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ML-U1 12V 200CCA Battery for Scag Wild Cat Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

The advanced pure lead technology, lower internal resistance and increased plate compression give this battery a longer service life, better deep cycling and overall quicker start-ups for all your lawn and garden machinery. The clever, non-spillable design allows the battery to sit and function in virtually any position increasing your opportunity for ease of mounting. The tough AGM separators and high cell composition increase this battery’s vibration resistance up to 20 times more than that of conventional batteries making it perfect for all your lawn and garden machinery.  
Specifications of the ML-U1-CCA Battery 

Voltage: 12 Volt 
CCA: 200 
CA: 280 
Chemistry: SLA, AGM 
Terminal: Nut & Bolt 

Battery Dimensions:

7.75 in x 5.11 in x 6.25 in 
Weight: 12.89 Lbs 


1 Year


Scag Freedom Z battery size?

Thanks folks! The battery link will be real handy, and not only for this situation.

As to the valves... It was 26 degrees the night before and the battery is 7 years old. About 30 minutes on the charger and the machine fired up just fine. I will check my maintenance log to verify that I checked the valve adjustment on schedule.

Back to the battery size - my bad. I dipped my tape measure down the side of the battery to measure the depth of the battery box. It must have hung up on something as I had recorded 7" which is less than the height to the top of a U1 size battery. I searched the Scag manual and found that the battery is "not stocked by Scag" according to a parts diagram.

I called the dealer and was told they use "a 12 volt Exide battery" to replace OEM battery in Scag mowers. Not entirely helpful. I then started to make the rounds of the auto parts stores to see if they could match the battery. At the first store the clerk said it was a U1. I indicated that my (incorrect) measurement showed a U1 to be too tall. Upon close examination of the OEM battery they found U1 and some other numbers vibra penciled on the top of the battery case. A re-measurement showed that a U1 would in fact fit. However...

There are several U1 species. The store had a U1 rated for 12 HP, a U1H rated for 19 HP and a U1JD (John Deere) rated for 35 HP. I went to the the Scag dealer next to find out which U1 battery was correct. They stated it should be 325 CCA. the one they had in stock was 300 CCA.

Bottom line... I will run the current battery until I get all the goody out of it. Then I my replace it with a U1 "riding mower battery" although they only have a 30 day warranty. Or I may spring for an AGM battery which is a little more resistant to vibration and generally carries a better warranty. Although 7 years from a U1 is not too bad.

Thanks again,


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Scag Tiger Cat voltage regulator change and a complete service

Model Description: Compatible replacement battery for the Husqvarna Scag Turf Tiger Lawn Mower
Compatibility: Husqvarna Scag Turf Tiger Lawn Mower
Condition: New
Includes: (1) 12V 35Ah Battery with Nut & Bolt Terminals
Warranty: 1 year full replacement warranty included, additional warranty is available
Life time expectancy: 3-5 years
Manufacturer: UPS Battery Center Ltd. ®

The Husqvarna Scag Turf Tiger Lawn Mower replacement battery is a high quality UPS Battery Center manufactured rechargeable battery that is designed to provide excellent performance, durability and long life.

Our batteries are new and always fresh stock. The Scag Turf Tiger Lawn Mower compatible replacement battery is covered by our industry leading 1 year replacement warranty. Extended warranty of up to 3 years is available for your convenience. Our warranty is inclusive of shipping costs and is hassle free, the only warranty of this kind in the marketplace.

Physical Dimensions:

Nominal Voltage: 12V
Nominal Capacity: 35Ah
Terminal Type: Nut & Bolt
Weight: 26 Lbs
Length: 7.68" (195 mm)
Width: 5.12" (130 mm)
Height: 6.10" (155 mm)
Height Over Terminal: 7.09" (180 mm)

Husqvarna® is a registered trademark of Husqvarna Group. 
UPSBatteryCenter® is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or authorised by Husqvarna Group.


Size scag battery

U1L-250 Battery For SCAG POWER EQUIPMENT Tiger Cub

Due to shipping regulations, this battery is available only through a Battery Giant Store. Click Here to find a Battery Giant Location near you. Price may vary by location.

Product #: U1L-250


  • 7.75L x 5.125W x 7.25H
  • 230 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Brand: Battery Giant
  • Chemistry: Lead Acid
  • Voltage: 12

Battery Giant Model U1L-250 Replaces:

  • Advance Auto Parts - U1-1
  • Advance Auto Parts - U1-3
  • BCI - U1
  • CarQuest - BU1L-12
  • CarQuest - U1L12
  • CarQuest - U1LXHD12
  • Deka - 10U1L
  • Deka - 11U1L
  • Deka - 7U1L
  • Deka - 8U1L
  • Deka - 9U1L
  • Delco - 348
  • Delco - U1-240W
  • Exide - GT
  • Exide - GT-H
  • Exide - GT-X
  • Harris - U1L-H
  • Interstate - SP-24
  • Interstate - SP-30
  • Interstate - SP-35
  • Interstate - SP-40
  • Motorcraft - BHB-U1
  • Motorcraft - BHC-U1
  • NAPA - 8221
  • NAPA - 8223
  • NAPA - 8229
  • Sears - 96119
  • Sears - 96134
  • Sears - 96135
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