Automotive edge molding

Automotive edge molding DEFAULT

Trim Molding

Find your car door molding and trim or automotive trim molding to dress up and protect your car, truck or SUV here. Not only that, our flexible molding can also be used as outside corner moulding on furniture and counter edges as a corner molding.

Protect your car, truck or sport utility vehicle from nicks, dings and scratches when you invest in our pvc moulding, rubber trim molding and trim, or plastic trim molding from Brandsport. As soon as your vehicle gets damaged, make sure you immediately pick out the touch up paint and repair the marks so you don�t have to deal with buffing them out later.
Our body side molding and other flexible auto trim molding are made from polyvinyl chloride, referred to as pvc moulding, and made under strict quality control standards. Above all else, our car molding is a snap to install, clean and maintain, and most of our automotive molding can be color matched to your vehicle�s paint color, no matter the make.

Brandsport can also help you beautify your ride with custom chrome trim, and car care supplies to help you keep your car clean of bugs, muck, rust and road debris.

Car Door Protector, Car Door Edge Guards

Door Edge Guard

Choose from Clear, Chrome, Black, Gold or color matched Door Trim

Body Side Molding

Body Side Molding

Protect your doors & body panels with our quality body side moldings.

Interior Trim Molding

Interior Trim

Customize your interior with some cool accent trim molding.

Brandsport carries high quality plastic car molding material and polyurethane moldings that can be shaped and formed to fit your vehicle. Our vinyl trim exterior molding and other plastic automotive moldings are available from various manufacturers, and are made from the highest quality materials under the strictest of quality controls. If you�ve waited too long to repair existing scratches, add some rubber molding flexible trim in order to distract attention from noticeable dings. Installing trim is a snap, and we are often asked how to install auto trim molding. The answer is that all our rubber trim flexible molding features a simple peel-n-stick adhesive backing or other self adhesive attachment built right in. Our car molding products come in a variety of colors as well, including black, chrome and color that can be matched to your model. Our selection of accessories doesn�t end at automotive molding. We carry a variety of other products that will keep the exterior of your ride looking good. Shop our rust treatment, bug and tar remover, trim and molding care, side vents, drip rail car molding and door edge guards.

Trim-Gard has been a manufacturer of auto moldings for the aftermarket since 1968. Trim-Gard produces decorative, flexible, plastic body side moldings, wheel well moldings, door edge guard protectors, step tread moldings as well as custom extrusions for your car and truck.

The company has grown over the years to become a
recognized industry leader in the design and development of vinyl automotive extrusions, industrial extrusions and custom extrusions.

Trim-Gard utilizes the most modern equipment and materials available to produce a high quality product. We use original equipment approved polymers, mylar laminates and 3M acrylic foam tape for outstanding performance and reliability.

Our in house tool room and design facility provides expert engineering from design concept through to the final production of a product. Our plant is staffed with qualified, professional and dedicated employees focused on customer service and product quality.

Trim-Gard was the first aftermarket molding company to bring top coated chrome moldings to the aftermarket, providing our customers with superior performance and durability. Trim-Gard was the first molding manufacturer to offer a formed factory style molding end tip.

Trim-Gard products are requested by more professional installers than any other brand. Our customers demand profiles that match factory originals and we deliver.

Trim-Gard Company Limited was registered to the quality system standard ISO 9001:2000 on February 28, 2001.


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Edge Trim Flexible Edge Molding

The Edge Trim� Flexible Edge Molding is designed to go on virtually any edge of the vehicle including trunk lids, hoods, doors and grilles.  A great accessory that offers protection from any nicks or scratches on the edges of your vehicle, while also accenting your vehicle. The edge molding is UV protected for longer life. Available in 2 colors; chrome or black.




  • Keep the edges on your
    vehicle nick free

  • Accents your vehicle

  • Cuts easily with scissors

  • OEM adhesive keeps
    it in place

  • Size:.21" (w) x .31" (h) x 18' (l)



Colors Available:







Door Edge

Trunk Edge

Tips \u0026 Tricks for Polishing / Buffing Stainless Steel Trim Part

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Molding automotive edge

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