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Kittens and puppies fed to snakes & alligators on YouTube for clicks moments before being rescued by sick tormentors

TERRIFIED kittens and puppies are being tormented in animal cruelty YouTube videos designed to dupe viewers and win millions of clicks. 

The sick trend, part of a wave of vile clips being hosted on the platform, involves dramatically "saving" vulnerable pets from being stuck in wires, drownings and predators such as crocodiles, Komodo dragons and snakes.

Here a new born kitty is placed in wires before being rescued in a suspected staged clip


This young cat was among a number of kitties filmed as they cower from the baby crocodile


In the clip a Komodo dragon attack is used in an alleged staged attack


According to research carried out by the animal welfare group, Lady Freethinker, there are currently 122 such videos on YouTube, which have been viewed almost 170million times.

The Sun Online uncovered numerous videos which bore the hallmarks of being staged to help the creators win clicks. 

The abusers, who are made out to be heroes, will place a pet in a dangerous situation hoping that rescuing cute kittens and puppies will make the clip go viral.

Often the poor animals can be seen distressed as they face predators, are deliberately trapped or are placed in water.  

In one clip we viewed a puppy was “saved” as it was being squeezed to death by a python.

It can be heard yelping in agony as the snake tries to squeeze it to death before a young boy comes to its aid. 

This young puppies can be seen cowering in a hole


The huge reptile can be seen lunging at the petrified pups


The little pooch clearly is terrified at being confronted by a predator


An equally disturbing vid shows several clearedly terrified puppies corned into a hole while a massive snake closes in on them, lunging at them with its fangs. 

In another video, three little kittens are also filmed cowering in a hole as a young crocodiles approaches just a few inches away.

And a similar piece of footage had a Komodo dragon attacking them.

Placing little kittens by the sides of busy roads is another scenario, with one vid filming the terrified kitty until it is rescued which has been viewed 13 million times.


Fake drownings are another distressing trend as animals are believed to be deliberately placed in water only to then be "rescued" on video.

One we found had been viewed eight million times and featured a tiny kitten laying half submerged before it is pulled from the water. 

A Lady Freethinker spokesperson told The Sun Online: “We define animal abuse content as footage in which animals are deliberately harmed or placed in jeopardy for entertainment or shown to be under severe psychological distress, physical pain, or dead. 

"This content clearly violates YouTube’s community standards, which prohibit showing forms of animal abuse including dogfighting, cockfighting, animal torture, and hunting using illegal practices in videos.”

In this video the cat is filmed laying by a riverbank


The camera man then pulls the kitten, all the while filming


In this video the tiny cat is seen by a road of fast moving traffic


The tortoise in placed in a hole where a snake lays


The reptile can be seen engulfing its shell


The organistion has a petition on its website which has amassed almost 36,000 signatures decrying the abuse videos and calling for YouTube to take action.

It comes after The Sun Online uncovered a slew of other cruelty videos showing baby monkeys getting throttled, slapped, menaced with pliers or even killed on video.

It took just minutes for Sun Online to find numerous shocking abuse videos - some of which have hundreds of thousands of views each under the hashtag #monkey_tube.

One video we viewed showed a man throttling a baby monkey - with the video title boasting he made her "super loud cry".

Another clip showed a monkey’s limbs being gripped as he was held upside down and slapped by his "mom".

The Sun Online has approached YouTube for comment.

In this shocking video the baby monkey is held upsidedown and then slapped in the face


Here the infant primate is threatened with pliers and appears to become distressed at the sight of the tool


Here the poor little monkey is throttled by her owner


And this disturbing clip a man hurls a a baby monkey into a lake as he 'teaches it to swim'


'Monkey Koki' is held by the tail and body over the edge of a balcony


A monkey has her ear pulled as punishment for 'not eating right'


Heartless 'animal abuser horrifically burned nine kittens by putting them in a box and setting it on fire'



YouTube Starts Banning Fake 'Rescue' Videos of Snakes Attacking Puppies and Kittens

Image for article titled YouTube Starts Banning Fake 'Rescue' Videos of Snakes Attacking Puppies and Kittens

Warning: This post contains descriptions of videos depicting animal cruelty.

Anyone who wants to see animals going after each other for some reason can just search on YouTube and find a wealth of disturbing videos. But there’s one especially disgusting sub-genre of animal attack content on the platform that seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon: fake rescue videos.

The producers of these videos seem to set up an animal—often a puppy or kitten—as bait for another animal, often a snake, to attack, so a person can then “save” the victim. And despite what appear to be clear violations against YouTube’s policy prohibiting videos that depict “infliction of unnecessary suffering or harm deliberately causing an animal distress,” far too many of these hell videos remain on the platform.

A redditor brought attention to this disturbing trend in a post on r/YouTube on Monday. The user found several channels in which a pet bites and strangles puppies so that children can “rescue” the dogs.

A quick Gizmodo YouTube search of “save puppy from python” immediately turned up about 20 videos showing snakes attacking dogs and cats before people, often children, intervene to stop the snake from killing the mammals.

These videos seem amateurishly staged, with a group of puppies waiting in a pit as the snake comes slithering up to attack. Then as the snake wraps around one of the animals, moments from killing it, someone “discovers” the situation and pries the snake from the cats or dogs.

G/O Media may get a commission

**Warning: Disturbing images below**

One video posted on the Wilderness Exploration channel, titled “Brave Man three Rescues Family Puppies From Giant Python Attack And Saved Both Lives,” shows a mother dog leaving her puppies in a small crevice. Then a python approaches and bites a few of the dogs, before wrapping around one. Eventually, two young boys approach and pull the snake away. The video has many shots from various angles, as well as continuity errors, that show the entire video must have been staged.

Image for article titled YouTube Starts Banning Fake 'Rescue' Videos of Snakes Attacking Puppies and Kittens

A disclaimer at the beginning of the video reads: “This video is for entertainment purposes. We do not hurt the snake, the snake ir [sic] our pet. This video has some graphic content and scenes of animals being killed.”

The message does not say whether or not the puppies were hurt—but they absolutely were. The video depicts animal cruelty. The video had been viewed almost half a million times before the entire channel disappeared on Monday afternoon.

The Wilderness Exploration page said it was based in the United States, but it had some text written in Khmer, suggesting it was made in Southeast Asia.

A video posted on the page Animal World, titled “Man Saves Family Dog From Python Snake - Python Attack On Puppies in Nest,” had an eerily similar premise. Before it was removed on Monday for violating YouTube’s policies, it showed a few puppies in a small crevice that easily contains them, then a python approaches, starts biting the dogs, then wraps around one puppy. A young man strolls by and pulls the dog from the snake’s grasp.

Halfway through the video, after the snake has started biting the dogs, a notice scrolled across the bottom that reads: “This video is only for entertainment purpose, only. If you feel upset, please kindly don’t watch this video. Killing animals are not recommended. The boys are trained to play with dangero” [sic].

The video also appears as if it could have been filmed in Southeast Asia, but there is no contact or identifying information for the channel or video.

Another video YouTube removed Monday, titled “Real Anaconda Stalks Cat Home - Brave Cat’s Mother Protect and Save Her Baby Cat Life From Anaconda,” depicted almost the exact same storyline, except the snake attacked cats in a crevice.

The video had been viewed more than 113 million times since it was posted in August 2018.

There are several others staged rescue videos with similar titles: “Big Snake Attack a little Puppy .- Rescue little dog from python attack” (removed), “Terrifying! Man Found Family Dog From Python Attack - Python Attack Dog Nest,” “Real Anaconda Stalks Dog Home - Real Footage A Man Save Three Wild Dog From Giant Anaconda.” Many of the videos have hundreds of thousands or millions of views. Some of them remained available on YouTube at the time of publication.

Image for article titled YouTube Starts Banning Fake 'Rescue' Videos of Snakes Attacking Puppies and Kittens

This is far from the first time people have tried to spotlight animal cruelty content on social media and video-sharing platforms. YouTube temporarily cut off advertising on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel in February 2018 following the backlash to his video in which he tasered a dead rat, and there have been a few petitions to ban videos of animal cruelty from YouTube.

A YouTube spokesperson told Gizmodo he would look at examples of fake rescue videos shared by Gizmodo, but the company did not answer Gizmodo’s inquiry about whether these videos violate YouTube’s community guidelines or if YouTube planned on taking action. Moments before Gizmodo published this article, many of the videos, some of which redditors were also flagging, were removed from YouTube.

YouTube encourages users to report content that violates its violent or graphic content policy through its reporting tool.


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YouTube Bans “Fake” Animal Rescue Exploitation Videos

Popular online video-sharing platform YouTube recently announced it is implementing a ban on staged animal rescue videos. The platform has noticed a “disturbing trend” of people putting domesticated animals in dangerous situations—such as puppies and rabbits being suffocated by snakes and cats found buried alive—to film an apparent rescue. According to YouTube’s global head of trust and safety, Colin Goulding, the company will also focus on banning eating live animals in videos. 

Animal abuse flagged on YouTube

The ban follows an extensive investigation by animal welfare organization Lady Freethinker that flagged more than 2,000 videos for animal abuse, garnering 1.2 billion total views. The videos of staged animal rescues are often made so the filmmakers can gain views, subscribers, and revenue. According to media outlet Business Insider, the decision also comes after YouTube was found running big brand ads on the pages of these exploitative videos. YouTube is still working on details of the ban and hasn’t yet made clear when and how this ban will be implemented. 

“We are very glad that YouTube will no longer allow these grossly inhumane videos on its platform. This ban is long overdue, and we urge YouTube to share publicly the details of its new policy and its timing for implementation,” Nina Jackel, founder and president of Lady Freethinker, said. “If this policy is robustly implemented and enforced, this will be a true victory for animals and for the many activists and investigators who have exposed the truth about these cruel and dangerous videos.”

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What happened to this kitten after rescue from deserted place (rescue kitten before \u0026 after 9 weeks)

A Tattooed, Animal-Loving YouTuber is Teaching Thousands How to Save the Kittens Shelters Can't Help

“I don’t even have a cat,” SummerUnicorn10 commented on a YouTube video posted by Hannah Shaw, aka The Kitten Lady. “Why am I watching this?”

The answer ­– the Washington, D.C.-based Shaw proves that even non-cat aficionados (We mean you, YouTube commenter Doug Ingram, who owns three dogs) can find joy in neonatal kitten rescue and care.

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“I have no doubt this is having an impact,” said Shaw hours after returning from the Miami-Dade area where she hosted workshops for the 2017 Animal Care EXPO conference, hosted by the Humane Society of the United States, and Miami-Dade Animal Services. “I have people coming up to me crying, saying they watched one of my videos or read one of my [educational pamphlets] and decided to start working to save kittens, to get involved. That’s what makes this all worthwhile for me.”


Underfunded rescue groups generally don’t have the equipment or staff to provide neonatal kittens (those four weeks old or younger) with the dedicated care needed. Neither do shelters that annually accept about 3.2 million cats each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASCPA). An estimated 860,000 cats – many of them kittens for which care is unavailable – are euthanized each year, reports the ASCPA.


That’s where Shaw comes in, as an advocate, educator and speaker she helps others start their own kitten rescue journeys through a YouTube page that now has over 106,000 subscribers. As someone who has personally rescued and fostered hundreds of kittens herself, she is a powerful champion, equally at ease talking to animal experts as she is interested individuals with no experience.

Although Shaw is not a veterinarian – though she works closely with them – the self-taught caregiver, who worked for a decade in major animal rescue organizations before striking out on her own, is inspiring.

Hannah Shaw and Andrew Marttila

Her main animal advocate partner is boyfriend and professional pet photographer Andrew Marttila, and a smattering of volunteers. Otherwise, she goes it alone.

When Shaw graduated from college at age 20 with degrees in psychology and women’s studies, she planned for a career dedicated to helping children in foster care. She was working in that capacity when she found a kitten – which she later named Coco and adopted herself – in a public park in Philadelphia.

FROM PEN: What Happens If My Pet Eats Something He Shouldn’t?

“I didn’t know what to do,” said Shaw, whose accolades include a designation as one of Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls.” “I just knew I had to do something. And that changed everything.”


As her profile and YouTube following has risen – she will be shown teaming with Jackson Galaxy to rescue 50 kittens on the June 3 episode of this season’s My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, reps confirm – she is still married to her core mission.

“There’s a lot to do but I think it’s important to know your limits,” said Shaw, who personally fosters from two to 10 kittens at any given time in a dedicated nursery in her home. “My mission is not to open a huge rescue center… It is to continue to inspire and educate others, to continue to built a large, vibrant network to rescue and nurture kittens.”

Learn more about the Kitten Lady and support her efforts at her website.


Kitten rescue youtube

A KITTEN IS FIGHTING for its life. Tangled in the grip of a python, the white, fluffy creature meows pathetically until it appears to stop breathing. Eventually, the python is removed from the kitten by an apparent rescuer, who performs chest compressions until the tiny creature begins to move again.

This scene might be familiar to you if you’re one of the 2.7 million people who watched “Kitten from King Cobra Attack Be Rescued In Time! | You Try Not to Cry” on YouTube. This video, which has appeared on YouTube in various forms in recent years, was reuploaded by a channel called ‘Rescue animals’ and opens with a pair of farmers inspecting a field, apparently hearing a nearby disturbance. After investigating, they find the kitten. The comments section is full of praise for the men who apparently saved the kitten’s life.

It’s not the only daring feat of animal rescue uploaded by the channel. In another, titled “Rescue the poor cat with her feet tied on a deserted road in the cold night”, a man in a black and pink tracksuit stands over a fluffy white cat that has been abandoned on a dark city street somewhere in Vietnam. The animal is writhing in obvious distress, its front and rear paws bound with black tape. The man struggles to free the animal with the whole encounter filmed and later uploaded to YouTube, where it has been viewed more than 120,000 times.

The video’s description claims that “the cat was thrown into the street by the owner in the empty night”. Throughout the apparent rescue operation, the camera operator never stops filming and never offers to help save the cat. The video ends with a sequence showing the cat safely at home, although there’s no indication of what order the segments were filmed in. From the outset, something is off. The man in the tracksuit walks purposefully through the dark and immediately locates the distressed animal – a common, clumsy trope in dozens of staged rescues.

The videos are two examples of the scores of apparently staged YouTube rescue videos, which have collectively been viewed millions of times, that show animals in distress or being abused. On the Google-owned video platform, videos of animal suffering are routinely monetised using its advertising model with creators using shocking content, sensationalist titles, and doctored thumbnails to lure in viewers and turn a tidy profit.

Individuals and charities have been raising the alarm over animal abuse on YouTube for years, from fake rescues to fights, baiting and animal torture. Reports about the issue date back to at least 2007 and every year there are new appeals for YouTube to take action. But the platform has a reputation for being unresponsive on the issue, taking two years to ban an infamous cat-killer.

In March, we contacted YouTube with a list of 28 of the most obvious channels dedicated to staged rescues and animal cruelty, illustrating a number of ways in which channels profited from the content. Some made money from advertising; others sold print-on-demand t-shirts or requested viewers make donations via PayPal. A number used deceptive logos and stolen videos. All but two of the channels were removed from YouTube. But the problem is a big one and it hasn’t gone away.

Lady Freethinker, a non-profit animal welfare media organisation, also investigated 200 fake rescues and fights between wild animals as part of broader research into animal cruelty on YouTube between April and June 2020. Collectively the videos had been viewed more than 17 million times. And a list provided to WIRED by umbi, an independent researcher who works with other concerned viewers to manually report animal abuse videos to YouTube, included over 2,000 channels. These ranged from staged rescues, stolen videos, puppy mills and fake animal shelters with fraudulent payment details, to outright bestiality. One channel, named after a popular children’s entertainment channel, had explicit thumbnail titles, such as “xxx sex sexy videos sex with animals donkey with girl”.

Baby Kitten By The Dumpster 😿 Waiting For Someone To Save It

Needed money desperately. But she did not expect that during the entire shift she would not have a single minute for a break, at least to go to. The toilet. By eight, her stomach began to ache, but at that moment the urge to pee was tolerable.

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