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On July 20, 2019, Loomian Legacy, a turn-based role-playing and adventure game, was released to the public. It was built by the Llama Train Studio development team. It was originally a Pokémon game, but after Nintendo requested a DMCA takedown, it was modified to a completely different game, albeit the gameplay is still similar to those of the Pokémon games. As the new evolution of Vari is in talks, we have mentioned how to get all the Vari evolutions in this blog for you!

Loomian Legacy: How to get all Vari Evolutions?

About Loomian Legacy

The player is shown a cutscene at the start of the game in which their in-game father and another archaeologist known as Derrick. They are researching for a weird stone tablet with runes on it. The runes then rearrange themselves, and the tablet breaks up and flies away.

The game revolves around the player discovering these enigmatic tablet fragments, which seem to have the capacity to turn humans and Loomians evil. Throughout the game, the player can collect Loomians, who are fictitious creatures that can battle other Loomians. They come in a variety of forms and are born with varied levels of power.

As the game develops, the player travels through cities, towns, and routes in search of the enigmatic tablet pieces and medals from Battle Theatres earned by defeating the Battle Stars in Loomian combat. Players can also trade their Loomians and battle other players.

How to get all Vari Evolutions in Loomian Legacy?

You need to be at level 9 mastery to be eligible to get Vari. Because the Vari is a typeless loomian, make sure you have plenty of plane discs on hand. Vari can be found literally ANYWHERE and the chances of finding it is very low as 1/100. Specifications of Vari include:

  • 4 different evolutions
  • 2 normal forms
  • 2 spirit forms

Normal Form of Vari –

To get the normal forms of Vari, all you need to do is to get Vari to level 21. Male and female ones have different appearances. The loomian is known as Cervolen.

Spirit form of Vari-

To get the 2 spirit forms of Vari, you need to faint the Vari that you want to evolve in the heiwa cemetery. The loomian is called Wendolen and again, males and females have different looks.

Also, a word of caution for higher-level gamers. This loomian adjusts to your skill level. You shouldn’t go into this hunt expecting it’ll be easy pickings if you’re level 35. The loomian you meet will almost certainly be scaled up to provide a challenge.

We hope that with this method you will be able to get all Vari Evolutions in Loomian Legacy. Happy hunting guys!

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Edit: It's kind of pointless to look at this in which it's very outdated, and you'll get more info of the Loomian Legacy Wiki. Keeping this up anyways for history sake.

I'm pretty sure that at some point of playing, you've wondered "Hm, when will my Loomian evolve?" Well here's a list of em all. This will be updated whenever more Loomians come out. If any information on here is wrong, make sure to tell me and I'll test it. I gained this information through farming on my own, plus a little bit of help from the Loomian Legacy Wiki.

•All of the starter Loomians evolve at level 18. They evolve again at level 34.

•Twilat evolves into Luxoar or Umbrat at level 22, depending on weather it evolved during the day or night. (Night: Umbrat, Day: Luxoar)

•Cathorn evolves at level 8 into Propae, and evolves again at level 16, where it evolves into Cynamoth.

•Twittle evolves into Paratweet at level 16, and evolves again into Avitross at level 32.

•Pyder evolves into Swolder at level 22

•Antsee evolves into Florant at level 22

•Grubby evolves into Coonucopia at level 10, and evolves again into Terrafly at level 18

•Kleptyke evolves into Ragoon at level 24

•Babore evolves into Boarrok at level 28.

•Geklow does not evolve, however, it most likely will in the future.

Edit: This is very outdated. I'll try to fix it later, but I'm hecka lazy

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Roblox, the popular online game making and game interface has quite some games to check out like Loomian Legacy. The game revolves around Loomians, who are unique, fictional, animal-like creatures. In the game, there would be Loomian Trainers as well. They would be capturing these Loomians, and bond with them. With this, their Loomians would be battling it out. The trainers would get to know more about their Loomians and bond this way. Therefore, you will come across various kinds of Loomians in the game like

  • Beginner Loomians
  • Variant Loomians
  • Event Loomians
  • Corrupt Loomians
  • Gleaming Loomians and
  • Roaming Loomians

Therefore looking at the setting of the game, many people are often reminded of Pokemon. Henceforth, people often consider Loomian Legacy as a Pokemon-style game in Roblox. Loomian Legacy is one of the most popular game series in Roblox. But recently, there has been quite some trend going across people following the game closely. This has been regarding the New Vari Evolutions. When is it coming out? Read this article to find out the details.

Loomian Legacy: New Vari Evolutions

In a tweet by Roblox developer Lando, he stated:

We’re planning to release a new Vari evolution this weekend. I’m also going to try and write a quick Developer Message to the players about general Loomian Legacy development plans this week.

With this, many people have been raising further questions out of curiosity. The curiosity comes up after the New Vari evolution was suddenly announced as it sounds all set to be coming out this weekend. Many players have been discussing various theories regarding the update. Some of them are drawing parallels with Pokemon. Many people are expecting a metal type Loomian for evolution. But when there’s an official update and announcement regarding the new Vari evolution, you can catch it up instantly at DigiStatement.

Like this, if you wish to access more Roblox based content, head here.


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How To Get ALL Loomians \u0026 Their Evolution Levels in Loomian Legacy (Roblox)

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