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The 15 Best YouTube Channels You Should Watch Next

Are you struggling to decide what to watch on YouTube? The sheer number of YouTube channels can cause decision paralysis. To help you out, we've compiled a list of the best YouTube channels you should watch next.

Compiling a list of "the best" YouTube channels is almost impossible. Which is why we've settled on a list of interesting YouTube channels worth watching. You might not like them all, but you should find something you'll enjoy.

1. Tasty

This channel will make you drool. The snack-sized videos break down delicious dishes into the simple steps it takes to make them. You'll want to dash into your kitchen and try these recipes. All of them.

Tasty also runs its own YouTube shows, including Tasty 101, Eating Your Feed, and Behind Tasty.

Subscribe to this channel if... you love food and easy recipes.

2. Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner originally began in 2000 as a Flash animation site and quickly cemented itself in internet history. It's perhaps best known for the Strong Bad Email series, where a boxing glove-wearing man answers fan messages with sarcasm and wit.

The series is packed full of fun characters, surreal weirdness, and obscure pop culture references. Since it's been running for so long, albeit with a hiatus in the middle, there's plenty of content to keep you laughing.

Subscribe to this channel if... you want a laugh and a new series to obsess over.

3. The King of Random

This channel features random weekend projects, experiments, and life hacks. These DIY/mad science videos are professionally produced and range from useful to entertaining.

You'll find tips for improving cell phone reception, a way to make self-freezing soda, and survival tips, like how to start a fire with a sandwich bag.

New videos drop at 5pm ET every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Subscribe to this channel if... you find endless fascination in the randomness of life and can't wait to try out new things.

4. MUO

It'd be remiss of us not to mention our own YouTube channel, which hosts tutorials, reviews, news, and more. We think it's great!

Whether you want to keep your pulse on the latest in tech, or follow detailed how-to videos for solving specific problems, the MUO YouTube channel is suitable no matter your experience level with technology.

Subscribe to this channel if... you enjoy fun and educational videos about technology.

5. FitnessBlender

Exercise is important for physical and mental health, but sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation or good resources. That's why FitnessBlender is so great, since the channel is packed full of free, professional, full-length workout videos.

The channel has exercises to suit all fitness levels, focusing on different parts of the body. So whether you need an upper body strength workout or fancy some kickboxing cardio, FitnessBlender has you covered.

Subscribe to this channel if... you want to get fit and stay healthy.

6. NPR Music

NPR Music hosts interviews and documentaries, but it's perhaps best known for its Tiny Desk series. This sees a range of musicians from different genres perform an intimate concert of their greatest hits.

You can see big names like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, but also discover new artists that you might not have heard before.

Subscribe to this channel if... you want to discover new musicians or listen to big stars perform acoustically.

7. Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning uploads new videos every weekday. It's hosted by internet comedians Rhett and Link as they explore trends, play games, and conduct loopy experiments.

It makes for some great, light-hearted entertainment and never takes itself seriously. Where else could you see grown men tasting and ranking every single product from Dunkin' Donuts?

Subscribe to this channel if... you fancy some silly, daily fun with videos that feel like you're hanging out with friends.

8. CrazyRussianHacker

For Taras Kulakov, "safety is number one priority". The former Ukrainian Olympic swimmer, who now lives in Waynesville, North Carolina, explores everything from boiling Coke, testing military food, to dumping 30 pounds of dry ice into a pool.

Taras also shares life hacks and tests gadgets. The random mix creates a fun collection of YouTube videos that are definitely worth watching.

If the extremes offered here sound fun, you'll also likely enjoy the best wrestling channels on YouTube.

Subscribe to this channel if... you get a kick out of watching crazy experiments with a safe ending.

9. FailArmy

The laugh is always on the loser. And you will split your sides laughing while watching these epic fail videos.

Always remember that one day you could be the star of a fail video, because this channel accepts fan submissions.

Subscribe to this channel if... you need a good laugh every once in a while.

10. People Are Awesome

On the bright side, failure is a result of trying. And trying hard, over and over again, can lead to great results. People are Awesome celebrates the achievements of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Activities include extreme sports and simple exercises taken to the extreme.

Like FailArmy, this channel depends on material submitted by its viewers. If you have ever documented an amazing trick on video, this is your chance to share it with the world.

Subscribe to this channel if... you admire driven and creative people doing extreme sports.

11. TheRichest

Each video on this channel features a list of fun facts around a fascinating topic. That includes anything from stuff science can't explain to common objects dirtier than your toilet. Can you find 10 videos you like on this channel?

To curb the randomness, dive into one of the playlists, which focus on unusual people, movies and TV, or creatures and animals.

Subscribe to this channel if... you love lists of fascinating facts.

12. Looper

Looper shines a light on the Easter eggs, interesting facts, and untold stories behind your favorite movies, TV shows, and games. You'll learn what happened to Mr. T, how famous horror movie monsters look underneath their masks, and why they never made a sequel to Inception.

For someone with an interest in popular culture, this channel provides endless entertainment.

Subscribe to this channel if... you're an entertainment buff and want to know more about popular films, shows, characters, and celebrities.

13. Amazing Space

Amazing Space is a YouTube channel dedicated to the infinite space beyond Earth's atmosphere. Featured videos include live streams from the International Space Station, high-resolution videos of the Earth and the Sun, and a collection of time-lapse videos.

The material is sourced from NASA, the ESA (European Space Agency), and other exclusive sources.

Subscribe to this channel if... you are curious about our galaxy and appreciate breathtaking views of our planet floating in space.

And if this YouTube channel gets you in the mood to dive deeper into space, here are the best documentaries about the universe in which we all live.

14. The School of Life

This YouTube channel and real-life school for adults addresses the kinds of subjects many parents and schools neglect: philosophy, psychotherapy, literature, and art. Channel topics include relationships, work and capitalism, comedy, and pop culture.

You can stream individual videos on topics you're interested in. Or you can follow a curated curriculum to graduate from the school of life as a fully educated adult.

Subscribe to this channel if... you feel like you've missed a couple of life lessons and would like to close that gap.

15. Veritasium

Every video on this channel contains an element of truth. Derek Muller answers intriguing questions and explores entertaining subjects through the lens of science. For example, do you know how chameleons change color, whether cell phones can cause brain tumors, or how welding in space works? You'll find all of this (and more) out on Veritasium.

Subscribe to this channel if... you're fascinated by science and want to learn more about the wonders of our world.

For a list of similar channels, check out the best YouTube channels for science experiments.

Watch These YouTube Channels With Your Friends

These YouTube channels should keep you busy for a long time. Collectively, they have thousands of hours of entertainment for you to enjoy.

Don't forget to share your favorites with friends. In fact, consider using an online service to simultaneously watch videos together so that you can discuss, vibe, and laugh in real-time.


How to Watch YouTube Videos Together With Friends: 8 Ways

Want to watch YouTube with friends or family online? Here are several ways you can do that while syncing the video playback.

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Be Consumer Fit

YouTube is huge. It’s the most searched for website, has well over a billion users, and people spend countless hours on the site. It’s also become a platform for YouTubers to become superstars in their own right.

From cooking shows to streamers, YouTube has videos on every topic conceivable. Below, we’ve put together a list of the channels and YouTubers with the most subscribers. It’s a pretty varied list.

20. Dude Perfect (56.7m subscribers)

At number 20 on the list we have Dude Perfect, a sports entertainment channel run by five guys from the US. They originally started with basketball trickshot videos, but they’re now one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, and the second most popular sports one.

Dude Perfect make videos on a whole range of stuff, although sport is still a main focus. On their channel you can find content about drones, lasers, and, of course, trick shots.

19. Sony SAB (57.8m subscribers)

At 19 is the Sony SAB channel, which belongs to a television channel of the same name. It specialises in Hindi comedy, drama, romance, and other genres.

18. BangtanTV (58.6m subscribers)

You're never more than a few clicks away from some BTS content. Well, we don't know if that's 100% true, but the Korean pop band have become global megastars over recent years. Their official channel makes 18th in our list.

17. Goldmines Telefilms (59m subscribers)

Goldmines Telefilms is a Hindi-language channel showcasing films, songs, and comedy. Incredibly, it was only launched in January 2021, meaning its rise has taken place at an impressive speed.

16. Zee TV (59.3m subscribers)

Zee TV is an Indian TV channel that’s managed to drum up a lot of interest online, taking advantage of the 500m Indians who use the internet. It’s also not the TV channel’s only entry on the list.

The channel’s content is much like any other TV channel’s one: trailers and clips from programmes, promos, and interviews with their stars, all to get more people paying for their TV shows.

15. HYBE LABELS (61.6m)

K-pop has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, so it will surprise no one that related channels appear on this list ore than once.

The Big Hit Labels channel is run by Big Hit Entertainment, the company that manages huge K-pop acts, including BTS. The channel hosts videos from various acts. You can expect to this channel move up the rankings soon.

14. Canal KondZilla (64.8m subscribers)

Back to music, this time we’ve got Konrad Cunha Dantas’s channel Canal KondZilla.

Dantas is a music video producer and owner of KondZilla Records, and he posts music from KondZilla on his channel.

Centered around the funk ostentação genre, the popularity of this music has translated well to YouTube. The channel unsurprisingly includes loads of music videos, plus some behind-the-scenes footage.

13. Justin Bieber (64.5m subscribers)

Pop clearly gets you far on YouTube. Next we have child music sensation turned just regular music sensation, Justin Bieber. Bieber was actually discovered on YouTube, so it makes sense for him to be so far up the list.

His channel’s videos are what we’ve come to expect from musicians: music videos, promo material, interviews, and behind the scenes footage.

12. BLACKPINK (67.3m subscribers)

Now we have our first pop group in this list, and our second K-pop listing. Introducing BLACKPINK, one of the biggest K-pop, and pop in general, acts in the world.

Their channel is exactly what you’d expect. Music videos, interviews, and general video content about the band.

11. MrBeast (70.4m subscribers)

Viral expert and YouTuber megastar, MrBeast's videos are some of the most watched and most liked on the platform. With efforts underway to expand his business, expect him to hold his place here for some time.

10. Vlad and Niki (72.4m subscribers)

The first kids channel of the list, Vlad and Niki features two brothers. The videos are mostly of the two playing and engaging in usual children activities.

The channel has only been around since 2018, making its appearance in the list even more impressive.

9. 5-Minute Crafts (73.8m subscribers)

Into the top 10, and we have 5-Minute Crafts, a DIY channel that covers a whole range of subjects.

Originally started in 2016, it’s gone from strength to strength since and is the most subscribed to channel of its type.

Along with craft videos, 5-Minute Crafts also includes life hacks for every part of your life, along with content for kids and parents.

8. Like Nastya (76.9m subscribers)

Introducing the most subscribed to channel in the Russian Federation. Aimed at kids it features Like Nastya, and her parents who run the channel, recreating scenes from films and TV shows, singing songs and nursery rhymes, and going on trips.

Like Nastya also has another channel, with 15m subscribers, simply called ‘Like Nastya’, it puts out similar videos, but with more of a focus on playing and trips to amusement and activity parks.

7. Zee Music Company (77.2m subscribers)

Sticking with music, we have the Indian channel Zee Music Company (also not the only Indian music channel in the list).

The channel’s content is made up of music videos, some of which are from films and television shows. The channel says it’s aggregated over 220k hours of video content.

6. WWE (82.3m subscribers)

WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is the most popular sports channel on the list.

Hugely popular the world over, WWE have pulled in tens of millions of subscribers from every corner of the planet.

The WWE channel has recaps of recent matches, full matches, and plenty of footage from their archives, including classic fights and interviews.


5. ✿ Kids Diana Show (83.7m subscribers)

Children’s channels are hugely popular on YouTube, so we have a few like this in the list. This one is focused on a girl called Diana, with the content focusing on her life and what it’s like to be a kid (who is constantly filmed, I guess).

The videos include toy unboxings, challenges, trips out and about, and other activities that children get up to. A concept that would have sounded bizarre just a few years ago, but here we are.

4. PewDiePie (110m subscribers)

Our last individual YouTuber on the list is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie.

By far the most famous YouTuber in the world, in part thanks to a number of controversies and his rivalry with another channel, T-Series, he’s also one of the highest earners on the platform.

PewDiePie’s main focus is gaming, including livestreams of him playing. He also does a lot of vlogging, collaborations with other YouTubers, and his own meme review series.

3. SET India (116m subscribers)

Into the final three and we have Sony Entertainment Television, or SET, India.

Obviously Sony-owned, this Hindi-language channel is run by the Indian television channel of the same name.

The channel has what you’d expect from a TV channel including full episodes of TV shows, teaser trailers, and episode clips.

2. Cocomelon (119m subscribers)

Cocomelon's high position represents how much young kids watch YouTube videos. The platform has become an easy way for parents to keep their kids entertained, especially with its autoplay feature. (Note: This trend isn’t always good.)

The channel itself has exactly what its title suggests. A huge bank of nursery rhymes about a range of subjects, featuring CGI characters and locations in a cartoonish design.

1. T-Series (195m subscribers)

For 1,920 days PewDiePie was the most followed YouTube channel. And then came along T-Series, a record label and film production company from India. Despite PewDiePie trying his hardest to stay ahead of T-Series, he’s now far, far behind.

The content on the channel is a huge collections of music videos, film, clips, and trailers from T-Series creative output. Only time will tell if PewDiePie can ever retake the top spot.

  1. Second galaxy reddit
  2. Dell drivers software
  3. green book

Sometimes, taking a quick break from work to watch YouTube videos is the only way to stay sane during a stressful day. There’s just something about 20-minute long Vine compilations and brutally honest Chevy ad spoofs that can instantly lift your spirits, especially when you’re running on fumes towards the end of the work day

If you’re currently in the midst of an end-of-day lull and need a boost of mental energy, you’re in luck.

We scoured YouTube for the 100 best channels in ten of their most popular categories, and hopefully, there are enough videos in this blog post to satisfy your daily fix of YouTube for quite a while.

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Originally published Nov 5, 2018 7:00:00 AM, updated March 17 2021

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The 10 Best YouTube Channels For Kids

YouTube is an amazing resource. With the click of a button, it gives us access to videos of everything from beer-making tutorials to Jimmy Hendrix playing the national anthem at Woodstock. Its algorithm probably knows your kid better than you do, meaning it can feed them exactly what they want, from toy unboxings to to video game streams to cartoons. But aside from the fear that your kid will soon get addicted to all this media, as we all have, you also have to worry about them coming across all the vile stuff happening all over the Internet, from pedophile-approved videos of preteens to videos that promote self-harm. While parents of the past could turn on a kid’s channel on tv and trust it to play only kid-appropriate content, finding the best Youtube channels kids requires a lot more work.

“Because of that way that YouTube is built, the hosts are communicating in a way that is direct to their audience,” says Polly Conway of Common Sense Media.“That is something that our generation has never had. This is sort of new territory. There is a different bond built through these shows than your traditional television program because the interaction is so direct.”

There are a few steps you should take before letting your little one loose on the Internet, like setting your parental controls and downloading a child-focused YouTube app for kids. Once those safeguards are in place, you can explore the endless assortment of kids channels. Luckily, there are a number of kids YouTube channels that make excellent company for your little one. These are ten of our favorites.

Nerdy Nummies

Here’s a YouTube channel for kids who like to bake. Hosted by Rosanna Pansino and a cavalcade of guests, this weekly program takes a family-friendly approach to the cooking show, demonstrating how to create all sorts of baked goods like cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. The icing on top is her predilection for tying her projects into nerd pop culture, creating eats that are shaped to look like characters from Harry Potter and Star Wars. Parental guidance is still a must if your kid actually wants to get baking (obviously), but the videos have a way to really focus young bakers.


These quick illustrated tutorials make for perfect snackable science lessons that you can share with your kid. Created by Henry Reich, this kids YouTube channel examines a wide range of fun subjects like the physics behind black holes or whether it is better to walk or run in the rain. The stick figure animations make for a watch that kids can enjoy, and perhaps even tackle themselves.


Now your kids can enjoy the smart, informative, big thinking joys of TED Talks too. The TED foundation has created these educational editions of their highly popular lectures. Each video is born out of a collaboration between experts in various fields and creative animators who provide visuals that are just as captivating as the content. They even take submissions for ideas if you have a particularly insightful kid.

The Brain Scoop

This YouTube channel for kids wants to make sure the next generation knows what museums are and cares about the amazing adventures you can have within them. Coming from the Chicago Field Museum, and hosted by “Chief Curiosity Correspondent” Emily Graslie, each episode shows a look behind the scenes of the operations of the museum. This is a perfect way to get your kid excited about earth science, animals, and the environment. Check out the video description and opening titles before watching though, as some episodes carry viewer discretion warnings.

Sesame Street

Let’s kick it off with a classic: The same adorable muppets that have taught kids the alphabet for 50 years, and probably taught you a thing or two, have moved over to the Internet. Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Bert, and Ernie and the rest of the crew is hanging out on a YouTube channel, with plenty of online-only cameos from stars like Bill Murray.

The Houston Zoo

There is a reason that Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl brings in monster ratings every year: people of all ages love to watch animals at play. For the other 364 days of the year, your kid can check in with the friendly creatures from all over the world that live at The Houston Zoo. Videos include a digital hang out with red river hog babies, an exercising skunk (above), and an introduction to their newborn giraffe Mara.


John Green, the guy who wrote The Fault In Our Stars, and his brother Hank have racked up over a billion views in the past 13 years. Their videos cover a wide variety of subjects, from history to psychology to science to ethics. They tend to be either general introductions to big topics like expressionism and Big Data or skills-focused instructional videos that teach kids important stuff like how to use Wikipedia.

Super Simple Songs

There is a reason that this YouTube channel has racked up millions of views. These animated videos are designed perfectly to help either keep your kid occupied with an afternoon of sing-alongs or send off to sleep with a lullaby like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. There is also original content here, featuring a collection of strange creatures that help teach lessons on everything from how to treat your family members to steps you can take to eat healthier.


Founded by funnyman Rainn Wilson, a.k.a. Dwight Schrute on The Office, this kids YouTube channel is a wealth of captivating content. There is something for everyone with this crew, from their “Art Attack” program to “The Science Of Happiness.” A great place to start is with their most popular videos, the “Kid President” series.

National Geographic Kids

This YouTube channel for kids from National Geographic uploads frequently with cool videos of awesome animals, fun science and colorful travel destinations. They don’t just limit themselves to the exotic either, there are plenty of programs that explore the wonders in your own backyard and even your own house pet, like one episode called “How to Speak Cat”. They have even created playlists depending on your kid’s interests so that they can binge-watch creature captures like you binge-watched the latest season of

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Youtube channels good

You probably don't need research to tell you that screen time shot up during the pandemic, with streaming services and on-demand content seeing the biggest bumps in viewership. Most of us experienced these changes firsthand. And now that restrictions are easing, scientists think we'll never quite go back to our old viewing habits. 

More time spent with alternatives to traditional TV is here to stay. So why not make the most of it? YouTube may be a wild bazaar of every kind of content under the sun, but it's also home to plenty of channels that can enlighten as much as they entertain. 

And if you need help locating the kind of channels that actually make you smarter, Brian Feroldi can help. The financial writer recently tweeted out a request for the best YouTube channels for learning to his more than 160,000 followers, generating a lively discussion of the best brain-building content on the platform. 

If you're looking to swap a little mind-rotting Netflix for something more educational, here's what the crowd recommended. 

1. Kurzgesagt 

Engineer @Simon74434974 was the first of many to recommend the videos from German animation studio Kurzgesagt, calling them "bite size and visually pleasing explanations of hard topics and big questions." User @Maxtrimblr describes their work as "optimistic nihilism videos with great animation." I'm not 100 percent sure what that means but it sounds interesting. 

2. RSA Animates 

U.K.-based Twitter user Lee Evans took the opportunity to recommend RSA Animates, explaining, "The Royal Society of Arts here in the UK had a series... of short talks on important subjects presented in a way that makes it easier to follow (animated sketches with voiceover)." User @Ahmed5aeed immediately chimed in to agree, "RSAnimates is great."

3. Talks at Google 

Engineer @investing_lion's pick was "Talks at Google," particularly their series with great investors. Chintan Chheda declared the eclectic channel his favorite. 

4. Eddie Woo

Struggling with math or trying to help a student who is? Multiple respondents agreed that Australian math teacher Eddie Woo is your guy for easy-to-understand explainers. "Eddie Woo explains math fundamentals [in a] great way!" raves Raj Vadheraju. 

5. Veritasium 

Interested in science? Then check out Veritasium from physics PhD Derek Muller, which was probably the most recommended channel of all. "@Veritasium is one of the best for physics," insists Divyang Patel in one of many such recommendations. The channel's nearly 10 million subscribers clearly agree.

6. Smarter Every Day 

Another repeatedly recommended science-focused channel is Smarter Every Day from engineer Destin Sandlin. Blake Hodge declares the channel, "one of the best for all sorts of topics, mostly science-related," and highlights its vast library of "nearly 10 years of content."

7. Coin Bureau 

There were plenty of recommendations for crypto-focused channels throughout the thread (which I personally do not have the expertise to vet). The most frequently and enthusiastically mentioned was Coin Bureau. "If you're into fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. Unlike 99% of the crypto Youtube channels, it is like an online university. No BS," claims @_learntoinvest.

8. The Huberman Lab

Twitter user @satorimind was one of several accounts to suggest the Huberman Lab Podcastchannel from Stanford neuroscience professor Andrew Huberman. Videos dig into, you guessed it, neuroscience and "science-based tools for everyday life."

9. Ali Abdaal 

Lots of users included Ali Abdaal on their lists of recommended channels but none of them explained what was so awesome about the channel. So I'll let Abdaal's channel explain what he's offering: "I'm a Cambridge University medicine graduate, and on this channel we create content that helps people lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives with the overall aim of helping people do more of what matters to them." 

10. Vox 

In terms of general interest channels, the most mentioned by far was Vox, which offers everything from easy-to-digest explainers to help you make sense of the news, to deep dives into forgotten nuggets of history.

What channel would you add to this list?

Top 50 YouTube Live Sub Count - PewDiePie, T-Series \u0026 More!

The 15 Biggest YouTube Channels Right Now

YouTube has provided us with some amazing videos over the years, and new viral clips and music videos blow up on the platform every day. But what does it take to maintain constant domination? To see what types of web-only entertainment attract loyal fanbases, we asked the site to compile a list of its most-subscribed-to indie content creators—meaning no VEVO-esque, professional, or in-house channels. So with apologies to T-Series—the Bollywood channel that's surpassed controversial YouTube gamer PewDiePie for top spot in the overall YouTube subscriber race—and the insanely popular children's channel Cocomelon, here are the site's top 15.

Subscriber counts are estimates from July 2021. We'll update this post as totals and ranks change over time.

click to play video

15. Luisito Comunica

Subscribers: 36.8 million
What to know: Luisito Comunica is the channel hosted by Mexican vlogger Luis Arturo Villar Sudek. Luis' videos largely focus on his world travels, from Central America to Europe, documenting his adventures in whatever major or small city he visits. As he immerses himself in a new culture, Luis compares price points on food, activities, and attractions on his stops to show first-hand how you can make your global vacationing as worthwhile and cost-effective as possible.
Most popular video: Probando COMIDA CALLEJERA EN CHINA!

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14. Like Nastya Show

Subscribers: 38.3 million
What to know: One of the most popular spaces in the world of YouTube is shows for children, hosted by children (and produced by their parents, obviously). Nastya, a 7-year-old Russian-American girl, is one of those teeny YouTubers, and she has a massive vlogging empire. This is just one of her many channels (and first of hers on this list), which features her and frequently her dad making scripted adventure stories or playing with different toys.
Most popular video: Nastya and Baby go to the zoo

click to play video

13. elrubiusOMG

Subscribers: 39.9 million
What to know: Though Rubén Doblas Gundersen, 31, primarily streams gameplay, the Spanish star also sprinkles the occasional interview and Chatroulette adventure into his feed. His secret to success? Maybe his love for Pikachu and big beat drops? Maybe not.
Most popular video: Minecraft – "Miner" ft StarkinDJ

Thrillist TV

click to play video

12. Você Sabia?

Subscribers: 40.8 million
What to know: Você Sabia belongs to not one, but two YouTubers—the Brazilian duo Daniel Mologni and Lukas Marques. The two have been producing content together for awhile, dating back to 2013 when they ran a news blog, which naturally evolved into their channel as they know it that explores a wide range of conspiracy theories and curiosities (you know, everything from murder mysteries to urban legends). Like many of their YouTuber peers, that's not without a bit of controversy—offensive tweets from Marques have surfaced in the past—but that hasn't stopped them publishing books based on their web show.

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11. Fernanfloo

Subscribers: 42.4 million
What to know: Luis Fernando Flores is the kind of gamer who's known for his wacky commentary and love of indie titles. Hailing from El Salvador, the 28-year-old also loves wearing the color green, doing the moonwalk, and sharing the spotlight with man's best friend.
Most popular video: The Fernanfloo Rap

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10. Felipe Neto

Subscribers: 42.5 million
What to know: Felipe Neto is in many ways the epitome of YouTube's nonsensical popularity contest. The Brazilian vlogger reacts to celebrity news and cultural events, makes comedic videos, and generally talks to the camera at 60 frames per second, all in front of an amateur home set. And 42.5 million fans are here for all of it. There's no amount of explanation that can account for the strange alchemy of YouTube stardom.
Most popular video: REBULIÇO - Paródia DESPACITO

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9. whinderssonnunes

Subscribers: 42.6 million
What to know: Brazil's most beloved and shirtless YouTuber, Whindersson Nunes, 26, keeps viewers sated with a steady stream of rant-y vlogs. If those don't win you over, his portfolio of pop parodies—including The Weeknd's "Starboy" (above), Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself," and Adele's "Hello"—might.

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8. HolaSoyGerman.

Subscribers: 42.7 million
What to know: Chilean comedian and musician Germán Garmendia is a mega-popular YouTuber. HolaSoyGerman is his OG channel, and even though it's sustained quite a following, he actually doesn't even upload new videos to it anymore. At one point, though, it was home to his comedic clips and rants about unusual topics. He's moved elsewhere on YouTube (see below) and in the fame stratosphere, now selling books, playing in a band, and collaborating on campaigns with Greenpeace. Dude's everywhere, just bein' himself.
Most popular video: Brothers

click to play video

7. JuegaGerman

Subscribers: 43.9 million
What to know: Here he is again! Contrary to its name, Germán Garmendia's game channel isn't just video games (because, as he says, he's bad at playing them). When the 31-year-old isn't mashing his keyboard, you'll find him riffing on everyday topics and exploring the internet.
Most popular video: Singing comments

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6. Dude Perfect

Subscribers: 56.4 million
What to know: This endlessly entertaining channel startedin 2009 with a sandwich, a camera, and 20 "I can do better than you" buckets. Since then, with jaw-dropping skills and a message of faith, Tyler Toney and his band of Texas A&M alums have sought to impact the lives of trick-shot devotees everywhere. "Our ultimate goal is to glorify Jesus Christ in everything that we do," say the dudes. "We want to use this platform for something much bigger than us."
Most popular video: Water Bottle Flip 2

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5. MrBeast

Subscribers: 64.8 million
What to know: Jimmy Donaldson, best known as MrBeast, is like a philanthropic foil to fellow YouTube prankster Jake Paul. While many of the 23-year-old's videos are absurd stunts, like him counting to 10,000 in one day or punking his friends, he's actually made a name for himself by giving most of his uploads a charitable leaning or coming up with challenges to give back. Largely through brand donations, he's been able to give money to various homeless shelters, St. Jude's Research Hospital, and other organizations.
Most popular video: I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend's Backyard

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4. Vlad and Nikita 

Subscribers: 69.8 million
What to know: Vlad and Nikita are brothers who have a children's channel similar to Nastya of Like Nastya Show. These two make vlogs with their mom about their day, including anything from their morning routine to pretend play. They largely focus on themes of togetherness and sharing since, you know, there are two of them.
Most popular video: New funny stories about Toys for children

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3. Like Nastya

Subscribers: 75.2 million
What to know: This kid may as well be the princess of YouTube. Among her insanely popular offshoot channels, this is the one that started her reign in the first place and remains one of the most subscribed in the land. There isn't a whole lot of difference between Like Nastya and Like Nastya Show, but on this channel you'll find their vids with a bit more imaginative, fantastical scripts. Expect souped-up play castles and princess costumes galore.
Most popular video: Nastya and papa sleeping at farm sheep Family fun trip

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2. Kids Diana Show

Subscribers: 80.9 million
What to know: The toy-verse of unboxings and simulated play with a variety of new toys on YouTube is alive and well, because, for whatever reason, kids can't get enough of watching other people play with toys they want. It's this trend that has contributed to the fame of Kids Diana Show that mainly focuses on the titular Diana and her pretend play brought about by a new toy—think mini carriages and giant building blocks. Sometimes her brother Roma appears, too, but he's got his own channel (that pales in comparison to Diana's having only 13.3 million subscribers).
Most popular video: Diana - LIKE IT - Kids Song (Official Video) 

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1. PewDiePie

Subscribers: 110 million
What to know: Chances are you already know all about Felix Kjellberg, the long-reigning, problematic Swedish king of YouTube. The 31-year-old loves to review memes and make vlogs that play like more manic versions of Conan's "Clueless Gamer" segments, but he's landed himself in hot water multiple times now for dropping racial slurs, anti-Semitic videos, sympathizing with Nazis, and a whole bunch of other gaffes that reveal what he really thinks about the world that probably should have disqualified him from being a celebrity, but alas; the fans are loyal to a fault. Though Disney broke off their relationship, YouTube canceled one of his series, and Google took him off its Preferred Premium Ad Tier Status, he made it clear in half-baked apology videos that he's still sticking around.
Most popular video: bitch lasagna

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The best YouTube channels for 2021

Biggest doesn’t always mean the best, and millions of subscribers don’t always mean that those channels are producing high-quality content. With the massive amount of content YouTube offers daily, it can be difficult to keep up with the content you like. You might not even know where you should begin.  

Luckily, we do — if you’re looking for some quality content this year, we know which channels are worth checking out.

Science, philosophy, and learning

Minute Physics

Minute Physics YouTube channel screenshot

Want to learn all there is to know about physics but don’t have a long attention span? Minute Physics makes science easy to understand with videos that rarely go on for more than a few minutes. The channel helps explain everything from “What Is Fire?” to the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Now you don’t have to feel lost when your geek friends discuss scientific topics — and you can stop trying to learn from The Big Bang Theory.

Crash Course

Made by the two siblings responsible for Vlog Brothers, Hank and John Green, this channel offers short video courses on anything from biology to literature. Using illustrations and animation, these videos can make anyone care about a nomenclature — and maybe even help you pass a test or two.

Big Think

Big Think gathers some of the greatest figures in philosophy, science, and other fields to discuss important ideas in short, comprehensible videos. Whether you want to hear physicist Michio Kaku talk about aliens or learn tips on how to improve your mental health, Big Think is a fountain of knowledge.

Arts and culture

Lessons from the Screenplay

Lessons From the Screenplay YouTube channel screenshot

Film theory can be hard to digest. Lessons From the Screenplay examines various popular films, breaking down what makes their stories work — or, in some cases, fail. The subjects vary: One video uses The Avengers to discuss the differences between three- and five-act narrative structures, another uses Blade Runner as a case study in building a sci-fi noir story.

Now You See It

Another film studies channel, Now You See It examines various aspects of filmmaking, explaining the different techniques a filmmaker might employ and why they might use them. Topics include costuming, the use of geometry in character design, and how to execute a proper jump scare in horror movies.


Seattle public radio station KEXP hosts some of the most exciting musicians in alternative music today, and the station posts videos of these performances — half-concert, half-interview — on its YouTube channel. KEXP’s studio has incredible acoustics, and every performance sounds clear and intimate.

NPR Music

NPR isn’t just a source of insightful talk radio. Its music division features a number of programs, and NPR Music’s YouTube channel contains a bounty of great performances. The jewel in NPR Music’s crown is the Tiny Desk concert series, where artists visit the NPR office and perform intimate, often stripped-down shows.

Cooking and food

Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time YouTube Channel screenshot

If you’ve ever found yourself in a late-night conversation with your friends about how mixing lasagna and poutine would be the most delicious thing ever, Epic Meal Time is for you. These Canadians will take the bullet for you and add bacon or wings to pretty much anything — just to see what will happen. This is not for vegetarians or the weak of heart (or stomach).

Babish Culinary Universe (also known as Binging with Babish)

On his weekly series Binging with Babish, host Andrew Rea combines pop culture and cooking, recreating dishes seen in movies and shows with immaculate detail. Despite the premise, Binging isn’t just humorous; Rea walks viewers through each step in every recipe, explaining things with clarity and confidence that should allow any viewer to make their own beef Wellington (or pumpkin pasties from the Harry Potter films).

Cocktail Chemistry

If you want to entertain guests — or simply cut down on your bar spending — it’s a good idea to know how to make a cocktail. Cocktail Chemistry breaks down recipes for various cocktails, ranging from classics like the Old Fashioned to more fanciful recipes. The channel also includes videos on bartending techniques, so you can take your cocktail game to the next level.

Video games

Giant Bomb

Giant Bomb YouTube channel screenshot

Video game website Giant Bomb blends a passion for gaming with hilarious personalities; the site’s staff is a murderer’s row of games journalism veterans. The site’s YouTube channel hosts its free video content, including Quick Looks (wherein staff members demo games, giving a firsthand look at how they play), and tapings of GB’s popular podcasts.

Jim Sterling

Video game journalist Jim Sterling (formerly of Destructoid and The Escapist) is one of gaming’s most bombastic personalities, as a quick tour of his YouTube channel should demonstrate. Sterling’s flagship series is The Jimquisition, wherein he gives his pointed (often caustic) opinions of the latest trends in the games industry.


For the gamers, Daniel Hardcastle’s spirited commentary on nearly every game in existence may be fun for you to sift through. It’s almost like if Tim Curry were to play a video game while also getting riled up enough to drop many bloody f-bombs. That’s OfficialNerdCubed in a nutshell. In some of his videos with his father, it can be difficult for viewers to tell who is who, which adds to the fun. Most of the videos on this channel are pretty long, so be prepared to set aside enough time to enjoy them properly.

Travel and adventure

Fun For Louis

For for Louis YouTube Channel screenshot

The focus of this channel is to accompany Louis Cole on his many adventures around the world. Louis’ stunning travel videos can serve as the inspiration for your next vacation. His videos really aim to embody the culture of each place, which makes for a fascinating viewing experience. That said, you may not be able to find many travel tips within his videos—more than likely, you’ll find yourself trying to live vicariously through Louis.

Gareth Leonard

For a quick snapshot at tons of places around the globe, check out Gareth Leonard’s latest travel vlogging series, “Travel Deeper.” This series centers on Leonard as he hops from one foreign destination to another, hoping to “travel like a local” along the way. In these quicker videos, you’ll find beautiful shots from Leonard’s trips worldwide, travel tips, and lists of places to visit while you’re in another country or city.

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