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16 Custom Urns That Will Reveal Your Loved One’s Unique Spirit

When choosing an urn for loved one, most of us will settle on something that’s traditional.

But what if they were a bit of character?

Or did they have a particular passion or interest which defined them?

If so, a Custom Urn might be the perfect memorial to remember their spirit.

Below you’ll find a list of some our favorite unique urns on the market.

What is a custom urn?

A personalized Car Urn

A custom urn is a non-traditional urn that is chosen specifically to honor a particular personality.

They can represent qualities you cherished, such as a big heart, or interests that were important to the person.

Heart-Shaped Urns

A heart represents emotional energy that lives on after the physical body has passed away.

It also symbolizes affection and the bond that you shared with your loved one.

That’s why a heart-shaped urn can be a wonderful way to honor someone you loved.

Here are some that we love.

Going Home Heart Keepsake Urn

This is a blue heart-shaped keepsake urn crafted in sturdy brass.

A “going home” pattern is engraved on it in intricate detail.

The urn is small and is only meant to hold a bit of ashes as a remembrance.

You can purchase a keepsake stand separately to use for display.

Classic Gold Coloured Heart Keepsake

Another mini-urn in brass, gold-colored keepsake heart is for those who value the beauty of simplicity.

It comes with a gold-colored stand for display and an elegant velvet box for storage.

It can remain on display indefinitely as a discreet but beautiful tribute to your loved one.

This keepsake is handmade by artisans, so no two are exactly alike.

Crimson Marble Heart Shaped Urn

This is a tiny heart keepsake vividly elegant.

A bold marbled crimson finish is surrounded by a band of gold engraving.

A display stand is included.

It’s crafted in brass for durability, with a lacquer coat for added brilliance.

Like other heart urns, this has the appearance of a lovely decoration rather than a memorial.

Portland Pink Heart Keepsake With Velvet Box

This beautiful heart urn is crafted in brass and decorated with delicate pink etchings, a white butterfly at the center.

Dainty and feminine, it’s perfect for memorializing a mother, sister, wife, or daughter.

It will be a beautiful complement to any home decor.

Car Urns

If they enjoyed nothing more than a day at the racetrack or working on their old Dodge Charger, you know they need a special kind of urn.

The traditional, the flowery, just won’t do for this kind of personality.

You want an urn that memorializes the strong, speedy, and reliable.

The soul that loved all things automotive is unique indeed.

And there are urns that can call that vividly to your remembrance.

201 Classic Muscle Custom Urn

This is a comfortably large and sturdy car urn.

It comes painted with a scene of old-fashioned muscle cars parked in front of a 50s diner.

It’s perfect for anyone whose favorite memories included cruising in an old 1955 Chevy, and spending an evening at the drive-in.

Red Racing Flag Niche Urn

This is a perfect way to celebrate your loved one crossing that final finish line into eternity.

It’s solidly constructed of cast aluminum. A glossy bold red background highlights the vinyl black-and-white artistry of the racing flag details.

It is large enough to fit the remains of an adult weighing up to 220 pounds, but still lightweight enough to transport easily.

Baseball Urns

If your loved one was a baseball enthusiast, undoubtedly it was a huge part of his or her life.

They waited all year to cheer on their favorite team in the World Series.

Maybe he even played or coached, and experienced many life-changing moments on the ball field.

A baseball urn can help keep these memories alive.

105 Baseball Fan Memorial Urn

This baseball urn was crafted for someone large in body as well as spirit, easily fitting the remains of an adult weighing up to 260 pounds.

It’s the largest size composite urn presently available on the market.

It’s crafted of strong but lightweight poly resin and fiber composite, with artwork on the front depicting an image of a baseball bat and glove.

Baseball Stainless Steel Round Urn Pendant

For a slightly more feminine memorial, you might consider this stainless steel necklace with a charming baseball urn pendant.

The necklace and pendant are waterproof and guaranteed not to fade, so you can wear them forever.

It comes with an easy-to-use funnel and tools for placing the ashes inside.

Fishing Urns

Patience, solitude, and a love of nature. Fishing is not just a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.

If your loved one was passionate about fishing, a fishing urn can be a comforting way to memorialize him as he casts out for that final fishing trip.

Perfect Memorials Fisherman Boat Urn

This urn will give you the comfort of imagining your favorite fisherman enjoying a quiet lake in a rowboat, finally having caught that big bass he’s been trying for.

The sculpture is beautifully crafted in cold cast resin.

The quality and detail of the craftsmanship will pleasantly surprise you in such an affordable urn.

Memorials4u Brass Fishing Urn

Constructed of smooth glossy brass with a slate-colored finish, this urn is the ultimate in classic simplicity.

It has a traditional vase shape and pictures a silhouette engraved in silver of a figure with a fisherman’s hat holding a large fish at the end of a pole.

A lacquer coat gives it added luster.

Maple Trout Stream Fishing Wooden Urn

This urn is ideal if you want the natural, sturdy look and feel of wood.

A scene of a fisherman in a picturesque trout stream is laser etched on the front of this box crafted of solid maple hardwood.

This is a fine looking piece which your favorite nature-loving fisherman would definitely appreciate.

Cowboy Urns

What exactly is it about cowboys that sparks the imagination?

We love their toughness, their wildness, their vigilante ways, and how they ride off into the sunset when the movie’s over.

Perhaps you’ve loved your own cowboy or cowgirl, and now have to say goodbye to them as they ride off into the sunset of eternity.

If so, then one of these cowboy urns is just right.

Large Cowboy Boots Cremation Urn

This urn features a beautifully detailed sculpture in cold cast resin, indicating that your favorite cowboy has set aside his hat and boots.

It has a large base to contain the ashes.

A sliding panel along the bottom is securely attached with screws.

Brass Cowboy Boot Cremation Urn

This urn is a cowboy boot, carved in a copper hue with intricate and realistic detail.

Everything from the strap and buckle to the square toe make it look real.

Each urn is individually crafted, so each is slightly unique, just like the cowboy or cowgirl that you want to remember.

Cowboy Western Horse Sunset Adult Urn

This solid, box-shaped urn features the silhouette of a cowboy and surrounding cactus plants against the background of a stunning sunset.

You can easily imagine your own beloved cowboy enjoying the brilliance of that sunset eternally in the afterlife.

It is the largest urn size available, easily fitting the remains of a large adult.

Celtic Urns

If Irish heritage was important to your loved one, a Celtic urn is the ideal way to celebrate that.

Celtic lore and mythology is full of meaningful symbols of spiritual life, from shamrocks to Celtic crosses.

Choosing an object from Celtic mythology to celebrate your loved one is a great way to recognize the fiery beauty of the Celtic spirit.

Ansons Shamrock Cremation Urn

Ansons Urns Green Irish Shamrock Cremation Urn - Clover Funeral Urn in Several Colors - Burial Urn for Human Ashes - Detailed Hand Engraving - 100% Brass is handcrafted in a lively shade of green, with a detailed pattern of clover leaves engraved on it.

It’s made of heavy, durable brass.

The bold color and bright design make this the perfect urn to memorialize a lively and proud Irish soul.

Oneworld Celtic Cross Cremation Urn

No products found.

This is a brass urn with a smooth pewter finish, giving it a classy look of glossy silver.

The Celtic cross etched on the front makes you feel connected to antiquity and to ancient heritage.

Celtic banding decorates the lid to add to the effect.


So you’re dead and you’ve been cremated; now what? Get scattered in a warm ocean breeze? Be used as fertilizer for a young tree? This author considered being mixed into a dry rub to season a roasted lamb, but figures not enough family and friends would see the humor he sees in it. And nothing would be worse than dying and then being just leftovers.

The guys behind Last Rides are more the ashes-on-the-mantle type, but really love their cars. So they came up with a cool idea: custom-made cremation urns modeled after the eternal occupant’s favorite car. All you do is submit a few pictures of the car you’d like the urn to look like, and then wait. The urns are clay, and take roughly two to three months to make. Pricing depends on the car—simple shapes take less time to sculpt than, say, a ’32 Ford roadster with no fenders and an exposed engine—but we’re told that $2000 to $2500 is an average starting point. For more info, check out

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Celebrate the Passion of an Automotive Enthusiast

It's no secret: Americans love their cars. How else would you explain the fact that here in the U.S., we have more automobiles than we do licensed drivers? That's because cars are used for much more than simple transportation. In addition to getting us from Point A to Point B, they're also used in modern racing, coveted as status symbols, and can serve as fodder for hobbyists intent on bringing muscle cars and classic cars up to modern automotive specifications. Commemorative car urns are the perfect way to honor friends, family members, and loved ones for whom cars were a lifetime passion. 

Finding Ourselves

It is clear that many people strongly identify with their vehicle of choice. We can see this in the ever-expanding $360 billion after-market accessory industry. Whether your loved one jetted around town in a VW with a daisy in a bud vase or rumbled down the highway in a truck with a lift kit, their vehicle served as an extension of their personality. Choosing a quintessential car urn as their final resting place can help you honor this tradition.   

Out of My Dreams and Into My Car

In 1988, Billy Ocean put our collective daydreams into words with his classic pop anthem "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car." In it, he sings about leveraging his car, which he's obviously very proud of, to land his dream woman. While this isn't exactly how things work out for most of us in real life, it's a scenario that first draws many into the lifestyle. A quintessential memorial car urn will help capture those feelings and hold them in time forever.   

Taking Care of Business

At the opposite end of the spectrum from your Sunday drivers are your gearheads. These folks are all wrapped up in the actual mechanics of automobiles. They love tech, tinkering, and gadgets. They're not just interested in how fast a car can go: they want to know what parts are involved and exactly how this feat is accomplished. When you think of a "gearhead," perhaps what pops to mind is a scruffy, middle-aged man sporting wrap-around sunglasses and a greasy mechanic's jumpsuit. But actually, the demographics of this group run deep and wide, including women, celebrities, and everyone in between. Perhaps it also included your loved one. If so, a quintessential car urn can help honor that. 

Falling in Love

Though it might sound strange to talk of "falling in love" with a car, we all know exactly what that looks like:

A lot of men and women baby their vehicles. They name them. They wash and wax them with all of the care they'd use when bathing a newborn. Whether or not a guy is driving his dream car, it's especially easy for them to develop an emotional attachment to their rides.  (Montway Auto Transport)

If this describes your loved one's relationship with his or her car, a quintessential car urn would be just the thing to help the love continue, even as they pass on. 

Grief and Remembrance

When a loved one passes away, sometimes we struggle to know how best to commemorate their life and legacy. We want to honor who they are as a person while still giving ourselves ways to carry their memories with us as we cycle through the grieving process and move forward with our lives. With our custom cremation urns, we provide a way to do just that. We offer racing urns, classic and muscle car artwork urns, and funky gearhead urns adorned with wrenches. These unique memorial urns are the perfect way to honor the passionate interests of the car lovers in your lives. 


Car urns custom

3d Handcrafted Custom Printed Cremation Urns Unique Urns

Classic Cars Cremation Urn

3d Handcrafted Custom Printed Cremation Urns Unique Urns

Nwa Car Lovers Cremation Urn Wood Urn Car Urn Wooden Funeral Urn Classic Cars Urn With Engraving

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3d Handcrafted Custom Printed Cremation Urns Unique Urns

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1949 Cadillac Convertible Urn


223 Hot Rod Classic Antique Car Collector Adult Cremation Urn

Replica Car Urn Urns For Ashes

220 Corvette Silver Classic Car Collector Adult Cremation Urn

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Making an Urn for My Dad - Woodworking

Small Muscle Car Cremation Urn - Engravable

Small Muscle Car Urn

The small muscle car urn is full of detail and sleek finishes. This urn is perfect for mechanics, car collectors or those who admire the fine finishes of a classic muscle car. The shiny black car and tinted windows offer contrast from one another that accentuate the true uniqueness of these car designs. The muscle car sits atop a small chamber that opens from a panel on the bottom of the urn. This chamber is meant to hold cremains and any other mementos your loved one would have wanted saved with them forever.

Optional Personalized Plaque

We always recommend customizing urns. If the urn was ever to be misplaced, the personalized engravings would allow for the urn to be identified and returned. Engravings are also an exceptional way to personalize the urn and give it a sentimental touch, adding to the memory of your loved one. Our engravings allow for up to 4 lines, and each line allows up to 45 characters. The text will then be engraved onto a plaque, which will then be placed onto the front of the base. Other options we offer are adding a picture or artwork next to the text, and engraving a touching poem onto the back of the urn. The plaque comes unattached from the urn so it can be placed on the urn as each family desires. Don't worry, permanent adhesive is included for a forever sentiment! The plaque is not attached to the urn prior to shipping. This allows the freedom for each person to adhere the urn as you see fit with the included permanent adhesive.

Choosing An Engraving Example

Available on this product is an engraving example. If you choose this service, a mock-up of your engraving will be e-mailed to you within 24-business hours. This will allow you to review the text and make any changes you wish to see. Do note, the engraving will not be displayed on the product you purchase, rather it is meant to give you an idea of fonts, verbiage and layouts chosen. If you purchased an item with a custom photo engraving, the photo will not be displayed in the engraving example but we will be certain to use any/all cropping notes you provided to us when you placed your order. We will not process your order until your approval is received, your satisfaction is important!

Optional Urn Burial Container

The Crown Vault Urn Burial Container is made from lightweight polystyrene. It can withstand 4,300 pounds of top load pressure on a single vault! This container is designed to protect the urn and any other keepsakes inside when buried. A wide lip allows the vault to be carried easily and allows for a clean adhesive application; adhesive is included.


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