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Lu Xiaofeng

Lu Xiaofeng
Created byGu Long
Nicknames"Four Eyebrows"

In this Chinese name, the family name is Lu.

Lu Xiaofeng is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel series Lu Xiaofeng Series by Gu Long.

Character description[edit]

Lu Xiaofeng is described as a charming, good-looking man sporting a moustache that resembles his eyebrows, making him seem like he has four eyebrows. Although he is known throughout the jianghu (martial artists' community) for being an alcoholic, flirt and regular patron of brothels, his unsavoury reputation is a disguise for his true personality. He is not only well-versed in martial arts, but also highly intelligent, witty and observant. These traits have helped him escape from danger and turn the tables on his enemies unexpectedly when he is apparently on the losing end. Besides, Lu Xiaofeng values friendship and often risks his life to help his friends when necessary.

Lu Xiaofeng is best known for his signature skill, the Lingxi Finger (靈犀一指; língxī yīzhǐ), which allows him to catch and hold items, including sharp blades, between his fingers. He does not favour any particular weapon and often relies only on his bare hands to fight enemies, even when he is outnumbered. He is extremely powerful in qinggong.

Lu Xiaofeng's close friends include: Huā Mǎnlóu (花滿樓), a blind but highly observant martial artist who prefers to resolve problems without resorting to violence; Sīkōng Zhāixīng (司空摘星), a qinggong expert who specialises in thieving and the art of disguise; Xīmén Chuīxuě (西門吹雪), a powerful swordsman who appears as a cold-blooded and ruthless killer; and Zhū Tíng (朱亭), a master craftsman; Lǎoshí Héshàng (老實和尚; 'Truthful Monk'), an honest monk whom Lu Xiaofeng seeks advice from; Guīsūn Dàyé (龜孫大爺; 'Tortoise Master'), a mysterious hermit who provides Lu Xiaofeng information in exchange for money.


  • Lù Xiǎofèng Chuánqí
  • Xìuhuā Dàdào
  • Juézhàn Qiánhòu
  • Yíngōu Dǔfāng
  • Yōulíng Shānzhuāng
  • Fèngwǔ Jǐutiān
  • Jiànshén Yīxiào

AuthorGu Long
GenreWuxia, adventure, mystery
Media typePrint

Lù Xiǎofèng Chuánqí (陸小鳳傳奇; 'The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng')

A mysterious martial arts sect, Qīngyīlóu (青衣樓), has recently emerged in the jianghu (martial artists' community) and has been causing much trouble. Out of curiosity, Lu Xiaofeng investigates and meets Princess Fèngdān (鳳丹公主) of the Great Golden Peng Kingdom (大金鵬國) in the Western Regions. The princess seeks his help on behalf of her father, the king, who is seeking vengeance on three traitors. The three traitors have changed their identities and are currently among the wealthiest and most powerful martial artists in the jianghu. Lu Xiaofeng is aware that he cannot complete the mission alone so he approaches Hua Manlou and Ximen Chuixue for help. After Lu Xiaofeng defeats the three traitors, the case is not over yet as Hua Manlou and Princess Fengdan have gone missing. Lu Xiaofeng also discovers that the king is actually an imposter. On the brink of imminent danger, Lu Xiaofeng manages to reverse the odds in an unexpected way and succeeds in solving the mystery.

Xìuhuā Dàdào (繡花大盜; 'The Embroidery Bandit')

A mysterious brigand known as the "Embroidery Bandit" is suspected of having robbed a security company of a large sum of gold and having broken into a prince's residence. The authorities send the constable Jīn Jiǔlíng (金九齡) to investigate the case and arrest the bandit. Jin Jiuling seeks Lu Xiaofeng's help to solve the case within eight days. With help from Sikong Zhaixing, Xuē Bīng (薛冰) and the "Serpent King" (蛇王), Lu Xiaofeng manages to lure the bandit into a trap and make him reveal his true identity: Jin Jiuling. Lu Xiaofeng defeats him and recovers the stolen items.

Juézhàn Qiánhòu (決戰前後; 'Before and After the Duel')

Ximen Chuixue and Yè Gūchéng (葉孤城), the two most powerful swordsmen in the jianghu, have arranged for a duel to the death at the rooftop of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the imperial palace on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. As news of the event spread like wildfire throughout the jianghu, many martial artists gather in the capital to watch the duel and bet on the outcome. Before the duel, however, Ximen Chuixue disappears mysteriously and Ye Gucheng is wounded. At the same time, two of Lu Xiaofeng's acquaintances, Lǐ Yànběi (李雁北) and Guisun Daye, are murdered, while Lu Xiaofeng's romantic interest, Oūyáng Qíng (歐陽情), is poisoned. Lu Xiaofeng has no clue to what is going on, and he suspects that the duel is meant to be a distraction for something. After investigating, Lu Xiaofeng discovers that Ye Gucheng is the mastermind behind a plot to assassinate the emperor and tries to stop him. The duel between the two swordsmen still proceeds as planned, and concludes with Ximen Chuixue defeating and slaying Ye Gucheng.

Yíngōu Dǔfāng (銀鉤賭坊; 'The Silver Hook Gambling House')

The son of the Demonic Cult's (魔教; mójiào) leader has been murdered. Lánhúzǐ (藍鬍子; 'Bluebeard'), the owner of the Silver Hook Gambling House, initially accuses Lu Xiaofeng of committing the murder. However, he promises to help Lu Xiaofeng prove his innocence if Lu Xiaofeng agrees to help him find the Demonic Cult's lost sacred artefact. Lu Xiaofeng finds the artefact but discovers that it is fake; the real one is actually with Lanhuzi. It turns out that Lanhuzi has been plotting to seize control of the cult's leadership and he has framed Lu Xiaofeng for the murder in order to divert the cult's attention away from himself. Lu Xiaofeng defeats Lanhuzi, exposes the plot, and returns the artefact to its rightful owner.

Yōulíng Shānzhuāng (幽靈山莊; 'Phantom Manor')

Lu Xiaofeng had apparently molested Ximen Chuixue's wife and incurred the wrath of the swordsman, who has been trying to hunt him down and kill him. He takes shelter in the sinister Phantom Manor owned by Lǎodāo Bàzǐ (老刀把子), who is planning to eliminate four rivals and obtain a book containing some secrets of the jianghu. The book is hidden in the hat of the Wudang Sect's leader. Lu Xiaofeng foils Laodao Bazi's plan and exposes his true identity as an elder of the Wudang Sect plotting to seize the leadership position. It turns out that Lu Xiaofeng and Ximen Chuixue had caught wind of the plot earlier and had staged the incident to trick Laodao Bazi and allow Lu Xiaofeng to infiltrate the manor.

Fèngwǔ Jǐutiān (鳳舞九天; 'The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens')

A large amount of gold belonging to a prince has been robbed during its delivery and the 109 escorts have gone missing. Lu Xiaofeng is roaming the land freely when his help is much needed. He secretly follows two disguised martial artists on board a ship and ends up on an island, which is home to a group of powerful martial artists led by one Gōng Jiǔ (宮九). The missing escorts are held captive there. Lu Xiaofeng also meets a mysterious maiden, Shā Màn (沙曼), and falls in love with her. After Lu Xiaofeng escapes with Sha Man from the island, Gong Jiu spreads rumours in the jianghu and accuses Lu Xiaofeng of committing the robbery. Lu Xiaofeng enlists Ximen Chuixue's help to clear his name and eventually discover that Gong Jiu is the true mastermind behind the robbery. Lu Xiaofeng then confronts Gong Jiu and defeats him by using the skill "The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens".

Jiànshén Yīxiào (劍神一笑; 'Laughter of the Sword God')

Ximen Chuixue seeks Lu Xiaofeng's help in tracking down a swordsman, Liǔ Chéngfēng (柳乘風). Lu Xiaofeng travels to a town near the desert, where he discovers Liu Chengfeng's dead body. He soon realises that the town is full of lurking dangers, and also traces clues from Liu Chengfeng's death to a former imperial consort, Gōng Sùsù (宮素素). After exploring the area, he locates a hidden treasure in the desert. The villains in the town have secretly followed him there and they attack him. Lu Xiaofeng is apparently stabbed and killed. Just then, Ximen Chuixue shows up and reveals that Lu Xiaofeng is still alive, and they have set a trap for the villains, whom they team up to defeat and kill. At the end of the story, for the first time ever, the seemingly cold and unfeeling Ximen Chuixue bursts into laughter.



YearProductionMain castAdditional information
1978Shaw Brothers Studio
(Hong Kong)
Tony Liu, Ching Li, Ling Yun, Elliot Ngok, Shih SzuSee Clan of Amazons[1]
1980Datsun International Film Company
Meng Fei, Ling Yun, Shih FengSee Legend of Lu Xiao Fong[2]
1981Tung Tai Film Company
Barry Chan, Ling Yun, Nora MiaoSee The Last Duel (1981 film)[3]
Shaw Brothers Studio
(Hong Kong)
Tony Liu, Elliot Ngok, Jason Pai, Linda Chu, Helen Poon, Sun Chien, Lung Tin-sangSee The Duel of the Century[4]
TaiwanMeng Fei, Shih Feng, Yang Chun-chunSee Take the Rap[5]
1996My Way Film Company
Meng Fei, Anthony Wong, Yang Chun-chunSee Feng Wu Jiu Tian[6]
2000Hong KongAndy Lau, Ekin Cheng, Nick Cheung, Kristy Yang, Zhao Wei, Patrick TamSee The Duel (film)[7]


YearProductionMain castAdditional information
1976TVB (Hong Kong)Damian Lau, Wong Wan-choi, Wong Yuen-sun, Adam Cheng, Wong Hang-sau, Kwan Hoi-sanSee Luk Siu-fung (1976 TV series)
1986Alex Man, Wong Wan-choi, Austin Wai, Rebecca Chan, King Doi-yum, Lau KongSee The Return of Luk Siu-fung
2000China, Taiwan, SingaporeJimmy Lin, Christopher Lee, Max Mok, Kristy Yang, Thomas Ong, Qi Yuwu, Tao Hong, Wu Hsing-kuoSee Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng
2001Eric Suen, Christopher Lee, Gigi Lai, Rayson Tan, Ma Yong, Yvonne Lim, Mark Cheng, Yu RongguangSee Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2
2006China (CCTV)Julian Cheung, Ken Chang, Cheung Tat-ming, Peter Ho, Yan Kuan, Fann Wong, Cecilia Liu, Cynthia Khan, Wong Jat-feiSee The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng (TV series)
2014ChinaRaymond Lam, Kent Cheng, Lemon Zhang, Zhang Xiaolong, Lan Xi, Nikita Mao, Zong Fengyan, Leanne Liu, Tan Junyan, Cai Juntao, Zeng Zeng, Jojo ChenSee Detectives and Doctors


Luk Siu-fung (陸小鳳) is also the title of the theme song of Part 1 of the 1976 Hong Kong television series. It was composed by Joseph Koo, lyrics provided by Wong Jim, and sung by Adam Cheng in Cantonese.


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Lu Xiaofeng Legends : Jinpeng dynasty(Chinese Edition)


The book is the first of ""Legend of Luk Siu Fung"" by Gulong. Jing Peng King asked Luk Siu Fung to kill three traitors who are now becoming the most powerful, rich and highest martial level for revenge. In order to accomplish the mission impossible,Luk Siu Fung has to ask his friends Hua Man Lou and Sword King Ximen Chui Xue for help. On the way for assasinatio, there are many killing accidents...In the series of Legend of Luk Siu Fung, Gu Long created the famous known character whose name is Luk Siu Fung with four eye brows. He will be always getting into the weirdest accident. But by his smart brain and ""ling xi one Finger"" for his excellent martial art. He weill always solve the problems and turns dangers into safe. Besides, Ximen Chui Xue and Ye Gucheng, Mudao Ren, Madam Gongsun, Old Shi Monk and other series of characteristic persons will one by one get into peoples sight. With the continuous edition into movie and TV series, internet games and even other literary works inspiration, it becomes more and more entertaining and into the cultural life, becoming the important part for composition of Chinese Spiritual world.

"About this title" may belong to another edition of this title.

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The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng (TV series)

The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng is a 2007 Chinese television series adapted from the wuxia novel series Lu Xiaofeng Series by Gu Long, starring Hong Kong actor-singer Julian Cheung as the titular protagonist. It was first broadcast on CCTV-6.

List of episodes[edit]

Further information: Lu Xiaofeng § Novels

The 20 episodes long television series is divided into ten different stories: seven are adapted from the novels by Gu Long while the other three (marked with asterisks) are original creations by the screenwriters. Each story spans two episodes.

  1. Lu Xiaofeng - The Prequel (陆小凤前传)*
  2. The Embroidery Bandit (绣花大盗)
  3. Before and After the Duel (决战前后)
  4. The Silver Hook Gambling House (银钩赌坊)
  5. Phantoms' Mountain Manor (幽灵山庄)
  6. The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens (凤舞九天)
  7. Laughter of the God of Sword (剑神一笑)
  8. Legend of the Iron Shoe (铁鞋传奇)*
  9. The Kingdom of the Golden Bird (大金鹏王)
  10. Mystery of the Blood Garment (血衣之谜)*


  • Julian Cheung as Lu Xiaofeng
  • Ken Chang as Hua Manlou
  • Cheung Tat-ming as Sikong Zhaixing
  • Peter Ho as Ximen Chuixue
  • Yan Kuan as Ye Gucheng
  • Fann Wong as Sha Man
  • Cecilia Liu as Sun Xiuqing
  • Wong Yat-fei as Tortoise Master
  • Cynthia Khan as Wuyan
  • Wu Yanye as Jin Jiuling
  • Hugo Ng as Jiang Chongwei
  • Lam Chung as Taoist Mu / Laodao Bazi
  • Li Mei as Ye Xue
  • Zhu Hong as Xue Bing
  • Wu Jiani as Shangguan Danfeng / Shangguan Feiyan
  • Bai Yan'an as Gong Susu
  • Lin Han as Xia'er
  • He Dandan as Ouyang Qing
  • Li Qian as Niuroutang
  • He Zhifeng
  • Xu Jiaying
  • Wu Yijiang
  • Xu Shuhui
  • Feng Hui
  • Li Xiong

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The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng 2006 Episode 1 \u0026 2

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