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Kawaii~Chan had a shrine for her ship Aarmau in the basement of her, Aphmau and Katelyn's old new home. It is where she goes to give strength to her ship. While they don't appreciate the ship, Kawaii~Chan asks Aphmau about her feelings about the shrine to make sure Aphmau isn't feeling too uncomfortable about it.

After Aphmau told her she can't ship Aarmau, she creates a shrine for Dancole (Dante and Nicole).

Kawaii~Chan also had a crush on a pink prince/pizza delivery man, Reese from Mod Mod World, a retired Aphmau series. Another friend/frenemy named Michi has been hanging around Reese too often.

Later in Mystreet Season 2 the fans believed she and Zane were crushing to each other which might have been true but not confirmed within the series. In Season 3 though, she became the love interest of a boy that asked her number while she was working at her old maid cafe, the boy called Damien who later got a job in Aphmau's new maid cafe, asked her in a date for which she agreed, but in PostS3 Ep13 they broke up leaving Kawaii~Chan heartbroken, the next episode though, they reconcile and become friends again (not a couple though).


She mostly wears clothing that are pink, light pink and magenta with white often used to accessorized. She has a love for anything cute, so her clothing often includes bright, girly, feminine colors. Kawaii~Chan has bright pink hair, amber colored eyes and has a very pale white skin tone.

In her younger years, she appeared to have liked darker colors like mauve and purple.

Her swim wear includes a pink bikini and has a new animation for her cat ears and tail.


In MyStreet, she keeps her personality nature from Minecraft Diaries. She does work on many jobs and is determined. When her house was set on fire, she felt guilty for causing the fire and ensured that she is capable of repairing the house by herself. Her determination is shown greatly as she strives to be great at what she does. Her kindness is displayed when she persists to care for Michi~Chan when Michi becomes sick despite the fact that Michi is after her crush, Prince Reese.

Although a kind-heart, her nativity is often exploited by those around her. She has a very bubbly, sweet personality. At times, she can be seen as naive and very oblivious.


Kawaii~Chan has an interest in an array of anime, but also sweet foods and treats. When is offered spicy foods, she declines immediately. Kawaii~Chan also has a very large interest in shipping. She creates shrines and she goes to them in order to create a stronger relationship between the couple. Some shrines Kawaii~Chan has created include an Aarmau (Aaron and Aphmau) and a Dancole (Dante and Nicole) shrines.

Kawaii~Chan has an obsession with the mobile cat collecting game Neko Atsume.

In the minigame series, Kawaii~Chan does possess a competitive attitude whilst playing a game.

Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/aphmauamino/page/item/kawaii-chan/eP8m_43c6IXp1K0qp4REvR8B0G1L3PXoYD

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Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Amber
  • Red oval-lined Dark Amber (formerly manipulated by Gene)
Professional Status

Phoenix Drop

Previous Occupation(s)
Personal Status



Kawaii~Chan (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Maid in Heaven"

Voice Actor



We know very little about Kawaii~Chan's past, but we do know that she is a Meif'wa who set up several maid cafes in many towns, and came from the Tu'la region. She also had a rivalry with Lucinda because they had to compete against each other for businesses to stay open- as well as the rivalry between witches and magicks users. She also has a daughter named Nekoette~Tan with Dante, whom she married while Aphmau was in the Irene Dimension with Katelyn, Aaron, Laurance, Garroth, Emmalyn and Kenmur. Sadly, for the shippers of Dante~Chan, their wedding was not shown as a Minecraft Diaries episode.

Her first appearance is when Aphmau first met her maid cafe on her way to Scaleswind. She said her name was 'Miss Kawaii,' but Aphmau could call her 'Kawaii~Chan.' Kawaii~Chan gave her one of her little maids and some sugar and sent Aphmau on her way. When Aphmau was in trouble, Kawaii~Chan came to help, since she sensed that the little maid was in trouble. Aphmau was knocked unconscious and was taken back to the maid cafe. When Aphmau wakes up, Kawaii~Chan tells her what happened, gives her another little maid, closes up the maid cafe and starts looking for a new home.

We don't see her for a while until she makes up her mind and moves to Phoenix Drop to build her home there. When she gets there, she is assigned a pretty home by Aphmau and immediately attracts Brendan's attention, who was sulking after the 'Sasha' incident. Kawaii-Chan lacks in activity for a while until she begins and finishes working on Aphmau's home. Aphmau loved the house that Kawaii~Chan made for her.

After that, she lacked in activity again. Then after Aphmau got back from the long journey that let her meet Malachi, Lucinda, Dante, and Nicole, Kawaii~Chan has a fight with Lucinda. This appears to be because of the rivalry mentioned before. They came to a tie, and made up but still have a friendly rivalry.

15 years later, we do not really know much about what she has been doing, but what we do know is that eventually, she and Dante got married and had a child, Nekoette~Tan.

In Season 3, she seen helping out with Alina's birthday party in episode 1 at Kiki's barn, and in episode 4, Aphmau asked her where her husband Dante is, and she says that he may be at the statue of Lady Irene. In episode 11, she was concerned for Dante about Shad and how he has to deal with him looking for Aphmau and Alina, Zane's return and his brother Gene. She memories manipulated by Gene, due to her eyes) talking to Gene like a close friend and brought Dante so he can meet his brother, to his horror.

Her memories were once again manipulated so this time, she doesn't remember Dante at all and only knows her husband, Gene as her sweetheart, all to get her real husband to search for Zane.

She is seen alongside the forest with Gene, where she suddenly left while Gene noticed Dante. Later, Kawaii~Chan, along with the other villagers, managed to recover from Gene's manipulation and rushed to stop Gene's attack on Dante, Nekoette and Dmitri, because Gene was distracted by Dante and her kid's arrival that he lost focus on the memory spell.

Kawaii~Chan and the kids were with Dante as they bury Kenmur's grave back at Phoenix Drop, reassuring him that he did the right thing to save future lives and not be depressed about the death of Kenmur. Dante is too depressed to listen to her so Dmitri and Nekoette asked Kawaii~Chan to leave Dante alone with them and she agrees.


Island Vacation[]

She and others go on an island vacation. She starts to have a crush on Prince Reese because of his pink skin, but Polly gets jealous and uses a potion to turn into Kawaii~Chan and makes her look bad. In the end, everyone figures out it was Polly.

Slumber Party[]

Aphmau, Katelyn, Nicole, Kiki, and Kawaii~Chan have a slumber party at Kawaii~Chan's house. Nicole plans to "spice things up" by inviting the boys who are disguised as girls using the names Laurencina, Dantette, and Garthena. The boys steal their pizza and the girls blame Nicole and Aphmau (They blame Aphmau because she opened the door for them, even though they told her too).

The Big Move[]

She works at IHOP along with Katelyn and strongly ships Aphmau and Aaron (Aarmau). Laurance and Garroth get a hold of her phone and sees her background photo is Aphmau and Aaron. But sadly, Garroth threw her phone out of the building, so she gets mad at them and made a few scratches on their beautiful faces, which shows that Kawaii~Chan seems to have more cat-like qualities than just two ears and tail.

Are Meif'wa afraid of cucumbers?



Kawaii~Chan has long, light pink hair, golden-honey/amber colored eyes, black cat ears with pink ear innards, and a matching black cat tail. Her complexion is relatively pale. In both seasons, she appears to wear a magenta ribbon tied into a bow, around her left ear.

In Season 1, Kawaii~Chan sports a typical maid's outfit: a black dress and a white pinafore with ruffles around the shoulders.

In Season 2, fifteen years after the first season, Kawaii~Chan then wore a salmon pink dress with a white petticoat underneath, with white off-the-shoulder sleeves and black stitching across the torso of the dress.

In Season 3

Sours: https://aphmau.fandom.com/wiki/Kawaii~Chan
Kawaii~Chan's Secret - MyStreet: Starlight [Ep.7] - Minecraft Roleplay

For the umpteenth time with annoyance she thought, and again looked at Kai. Blond hair was in disarray, big green sleepy eyes, high cheekbones and plump lips, he will surpass even his older brother when he grows up, and will become a real handsome. Man, unless he gets drunk by that time, of course.

Chan kawaii

I want you to take your mind. - Oh, damn it. Well, you're back to your own.

Aphmau crew reacts to some memes + zane x kawaii chan ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Dawn. Katka was telling me something, but I didn't hear anything. At first she insisted that I lick her, then she tried to joke, then she got angry.

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