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DIY CNC 3 Axis 2418 Engraver Machine PCB Milling Wood Carving Router Kit Arduino Grbl


LinkSprite DIY CNC 3 Axis 2418 Engraver Machine is similar with LinkSprite DIY CNC 3 Axis 1610 Engraver Machine , we have increased its working area.

LinkSprite DIY CNC 3 Axis 2418 Engraver Machine laser engraving machine is suit for make non- metal processing such as plastic , wood , acrylic , pvc, pcb, wood or the similar material , etc.And airframe adopt profiles + plastic ,small size, light weight , USB interface , open source GRBL control.

The repeat positioning accuracy is with in 0.1mm under no-load, usually is about 0.05mm. Laser is considered no-load. If you use graver, the precision is depending on the hardness of the material.

And the engraver machine couldn't carve 3 dimensional objects. The different hardness of the material, the different thickness of the carving, and the maximum carving thickness is 30mm. The kit includes xyz stepping motors. You don't need purchase any parts separately, it is enough for working.

About GRBL

Grbl is a no-compromise, high performance, low cost alternative to parallel-port-based motion control for CNC milling. It will run on a vanilla Arduino (Duemillanove/Uno) as long as it sports an Atmega 328.

The controller is written in highly optimized C utilizing every clever feature of the AVR-chips to achieve precise timing and asynchronous operation. It is able to maintain up to 30kHz of stable, jitter free control pulses.

It accepts standards-compliant g-code and has been tested with the output of several CAM tools with no problems. Arcs, circles and helical motion are fully supported, as well as, all other primary g-code commands. Macro functions, variables, and most canned cycles are not supported, but we think GUIs can do a much better job at translating them into straight g-code anyhow.

Grbl includes full acceleration management with look ahead. That means the controller will look up to 18 motions into the future and plan its velocities ahead to deliver smooth acceleration and jerk-free cornering.

CNC Large 1.jpg

CNC Large 2.jpg

CNC Large 3.jpg

CNC Large 4.jpg

CNC Large 5.jpg

CNC Large 6.jpg

Motor Specification

Stepper Motor

CNC motor 1.png

  • motor model no.:L42BYGH34-1334A
  • voltage:12V-24V
  • current/phase:1.33 A
  • resistor/phase: 2.1 Ω
  • inductance/phase:2.5 mH
  • static moment:2.2 kg-cm
  • motor outlet:4#
  • rotary inertia:35 g-c㎡
  • motor weight: 0.22kg
  • Positioning torque:120kg-cm
  • Body length:34mm

Spindle motor

CNC motor 2.png

  • Model no.: 775
  • Weight:350g
  • Condition: New
  • Shaft Diameter: 5MM
  • Shaft length: 17
  • Body length: 66.7
  • Front step diameter: 17.4
  • Front step height: 4.7
  • Body diameter: 42
  • Motor Total length: 98
  • Diagonal assembly hole distance: 28.8
  • Long assembly hole distance: None
  • Assembly hole size: M4
  • Assembly fix hole: 2
  • Radiator fan: Yes

Motor performance parameter.png

Working Area Dimension

The head travel dimensions of the 2418 CNC engraving machine is as follow:

X: 24cm Y: 18cm Z:4.5cm

Model profile size 1.jpg

Wiring Diagram and Workflow Diagram


Workflow diagram.jpg

Assemble instruction

1. Pedestal assemble

a) Part list:

Part list 1a.jpg

b)Assemble: For the assembly of the pedestal, please refer to below image.

Assemble 1a.jpg

c) For the connection of the aluminum profile, please refer to below image.

Assemble 2a.jpg

d) Final effect: The assemble should be flat and smooth.

2. Y Axis assemble

a) Part list

Part list 2a.jpg

b) For the assembly of the slide rod, as shown in Figure 1.The separation distance between two slide rod should be 160mm.

Assemble 3.jpg

e) For the assemble of the table board, please refer to Figure 2.

f) Final effect: the separation distance between two slide rod could be adjusted a little according to actual situation, as long as ensure the smooth of the assembly.

Assemble 4a.jpg

Note:If the table board can not move smoothly, it's may a misalignment between the rods or with the lead screw. Just make sure they are parallel, and also check the parallelism of the support pedestal of slide rod. You could slightly unscrew one of rod supports so it can move freely from side to side and make the table board move from back to front then tight it back. This method also applies to the adjustment of the x-axis, moreover, please refer to the follow video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe7-7Bba-BI

3. Y axis motor and lead screw assmbly

a) Part list

Part list 3a.jpg

b) Motor assembly instruction: please install the coupling to the motor, and fix by fastening screw. Then mount the motor on the assembly board, finally install the motor to the Aluminum profile.

c) The assembly instruction of the lead screw.

Assemble 5b.jpg

d) Assemble the lead screw with the coupling.

Assemble 6b.jpg

Assemble 6a-1.jpg

e) Please refer to final effect as below.

Assemble 7a.jpg

4. Portal frame assemble

a) Part list:

Part list 4a.jpg

b) Final effect: for the assembly of portal frame, please refer to right image.

Assemble 8a.jpg

5. X axis assemble

a) Part list:

Part list 5a.jpg

b) Install the assembly parts of XZ axis. Please refer to right image. Align the edge of slide rod supporting pedestal with top side of aluminum profile, and the separation distance of two slide rod should be 68mm.

Assemble 9b.jpg

c) For the assembly of X axis lead screw, please refer to below image.

Assemble 10b.jpg

d) Please refer to final effect as below view.

Assemble 10a-1.jpg

6. Assemble the gantry to the pedestal

a) Part

Part list 6a.jpg

b) Please refer to below image.

Note: Keep 48mm from the edge of pedestal to the edge of gantry.

Assemble 11a.jpg

c) Assemble support.

How to use

  • 1. Open the Device Manager to view the CNC port number: My computer assign is COM3.

Cnc 1.jpg

  • 2.Open the control software grbl Control, click the "Service -> Settings" to set: "COM3, 115200" and then click OK:

How to use mini CNC-2.png

How to use mini CNC-3.png

Console print out the message indicate that the "CNC" is connected successfully.

How to use mini CNC-4.png

  • 3.Test whether the X, Y, Z axis movement is normal or not by clicking the control panel on the right side.

Note: (1) Please don’t set the “step” too high, otherwise it will be over travel.

(2) Please run the program in the machine without engraving knife to get familiar with the operation procedures before installing it. Don’t install the engraving knife at first.

The engraving knife installation will be explained in following instruction.

How to use mini CNC-5.png

  • 4. Open one engraving file for test, and place an acrylic plate on the CNC platform for engraving, which should be fixed well.

How to use mini CNC-6.png

How to use mini CNC-7.png

  • 5.Move X, Y axis to set the original coordinates point by control panel (Z-axis does not move at present) , click the control panel on the right side , set the X, Y axis as zero:

Click “Zero XY” to set the X, Y axis to be zero.

How to use mini CNC-8.png

How to use mini CNC-9.png

  • 6.Start the Spindle of motor, adjust Z axis down, the Step value could be a little higher at the moment. When the engraving knife is going to touch the engraving object, must decrease “step” (Step≤ 0.1), when engraving knife just touch the object surface, set Z axis to be 0.

Note: The Spindle must be started before the knife down, otherwise the engraving knife is easily to be broken.

Click Spindle button, the motor start to turn.

How to use mini CNC-10.png

How to use mini CNC-11.png

At the moment just touch the surface of acrylic, Stop the knife.

How to use mini CNC-12.png

Click “Zero Z” to set the Z axis to be 0.

How to use mini CNC-13.png

  • 7.The work about knife is almost finished.

Next, click “send” button, start the engraving.

How to use mini CNC-14.png

How to use mini CNC-15.png

The engraving is finished.

How to use mini CNC-16.png

The effect after color is added.

How to use mini CNC-17.png

Package List

Standard Package List

Part list 8.jpg

Part list 9.jpg

Alternative Additional Item

Laser Head (1).jpg

Laser Head (5).jpg

Example Project

samples and guidelines



Assemble Video

Installation tutorial & Working

DIY CNC 3 Axis Engraver Machine installation tutorial

DIY CNC 3 Axis Engraver Machine Working


schematic 1.pdf

schematic 2.pdf


Sours: https://www.linksprite.com/wiki/index.php?title=DIY_CNC_3_Axis_2418_Engraver_Machine_PCB_Milling_Wood_Carving_Router_Kit_Arduino_Grbl

IndiaMART >CNC Machines & Lathe Machine >Mini CNC Machine

Product Specification

Brand Elecmake
Model Name/Number 2418 CNC
Material Aluminium Alloy
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Controller GRBL control.
Frame Size Approx. 330 x 340 x 240mm/12.99 x 13.39 x 9.45''.
Working Area 240 x 180 x 40mm/9.45 x 7.08 x 1.57'

Product Description

Specifications: Color: Silver. Material: Aluminum Alloy. Frame Size: Approx. 330 x 340 x 240mm/12.99 x 13.39 x 9.45''. Working Area: Approx. 240 x 180 x 40mm/9.45 x 7.08 x 1.57''. Control Software: GRBL control. Spindle: 775 spindle motor(12-36V), 24V: 7000r/min, 36V: 9000r/min. Step Motor: 1.3A 0.25N.m. Power Supply: 24V 5.6A. Supported System: Windows XP/ Win 7/ Win 8/ Win 10/ Linux. Drill Bits Diameter: 3.175mm. Drill Bits Length: 30mm. Drill bits tip:0.1mm. 

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Company Details

About the Company

Year of Establishment1978

Legal Status of FirmIndividual - Proprietor

Nature of BusinessManufacturer

Number of Employees11 to 25 People

Annual TurnoverRs. 5 - 10 Crore

IndiaMART Member SinceNov 2013


Incepted in the year 1978, Bombay Electronics is a trusted organization involved in manufacturing, importing and trading of 3D Printer, 3D Printer Accessory, Stepper Motor and much more. We offer these products at most reasonable rates. All our products are manufactured by a team of artistic professionals keeping in mind the requirements and preferences of customers. To meet the various requirements of customers, we provide our complete product-line in numerous sizes and modified form. The products we provide to the customers are highly valued and accepted for their flawless finishing, elegant patterns and beautiful designs. Along with this, the products offered by us are highly recognized in the industry for its durable nature.

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Sours: https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/3-axis-2418-mini-diy-cnc-machine-cnc-engraver-pcb-pvc-milling-machine-unassembled-22255085848.html
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How to get a 2418 CNC mill moving

The 2418 CNC Mill is a small machine for cutting/carving detailed shapes in plastic and wood.


I spent a few hours taking great care to assemble it so that everything was lined up and square (see assembly instructions in a previous post). And as I did my eagerness to see and hear it come alive grew. But after I powered it up and plugged in the USB cable I discovered I’d have to wait. It’s taken me just as long to figure out how to get it running, as it did to assemble!

A lot of the documentation I found is great, if you’ve done a computer science degree. Hopefully these notes can save others some time.

Workflow for making a milled part

Firstly, a note on a general workflow in relation to the 2418 Mill:

  1. Refine idea and general form, layout, scale using paper, pens, rough prototyping.
  2. Detailed design and 3D modelling using CAD software (eg Fusion 360).
  3. Generate tool paths for milling using CAM software (eg Fusion 360), and export G-Code file to send to the milling machine. Note that some 3D modelling software may only export STL files, in which case (for the 2418 mill at least) you need another step to convert STL to G-Code.
  4. Send g-code file to the milling machine using G-Code Sender software (eg ChiliPeppr).
  5. Show milled part to friends.

This post deals with how to setup to be able to do step 4.


  • The 2418 CNC Mill I have came with a Woodpecker 3.0 Grbl (this is printed on the board) circuitboard that includes:
    • an ATMega 328P micro-controller (the same that drives many Arduinos), and
    • a CH340G chip (a USB to Serial converter, which is like an adaptor between different ways to send/receive data). This chip requires a driver that you may need to install on your computer.
  • I’m using an iMac with High Sierra 10.13.4

Here’s a schematic that indicates the main components, and what I was trying to achieve.


  • Web-based G-Code Sender: This is the user interface, that allows you to communicate with the micro-controller – to tell it how to move the motors and cut your part. Various interfaces are available that allow either visual, or direct coding in G-Code (a programming language). Some are web-based, and these require something called a ‘Serial Port JSON Server’ to be installed and running on your computer. The JSON Server lets websites communicate (ie send G-code) directly with the machine machine (via USB cable).
  • Grbl is software that’s pre-loaded (in this case) on the micro-controller. It converts G-code instructions into motor movements that do the milling.

Installing the CH340G chip driver

If you don’t have this driver installed your computer won’t recognise/see the mill’s circuitboard, and you won’t be able to communicate with it. Steps to install:

  1. Download here www.wch.cn/download/CH341SER_MAC_ZIP.html
  2. Unzip
  3. Open CH34x_Install_V1.4.pkg and follow prompts to install and restart your computer.
  4. Important: During the installation you’ll get a security/privacy alert. You need to allow/accept.
  5. Important: Despite point 4 above I also needed to go into System Preferences/Security & Privacy, to the General tab, and ‘accept’ again.

Installing and Running Serial Port JSON Server

If using a web-based graphical user interface (GUI), such as ChiliPeppr, to send G-Code files to your mill, you need to run another little program, on your computer, in the background called a Serial Port JSON Server. This lets the web-based application communicate with the milling machine’s circuitboard (or an Arduino). Steps to get this working:

  1. Connect your computer to the mill using your usb cable.
  2. Download Serial Port JSON Server
  3. Unzip the file. I put the folder it contained (called serial-port-json-server-1.94_macosx in my case) in the Applications folder on my Mac.
  4. Open the Terminal application (find it in /Applications/Utilities folder on Mac. If you remember MSDOS, it’s a bit like that).
  5. In the Terminal window, change to the directory where you serial-port-json-server.exec file is. In my case I’d type “cd /Applications/serial-port-json-server-1.94_macosx/
  6. Execute the JSON program by typing “./serial-port-json-server“. (Note you can execute directly from Finder but doing so didn’t run the program in the same way, and it didn’t work).
  7. You should see something like this (…usbserial…) in the Terminal window:
{/dev/tty.wchusbserial1410 tty.wchusbserial1410 [] }

Let it run in the background while you continue.

Open your G-Code sender

Now open whatever application you want to use to send your G-Code file to the mill. There are plenty of applications available. Here’s an extensive list of G-Code senders. I’m going to try a web-based one called Chilipeppr.

With the computer and mill connected via USB cable, select the relevant serial port in your G-Code sender.


Lastly, make sure the baby is not asleep in the next room. The machine is pretty loud.


Like this:



Sours: https://roundbananas.com/2018/05/07/how-to-get-a-2418-cnc-mill-moving/
3018/2418 cnc laser engraving machine assembly video

How to assemble a 2418 CNC mill

A CNC mill is a pretty handy tool for rapid prototyping, as well final production of parts. I was recently gifted (very generously!) a 2418 CNC Mill. Woohoo! It’s a small DIY machine for cutting/carving detailed shapes in plastic and wood.

It took a few hours to assemble. I found I needed to refer to several sets of instructions to put it together. So I’ve tried to make a more comprehensive, one-stop instruction set in this post.

The goal

Overall dimensions of the frame are 340 x 330 x 230mm – width x depth x height.


In the box


Parts list


Part list 8.jpg
Part list 9.jpg

Tools needed

  • Allen keys (supplied). I recommend a ball-end allen key, which makes it easier.
  • Square
  • Ruler
  • Tape measure
  • Metal file
  • Paintbrush to brush off aluminium shavings left on some parts.



  1. Put on some good ‘flow’ tunes. My recommendation is Lost Shapes by Waveshaper.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 10.29.14 pm.png


  2. File the rough edges off the brackets.Carl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-4.jpg
  3. Assemble base.Carl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-5aCarl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-5b
  4. Assemble the vertical frame (‘portal frame’).Carl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-6a


  5. Attach portal frame to base frame.


  6. Assemble the table.


  7. Install y-axis screw and motor.


  8. Install the oblique supports.


  9. Install Z/X axis.Carl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-11aCarl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-11bCarl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-11cCarl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-11d

    Align the top support pedestals to be flush with the top of the portal frame (use a square). Tighten the grub screws on the top rod. Align the bottom pedestals to be 26mm from the top ones and tighten. Tighten grub screws on bottom rod. Check the ZX assembly slides smoothly from one end to the other. When it’s good tighten up all the bolts and check again.

    Install the stepper and idler bearing, ensuring everything is aligned.

  10. Install the circuitboard, motor and wiring.


  11. That’s it!Carl-Turner-2418-Mill-Assembly-0 

Like this:



Sours: https://roundbananas.com/2018/05/06/how-to-assemble-a-2418-cnc-mill/

Cnc 2418

Drillpro 3 Axis DIY CNC 2418 CNC Router PCB Milling Carving Engraving Machine

Materials:aluminum + plastic
Working Range:240*180*40mm
Frame Size:330*340*240mm
Shaft:775 Spindle Motor
Chuck Shaft:Normal
Stepper Motor:1.3A 0.25Nm
Power Source:24V 5.6A

Software:GRBL Controller 
Supported System:Windows XP / Win 7 / Win 8 /Linux
-Plastic body with a profile, small size, light weight, USB interface, GRBL control systems.
-Learn to use the preferred input,or through the inscription, and can be carved with lasers.
-Some major components and components were assembled.
-Simply assembled by hand according to the installation instructions.
-Can be engraved plastic, wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb, wood or as material.
Note:Due to the manual measurement,there might be some error.
Package Included
all machine parts + free 2 pcs pcb cutter


Sours: https://www.drillpro.company/Drillpro-3-Axis-DIY-CNC-2418-CNC-Router-PCB-Milling-Carving-Engraving-Machine-p-156.html
CNC 1610 / CNC 2418 / CNC 3018 Assembly Instructions as well as User manual

Off-the-shelf (support mixed batch), including software tutorial CD. This series of DIY machines are all shipped in pieces, need to be assembled by themselves, must have certain hands-on ability and patience, we provide Install tutorials and study materials, please do not shoot if you have poor hands-on skills. DIY machine returns should not be returned after installation. Note: Small CNC laser engraving machine, suitable for personal DIY, personal customization or play by yourself, requires less laser engraving, please do not take the industrial grade engraving machine to compare with our engraving machine, after all, the price is here. Therefore, please locate well before purchase, we do not accept unsatisfactory returns for industrial manufacturing use! ! Please consider before ordering, thank you! ! Gifted by CNC 2418: 30 degree knife + 10, ER11 kit x 1, mini plate clamp x 4 Specification: Profile dimensions: 2418: 340x330x240mm (without motor extension) 2418: 240x180x45mm Screw: professional T8 screw, lead 4mm, double copper nut eliminates the difference Step stepping motor: new 42 stepping motor. reliable quality Voltage: 12V, phase current 1.3A, phase resistance 2.1 ohm, torque 0.3Nm Spindle: 775 spindle motor (12-36V) 24V: 10000 rpm Laser head: none Power: 24V 5A power adapter (input voltage 110-240V), simple and convenient Countertop: 2418: 250x180mm Rack: 2020 profiles Black color part of the material: Injection Control software: GrblControl Design software: all CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software can be System requirements: windows XP SP3, win7, win8, win10. (32/64 is OK) Interface: USB Barang belum dirakit ya gan, tapi tersedia petunjuk instalasi dan CD software. Selama tertampil di etalase, barang ini ready

Sours: https://shopee.co.id/CNC-Router-2418-Mini-Mesin-PCB-Milling-240*180*45-mm-with-Spindle-ER11-i.100172996.2218430423

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