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My dealer did the same thing, I took it back and had them pull those out. They said they contacted GM Tech and they didn't say those weren't supposed to be there but they did see why they shouldn't be there and took them off. They did need to pull the bumper to take them off.

2SS Black on Black, NPP, MRC with 6 speed, ARH Catted LT Headers, AWE Touring Exhaust, RotoFab CAI, Soler Performance TB and TC, GPI Ported LT2 IM, Pray Ported Heads, Pray Custom Grind Stage 2 Cam, DSC v2, BMR STBH, Stance SF10 in Brushed Dual Gunmetal, Black Bowties, Black SEMA Grille, Smoked Tail Lights, Oracle Ghosted Side Markers

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Camaro SS 6th Generation Custom Painted Replacement Lower Grille Two Tone

You want the front of your   6th Generation Camaro to look like no other. This is the way to go This is a genuine GM grille that we apply our custom paint theme too. Our 6th Generation Camaro SS grille is available in one solid color or a two-tone paint scheme as shown in the photos. The Red and Black paint scheme was first seen on a Camaro at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and drew rave reviews. You can now have this very custom paint option added to your grille. Simply remove your existing grille and install this grille in its place.

Because these grilles are custom painted to order we do ask for additional time as stated on the top of this page.


  • Carbon Fiber Finish Details:

    We offer our "Standard Carbon Fiber Weave" and a "Premium Carbon Fiber Weave". Our Premium Carbon Fiber Weave looks more authentic, has a deep 3D look

 6th Generation Camaro Custom Painted Replacement Lower Grille Two Tone

Application: , , Camaro SS, not for V6

Sours: https://www.southerncarparts.com/generation-camaro-custom-painted-replacement-lower-grille-tone-phtml
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Huge Mistake? IKON ZL1 1LE Bumper Install I Camaro SS 1LE

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Grill 2017 camaro ss

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Huge Mistake? IKON ZL1 1LE Bumper Install I Camaro SS 1LE

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