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The Petco Grooming Experience

Bring your furry pal in to be groomed by certified stylists who love what they do. Whether they’re visiting us for a personalized service or consultation, you’ll see each stylist’s passion in action. We offer a full range of services that cover bathing, grooming, and special upgrades to pamper your pet. Walk-in services starting at $5 are also available for dog nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and more.

Pricing for Grooming Packages

Dog Bath starting at $24
Includes a bath with natural shampoo, blow-dry, 15 minute brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, glad expression, and a scented spritz.

Dog Bath and Haircut starting at $41
Includes bath features, PLUS a customized cut & style for breed-specific standards

Book A Grooming Appointment

Prices for full-service baths and grooms are based on your dog's weight and breed or fur/hair length. A free grooming consultation is always provided before your appointment begins.

Cat Grooming
Petco has stylists who specialize in grooming cats at select locations. Not every location offers cat grooming. Please call your salon for more information about scheduling and pricing. Or to book an appointment for your cat call (423) 499-1011 for more information.

Health Benefits of Professional Grooming

Your dog or cat’s certified stylist is another resource that keeps them healthy. Stylists begin every service by checking them from nose to tail with the 7-point pet care check. This helps spot warning signs of any potential health concerns. In some cases, stylists have aided in the early detection of cancer by noticing both gradual and rapid changes in a pet's health. While grooming can never replace routine check-ins with a veterinarian, it can still be life-saving, making stylists an important part of your pet’s routine.

Here are some other health benefits of professional pet grooming:
• Veterinarian-approved safety standards
• 7-Point Care Check to spot physical and behavioral changes
• Discovery of early warning signs of illnesses
• Detection of parasites
• Dietary recommendations

You can learn more about the different services and prices available or if you’re ready, book your dog’s appointment online.

Please note, grooming hours may vary from store hours.


Petco Chattanooga Pet Store

Petco pet stores in Chattanooga, TN offer a wide selection of top quality products to meet the needs of a variety of pets. High quality foods are available for nearly all pet types whether you have a dog, cat, reptile, fish, small animal or feathered friend. For your dog, find everything from dog tags and collars to beds and gates, bark control and everything in between. For cats, shop a wide selection of essentials including cat scratchers, cat litter, collars and more. You can also personalize pet ID tags for cats in-store, so your pet wears your most up to date contact information. For fish, small animals, reptiles, birds and more, the variety is immense. At Petco you can easily find small animal bedding, saltwater aquarium supplies, bird cages, habitat foggers, toys, treats and more. You can also find a variety of premium pet services available at Petco. These include vet hospitals, full service dog grooming salons, positive dog training classes, pet vaccinations and more. If you're looking to give a pet a forever home, you can find out when the next pet adoption event will take place at your local store.

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Welcome to your Petco in Chattanooga, TN!

Reptile Store

Reptiles can make great pets from the aquatic turtles to the sun-loving snakes. Shop your Chattanooga Petco store to find reptiles for sale to add to your family. Our variety of pet reptiles include snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises, frogs and toads, hermit crabs and invertebrates. Selection can vary based on location, call to confirm availability. Once you have selected your pet reptile, begin assembling the perfect habitat for their species. Shop the reptile supply aisles for everything your new pet will need including a terrarium and tank, food, substrate, hideaways and more.

Freshwater Fish Store

Visit your Chattanooga Petco store to view our freshwater fish available. Our vast selection of freshwater aquarium fish varies on what species are in store by location, contact your store for species availability. Our freshwater aquarium fish selection includes, but is not limited to Barbs, Bettas, Cichlid, Catfish, Danios and Minnows, Goldfish, Tetras and Sharks. At each Petco Aquatics Department, educated Petco partners are available to answer questions about the fish for sale, care required and essential supplies.

Saltwater Fish Store

Our Aquatics Department is equipped to sell saltwater fish and provide everything you need to care for your pet. Educated Petco partners are available to answer questions regarding the saltwater fish available for sale, care required and essential saltwater fish supplies. Remember, the saltwater fish for sale varies by store, contact or stop in at your neighborhood Petco store to confirm species availability. Our vast selection of saltwater aquarium fish includes, but is not limited to Anthias, Butterflyfish, Clownfish, Lionfish, Pufferfish, Tangs and Surgeonfish.

Small Pets for Sale

Browse our selection of small pets for sale as the perfect addition to your family. Our small pet options include ferrets, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas and guinea pigs. The small animals we have in store will vary by location, contact your Chattanooga Petco store for availability. Consult your local veterinarian to make sure you and your family are ready to love and care for the new family member. Once you have decided which small pet to bring home, set up a habitat designed specifically for that species. Petco also carries everything you need to provide the perfect habitat for your new small pet including cages, feeders, tunnels, bedding and more. Refer to our Care Sheets on proper care of your new small pet.


Petco Dog Grooming

Petco, Pet Stores



Business operations may be affected due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours.

Most Recent Comments

  • July 2021

    This was my first time coming to Petco. He walked me through the process and let me know what they would be doing. He also let me know when i should bring prince back.

  • April 2021

    My dog has anxiety and other grooming facilities I take him to can’t handle him. My pet I groomer was fantastic. She was very patient with him and his cut looks amazing! Very satisfied!!!!

  • July 2020

    They did a good job grooming, expected a little more rounded on his nails though. Looks like the don't use a grinder, just the clippers.

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From Petco Dog Grooming

Visit your Chattanooga Pet Dog Grooming located at 2288 Gunbarrel Road for all of your pet's grooming needs. Petco offers an array of dog grooming services to keep skin & coats of all types looking and feeling great. Our services include full haircuts, baths, nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, flea cleansing, shed release and more. Many of our Petco locations also offer a quick and low-cost self-serve dog wash near you to help keep your dog or puppy clean without the stress and mess of bathing at home. Cat grooming is also offered in select locations. Call your local Petco Groomer today for availability of services in your area or to schedule a grooming appointment now.

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