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“Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 has yet to be released and fans just can’t wait for their favorite animated series to return. The viewers should not worry because the producers already planned the next episode and everyone just has to wait a bit more until it is ready for broadcast.

“Steven Universe” season 5 was recorded as the installment with the longest time gaps in episode release. Likewise, in the series’s entire history, this is the first time that it took weeks or even months for follow-up episodes to air.

Reason for Delay

So, in the case of “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26, what is causing its delay? On Reddit, fans wrote last month that they are expecting it to be shown on Cartoon Network within two weeks up to one month. However, since their prediction is incorrect, they assumed that the reason for the long delay is the production of “Steven Universe: The Movie.”

Back in July, show creator Rebecca Sugar announced at the SDCC that the movie version of the series is in the works. As Polygon reported, the voice cast members of “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 that include Zach Callison, Estelle, Michaela Dietz, Shelby Rabara and Deedee Magno Hall were with Sugar when the film was revealed. The release date of the movie was not mentioned.

What’s Next?

“Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 will pick up where the 25th episode, titled “Legs from Here to Homeworld,” left off. This means viewers will get to see what happens next after Pink Diamond’s revelation and Steven showed the consequences of the Gem War to Blue and Yellow Diamonds, who were horrified at what they saw.

Together with the Crystal Gems and Connie, Steven went to Homeworld to ask White Diamond’s help. She rules over the Gem race so they want her to heal the corrupted Gems and eventually save the world. Will Steven and the Gems succeed?

Air Date

“Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 will be this installment’s finale but its release date is not available yet. The previous episode aired on July 21 and the announcement for the next should come soon.


Fans of “Steven Universe” are once again experiencing an indefinite hiatus. With the lack of any official update, some are leaning towards the possibility that “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 will not arrive this month while still hoping that it will be released before ends.

Episode 25, titled “Legs from Here to Homeworld,” was released in July, during the San Diego Comic-Con week, and was later made available online. However, it has not yet premiered on the Cartoon Network channel, which might be also a hint that “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 will not arrive anytime soon.

Since episode 25 came out, fans have been speculating on when “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 will follow. There were suggestions that it will be released within a week or a month but none of these happened. So the release date speculations unsurprisingly shifted to September.

However, half of the month has already passed and there is still no word about the airing of the next episode. Meanwhile, others simply opted to expect “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26's premiere within this year.

Season 5 has had the longest gap in the entire franchise, which just stirs more concern about the release of “Steven Universe” season 5 episode It can be recalled that there was a five-month hiatus between the TV premiere of episodes 1 to 4 (May 29, ) and the online release of episodes 5 to 10 (Nov. 10, ).

Fans patiently waiting for “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 are also considering other possibilities in terms of its release date. For one, there are suggestions that it could be released on the same day as episode 25 as a two-part special on TV.

The hype around “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 26 is also because of the events in episode Before the series went on break, Steven, Blue Diamond, and Yellow Diamond realized that they could still fix the "corrupted" Gems. But to make the healing process permanent and fully successful, they need White Diamond's help, which prompted them to visit Homeworld.

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List of Steven Universe episodes

Episodes of the Cartoon Network animated series

Steven Universe logo vector.svg

Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around Steven Universe (voiced by Zach Callison), who protects his hometown of Beach City alongside Garnet (voiced by Estelle), Amethyst (voiced by Michaela Dietz) and Pearl (voiced by Deedee Magno Hall), three magical alien guardians known as the Crystal Gems. During the original run of the series, episodes of Steven Universe were variously broadcast once a week; in blocks of multiple new episodes in the course of a week, marketed as "Stevenbombs"; or back-to-back as specials with an umbrella title.[1]

During the course of the series, episodes of Steven Universe aired over five seasons, between November 4, , and January 21, [2] A television film, Steven Universe: The Movie, was released on September 2, , following the fifth and final season.[3] A concluding limited series, Steven Universe Future, premiered on December 7, , and ended on March 27, [4][5]

Series overview


The order and length of the first three seasons is inconsistent between official sources; this list uses the "intended order" of the episodes as specified by Ian Jones-Quartey, which re-orders six episodes from the first two seasons compared to the broadcast order.[6]

Pilot ()

Season 1 (–15)

  • Episode premieres initially occurred weekly on Monday nights.
  • Episode premieres moved to Wednesday nights beginning with the episode "Steven the Sword Fighter".
  • Episode premieres moved again to Thursday nights beginning with the episode "Coach Steven".
  • The episodes "Open Book", "Shirt Club", and "Story for Steven" were bumped to air during the second season in order to facilitate airing the final 'arc' of season one over five consecutive nights.[8]
  • The episode "Say Uncle" was produced and aired as part of the second season, as denoted by its different production code. However, though non-canon, in terms of story chronology it occurs late in the first season, and is included here per Quartey's list.[6]

Season 2 (–16)

Season 3 ()

  • The episodes "Super Watermelon Island", "Gem Drill", "Same Old World", "Barn Mates", and "Hit the Diamond" aired as a four-week special event titled In Too Deep.
  • The remaining episodes of the season all aired during another four-week special event titled Summer Adventures.

Season 4 (–17)

  • The episodes "Kindergarten Kid" and "Know Your Fusion" were the last two episodes to air during a four-week special event titled Summer Adventures.
  • "Steven's Dream", "Adventures in Light Distortion", "Gem Heist", "The Zoo", and "That Will Be All" aired as a four-night special event titled Out of This World.
  • Episode premieres moved to Fridays beginning with the episode "The New Crystal Gems".

Season 5 (–19)

  • The episodes "Stuck Together", "The Trial", "Off Colors", and "Lars' Head" aired together as a one-hour special, under the umbrella title Wanted.
  • The episodes "Lars of the Stars" and "Jungle Moon" aired together as a half-hour special, under the umbrella title Stranded.
  • Episode premieres moved to Monday nights beginning with the episode "Your Mother and Mine".
  • The episodes "Now We're Only Falling Apart", "What's Your Problem", "The Question", "Made of Honor", and "Reunited" aired as a five-night special event titled Heart of the Crystal Gems.
  • The episodes "Legs from Here to Homeworld", "Familiar", "Together Alone", "Escapism", and "Change Your Mind" aired as a five-week special event titled Diamond Days.
Steven Universe Resumido: Temporada 5, Parte 4 - Steven Universe Resumido - Steven Universe

Much of this isn’t the shows fault. They have no control over how Cartoon Network schedules it and, instead of adapting to an unpredictable schedule (this is where standalone episodes thrive), it instead is content telling its story and knows it’ll all tie together by the end. I applaud the creative’s of Steven Universe for sticking to their story and Cartoon Network allowing them to tell it however they want, but you really need to be the most hardcore of fan to follow this series.

Remembering every single little fact over the span of months is daunting. It’s not impossible, but is it really good TV if you need to have a Wikipedia page open to keep track of the plot? Again, once the show is all said and done and we can just barrel through the story I’m sure this won’t be a problem, but it hurts reviews of outings like this.

“Familiar” doesn’t offer much to critique. It adds more layers to the questions of the series. What the hell are the Pebbles? Steven/Pink can bring them to life with tears? Reviewing this kind of information is almost fruitless because all that can be said is, “I’m sure we’ll get more on them later.”

Perhaps the only bit to really dig deep into here is Steven’s casual admittance that the Diamonds are dictators. He says it offhandedly, not as a joke, but a simple acknowledgement that’s what they are. Some may question why he isn’t going in sword at the ready, but in a show like this understanding is the key. Steven as a character NEEDS to hear from and understand White Diamond before he resorts to taking her out.

What will Steven do if he can’t win over White Diamond like he did Blue and Yellow? For that matter, is Steven ever going to hold Blue and Yellow accountable for all the worlds they hurt? In this very episode Yellow is still carrying on her conquests. Will the series address this? Will there be repercussions? Or will it be a simpler, “don’t do that anymore, okay?” 

This isn’t even so much of a review as looking to the future as that’s all that can be done with the series. Taking the little crumbs (or dare I say, pebbles) given to you and trying to piece together what’s going on.


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