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The man left the room, waving his whip. In the middle of the room, between two slaves, stood his naked mother, a slave. Her eyes were closed, her body, pierced with rings, trembled with fatigue, her weary legs gave way, if one of the slaves did not hold her. By the hair, she would have fallen long ago. - Let her go.

Rita moaned louder and I, to give her a rest, put my mouth up. While I was sucking cock, Rita helped my hand, which was in her crotch and soon began to cum again, and then went limp. The guy, seeing this, hurried up and began to vigorously fuck me in the mouth, so after a minute he pulled out his dick.

And began to drain the sperm on our faces.

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She was embarrassed for a moment, but with a flirtatious smile, she came out of the water. The closeness of an elastic female body. Tiny drops of water playing gold in the rays of the setting sun, excited Yuri's imagination with renewed vigor. Losing control of himself, he pressed himself against her stomach.

His tongue slid over the still wet body.

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Well, well, I thought your mating season had begun. - W-w-what. - Well, wolves have mating season now. - Leila decided to immediately dot the and.

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Her appearance on the deserted shore does not go unnoticed, and peering into the barely distinguishable silhouette I wonder who it is. After a while I notice that the approaching girl or woman is not alone, but an angel-like figure of a blond girl of three or four. Years old is spinning around her with tireless energy offspring. With some inner instinct I understand that they are purposefully moving in my direction.

And in confirmation of my guesses, they got so close that it becomes a little uncomfortable.

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Else's penis. Apparently, guessing my desire, Marina released her nipple from her mouth and put her lips to me, provoking me to kiss. I do not know if lust, or love for my wife prompted me to do this, but I did not hesitate to dig into them, feeling.

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Our bodies pressed tightly against each other. The excitement faded into the background, and it was the time to enjoy each other. After all, we have been waiting for this moment for so long, we methodically, day after day, hour after hour, brought this meeting closer.

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