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Manufacturer and Distributor of Bathroom Vanities, Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets, Faucets, Bath Tubs, Shower Equipment and Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Vanity Wholesale INC was founded with a vision to develop products based on the concept of sustainability. Our dedication to those principles, and philosophy of manufacturing with the lowest possible impact on the environment, while using the most advanced technologies, have made our company a reference point for the bathroom industry.

All Aqua-Bath furniture is formaldehyde free.

We strive to help make your store stand out by developing a unique product mix, helping to build your store’s identity and bringing customers through the door. In this extremely competitive market, your company has to offer unique products of the highest quality at the most competitive prices. We have distribution warehouses in USA and Canada, where we have most of our products in stock and ready to ship. Drop-ship is also available for online retailers and efficient and well trained staff will have your order ready to ship within 48 Hours of receiving P.O.’s.

Drop-Ship orders on LTL shipments are fully Inspected, properly packed and secured on a pallet to prevent damages during transit and guaranty customer satisfaction.

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Bathroom Vanities

How to Shop Bathroom Vanities

Every person is unique when it comes to his or her designing taste and understanding of beauty. That is why the contemporary sanitaryware industry offers a wide variety of styles and designs of bathroom vanities. Whatever tastes a customer may have like classical, traditional, contemporary or something in-between, a correctly chosen bathroom vanity is sure to become a central focal point in any bathroom environment. It offers both variety of styles and rich functionality. A wide range of professional designs, materials, additional features and combinations will definitely find the right path to the heart of any potential customer matching his or her unique personality, style and taste.

Before making a purchase of a new bathroom vanity it is necessary to give answers to the following core question. This will help to clear up the overall situation and make up one’s mind according to the key required characteristics.

  • What material can be suitable for your bathroom interior?
  • What is the size of your bathroom and how much space can you devote to the new vanity unit?
  • What should be the height of the future vanity top?
  • What style and design are preferable for you? Would you like to have a frame or frameless version?
  • Who will mainly use the new bathroom vanity?

After all of the questions have been answered, it’s time to decide upon the style trend. When choosing the right design or style it is necessary to remember that it should reflect your inner world and deep personality. A wise way to create a quiet atmosphere in the bathroom is to combine several styles, materials, accessories and so on.

Traditional Style is characterized by decorative trim-work and classical features. The cornerstones of its representation can serve furniture-style cabinets with subdued color and ornate molding implementations. This is a special mood that would hardly ever go out of style. All the details used in the traditional style provide a pure harmony of sophistication and tranquility balance. The cabinet finishes and textures are smoothly processed and the metal accessories are polished and classically shaped.

Contemporary or Euro-Asian Style is characterized by smooth, sleek, and symmetrical arrangements. It features a minimalistic nature completed with clean unbroken lines, plane décor, and unique curves and angles.

Casual Style has a relaxed simple nature, free from complicated heavy lines and intricate designs. It provides more functional than decorative features. Colors are used in soft pastels and natural shades tones. Metal details and cabinets itself are performed in a slightly aged and worn appearance.

Eclectic Style features a gentle and smart mixture of different styles, designs, and looks. Such tendency provides this style with a unique charm and personality.

Whatever style you choose, a bathroom equipped with a modern vanity will look gorgeous and offer improved functional possibilities.

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Buying the Right RTA Wholesale Bathroom Vanity For Your Home

Arguably the most used room in the house or office, the bathroom is no doubt one of the most important rooms in every home. But are you giving the bathroom the kind of treatment it requires? Have you invested enough in your bathroom to make every visit a pleasing experience and not an inconvenience?

If not, you should get started already! Get the best bathroom vanity right away and give your bathroom the facelift it needs.

What are Bathroom Vanities?

A bathroom vanity can best be described as multi-faceted furniture that houses or encompass your sink or wash hand basin and all its accessories, including the plumbing pipes.

It keeps all the pipes out of view and saves you the eyesore of pipes crossing each other. In most cases, bathroom vanities are also used to store bathing soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and every other bathroom essential.

Shop wholesale RTA Bathroom Vanities

Buying the Best Modern Wholesale Bathroom Vanities

Before you invest your money in bathroom vanities, there are some factors you should carry at your fingertips. The size of vanity that suits your kitchen space or size.

What looks do you have in mind?

You should already have an idea or a picture of your dream bathroom. You can choose between traditional and contemporary designs - depending on your taste.

Your Budget!

Budget influences your decision and helps in Planning how much you can afford to invest in bathroom vanity. Also, the depth of your pockets determines whether you can afford your choice or brand of vanity.


You can make your bathroom more stylish with knobs and drawer pulls. The right choice of hardware for your bathroom will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Always take your time to choose hardware that complements the appeal of your bathroom.

Making Your Choice For Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

As days go by and technology continues to evolve, a variety of materials are being used in the manufacturing of bathroom vanities. With a long list of distinct sizes, colors, shapes, and designs, you can make your choice of either traditional, modern, countryside, or minimalist styles of bathroom vanities, among others. The benchtop of bathroom vanity is equally important in beautifying your bathroom. They are available in marble, glass, cement, wood, laminate, polished, or reconstituted stone and lots more.

What are RTA Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets?

As you surf the Internet for information on bathroom vanities, you are likely to have come across the letters “RTA,” and you’d be wondering what they stand for in cabinet construction. RTA as a chic way of saying “Ready to Assemble” and it’s used to describe cabinets that are assembled on-site or at your home (wherever you need them). RTA cabinets and bathroom vanities are easy to assemble, and it only takes a minute to put the members together with a screwdriver.

Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets are affordable, and they feature advanced technology in both materials and construction. In addition to the incredible quality you get from RTA cabinets for your bathroom vanities, you also get to feel the thrill and pride of getting it done yourself. You can always look back, pat yourself on the back and say yes, I did that!

Bathroom vanity cabinets are decorative elements for your bathroom, and with the right choice, you’d amazed how much you can transform your bathroom space. There too-notch bathroom vanity cabinets at Carolina Cabinet Warehouse. Check out our gallery and claim massive discounts on wholesale bathroom vanities.

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