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In Genshin Impact, there are different rarities of material; as you explore the world of Teyvat, you'll find Iron Ore, which is the lowest valuable Ore. Then, as you progress, you'll find White Iron Chunks, then so on and so forth. However, don't stop collecting Iron Ore, as every material is needed in Genshin Impact.

Where to find Crystal Chunks

To find Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact, there are two main places to acquire them. First is the Stormterror Ruins in Mondstadt, and the second is Quigyun Peak in the Liyue region. Of course, you can send away an unused character on an expedition to also earn you some Crystal Chunks.

It's either or which area you go to first, Stormterror Ruins or Qingyun Peak, as both are are packed full of Crystal Chunks for mining, so bring with you a claymore user if you are after speed! Each area is pretty frustrating to navigate, as, at Stormterror ruins, you have the barriers to contend with, but at Quigyun Peak, you have the height.

We recommend clearing out Stormterror Ruins first, then moving on to Qingyun Peak, as there is more there but in a wider area, as you can find some in Huaguang Stone Forest and Jueyun Karst. You can mine small amounts in both Mondstadt and Liyue, yet these are tiny compared to the amount elsewhere. Every time a Crystal Chunk is mined, you can receive 1-3 pieces, and the normal respawn time is every 72 hours.

A screenshot of the Genshin Impact map showing off the locations of Crystal Chunks

There are mining Expeditions in the Whispering Woods, Dadaupa Gorge, and Yaoguang Shore. If you send characters on 20-hour Expeditions to these specific areas, they will return with seven to eight Crystal Chunks.

 Crystal Chunk is only used within weapon crafting and crating gadgets, such as the Resonance Stones, Wind Catcher, and Treasure Compass. Each time you need to craft a weapon, it will take 50 Crystal Chunks, so you truly need a lot of it. With the release of Genshin Impact 1.2, three new weapons are being added, and each one to craft also takes 50 Crystal Chunks, so it's better to farm for this material now than to farm it on release. More information on the weapons can be found in our Genshin Impact 1.2 guide. The weapons that can be crafted with Crystal Chunks are the following:

  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients

If you're looking for information on the Genshin Impact 1.2 update, check out this post! Stay up to date with the upcoming banners, and keep an eye on our Genshin Impact codes to get some free goodies!

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Crystal Chunk Farming & Location Guide

Crystal Chunk in Genshin Impact is an essential material for crafting rare weapons and gadgets. Their locations are usually in caves or mines and can be obtained by destroying crystal ore deposits with a character that uses a Claymore weapon. With a respawn time of 72 hours, each broken ores will drop 1-3 Crystal Chunks. You can farm with your friends in co-op mode or join another player’s world if you already collected every Crystal Chunk in your world.

Crystal Chunks Farming Route

With a high-tier weapon, you can clear almost every mission, domain, and boss. But as your world level increase, the game gets harder and mobs are getting tougher. A well-upgraded weapon is essential but you will need a lot of Crystal Chunks and it takes time to farm them.

The good news is we’ve done the legwork for you. After several days of farming crystal chunks, we’ve come up with the best route that you can also use to save time. Below, you’ll find the best and fastest location for farming Crystal Chunk to help you upgrade your weapon faster.

Guyun Stone Forest

This crystal chunk route is full of Ruin Guards so make sure to bring your strongest team on this location.

crystal chunk genshin impactClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 22Avg Farming Time: 3 Minutes
Locations:1, 2-3, 4, 5

Qingyun Peak

genshin impact crystal chunkClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 18Avg Farming Time: 5.5 Minutes

Mt. Tianheng

The second and last crystal chunk location is inside the cave and both guarded by a Cryro Abyss Mage.

genshin crystal chunkClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 18Avg Farming Time: 3.5 Minutes

Dunyu Ruins

The first and last mining location here is in the cave.

crystal chunk genshin impact locationsClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 16Avg Farming Time: 2.5 Minutes


genshin impact crystal chunk locationsClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 16Avg Farming Time: 4.5 Minutes

Mt. Aozang

The first mining location is in the cave by the river under Mt. Aozang mountain. You will need to use the waypoint on Mt. Aozang mountain and then glide down on the west side. There will be a Geovishap and Geovishap Hatchling protecting the cave so make sure that you have the proper team to defeat them.

genshin impact crystal chunk mapClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 14Avg Farming Time: 3.5 Minutes

Qingyun Peak – East

genshin impact crystal chunk farmingClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 14Avg Farming Time: 6.5 Minutes

Stormterror’s Lair – West

The first location on this route is quite tricky to locate if you are not familiar this area. Check our location guide below on how to spot the crystal ore.

crystal chunk genshin impact locationClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 14Avg Farming Time: 4.5 Minutes

Cuijue Slope

The last crystal ore is in a cave at the bottom of the mountain.

crystal chunk farm routeClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ore: 12Avg Farming Time: 3 Minutes
Locations:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Stormterror’s Lair

Stormterror's Lair Crystal Chunk Farming RouteClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 10Avg Farming Time: 3 Minutes

Qingce Village

Qingce Village Crystal Chunk Farming RouteClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 6Avg Farming Time: 1 Minute

Dawn Winery

The Crystal Ores are located inside the cave behind Hilichurls hut. If its your first time going to this area, you may need to break the stone blocking the entry.

Dawn Winery Crystal Chunk Farming RouteClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 5Avg Farming Time: 1 Minute


You can also get a good amount of White Iron Ore in this route.

Stormbearer Crystal Chunk Farming RouteClick To Enlarge
Crystal Ores: 5Avg Farming Time: 2.5 Minutes

Magical Crystal Chunk Locations

The Magical Crystal Ore only starts spawning in your world after reaching Adventure Rank 30. These magical blue crystals are used to forge Mystic Enhancement Ore with Original resin and there are more than 16 respawnable locations but the number of daily respawn of ore reserve is random every day at 4 a.m server time.

There are 6 in Mondstadt and 10 in Liyue and each region will have 4 NPC that will mark your map for the locations of the Magical Crystal Ore reserve. If you are specifically farming for Magical Crystal Chunk only, this guide will help you.

Mondstadt Region

The blacksmith in Mondstadt will provide you the locations of 3 Magical Crystal Ore reserves while the other 3 NPC will provide 0-3 locations.


You can find Davy the cliff in Brightcrown Canyon.

Draff’s Location

You can find Doolan at the Thousand Wind Temple in this location during day time and night time is slightly different. He will be at the campsite during night time and closer to the temple during day time.

Master Zhang

Pan Guan’er is located at the east of Qingyun Peak waypoint. Talk to him and he will mark your map for Magical Crystal Ore locations.

Iron Shoulder’s Location

Travel to the southwest mining area for Linju Pass and talk to Shizhuang the Strong and he will mark your map for Magical Crystal Ore locations.

If one of the ore reserves spawns in Stormterror’s Lair or Quingyun Peak, all ore remaining ore reserves that will spawn for that day will be in the same areas. It is recommended to go through each Crystal Ore locations using our Route for Stormterror and Quinyun Peak to farm these Crystals without having to talk to the NPCs for the next locations.

And that’s everything thing you need to know about where to farm Crystal Chunk in Genshin Impact. What do you think of this guide? If you have a question or a suggestion do let us know in the comment below.

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Genshin Impact - Ore Chunks and Crystals Farming Guide
This is a guide to Farming Iron Ores, White Iron Chunks, and Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact. Hack those stones, craft weapon EXP materials, and get the best weapons for your party!

Looking for these elusive crystals? Refer to our guide on getting more Noctilucous Jades, Cor Lapises, and Electro Crystals below!

Genshin - Iron Chunk.
Iron Chunks can easily be found in miningpoints near Mondstadt. They are also the least valuable ore but they are abundant in quantity.

How to Get Iron Chunk and Effects

Genshin - White Iron Chunk
White Iron Chunks can be used as a material for the Blacksmith. It can be used to craft several rare equipments and can also be turned to weapon EXP materials. Read on to know the best places to Farm White Iron Chunks.

Below are all the suggested areas to search around if you wish to farm White Iron Chunks.

Stormbearer's Mountain
Stormbearer's Point
Musk Reef
Dihua Marsh
Windwail Highlands
All areas surrounding Qingyun Peak

How to Get White Iron Chunk

Genshin - Crystal Chunk and White Iron Chunk

On the north-east most waypoint, head a bit north to find a bunch of White Iron chunks and a little bit of Crystal Chunks.

Genshin - White Iron Chunk at Musk Reef
To reach Musk Reef, you must activate the wind puzzle in Cape Oath. Upon doing so, you'll also be able to mark the Spiral Abyss as a teleport point. This is a great area to farm White Iron Chunks daily.

Genshin - White Iron Chunk at Dihua Marh
On one of the caves southwest from the Statue of the Seven in Dihua Marsh lies a great source of White Iron Chunks. There are hilichurls in the area but they should pose no problem.

Genshin - White Iron Chunk at Windwail Highlands
A mining points containing a lot of White Iron chunks can be found on the east side of the waypoint north of the Dawn Winery.

Genshin - Crystal Chunk

Crystal Chunks are the rarest (so far) non-elemental crystal. They have a shiny blue luster which separates them from the other ores in the game. Massive quantities of these are also needed to craft rare materials and equipments in the game.
Below are the confirmed areas where Crystal Chunks can be found

Storm Bearer Point
Stormterror's Lair
Mt. Aozang Cave
Lingju Pass Entrance

How to Get Crystal Chunk

Genshin - Crystal Chunk at Stormterror
Crystal Chunks are rare and even in the area they can be found, it's still a little bit harder to farm. Head to Stormterror's Lair and search in the area to net yourself some Crystal Chunks.
Genshin - Crystal Chunk at Stormterror
You can also complete the quest After the Storm to gain a more exact location of great mining points of Crystal Chunks in Storm Terror's Lair. Storm Terror's lair is inaccessible until you start the part 3 of the prologue.

Genshin - Crystal Chunk at Qingce
This area is located near the southwest path to Qingce. Refer to the map below to pinpoint its location.

Genshin - Crystal Chunk at Qingce
The area is littered with recruits so be prepared for a fight upon entering the area.

Genshin - Crystal Chunk at Guyun Stone Forest
On the south-east most area of Liyue lies an island. The island is home to a Domain and the boss Geo Hypostasis. From the Guyun Domain's location, head West to find a huge pointy rock with a broken boat on top of it.

Genshin - More Crystal Chunk at Guyun
After farming the area, you can head west to find more Crystal Chunks. Beware though as the area is full of Ruin Guards so make sure that you're battle-ready.

Genshin - Crystal Chunk at Mt Aozang
Another great area to farm Crystal Chunks. You'll want to port to the waypoint in Mt. Aozang then head to the base of the mountain near to the west side. on the northern edge of a lake lies a huge cave that houses a bunch of Crystal Chunks and even Cor Lapises!

Genshin - Crystal Chunk at Lingju Pass
West from Lisha's statue of the seven lies an abundant amount of Crystal Chunks. Some Cor Lapis are also mixed in with them.

Genshin - Noctilucous Jade
How to Get Noctilucous Jade

Genshin - Noctilucuos Jade at Hidden Palace of Lianshan
There is a breakable rock near the domain Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula that houses an abundant amount of Noctilucous Jade. This is a great place to farm Notcilucous Jades and can allow you to easily complete the big business world quest.
Big Business World Quest Walkthrough

It can be purchased from a man just a cross the crafting bench by the name of Shitou. Each Jade you purchase from him will cost 1000 Mora.

Genshin - Cor Lapis
How to Get Cor Lapis

Genshin - Cor Lapis at Oceanid
Port to the nearest waypoint in Oceanid's Lair. Several Cor Lapises can be found in the area coupled by some Noctilucous Jade.

Genshin - Cor Lapis at Mt Aozang
As mentioned in the Crystal Chunks locations. Some Cor Lapis can also be found on the cave in the base of Mt. Aozang.

Genshin - Cor Lapis West of Mt Hulao
There are breakable rocks that contain Cor Lapis near the summit of Mt. Hulao in Liyue. This is located west of the Teleport Waypoint in that area.
Genshin - Cor Lapis West of Mt Hulao

Genshin - Cor Lapis in Liyue
Cor Lapis is an extremely rare ore and even in it's own region, it lacks an area where several of them can be found in one place. To hunt for Cor Lapises, we highly suggest investing much time and searching for areas near the mountains of Liyue Region to find more of them.

Genshin - Electro Crystal
How to Get Electro Crystals

Genshin - Electro Crystal at Pyro Regisvine
Electro Crystals as well as other ores can be found at the entrance of the Pyro Regisvine lair near the Qiongji Estuary waypoint in Cuijue Slope.

Genshin - Electro Crystal Southwest of Luhua
You can also find several Electro Crystals near the bridge leading to the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula in Luhua Pool.

Genshin - Electro Crystal at Sea of Clouds
The Electro Crystals also spawn near the pillar just northwest of the Sea of Clouds waypoint in Guili Plains.

Genshin - Electro Crystal at Yaoguang Shoal
Between the two cliffs southwest of you after teleporting to the Statue of the Seven waypoint in Yaoguang Shoal.

Genshin - Ore and Crystal Farming in Dispatch
Dispatching your allies on Expeditions can net you materials. There are several dispatch quests that can reward Ores. Below are all the confirmed dispatch quests that gives ores.

Whispering Woods
Dadaupa Gorge
Yaoguang Shoal

Use these characters for Expeditions, because their Passive Talents will reduce dispatch time significantly!

Displays the location of nearby Ore Veins (Iron Ore, White Iron Ore, Crystal Ore, and Magic Crystal Ore) on the map.

Ningguang's “Trove of Marvelous Treasures” talent will allow you to pinpoint mining areas in the minimap. It works similar to how you'd be able to detect Anemocolusesand Geocoluses. They will be revealed once you reach a certain distance from them.

Ningguang Stats and Rating

Ores are hard to destroy without the right weapons. ideally, you'll want to have someone with a claymore to quickly destroy mining points.

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Fast and Efficient Route/Path to mine Minerals! - More than 70 Crystal per run! -【Genshin Impact】

Genshin Impact

Crystal Chunk Location & How To Farm

Crystal Chunk are Materials in Genshin Impact 1.6. Guide contains locations, how to farm, farm map, respawn time, and where to find and where to find Crystal Chunk!

Table of Contents

All Ores Interactive Map

Crystal Chunk Basic Info

Crystal Chunk
DetailAn uncut crystal. Only professional craftsmanship can bring out its true value.

Crystal Chunk Locations How To Get

How To Get
Found in the wild
Recommendation: Found in Stormterror's Lair

Crystal Chunk Interactive Map

Found In Mondstadt & Liyue

Crystal Chunks can be found across Liyue and Mondstadt. You can find them on the side of large rocks and at the foot of mountains and hills.

Items That Uses Crystal Chunk

Material Related Guides



Related Materials Location

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Genshin crystal ore

7 best places to farm White Iron and Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impactoffers a sweeping open-world adventure full of interesting characters, but for any players who've reached the endgame, White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks become an invaluable resource. These somewhat scarce ores are used to craft better weapons for your characters. Which, in turn, will make your entire party more powerful.

So how do you get your hands on more White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks?

How do you mine in Genshin Impact?

If you have yet to personally encounter White Iron or Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact, they're items obtained through mining. They're primarily gained by destroying ore that spawns throughout Teyvat. You can generally spot ore by using your Elemental Sight. All ore will glow orange while elemental sight remains active.

You can mine ore by attacking it. Characters with claymores are able to destroy ore far faster than any other weapon in Genshin Impact, so it's best to use one while mining. Each broken ore can deliver one to three pieces of usable material.

If you're specifically looking to mine White Iron or Crystal Chunks, both can be distinguished from other ore using their unique exteriors. White Iron Chunks have a stony grey-ish exterior and boxy shape. Crystal Chunks feature a deep sky blue shading and a more jagged shape. Both will also feature a small glimmer, if you're having trouble finding the items.

White Iron or Crystal Chunks can be found throughout the world. If you find a location with an ample supply of either available, make sure to mark it on your map. All ore respawns after a few days.

Best Genshin Impact White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks farming locations

The best method is to find a cluster of ore in an area that you know doles out quite a bit of White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks. Using a mix of information gleaned from Reddit, the Genshin Impact interactive map, and our own experience, we've found six areas that you need to explore to gain White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks

1. Stormterror's Lair

On the ground floor of Stormterror's Lair, you can find more than 20 spots that will spawn Crystal Chunks. The biggest batch is concentrated southwest of the main tower. If you're lucky, a run through Stormterror's lair will earn you up to 60 Crystal Chunks.

2. Spiral Abyss

If you've unlocked the crescent-shaped islet that houses the Spiral Abyss in Mondstadt's southeastern quadrant, you've gained access to one of the quickest places to farm a good haul of White Iron Chunks. If you fast travel to the islet, you'll find numerous White Iron Chunks ready to be mined. This will be a fairly small haul, but it's easy and quick to grab.

3. Mt. Aozang

Teleport to the northernmost waypoint in the area and you'll have two options. Firstly, you can try scaling the mountain. If you can reach the cloud Adeptus' area at the peak, you'll find around 8 spawn points for White Iron Chunks. By instead choosing to descend into Huaguang stone forest located below the waypoint, you'll find a river flowing into a wide cave. The cave holds at least a dozen Crystal Chunks to harvest.

4. Wolvendom

After spawning at the Wolvendom waypoint closest to the shore, head to the southeast. You'll immediately spot a massive bolder that's holding numerous mineable White Iron Chunks. There are six total pieces of White Iron ore to find here, allowing you to earn up to 18 White Iron Chunks. There's also a single Crystal ore, allowing you to harvest oodles of ore.

5. Stormbearer Mountains

Select the Teleportation point that's located north of Starfell Lake's statue of the seven. Once you've spawned, head east. You'll find a massive rock formation similar to the one in Wolvendom. Again, this one will hold fiveminable White Iron ore and two minable Crystals. These can yield up to 15 and six White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks.

Other ways to farm White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact

There's a fair chance that five spawn points won't be enough to sate your need for ore. Alas, you might be tired of teleporting and physically mining ore. Luckily, there are two other methods to full your need for ore that will likely be far faster and require less involvement.

6. Expeditions

After reaching Adventure Rank 14 you'll unlock Expeditions at the Adventurers' Guild. This feature allows you to send characters that aren't in your party away for either 4, 8, 12, or 20 hours. The longer you send them away, the greater your reward will become. It's an excellent way to passively farm both White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks.

Mining based Expeditions are available at Whispering Woods, Dadaupa Gorge, and Yaoguang Shoal. You should certainly adjust your time based on the needed materials. If you need Crystal Chunks, 20-hour Expeditions are for you. After 20 hours your character will return with three to four White Iron Chunks and seven to eight Crystal Chunks.

On the other hand, if you need more White Iron Chunks, you should do the eight-hour expedition. Upon completion, the eight-hour one will yield seven to eight White Iron Chunks. It's faster than the 20 hour one, allowing you to complete far more in a single day.

7. Purchase White Iron Chunks in Liyue Harbor

If you're still in the market for White Iron Chunks, there's a vendor in Liyue Harbor who sells ore named Shitou. He's located slightly north of Liyue Harbor's alchemy booth. You can purchase up to 10 White Iron Chunks at a time. He also sells Noctilucous Jade and normal Iron Chunks. Shitou's stock refills every three days.

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8 NPCs That Gives Crystal Ore Locations! - Genshin Impact
Ultimate Guide to Farming Crystal Ore in Genshin Impact

A good adventurer can never have enough Weapon Enhancement Ore! One of the best ways to obtain this kind of weapon-boosting substance is by mining a material called Crystal Ore. The Blacksmiths in Mondstadt and Liyue can turn any Crystal Chunks, White Iron Chunks, and Iron Chunks into different kinds of Weapon Enhancement Ore. To help you out, we’ve mapped out all the best locations and routes to take for farming Crystal Ore in Genshin Impact.

You can gather a lot of important information in this Genshin Impact guide by looking at the pictures. The text will primarily focus on complimenting these images by explaining them in further detail. Feel free to use your Map Pins in-game to remember these locations.

How often does Crystal Ore Respawn?

Respawn habits of Crystal Ore are a bit unclear and random at times. Most Crystal Ore locations respawn in 48-72 hours period after being taken. Try to check each site once a day, though.

If you’re in a hurry, we recommend taking the closest highlighted Teleport Waypoint to the ore locations. Although we have included the locations of most Rich Ore Reserves, you can talk to the Blacksmiths of Mondstadt and Liyue, and they will share the areas that have fully respawned their Crystal Ore. You can ask each Blacksmith once per day.

Best Crystal Ore Farming Locations

Here are the best locations to farm Crystal Ore in Genshin Impact:

Wolvendom, Mondstadt

genshin impact crystal ore farming - Wolvendom

There is a somewhat large Hilichurl camp South of Springvale (near the Valley of Remembrance Domain) that is protecting a cave full of Crystal Ore. This is usually the location Draff will give you when asking him if there’s anything interesting nearby.

Wolvendom is also full of Crystal Ore, although the cliff faces will most likely have you backtracking one way or another. We suggest going Southwest first, then following the path all the way North.

Don’t forget to grab the ore on the trail leading from Dawn Winery to Stormerterror’s Lair!

Stormterror’s Lair, Mondstadt

genshin impact crystal ore farming - Stormterror's Lair

Stormterror’s Lair is Mondstadt’s Crystal Ore paradise and can be approached from a few ways. The spots mentioned here typically spawn more than one Crystal Ore, so you may find more scattered ores along the way. For this reason, we have provided a longer route that takes you through Brightcrown Canyon into Stormterror’s Lair and a shorter route that begins at the Domain’s location. To save time, keep teleporting to the Domain and gliding down to grab the ore instead of walking.

If you decide to take the long route through Brightcrown Canyon, beware the Ruin Guard that stalks the area. You may also encounter a Ruin Guard on the East side of Stormterror’s Lair, so come prepared.

Side note: The Crystal Ores here are all on ground level, so you don’t have to worry too much about climbing and using stamina consumption!

Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue

Guyun Stone Forest

It’s only fitting that one of the best places to get Crystal Ore is in a place with many ties to the Geo Archon. Either take the long way around Guyun Stone Forest or use the Teleport Waypoint and Domain to save some time.

Lingju Pass, Liyue

Lingju Pass

There is a lot to this section of the map, but it is all quite simple. Atop Mt. Tianheng are two Crystal Ore sights that respawn more frequently than any other major ore reserve. 

If you’d like to extend this route, jump off the mountain and glide down. Otherwise, teleport to the Waypoint Southwest of Mt. Tianheng. Look closely for the next two spots in the middle of the map. They are both hidden in caverns next to the water. 

Don’t forget to grab the Crystal Ore hidden in a hole in the ground to the East of Dunyu Ruins, too!

Take a Hike!

From the Statue of Seven near Lingju Pass, you can start a great hike to the South, picking up Crystal Ore as you go. There are many “Investigate” spots with respawning ore by the star in the green circle. Most of the time, you will receive normal Iron Chunks from these spots. However, there is a rare chance for you to obtain White Iron Chunks or even Crystal Chunks.

Follow the path South and prepare for a fight with a Mitachurl and some Hilichurl backups. Then, enter the cave, and you’ll find some Crystal Ore protected by a Fatui Agent. 

For an extra-long trip, take the path up the mountain and glide down to Qingxu Pool’s ruins. There you will find many enemies protecting some ore in a small cave on the ground (approximately in the center of the area).

Cuijue Slope

If you are familiar with our “How To Farm Artifacts” guide, you can quickly access some Crystal Ore while grabbing the Artifacts in Tianqiu Valley.

After teleporting to Cuijue Slope, glide across the gap to the Northwest and you’ll most likely see some Crystal Ore on the side of a ledge and another off in the distance. Grab those before jumping to the ground floor of Cuijue Slope. Follow the slope up to the East and then South, where you will find a cave with some ore in it. Continue South and jump off the cliff to find even more Crystal Ore on the banks of Luhua Pool.

Qingyun Peak, Liyue

Qingyun Peak is practically a Crystal Ore haven that can be approached in a number of ways. For this reason, we have not marked a suggested path on the image for this area. Instead, follow these recommendations:

  • Go to the Teleport Waypoint near Jueyun Karst and take the path all the way up the mountain. You’ll pass by a number of these Crystal Ores naturally on the way up. We have marked the map above with yellow to highlight the normal walkway.
  • Alternatively, take the Teleport Waypoint to the top of Qingyun peak and work your way down the natural paths of the mountain. 
  • Short on time? Easily glide down to these locations from Qingyun Peak’s Teleport Waypoint and grab the ore before teleporting back to the peak and repeating the process. To maximize your profits, do this until all the ore in the area has been mined. 

Important Note: The Rich Ore Reserve near the Mt. Aozang Teleport Waypoint is actually located in a large cave underneath the mountain. Either teleport to Mt. Aozang and glide down to the water below or enter the cavern from the ground level of Huaguang Stone Forest.

Bishui Plain, Liyue

The Crystal Ore deposit to the South of Qingce Village is up a small cliff and near a group of Treasure Hoarders. Similarly, to the West of Dihua Marsh is some Crystal Ore surrounded by all kinds of Hilichurls.

Need More? Buy Weapons With Mora

While you wait for your Weapon Enhancement Ore to finish forging, talk to the Blacksmith about purchasing some of his weapons. It’s a good idea to set yourself a reminder to buy all the weapons the Mondstadt Blacksmith and his Apprentice have every day. 

Alternatively, you can purchase weapons from the Liyue Blacksmith (although, he does not have an Apprentice like in Mondstadt). Just keep in mind that if you buy a certain weapon type from one city’s Blacksmith, you will not be able to purchase that weapon again from the other Blacksmith until the next day.


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Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk map for farming runs

Crystal Chunks are currently the rarest non-elemental crystals in Genshin Impact, making a Crystal Chunk map a useful tool for farmers. They're a shiny teal/blue which sets them apart from the other ore types in the game. Crystal Chunks are key ingredients for making certain rare equipment and materials, and you will need a lot of them. This guide will help you find them, mine them, and more!

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk map for farming runs

Genshin Impact Crystal Chunk map for farming runs © miHoYo

Crystal Chunk locations

Below are confirmed areas where Crystal Chunks can be found. For more help with your farming, check out this super handy resource mapping tool. 

  • Stormbearer Point
  • Stormterror's Lair
  • Qingce
  • Guyun
  • Mt. Aozang Cave
  • Qingyun Peak
  • Lingju Pass Entrance

To farm Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact, the map suggests you should hit Stormterror's Lair and all over Qingyun Peak, if you can work out an efficient route between all of those icons. Some of the more condensed places to farm Crystal Chunks are just south of Qingce village, where there are five ore deposits right next to each other. They're clustered just north of the river from Mt. Aozang on the map, the icons overlap each other, that's how close they are.

Crystal Chunk mining

Crystal Chunks can be obtained in Genshin Impact's open world by mining. To mine them, go to the locations listed above and search for deposits of the shiny teal crystals. Unfortunately since they are a higher value crafting material, it may not be easy to find them even once you are in an area where they spawn, though using your Elemental Sight will help. All ore glows orange when Elemental Sight is active. Once you find a deposit, smash it to obtain your Crystal Chunks. It's recommended to use a Claymore character for this, as they can destroy ore faster than characters that use other weapons. 

Crystal Chunk Expeditions

Once you have reached Adventure Rank 14, you will gain access to Expeditions in the Adventurer's Guild. With Expeditions, you can send characters that aren't in your party off for 4, 8, 12, or 20 hours to gain extra rewards for you. The longer they're gone for, the better your reward will be. If you want to passively farm Crystal Chunks, this is the way to go.

There are mining Expeditions in the Whispering Woods, Dadaupa Gorge, and Yaoguang Shore. If you send characters on 20 hour Expeditions to these specific mining areas, they will return with several Crystal Chunks, usually between six and eight. 

Crystal Chunk respawn times

Ore and Crystal nodes rest when you harvest them, instead of when the servers do their daily reset, meaning about every 48-72 hours or so. 

That's all we know about farming Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact using the Crystal Chunk map. For more Genshin Impact features and guides, click here to visit our game hub.

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