its door in 1886, a large three storied building on Fourth Street in downtown Philadelphia. Company received its first consignment of Coco door mats from Alapuzha , in Southern India in 1887, since then we are receiving the same coco mats , container after container, although the delivery time in transit has been much reduced. To accommodate our large inventory and our custom production capability the company moved to its Present location In Folcroft, Pa, a suburb near the Philadelphia International Airport. We offer fast shipping on all our orders and personalized customer care. All our mats are produced under our strict guidelines and we offer premium quality door mats.


about usWilliam F. Kempf & Son Inc offers a wide range of environmentally friendly Personalized coco door mats, custom entrance mats and recycled tire tiles and mats. One of the pioneering companies that introduced coco mat, directly imported from India back in the late 1800's, we still continue the tradition of providing the premium quality coco door mat. In keeping with present awareness of saving the planet and introducing more recycled items, William F. Kempf & Son added to its line, floor tiles , door mats, dock bumpers made from old used truck tires.

In keeping with our expansion and enhanced line of other products, the company which first opened office in 4th Street, Philadelphia moved to the suburbs at Folcroft, Pa with huge office and warehouse. We carry a large inventory and receive a container of our coco door mats from our factory in India every month. Our quality door mats and customer service reputation is one of the key factors that has helped in keeping our business door open for over 126 years and counting. Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our products and feel free to email us with any questions.


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