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Monster Girl Island: Prologue

Dragons, slimes, giant bugs, centaurs and more. This island is full of monsters and they are all... Oddly attractive!?
From Elves to Kitsune; from Mermaids to Androids; myths and science fiction suddenly become a reality as you find yourself on this mysterious island.
Will you uncover its secrets?
Or perhaps you will attempt to get close to these Monster Girls?

Story and Characters

You wake up on an island.You don't know how you arrived there.
You quickly realize this island is inhabited, but its residents aren't normal people. In fact, they aren't human at all!
As you meet the residents you learn that the mysteries go even further, these monstrous residents find themselves in the same situation as you. They also arrived to this island under strange circumstances, they actually come... From another world!?

During Prologue you'll meet a variety of Monster Girls including a nekomata, mermaid, elves, slime, dragon, kitsune, arachne, and many more!
Even more girls planned for future releases. Look forward to yuki onna, centaur, lamia, tree girl and more!


Adventure based gameplay, feel free to explore the island!
Fully 3D world and characters.
Original Soundtrack
Multiple dialogue choices and branching events.
Costume Shop (no microtransactions here!)
A smartphone with no signal.
A good boy that likes apples.
A bunch of crabs.
And of course, you can get close to the girls.

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(Work has been rough these last couple of days, will resume working on the wikia in a couple of days) :)

Welcome to the Monster Girl Island Wikia

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This is An Unofficial Wiki about the (18+) Adult game Called Monster Girl Island (

The Game is being developed by the Amazing and Talented Redamz.

Links Download the Demo-

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ps. If Redamz want me to take down this wiki, Want me to edit something, or want to take it over entirely, let me know, i will gladly do it if that is possible:).

pps. Redamz if your reading this, thank you for making a great game! :)

*Most Images used are from Redamz's updates/sites or screenshots taken ingame*

About the Game

(Game is still in development, so things may change)

Monster Girl Island Is an Lewd (+18) first person Game being developed by Redamz.

(story is also still being worked on, this is just based on what i have seen)

In this game you play as a male, on an island were the inhabitants are of course Monster Girls.

From what the developer released so far, your trying to Help Ara and her friends solve the disappearance of the residences of the elf village.

You like what you see?

Help support the game by Pledging to Redamz, you will not only get insider updates but if you pledge $5 or more you get access to special patreon builds that are nothing but lewd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Within six hours of gameplay...

- I developed a fetish for wasps and for strong sharks who would choke me
- I made love a giant spider in the silk hole
- A random stranger dressed as a bunny tried to pee in my mouth then clam slammed me
- Had a dark elf break my nose with her ass cheeks for being a human
- Got drained completely by a purple squishy demon

10/10 it's a masterpiece

eris. is. best. girl.
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My parents and everyone that I loved, even hated, has left me. I am all alone in this dark abyssal life that slowly goes on as I boot up another round. The tiring mold that seeps throughout my prison and body have all but rotted away. There is nothing after this life for we are all just matter that grew what we call a soul. I am deprived, but at least I got to see some big titties.
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Amazing game, can't wait until full release.
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full game still in development?
been waiting for the full game for ages, but i havnt heard anything about it.
[Not a dev] Status of the game (post made September 2021)
Firstly, i am not affiliated with the devs so, all the information im about to say has been gathered through independent research. 1. The game hasn't been abandoned - the free prologue has been out since 2019 and has not been updated since then, however the game WAS available to purchase via patreon. 2. I can't find the Patreon? - Yes, on May 11 2021 Redamz (the creator/dev of the game) tweeted "Since people have been DMing me... As many of you already know, I decided to leave Patreon because they were ...
Where can I find the last version of the game?
I discover that the patreon website of the game has disappeared, where can I find the late version of the game? (my last version is 0.41.4. Is it the last version?)
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Caring Yuki-Onna💙- Monster Girl Island

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Island monster girls

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【Monster Girl Island】モン娘で見る非日常英会話#30【日本語字幕】

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