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1‘his friendship with Helen grew into love’


deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment

devotion, adoration, doting, idolization, worship

passion, ardour, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation, adulation, besottedness

2‘her love of fashion’


liking, weakness, partiality, bent, leaning, proclivity, inclination, disposition

enjoyment, appreciation, soft spot, taste, delight, relish, passion, zeal, appetite, zest, enthusiasm, keenness, predilection, penchant, fondness

3‘their love for their fellow human beings’


compassion, care, caring, regard, solicitude, concern, warmth, friendliness, friendship, kindness, charity, goodwill, sympathy, kindliness, altruism, philanthropy, unselfishness, benevolence, brotherliness, sisterliness, fellow feeling, humanity

4‘don't fret, my love’


beloved, loved one, love of one's life, dear, dearest, dear one, darling, sweetheart, sweet, sweet one, angel, honey

lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, betrothed, paramour, inamorata, inamorato


5‘he is confident that their love can survive’


relationship, love affair, affair, romance, liaison, affair of the heart, intrigue, amour

6‘my mother sends her love to you’


best wishes, regards, good wishes, greetings, kind regards, kindest regards, felicitations, salutations, compliments, best, respects


1‘I love you, Rory’


be in love with, be infatuated with, be smitten with, be besotted with, be passionate about

care very much for, feel deep affection for, hold very dear, adore, think the world of, be devoted to, dote on, cherish, worship, idolize, treasure, prize

informal be crazy about, be mad about, be nuts about, be wild about, have a pash on, carry a torch for

British informal be potty about


hate, loathe, detest

2‘Laura had always loved painting’


like very much, delight in, enjoy greatly, have a passion for, take great pleasure in, derive great pleasure from, have a great liking for, be addicted to, relish, savour

have a weakness for, be partial to, have a soft spot for, have a taste for, be taken with, have a predilection for, have a proclivity for, have a penchant for

informal get a kick from of, get a kick out of, have a thing about, have a thing for, be mad about, be mad for, be crazy about, be nuts about, be wild about, be hooked on, get off on, get a buzz from of, get a buzz out of

British informal be potty about, go a bundle on


    fall in love with

    ‘the moment they met he fell in love with her’


    become infatuated with, give one's heart to, lose one's heart to, become smitten with

    informal fall for, fall head over heels in love with, be swept off one's feet by, develop a crush on

    in love with

    ‘I'm in love with Gillian’


    besotted with, infatuated with, enamoured of, love-struck by, smitten with, passionate about, with a passion for, consumed with desire for

    captivated by, bewitched by, enthralled by, entranced by

    devoted to, doting on

    informal crazy about, mad about, nuts about, wild about, bowled over by, carrying a torch for

    British informal potty about

    North American informal twitterpated by


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Love may apply to various kinds of regard: the charity of the Creator, reverent adoration toward God or toward a person, the relation of parent and child, the regard of friends for each other, or romantic feelings for another person, etc. Affection is a fondness for others that is enduring and tender, but calm. Devotion is an intense love and steadfast, enduring loyalty to a person; it may also imply consecration to a cause.


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nounillicit sexual relationship


nounillicit sexual relationship

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The furthest ones are they who pay for your love to the near ones; and when there are but five of you together, a sixth must always die.

I love not your festivals either: too many actors found I there, and even the spectators often behaved like actors.

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And we are fortunate above most, for we have found our first love in each other."

The policeman thought I was drunk; and I was, too - with love for you."

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Love was a necessity of my existence; this need for affection had never been satisfied, and only grew stronger with years.

My life seemed to be growing cold within me; I was bending under a load of secret misery when I met the woman who was to make me know the might of love, the reverence of an acknowledged love, love with its teeming hopes of happiness--in one word--love.

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A boy's love comes from a full heart; a man's is more often the result of a full stomach.

It is just at the very age when a man's character is forming that he tumbles into love, and then the lass he loves has the making or marring of him.

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Let them see by your patient love and care how much fairer they might be, and when next you come, you will be laden with gifts from humble, loving flowers."

Some learned how by pleasant dreams to cheer and comfort mortal hearts, by whispered words bf love to save from evil deeds those who had gone astray, to fill young hearts with gentle thoughts and pure affections, that no sin might mar the beauty of the human flower; while others, like mortal children, learned the Fairy alphabet.

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That if we will not call such disposition love, we have no name for it.

To treat of the effects of love to you, must be as absurd as to discourse on colours to a man born blind; since possibly your idea of love may be as absurd as that which we are told such blind man once entertained of the colour scarlet; that colour seemed to him to be very much like the sound of a trumpet: and love probably may, in your opinion, very greatly resemble a dish of soup, or a surloin of roast-beef.

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The heart does not more lovethe heart that lovesit than the brain lovesthe brain that comprehends it; and, whatever else was to befall us, Nicolete and I were already in lovewith each other's brains.

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All this is perhaps folly--perhaps insanity; but tell me what woman has a lover more truly in love; what queen a servant more ardent?"

All these proofs of love which you would give me are almost crimes."

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A disposition to feel, do, or say; a propensity.


To love greatly or honor highly; idolize


Passionate and tender devotion


Attachment is defined as an additional piece of some type which connects to a specific kind of equipment.


(Countable) Someone or something wished for.


Passion is a strong feeling of love or enthusiasm, especially in the context of a sexual relationship.


(Psychoanalysis) The life instinct, based on the libido, sublimated impulses, and self-preservation


A romantic liking or interest:


Infatuation is defined as an often short-lived, extreme attraction to someone.


(Proper) A representation of Cupid as a naked, winged cherub, as on a valentine


The definition of an emotion is a mental state that is spontaneous and does not come from conscious effort.

be enchanted by

To be passionately devoted

be enraptured by

To be passionately devoted


Yearning is a deep, and sometimes sad, desire.

be fascinated by

To be passionately devoted


The act by which somebody or something is cherished.

be in love with

To be passionately devoted


(Mineralogy) A soft and earthy mineral of a white or yellowish color, and with a waxy lustre, found at Langbanshytta in Sweden. It is a hydrated silicate of magnesia, and resembles meerschaum.


The definition of glorify is to give praise to God, or to make something seem glamorous or better.


An intense emotion; strong passion


To feel intense dislike, disgust, or hatred for; abhor; detest


Regard is defined as consideration or attention for something or someone.


The practice of sexual relations without romantic commitment between or among partners.


To look upon or worship as a god


Venus is defined as the Roman goddess of beauty and love, or the second planet from the sun.


Accurate perception; true estimation; as, an appreciation of the difficulties before us; an appreciation of colors.


To increase the effect or intensity of; heighten:


Due regard for something considered important or authoritative:


A feeling of devotion or adoration toward God or a god.


A thought, opinion, judgment, or attitude, usually the result of careful consideration, but often colored with emotion

be enamored of

To be passionately devoted

tender passion

Passionate and tender devotion


(Euphemistic) A recently deceased person.

have affection for

To be passionately devoted


A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection:


A pleasurable experiencing of something


To hold dear; feel or show love for


To hold steadfastly to; cherish:


A sickle-like weapon, originally used as a tool for cutting weeds.


The state of being carried away with joy, love, etc.; ecstasy


To store away or save up (money, valuables, etc.) as for future use; hoard


be passionately attached to

To be passionately devoted


To give great joy or pleasure to


(Chiefly New England & Upper Southern US) To enjoy (something):

encircle with one's arms

To express love by caresses


be oneself with

To be passionately devoted

press to the heart

To express love by caresses


Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire.

hold in affection

To be passionately devoted

be captivated by

To be passionately devoted


The definition of an aversion is a dislike or distaste for something or someone, or a desire to avoid something or someone.


The definition of antipathy is something which is naturally opposed or disliked.


One who is fond of or devoted to something:


An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts.


A gentle or affectionate touch


To inflame with love; to charm; to captivate; — with of, or with, before the person or thing; as, to be enamored with a lady; to be enamored of books or science.


A person who loves or is loved truly; (one's) sweetheart


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The end made its way with difficulty, like an icebreaker passing through age-old ice. Nikitin seems to have not drilled the well of his lustful half for a long time. Gosh, apparently, too. But in vain. The ass was excellent.

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Feel free to throw them out with a wide gesture, and plunge into love again. Tony in it, climb up or let yourself go with the flow. Love.

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