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más bien, lo que todos se preguntan es si la imagen es real o de verdad es una partida. los efectos de lluvia, la difusión de la imagen lateral cuando se alcanza velocidad, los detalles de las motos y, sobre todo, el ray tracing y los reflejos de luces en las superficies del paisaje a medio llover a conquistado a las redes. casi tres millones de visitas en una semana para un canal de youtube de solo 48.000 suscriptores no es todo el resultado del vídeo. mientras los aficionados pueden jugar al f1 2021 y esperan con ansias el forza horizon 5 si son usuarios de xbox y el gran turismo 7 si son de playstation, ride 4 y su lavado de cara se acaba de posicionar como candidato para llenar horas de carreras con el mejor apartado visual que, por ahora, podemos imaginar en los videojuegos.

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supply quality product Sferra GLYNN Euro Continental Sham Ivory/Black Egyptian Cotton Percale Print New fast shipping

supply quality product Sferra GLYNN Euro Continental Sham Ivory/Black Egyptian Cotton Percale Print New fast shipping

let’s not kid ourselves, you’re not walking through our doors because we’re excellent recyclers or because our energy bill is carbon neutral. the same way you’re not dragging yourself out of bed on sunday because we do the majority of our sourcing from friends and local farmers.

you’re coming in because you want to eat something life-affirmingly delicious while egg drips off your face. well, us too. so why wax on about it? our simple hope is this — as you say goodbye to that last bite of whatever it is you’re eating, we want it to taste just that much better because you know we did our best to be good people along the way. bonus? by choosing to eat with us, you’re showing that you’re pretty good people too.

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According to, a sham is “an ornamental cover laid over a bed pillow.” Although this definition isn’t wrong, it only scratches the surface of what a sham truly is. For the hardcore decorators out there, crafting a thoughtful home starts with fully understanding even the most specific decorative pieces. When it comes to bedding, there are endless terms to decipher. From coverlets to bedspreads to duvets and comforters, confusion is inevitable…but not unavoidable.

And while it may take some time to fully master the perfect bedding, we break down everything you need to know about what a sham is, when to use it, and how to pick the right type. Read on to gain some clarity regarding this bedroom staple.


Let’s begin with a quick history lesson. A sham, also called a pillow sham, stems from the term meaning “a thing that is not what it is purported to be.” And while a sham isn’t designed to deceive anyone, it does have a disguising quality. Pillow shams are meant to cover a regular pillow with a removable, decorative case. Unlike a throw pillow, which is used exclusively for decorative purposes, a sham can removed or replaced with a traditional pillowcase for normal use. They have a hidden opening in the back that is usually zippered or buttoned shut, unlike traditional pillowcases with a more obvious side opening.

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If you are looking to easily transform a standard-sized pillow into a decorative accessory, a sham is the perfect choice. Though they are comfortable enough to be slept on like a normal pillowcase, they are typically taken off the bed or placed behind normal pillows while you sleep. Shams can be easily removed and washed normally, perfect for people with children or pets, or for those who prefer to clean pillowcases in the washing machine.


Shams typically come in four different sizes, which all correspond with the traditional pillow sizes. The dimensions are as follows:

Standard Sham= 20-by-26-inch

Queen Sham= 20-by-30-inch

King Sham= 20-by-36-inch

European/Continental Sham= 26-by-20-inch

While ready-made pillow shams come in the above sizes, some bedding brands also sell travel-sized pillow shams, boudoir pillow shams, and made-to-order, custom-sized pillow shams.

How to pick the right style? That’s pretty much up to you. Shams come in a variety of styles and materials, from silk to to cotton, and everything in between. If you’re looking for the most fool-proof design, we recommend opting for a sham with a zipper, though shams with buttons can add a decorative touch that many people prefer.

Here are some of our favorites:

Moroccan Pillow Sham

The Moroccan



Shelly Romance Euro Sham, White




Laguna Sham, Ocean/Natural Linen

pom pom at



Berthold Sham


El Apache La Loteria Check Cotton Sham


Andersen Sham



Kimsa 8x26 Sham, Silver/Charcoal



Montauk Sham, Indigo Linen

pom pom at



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SFERRA Grande Hotel Continental Sham

Expert Review

By styling the Grande Hotel collection after the finest five-star hotel beds in the world, SFERRA has created an instant classic. For outfitting your master suite or creating a welcoming guest room, Grande Hotel is the premier choice in bedding. Grand Hotel is the perfect combination of style, quality and price point. Crisp percale sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and shams are framed in tailored rows of satin stitching, woven to last through endless washings. Pillow shams are available in all sizes (boudoir, standard, king and continental) to get the fullest layered look. A full range of color-ways on white or ivory ground guarantees you will find a set that will match your decor to perfection.

TypePillow Sham
Materials:Italian Egyptian Cotton Percale
Fabric Content100% Cotton
Thread Count200
DimensionsWidth: 26", Length: 26"
Country of ManufactureItaly
Vendor Item Number77320CNSM
Page CodeM-540874

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How to make a Pillow Sham- DIY Tutorial \u0026 Giveaway

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