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ID-Cooling, can still be considered a newcomer in the DIY PC market given their formation back in 2013, That said, they have rapidly expanded their market presence since their humble beginnings. They achieved this by adapting to various industry trends while continuously refining their entire product stack with new or updated releases. This includes everyone's love-it or hate-it feature of RGB LEDs which have appeared in their heatsinks, fans, and all-in-one liquid coolers. Considering their willingness to constantly push boundaries, ID-Cooling will likely remain a relevant player in the DIY PC space for years to come.

In today's review, I take a close look at the Auraflow X 240. This latest all-in-one liquid cooling option from ID-Cooling continues the RGB trend, like the Dashflow and Zoomflow offerings, but strikes a balance between performance, features, and price to deliver a compelling option. As is the norm for these closed-loop coolers, the pump and fans both light up with the LEDs being controllable via a separate controller or motherboard software. So without further ado, let's take a closer look!

MODEL:Auraflow X 240
SOCKET SUPPORT:Intel: LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011(-3), LGA2066
AMD: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+,FM1, FM2, FM2+, AM4, TR4
CPU BLOCK:Base Material: Copper
PUMP:RPM: 2100 +/- 10%
RADIATOR:Dimensions: 276 mm × 120 mm × 27 mm
Material: Aluminium
FAN:Model: ID12025M12S
Dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm
Fan Speed: 700 - 1800 RPM (+/-10%)
Fan Airflow: 74.5 CFM
Fan Noise: 18 - 35.2 dBA
FEATURES:Micro fin copper construction provides excellent heat dissipation
Two high static pressure PWM fans with rubber de-vibration
High pressure pump design provides faster coolant circulation
RGB Sync via RGB motherboard header
TR4 and LGA2066 processors supported
WARRANTY:Three years

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When it comes to the PC Cooling solutions, ID-COOLING is relatively a new name but they for sure are making their way up with some good design and powerful cooling. The world first came to know about ID-COOLING during Computex 2013. The mother company of ID-COOLING is the cooling solution provider for many motherboard and VGA card brands for over 10 years. ID-COOLING is specialized in CPU air cooler, CPU water cooler, VGA cooler, built-in cooling case, computer case fans, server cooler and etc.

We recently did a round-up content on the high-end air coolers. It was quite a success and based on the community’s feedback we are planning another round-up content. This time the round-up content is on the best 240mm AIO coolers. We have chosen this size of the liquid cooler as it is still the most commonly used size in the liquid cooler category out of other available sizes which are 120mm, 280mm, and 360mm. We have reached out the over 30 brands and set ourselves a minimum of 15 coolers for the test. We are nearing our mark as the deliveries have started.

ID-COOLING has joined this content with their AURAFLOW X 240 CPU Cooler. This is a 240mm size AIO cooler with two 240mm RGB fans. The cooler features a sublime RGB lighting effect on the block and the fans though it is not digital lighting. The cooler is compatible with Intel LGA1366/115x/1200/20zz sockets and AMD TR4/AM4/FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2 sockets. ID-COOLING has provided a basic controller which is SATA powered to control the lighting effect. This will come in handy if your motherboard does not have a 12V lighting header.


Item:                                     AURAFLOW X 240

Manufacturer:                   ID-COOLING

Price:                                    USD 72.99 AMAZON [At the time of the review]



Packaging and Unboxing

The cooler is shipped inside a cardboard box.

There is a picture of the unit. The lighting on the block and fans is compatible with:


Summarized and tabulated information is shown including the specification of the pump and fans and measurements.

Unmatchable cooling performance and RGB lighting.

The opening cover of the packing box has the same layout as is on the other side.

Opening the box will show a white color Styrofoam placed over the contents. The contents are tucked inside an egged carton for maximum safety during traveling.


There are two white color accessory boxes provided in the packing box. One has the mounting hardware and the other has RGB cables and the controller.

We have an Intel/AMD backplate. The circular black color ring is Intel mounting bracket and the other one is the AMD mounting bracket which also supports the TR4 socket.

We have:

  • 4x thumb nuts
  • 5x metallic covers
  • 4x Intel LGA20xx standoffs
  • 4x Intel other sockets standoffs
  • 5x Long Screws
  • 4x Rubber Washers

ID-COOLING has provided 8x long screws and 8x short screws for fans and the radiator installation.

ID-COOLING has provided their thermal paste as well as a PWM Y-splitter cable which allows both fans to be connected and controlled using a single fan header.

ID-COOLING has provided a SATA powered controller and RGB 1-4 splitter cable.

The RGB splitter cable has 4x 4-pin connectors using 12V.

This is a basic RGB lighting controller. On top, we have 12V.G.R.B pinned layout. Make sure to match the 12V marking to the 12V marking on the header. We have three buttons on the controller.

  • Mode button switches between the pre-defined lighting modes.
  • Speed/Bright button controls the speed of the dynamic modes and brightness of the RGB lighting.
  • Color button cycles through the static colors.

The RGB controller is SATA powered. Connect this cable to the PSU.

Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at the ID-COOLING AURAFLOW X 240 radiator and the fans.


The ID-COOLING AURAFLOW X 240 is a 240mm CLC cooling solution. It has a 240mm radiator with two RGB 120mm fans. The cooler is rated for 250W TDP.

The dimension of the radiator is 276 x 120 x 27mm. The thickness of the radiator is 27mm. With 25mm fans the overall thickness would be 53mm. The radiator has a total of 42mm of thickness with the barbs which is still less than 52mm of overall thickness with the installed fans. The radiator has a 20 fins per inch one (FPI).

The radiator is made of aluminum hence it is lightweight. This is ID-COOLING own design. Fin stack is dense and taking into account the left and right side channels, it has a total of 12 channels for coolant flow. It has a standard inlet and outlet blocks for the water flow.

There are no protective sheets over the fins under the fan mounts. So, take care while mounting the fans as longer screws could damage the fins which would hamper the performance of the cooler. It is recommended to use the supplied long screws to mount the fans on to the radiators. There is a gap of 105mm between any two fan mounting holes on the radiator.

There is a grayish shade matte finish inlet on the sides of the radiator housing with ID-COOLING branding in the white color. The fishing is quite good and looks better in person.

The blocks on both ends of the radiator are rectangular and have sharp edges.

The total depth of the radiator including the barb fittings is 42mm. There is a sticker pasted between the barbs probably showing the serial no of the unit. There is no sticker on this end block. The tubes are firmly fitted to the radiator using straight barbs with a stylish cover.

The soft tubing is flexible and doesn’t produce kinking which is always a plus. ID-COOLING is using mesh sleeve on the hoses to give them clean look. The sleeve seems to be in a grayish tone with a bit of shine on it. The length of the tube is approximately 400mm.


Let’s take a look at the main element of this cooler. It is the water block with the pump housing. We have a circular shaped plastic made housing in the black color. The top section has ID-COOLING branding which is backlit. There is a ring on the border of the housing which is also backlit. There is a white color diffuser under the top cover. This ring and branding lights up when powered on using the RGB cables and look pleasant in person.

The block has a size of 72x72x47.3mm. The tubes are installed at 90° mount on the base of the block making them protrude by approximately 18mm. Tubes can be rotated to the left or right side position.

The side of the housing is solid and there is no branding here. It is a fingerprint magnet so handle with care.

The front side of the housing is also solid.

The left side of the housing has two cables coming out from the lower chamber. There is a ring of catchers on the lower chamber right above the copper baseplate. This is where the provided mounting brackets are secured.

One is a 3-pin flat cable with an approximate length of 320+568mm. ID-COOLING has provided a SATA extension cable so that the user can directly connect the pump to the PSU. The user can also disconnect the SATA cable and connect the pump to the fan header if so required. The second cable is a 4-pin flat power cable. The LED connector is using the format +12.G.R.B.

The above picture shows the SATA cable connected to the 3-pin connector.

The base has a size of 59x54mm which is quite large given the size of CPU IHS that we will be using for the testing. I7 6850k has a surface area of approximately 37x37mm. The base is implemented in a polished finish cooper. Please, note that it is not a mirror effect. It is rounded on 4 corners It seems to be a plain surface. The surface is flat.

Speed2100±10% RPM
Rated Voltage12VDC
Rated Current0.36A
Rated Power4.32W
Pump Lift Range1.3m H₂O
Waterflow106 L/H
Noise25 dBA



ID-COOLING has bundled 2x RGB fans with the cooler. Each fan has 11 translucent blades. Each blade has an etched lining which I presume is for enhancement of focused airflow. The center has a black color sticker with ID-COOLING branding on it. Each mounting corner has an anti-vibration rubber pad on it.

Each fan has two cables on it. Both are flat cables. One is the 4-pin PWM connector cable to power the fan. It has an approximate length of 435mm. the second one is 4-pin RGB cable with an approximate length of 445mm.

There are no directional arrow symbols on the fan’s frame. These symbols help the users knowing the direction of airflow and blades spin direction.

Looking at the backside of the fan, we can see a 4-arms assembly holding the blades and the center. One of the arms is widened to carry the cables. There is a sticker in the center with the power rating of the fan. The fan is made in China.

The specifications of the fans are:

Speed700~1800RPM ±10%
Static Pressure2.15mmH₂O
Noise18~35.2 dBA
Air Flow74.5CFM
Connector4-pin PWM
Operating Voltage10.8~13.2VDC
Starting Voltage7V
Power Input2.4W


RGB Lighting

The 12V RGB lighting looks pleasant in person and is not overly done, to my liking. Here are some pictures for your eye pleasure.


We have tested the cooler on the X99 platform using the 2011-3 socket. The installation mechanism is straight forward. Here are the steps:

Install the Intel LGA-20xx standoffs on the socket area.

Install the Intel bracket on the pump housing. Place the ring and rotate it till it locks on the latches.

Install the fans on the radiator.

Apply the thermal paste and place the block on the CPU by aligning the holes on the bracket with the tips of the standoffs. Use thumb nuts to secure the installation.

Connect the 3-pin power cable of the pump to the fan header or SATA connector to the PSU. Connect the fans’ 4-pin connectors to the fan header(s). Setup the RGB lighting cables and you are good to go.

There is no clearance issue with respect to the DIMM slots and the first PCIe slot. Make sure your chassis has clearance for a 240mm radiator.

Testing Methodology

Following test benches have been used: –

  • Asus Rampage V Edition 10
  • Intel i7 6850k
  • CORSAIR Vengeance RED LED 16GB @ 2666MHz
  • Colorful GeForce GTX 1050Ti Vulkan
  • Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD
  • Cooler Master MWE 650W Gold
  • Custom Open Air Testbench

The software used for testing and monitoring include:

  • Asus Real Bench v 2.56 (Intel)
  • Real Temp GT v 3.70 (Intel)

Here is the settings table for testing:

OC Clock (MHz)4000
OC Voltage (V)1.21
Turbo BoostDisabled
Speed StepDisabled
Thermal PasteNoctua NT-H1/Stock Paste
Test Run Time60 minutes
Idling Time15 minutes
Fan SpeedManually set to run at 100% speed.

Auto PWM using CPU Fan Header

Pump SpeedConnected to the AIO Pump header to run at 100% speed


We are using Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste for coolers testing. Using the same thermal paste for all coolers would ensure standardization. Delta temperatures are reported on the graphs. The testing is done on an open-air bench system. Once inside the chassis, the temperatures are expected to rise and would largely depend upon the optimal airflow inside the chassis.

Not every run of the stress test may yield the same result. This could well be due to many factors like mounting pressure, thermal paste application, varying ambient temperature. Not to mention the silicon differences even among the same category of the chips. Hence, it is pertinent to mention the testing methodology along with the specifics.

Let’s take a look at the results.


100% PWM Cycle

Auto PWM

The ID-COOLING AURAFLOW X 240 has performed quite well despite carrying a budget cooler tag.


The noise level at 100% PWM duty cycle was measured at 52 dB(A) with an ambient sound level of 34 dB(A).


The ID-COOLING AURAFLOW X 240 is a 240mm CLC cooling solution. It has a 240mm radiator with two high-performance RGB fans. The dimension of the radiator is 276 x 120 x 27mm. The thickness of the radiator is 27mm. With 25mm fans the overall thickness would be 53mm. The radiator is made of aluminum hence it is lightweight. This is ID-COOLING’s own design. The radiator has 20 FPI. The soft tubing is made from a rubber material and has a gray sleeve on it. The soft material tubing is a bit flexible and doesn’t produce kinking which is always a plus. The cooler is compatible with Intel LGA1366/115x/1200/20zz sockets and AMD TR4/AM4/FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2 sockets.

The block of the cooler is in circular shape with black color housing which is a fingerprint magnet. The top of the block has a backlit ring and a backlit ID-COOLING brand logo using a 12V lighting solution. The dimension of if the block is 72x72x47.3mm. The base of the block is quite large measuring 59x54mm. We have a flat surface on the copper base. The pump is using ceramic bearings with a life span of 50,000 hours and is rated for 4.32W power. The maximum coolant flow is 106 L/H and the pressure head is 1.3m. The pump was doing the 2017 RPM as checked during the testing.

The bundled RGB fans are using Hydraulic bearings. The frame of the fans is in black color and is sturdy. These fans pack 74.5 CFM airflow which is quite good and have a 2.15mmH₂O pressure rating. The maximum sound level is rated at 35.2 dBA. These fans at full speed are noisy. One can easily fix that using a custom fan curve. The PWM regulation is not tight as, during our testing on the Auto PWM setting, the fans were in the 900 RPM range which is almost half of the rated speed. Resultantly, the temperatures were high on Auto PWM setting though the cooler was silent under this mode. At 100% PWM cycle, one fan reaches 1773 RPM whereas the other reached 1810 RPM validating the rated maximum speed.

ID-COOLING has provided an RGB controller for the RGB lighting on the block and the fans. The user can sync all three RGB devices to the bundled RPG splitter cable and connect that cable either to the 12V lighting header on the motherboard or to the dedicated controller. The bundled controller is SATA powered and has simple operations of loading lighting modes and controlling the speed of the dynamic lighting modes. The buttons have a low profile on the controller and are not easily pressed.

The ID-COOLING AURAFLOW X 240 is listed at $72.99 at the time of the review and comes with 3 years limited warranty. The cooler packs a good performance with subtle RGB lighting at this wallet-friendly price range. This is too good a value proposition from the ID-COOLING to ignore and comes recommended by us as your daily driver.

Many thanks to ID-COOLING for sending in their AURAFLOW X 240 cooler for our 2021 AIO cooler roundup comparison. We’ve reached out to most major brands in an effort to compare the best AIO coolers of 2020 against each other and let you know which ones come out on top. Please make sure to check out our 2021 AIO COOLER ROUNDUP and again, thanks to all the companies taking part.


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ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 99 |


We have all seen a few of the dual-fan single-tower CPU coolers in the past, and for the most part, they are largely disappointing. Typically, when you see such a cooler, it performs a couple or a few degrees better than the single-fan models but comes with extra noise, which in the end, is not usually worth the effort. However, every once in a while, there is an outlier that figures out how to buck the trends and can come through our testing with flying colors, not only delivering performance that is above expectations but can do so affordably and near silently, which is something we all like when it comes to CPU air cooling.

ID-Cooling has been around a while now, and most of the coolers they have sent over, at least with their air cooling solutions we have seen, are lackluster when it comes to the thermals, even though they may be attractive looking and keep much of the noise at bay. Many of the air coolers we have seen are what we would call stock replacement options and are not typically what we would advise should you want to torture the CPU under it. However, there comes a time in just about every company's history where they design a product that hits the trifecta with a sleek-looking appearance, minimal investment required, and is also able to stand tall in our charts, to the point of being almost shocking.

Somehow, someway, ID-Cooling is taking us back to the days of coolers like the TRUE, pretty much anything from Xigmatek years ago, Prolimatech, or even the Thermolab Baram, where a single 120mm-based tower can deliver impressive results without spending a fortune to get everything you wanted from a CPU air cooler. Keep in mind, the era we are speaking of is 2009 to 2010, and since then, air coolers tended to increase in cost, and the only direction manufacturers were taking was to ensure low noise was the priority, performance be damned. As you might be able to tell, we are delighted with the SE-225-XT Black that has been placed in front of us by ID-Cooling, and if you are in the market for the next big thing in air cooling, you may want to pay close attention to what follows.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 01 |

The chart we are following can be found on the product page for the SE-225-XT Black, and it starts with compatibility. On the Intel side of the fence, all LGA115X sockets are supported, and LGA1200, LGA2011, and LGA2066 motherboard users can also fit this cooler. When it comes to AMD users, you must be using an AM4 motherboard to use the SE-225-XT Black.

We then run into specifications of the tower, where we see a TDP rating of 220W. Dimensionally, the tower stands 154mm tall, it is 108mm deep, and is 128mm in width. The fin array is stacked on five 6mm diameter heat pipes, and in the same box, it does note that the fins are made of aluminum, but no mention of how many. Counting from the tower, we got to fifty-five fins with a thicker cover on top, all of which are then coated to be black, as the cooler's name alludes. Including the fans and all of the included bits in the box, the overall weight given is 1200 grams.

The rest of the chart deals with the pair of included fans that cool the tower. Both are identical in aesthetics as well as specifications for these 120mm, 1800 RPM non-LED fans. These fans can deliver 76.16 CFM of airflow at full speed while delivering 2.16 mmH2O of static pressure. As most do, these fans draw from the 12V line in the PC but work within the range of 10.8V to 13.2V, but even with that knowledge shown, ID-Cooling then states it takes 7V to get them spinning. However, with just 3W needed for each fan, and the fact that they draw just 0.25A ensures that a single fan header is more than capable of controlling these fans via the PWM connection they both have.

As we do, when it comes to the end of the specifications, we discuss the cost. Shop wisely, as at Newegg, all we found were third-party listings, the cheapest of which is $58. However, one look at Amazon, and we found the listing where ID-Cooling is listed as the seller, and the price drops to just $44.99 to obtain this beast of a single-tower CPU air cooler. Even though with the performance you are about to see, you are likely willing to pay more, as the market and our charts allude to the fact that if you want the best performance, you will have to pay for it. However, it is excellent that ID-Cooling is taking us back in time with performance and styling, and at the same time, delivering us a superior cooler with prices that echo years past as well.

Buy at Amazon


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* Prices last scanned on 10/18/2021 at 5:25 am CDT - prices may not be accurate, click links above for the latest price. We may earn an affiliate commission.


ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 02 |

As ID-Cooling does for all of its air coolers, the SE-225-XT Black comes in a black box with bright orange trim. On the face of this box, we see a view of the tower front and center, while the company name and slogan are found at the top, and the full name of the cooler is housed in the orange stripe.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 03 |

On the right side of the packaging, there is little to see. Near the bottom of the matte black portion of the box, we are shown compatibility. The orange stripe is used to display icons of compliances, use of recycled materials, a note not to bin the cooler, etc.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 04 |

The back of the box starts with the company name and slogan at the top again, but this time, most of it is used to display the specifications. All of the information shown here is found in the specs chart, with nothing new to glean. As on the front, the orange stripe delivers the name of the product.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 05 |

The left side of the box starts with small icons, as we saw on the other side, but this time, they are features. They cover silent operation, it's easy to install, it uses heat pipes, the fans are PWM controlled, it offers universal mounting, it has a black coating, and the included fans are 120mm in size. The bottom of the panel is used to provide addresses for ID-Cooling as well as social media links.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 06 |

Once the box is opened, you will first find the hardware box with literature below it at the top. The tower is wrapped in open-cell foam on four sides, and ID-Cooling uses a fan on either side of the exposed cooler to protect it in transit. While not the best internal packaging we have seen, it allowed our SE-225-XT Black to arrive in perfect condition, without a single blemish.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 07 |

From the front of the tower, we can see that the SE-225-XT Black comes with fifty-five fins stacked on five heat pipes with their tips exposed above the thicker fifty-sixth fin at the top. Under the fins, we can see the pipes entering and exiting the one-piece base, where the cross-bar is already mounted to help make installation a tad easier.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 08 |

Looking at the side of the cooler, we find that the edges of the fin stack are primarily flat and runs in line with the bent tabs used to keep even spacing of the fins while also acting to capture some of the airflow. Below the stack, we see that the five heat pipes are tightly grouped, with no signs of distortion from the bends are visible from this angle.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 09 |

With the front and back of the tower being identical, we laid it down to look at the edge design. We find that the fins are mainly flat across their width, with a V-groove running through the center of all of them. However, there are also a pair of U-grooves on either side, but they do not continue to the top of the cooler. They fall ten fins short of that.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 10 |

Both sides of the tower are also the same, and at this angle, you can see what we were saying about it being flat and the use of the tabs. However, we can also see the angled sections near the center, which allow the wire fan clips to lock onto the sides of the tower.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 11 |

Under the fin array, we looked at the pipes entering the stack and found them to be done with a press-fit. One thing worth mentioning is that the look of the pipes from the other side of the tower has them in reverse. By this, we mean that the two in the center are on the outside, and the three are run on the inside.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 12 |

Once the tower is fully assembled and coated, the base gets machined. We can see aluminum exposed on either side, which is the base place that locks the pipes into place. The center of the base is made of the five copper heat pipes and has some of the widest gaps between them we have seen in quite a while. As for the surface, it is flat across its width, but there are semicircular machining marks left visible.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 13 |

The top of the tower offers a look not seen on many towers, even those coated similarly to this. The top plate on the tower is highly textured and matte black, with just the ID-Cooling logo presented in the middle of the heat pipes.

Accessories and Documentation

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 14 |

The hardware that accompanies the SE-225-XT Black sticks to the color theme and is matte black as well. On the left, we have the mainstream Intel top brackets with multiple holes at the ends. In the middle is the mainstream Intel backplate, drilled to allow socket screws through it, and it comes with isolating washers on the studs to keep it from touching the back of the motherboard. That leaves us with the pair of brackets on the right, which are used with AM4 motherboards.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 15 |

The following bits of hardware are also for mounting purposes. At the top-left, we get a set of four knurled nuts to be used with the Intel motherboards. The gray spacers are slid on top of the backplate studs to support the top brackets for Intel boards but are also needed with AM4 motherboards. The bottom row shows us a set of four standoffs for use with LGA2011 and LGA2066 systems, where the four screws offered are for use with AM4 sockets and the factory backplates that come on said motherboards.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 16 |

ID-Cooling includes a large tube of ID-TG25, but it is only filled with enough TIM for two or three applications. Since the tower is cooled with a pair of fans, it is nice to see a Y-splitter cable allowing PWM control of both fans from a single motherboard header. Oddly, this tower comes with an LGA775 preload rubber spacer even though it is incompatible, but we find four wire fan clips that allow both fans to be attached to the tower.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 17 |

The included fans are 120mm in size, black, and on the hydraulic bearing, nine black blades spin. On the hub, when looking at the front of the fans, we see just the ID-Cooling logo, but on the back, we can see the ID-12025M12S part number, should you want to buy a replacement to match, in the chance of a fan dying after warranty support has finished.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 18 |

As installation guides do, ID-Cooling shows how to install the SE-225-XT Black on the various Intel sockets in two sections, with the third section for AMD. Done mainly with renderings, the instructions are easy to follow and can guide even the most novice user to success and use of this CPU cooler in just a few minutes.

Installation and Finished Product

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 19 |

To get to where we are now, we removed the factory screws and the plastic clips from the top of the motherboard, leaving the backplate from AMD in place. We then set the gray spacers over the protruding bits of the backplate, laid the top brackets in place, and locked it all into place using the screws from ID-Cooling.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 20 |

Locking the tower to the hardware has to be done without the fan installed, as the spring-loaded screws are under them. Once done, we stepped back a bit to see how it looks from the front. The fan installs on the tower at nearly the height of our RAM, and the black on black theme continues with our system, matching what the SE-225-XT Black delivers.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 21 |

In the age of single-tower coolers clearing everything around the socket, we are sad to say that ID-Cooling is a few millimeters off in this respect. With the fan just below the heat spreaders of our RAM, with all four slots populated, the rubber isolation material at the corners does force our RAM to the left a bit. Not enough to make the memory unstable or unrecognized, but touching at all is something we should not be seeing.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 22 |

As we move back to see how the cooler clears other bits, we will assume that clearance to RAM behind the cooler is the same. Still, we do have full access to the 8-pin connector for the motherboard, and we had room under the tower to tuck in the long lengths of fan power cable as well as the Y-splitter.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 23 |

Once we had all of the components installed and can see it like this, we see that clearance to our GPU is fine, and even if using the first slot, you will be good to go there as well. With the mix of blacks in our choice of components, the SE-225-XT Black is a perfect fit for the theme.

Test System Setup, Thermal Tests, and Noise Results

Chad's CPU Cooler Test System Specifications

  • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII HERO [Wi-Fi] (AMD X570) - Buy from Amazon
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X - Buy from Amazon
  • Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 4000MHz 4X8GB
  • Graphics Card: ASUS GeForce RTX 2060 6GB OC - Buy from Amazon
  • Storage: Galax HOF Pro M.2 1TB SSD
  • Case: Hydra Bench Standard
  • Power Supply: ASUS ROG Thor 850W - Buy from Amazon
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Buy from Amazon
  • Software: AMD Ryzen Master, AIDA64 Engineer 6.25.5400, and CPU-z 1.92.0 x64

To see our testing methodology and to find out what goes into making our charts, please refer to our 2020 CPU Cooler Testing and Methodology article for more information.

Thermal Results

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 24 |

Our stock temperature we a surprise to us, as we had no expectations of this level of performance. Yes, ID-Cooling took eighth place overall, but let us put that in context. The first seven on the list are AIOs, none smaller than a 240mm option, and the air cooler just above it is a massive beast with a nearly $100 price tag. At just a little less than five degrees from the lead, at half to maybe even a third of the cost, we have nothing to complain about thus far.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 25 |

Applying the overclock, the SE-225-XT Black can move up a couple of places, now ahead of the CNPS20X and all other air coolers we have tested. Again, about five degrees from top honors, but none of the cost associated with getting every last drop of performance from the likes of the AIOs listed above it. Yet again, the SE-225-XT Black impresses us beyond anything we expected to see from such a design.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 26 |

Even though this chart shows what is left in the tank, the ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black moves up the chart again. However, the only thing left for us to take advantage of was 1.9-degrees. This means that ID-Cooling has one of the best PWM curves, optimized to leave as little performance on the table while keeping the noise levels to a minimum.

Noise Level Results

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 27 |

Even though the 34 dB we heard while testing the stock run of testing pushes the SE-225-XT towards the bottom of the list, we are more than happy with the noise level compared to the thermal performance of this cooler. At this time, our intake fan topped out at 1259 RPM, with the exhaust fan spinning slightly slower, with a maximum of 1241 RPM.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 28 |

Think back to the thermal performance a second with the overclock applied and PWM still in control of the fans, realize that we can top the thermal charts while just increasing the noise 2 dB. The intake fan was slower at 1290 RPM, while the exhaust fan was seen spinning at 1326 RPM, showing 36 dB on the meter.

ID-Cooling SE-225-XT Black CPU Cooler Review 29 |

Remembering back to gaining that last 1.9-degrees of performance, audible, it is not worth the effort. The fans spun at 1841 RPM on the intake and 1828 RPM on the exhaust; we run into an ear-splitting 53 dB at full whack. In our minds, there should never be a need to run these fans at full speed, as ID-Cooling maximized all aspects of this tower, and deliver you a superior CPU air cooler without the need to ask for more from it.

Final Thoughts

Running all of the aspects back through our mind, we think first of the looks. In that respect, ID-Cooling has delivered a sleeper. Aesthetically, the SE-225-XT Black is murdered-out with an all-black appearance, with only the ID-Cooling logos on the fans and the top of the tower to let you know who made this beast. While black coolers are nothing new, it has been quite a while since something as ordinary-looking as this cooler is has impressed us this much. Not only does it fit very well with our and many builds, which users will put together, but it also has more enjoyment to be had beyond how well it looks.

However, there is one downfall that fits this section. While there are no attempts to make this tower an offset design, ID-Cooling ever so slightly misses on clearance to the RAM on our system. With what we saw of the capabilities beyond fitment, we can let that go based on the fact that many do not run four-stick kits outside of HEDT, but we will have to remove points for this.

Looks may get a buyer interested, but thermal and audio performance should seal the deal, and ID-Cooling comes out swinging in these regards. Thermally, for its size, this is the best single-tower CPU cooler we have tested on our AM4 system. Not only is it the class leader, but it can also surpass many more expensive and much larger designs. One could say that with enough airflow and noise, this could be easily done, but the reality is what it is, and while not the best solution for most silent coolers, we feel ID-Cooling toed the line. With a maximum of 36 dB with PWM in control of the RPM, we cannot complain.

Yes, you could do better with other fans, but that would increase the overall cost, making no sense to us. The entire idea behind the SE-225-XT Black is to give users a great solution in air cooling while at the same time not breaking the bank. In our minds, we cannot see how ID-Cooling could have done better when it comes to our testing methodology, and we applaud them for being a standout in a crowd of blacked-out CPU air coolers.

All of what we have mentioned takes us back to when we thoroughly enjoyed testing CPU coolers when the hunt for top-tier performance was king. With the latest trends catering to sound, or a lack of any at all, performance has taken a back seat for quite a while. The saddest bit about it all is that over time, coolers that used to ship for less than $50 were somehow valued at twice that cost. ID-Cooling has stepped up big with the release of the SE-225-XT Black. Even though it uses a pair of fans to accomplish its stellar thermal results, noise is kept to a minimum, and at the end of it all, to say we are shocked by what we saw has to be the understatement of the year.

At a glance, one would never expect what we saw, and all of this can be had with a few minutes' worth of installation and the paltry sum of just $44.99. Look no further for those looking for the next "big thing" or even those looking to save some cash while vastly improving upon stock cooler efforts. The SE-225-XT Black is worth every bit of the investment and is everything ID-Cooling boasted it could be.

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The Bottom Line

With a complete lack of RGB/ARGB of any sort, the SE-225-XT Black is still an amazing solution to CPU air cooling. ID-Cooling took us on a nostalgic trip to the exciting years of CPU cooler design, and proves you do not have to go huge or be excessive with cost to top our charts!

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Today's best ID Cooling Auraflow X 240 deals

Features and Specifications

The ID Cooling Auraflow X 240 offers AIO liquid cooling for the masses with its dual 120mm radiator, RGB lighting and a pocketbook-friendly $90 (£71) price tag. Unlike the majority of its competitors, the Auraflow X 240 offers AMD Threadripper support in addition to the usual Intel 115x/ 2066/2011 LGAs and AMD AM/FM sockets, making it a versatile 240mm liquid cooler for nearly every current CPU available today.

However, while the ID Cooling Auraflow X 240 does get you expected features like PWM control and RGB lighting for both the fans and pump, dreams of visual brilliance and fingertip hue management are dashed with muted luminosity and lack of desktop software control. The overall performance of the Auraflow X 240 also lags behind its  240mm AIO peers, making the lower unit price most attractive to those wanting to get into the liquid cooling lifestyle cheaply, where the best performance isn’t required.

Given that the ID Cooling Auraflow X 240 supports nearly all Intel and AMD processors (including Threadripper) on the market today, the bundled mounting hardware is still relatively minimal. Including with the main components are standard 4-pin RGB lighting cables and splitter, a tube of thermal compound, multiple mounting rings and a universal backplate. ID Cooling also includes a handy stand-alone RGB controller for systems that do not have integrated RGB controls built into the motherboard.


Thickness1.125" / 28.6mm (2.25" / 57.15mm w/fans)
Width4.75" / 120.7mm
Depth11.0" / 279.4mm
Pump Height2.02" / 51.3mm
Speed ControllerBIOS
Cooling Fans(2) 120 x 25mm
Connectors(1) SATA(3) 4-pin PWM(1) 3-pin PWM(3) 4-pin RGB
Weight38.3 oz / 1087g
Intel Sockets2066, 2011x, 1366, 115x
AMD SocketsAM2(+), AM3(+) AM4, FM1, FM2(+), TR4
Warranty3 years


The pump and CPU block for the ID Cooling Auraflow X 240 have a rather minimalistic design with the ID Cooling logo and ring illuminated by RGB backlighting. The pump itself has a PWM-to-SATA adapter, meaning you can either allow the pump to operate at full speed using SATA power adapter, or setup a pump curve using PWM if you so choose. Tubing is nylon-sleeved and enters/exits the pump via a pair of integrated 90-degree swivel fittings.

The base of the Auraflow X 240 has a satin-finished milled copper cooling plate which is large enough to account for AMD’s Threadripper high end desktop (HEDT) CPUs. The twist-lock tabs around the circumference of the pump base are easily seen here, and builders should be certain that the locking tabs fully engage and lock into place when installing the appropriate mounting bracket for their systems. We found it was relatively easy to get the mounting bracket applied in reverse, and while it seemed to be correctly locked, we found we needed to reverse the plate and twist to lock as one orientation is far more secure than the other.

The aluminum radiator used by ID Cooling on the Auraflow X 240 has a moderate-fin density that is nearly identical to most AIOs on the market. It utilizes a dual-pass design as indicated by both fittings being located on the same end of the heat exchanger, so that coolant flows down one half of the unit, makes a turn in the end tank and returns through the other half to the outlet fitting.

ID Cooling ships a pair of 1800 RPM 4-pin RGB / 4-pin PWM fans with opaque blades rated at a maximum of 74.5 CFM. They come boxed with anti-vibration pads around each of the corners for damping reverberation.

Installing the ID Cooling Auraflow X 240 is simple and straight-forward for any chassis that supports a 240mm liquid cooling radiator, and the 90-degree swivel tubing allows for easy alignment for the orientation that best suits your application. Like all AIOs with swivel fittings, take care to prevent lateral torque on the plastic as this can cause cracks around the pump housing where the fittings connect to rotate.

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