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IGN's Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 complete strategy guide and walkthrough will lead you through every step of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 from the title screen to the final credits, including every collectible location, boss strategy and more.

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Get away once again with this third game in the DOA Xtreme game series, where the girls from the Dead or Alive fighting franchise take a break and hit the beach for volleyball, modeling, and other bikini-clad, fun-in-the-sun activities.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune


This is my first attempt at a guide ever, so it will probably be a little all over the place as I'm not sure what all to include. I've played all of the DOA: Xtreme games and have been playing the third entry pretty much non-stop since it arrived. I haven't seen any information online with a lot of questions I've figured out so I though to include some tips I have. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Mini-games


Volleyball is by far the most lucrative mini-game you can play in Girl Mode (the primary mode you'll spend most of your time playing) and in my personal opinion the most fun to play. The controls are pretty simple, but it can be challenging to consistently win (especially late in your vacation against opponents with a Hard motivation (which is what the game calls the rating it gives to the girls before you start a game mode, higher the motivation more money you make for the game and harder it is to win).

To win you have to be the first reach 7, unless you tie at 6-6 (Deuce) than you have to win by 2 or at 10 points, whichever occurs first.


Movement: Left Analog or D-Pad (I recommend the analog for moving your girl and the d-pad to finesse your shots)

Partner Movement: Right Analog (You can move left/right to position your partner back/front of the net, and up/down to choose left/right of side of net. This becomes an especially important skill I'll point out further below)

Spike/Return/Serve/Block: X button (The X button is how you serve when your girl's turn to serve is up, there are three types i'll explain below. Unless you're in the spike animation where your character leaps into the air, the X returns the ball to the other side. When you're in the spike animation leaping into the air, X spikes the ball. On Defense, X button goes up for a block which can stop spikes attempts.

Receive/Punch: O button (The circle button receives a shot and passes it to your teammate. If it's the first hit, she'll pass it back to you as a spike. If your hitting it second, it sets your partner up for a spike. Finally, if you are in the spike position, O punches the ball lightly to the other side ignoring blocks.

Quick Set: Square button (The square button when receiving the ball first immediately sends your partner for a spike.)

Serve Types

Leaping Overhand Serve: UP + X button (This is the hardest hitting serve where your girl leaps into the air, and spikes the ball over to the other side. It is the hardest to hit in the sweet spot (see below) and the easiest to hit into the net if timed wrong. However, this is hands down the best serve to use.)

Overhand Serve: X button (Like the leaping overhand, this sends the ball over a little quicker but has an easier sweet spot and is less likely to hit into the net if you mess up the timing, but it can hit the net still. To be honest, I never use this serve)

Underhand Serve: Down + X button (The underhand serve is impossible to mess up. It will always make it to the other side. I never use it.)

Sweet Spot/Bonus Points

There are certain times you hit the ball or perform a feat that results in bonus points. The first are from the sweet spots from serving/spiking. Whenever you go for a leaping overhand/overhand serve or a spike, if you time the button press just right it hits a lot harder. (With spikes this makes it very difficult for the opponent to block). When you perform this sweet spot, you also get 10000 extra cash for every time you do so at the end of the match. (A few notes though. First, you have to win the match to get the bonus cash. Second, you have to play Volleyball and perform a certain number of sweet spots with each girl before she starts receiving them. **UPDATED** It seems like you may have to do this at the beginning of each new vacation.) Now, if you miss this sweet spot by waiting too long this is when you are most likely to hit the net with your serve or spike. It's definitely worth learning the timing to perform them though. A few tips though, first, each girl seems to have slightly different timing. I often feel like my timing is off when I switch girls until I play a couple matches with them. Second, the timing is always right at the height of your leap, you can practice watching your girl rather than the ball to get the timing down.

The other types of bonus points are from successful blocks and knocking an opponent down. Whenever you manage to block a spike and it falls back to the opponents side, you get 10000 bonus cash. If you spike a shot into an opponent and she falls over, this gets you 5000 points. (It's also hilarious.) This means you can get a perfect spike for 10000 and knock a girl down for 5000, though the latter really depends on the opponent and the difficulty setting.

Finessing Shots

Every time you hit the ball (with the exception of the first receive from an opponent) you can finesse the ball with the analog/d-pad (I prefer d-pad to get it exactly the way I want it). The most common uses for this is changing the direction of your serve/spike/punch to the left/right/short/long away from your opponent or left/right when setting your opponent to have her spike on the edges of the net (which makes it extremely hard to stop for the opponent).

Telling your partner to quick attack

Whenever you hit the square button (which is what you use to quick set your partner) just before your partner hits the ball, she will quick set you instead. This is an invaluable skill to get down.


Okay to win at volleyball there is a general strategy I use with a few adjustments I make as the match goes. Note: the game says every girl has different characteristics in volleyball but there is no where in the game to see this information, so I don't base how I play off it. I can say that playing hundreds of matches that certain girls seem better at certain tasks (blocking, setting you, spiking, so on). If you notice your partner good at something, it's not a bad idea to try to exploit that (and i'll point out how you can below), but this strategy doesn't matter who you are playing or who your partner is. It's broken down by whether you are serving, your opponent is, or your partner is serving.

To finesse, press the direction you want it to go the same time you hit the button to hit the ball (i.e. to set your opponent left, hit Left + the square button as you set her). To finesse a serve, hit the button to start the serve, than the direction and the button again to serve (i.e. to aim a leaping over hand left, hit UP + X to start, than hold Left and hit X to hit the ball.).

You Serving

Okay, when you serve you always want to use a leaping overhand serve (up + X) and aim upper left (by pressing LEFT and UP on the DPAD after you start your serve with Up +X) or DOWN and RIGHT. This sends the shot directly to the girl on the left or right depending on which of your opponents seems to be playing the worst (or if your opponents have two different difficulties like Normal/Hard. Now, after your serve, your girl should stand pretty much parallel to your partner (this is the default double back position, memorize what it looks like, you often go back to it). This gives you the best chance of receiving the opponent's return which will be one of two ways nearly always (I say nearly because sometimes they mess up and just return a lob). They will do a 3 hit spike (1 receive, 2nd set, 3rd spike) or a 2 hit quick spike. Regardless, right after the opponent spikes, once the ball is near one of you (you or your partner, doesn't matter who) hit square button to quick set. Either you will quick set your partner, or your partner will quick set you. If it's you, be ready to get a perfect spike. Quick set spikes have less time to react, so it takes some practice, but quick setting is the key to winning. The reason is the opponent is WAY out of position when you quick set. One of them is up front, the other is in back. If you aim left or right (or hope your partner does) you are likely to get an easy point. I've won perfect 7-0 games where I started serving with 7 quick sets in short order (though it won't usually be that easy).

Now, let me explain what to do when things go wrong. First off, the most common, is the opponent manages to receive it. As you get to harder opponents, they will return impossible spikes more than you'd like and you just have to stay calm and reset to receive. This means getting back to the parallel default back position. To do so, you either have to move yourself or your partner back. Always do this, typically do not try to block and do not try to let your partner block (there are exceptions to this i'll mention below, but as a rule, don't.) Once reset (hopefully before your opponent has returned), you just rinse repeat hitting square the moment the ball is near one of you to quick set (you will almost always quick set in any situation, i'll point out below when you won't). Keep just pounding the ball in there until your opponents miss one.

Finally, your opponent may attempt a block. Now, your partner will do whatever she pleases (sometimes punching it over, sometimes knocking the other girl over with a spike, or sometimes giving up a point) but if you're spiking, you always want to punch it (O button) and hold down as you do (to punch it short). This will always avoid the block and usually the ball will drop in for a free point. Do not try to spike it thru the block. You have to get a perfect spike to knock the girl over and if your opponent does a perfect block, it will still stop you. On hard difficulty, this will almost always be the outcome of trying to spike thru a block. Punch don't spike.

Opponent Serving

This should be pretty familiar, because you play it the same way you treat receiving after you serve. Keep you and your partner and default double back position and quick set spike to hopefully get an easy point. A few things to note though, your opponent has more time to reset since they are serving, so your first return may often be received. Get used to resetting, quick setting, and keep pounding it in there. As always, punch over blocks and finesse your shots away from the opponent.

Partner Serving

This is when you have to be most proactive in watching what your partner is doing and adjusting to her. Your partner decides what serve she starts with underhand, overhand, or leaping overhand (Now, noticing which she does is a way to adjust your strategy that i'll explain below). You have to adjust her because where she stands for the reset position differs. If she underhand serves she doesn't move forward at all, and this actually puts her too far away from the net. so you need to bump her forward slightly with right on the R stick to bring her even with you. If she overhands she should be pretty even with you and if she leaping overhands she will charge the net to block (which you don't want her to do), so hit left on the R stick to bring her back to the reset position. Now, there is another easier way to do this when she does a leaping overhand spike. When she starts her spike, move yourself forward a few feet. She'll stop moving forward since you're closer to the net and stop at the default position you want her at. You can than move yourself back or just stay there. (I actually often stay at that slightly off center position for receiving with myself slightly closer. I'm not saying you also have to do this though as it does seem to make you slightly more likely to hit a close spike, but a long spike can go really far overhead.

Now, once your partner is in position, you go forward same as usual, quick set, spike, reset, avoid blocks, aim, etc.

**UPDATE** Another thing you can decide by what your partner is doing is whether or not to quick set her after she serves. If she does an underhand or regular overhand, you might try to set yourself for that volley instead as she likely isn't spiking very hard. It can be hard to tell who a hard hit spike is coming too so try to create a little space between you and your partner so you can tell better. If it goes to her, square button as normal to quick set yourself, but if it's to you, hit O button to do a 3 set and take your partner out of the equation.

Misc. Strategy

Okay, so you should have a good start on how to win, but one thing about playing volleyball in this game is things don't always work out like you want. Your partner is useless, the opponent misses nothing, you seem to fall over every shot you receive. This is just some random things to keep an eye on and adjust to still pull out the win. First, your partner is finicky. Some games she'll be amazing, crushing all before her, drilling every quick spike, setting you perfectly. You'll adore her, you'll buy her a new swimsuit, you'll go play butt battle to bond after this. Other games, she's useless and you curse her very existence. Here's things to keep in mind when she does the latter.

1. Sets you away from the net. Sometimes your partner seems to forget where the net is and sets you really really far away from it, and you go for a spike 10 feet from the net. This is an EXTREMELY difficult shot that you will nearly always hit into the net. Do not try it, punch it over, curse your partner and try again. Now, luckily quick setting usually stops this from happening too often.

2. Your partner can't seem to spike worth a darn and the opponent always receives it. One thing about using quick sets all the time, is your partner gets a lot of hits too. When she doesn't do anything with them, it makes it a lot harder to get points. What you can do to adjust is if you can tell the ball is coming to you, receive with O button and go for a 3 hit spike. This gives your opponent more time to reset, but hopefully you can put the ball somewhere they can't get to. Make sure to still quick set yourself if the ball is going towards your partner though.

Note: how well your partner and your opponents are playing can vary widely from point to point, so you may want to adjust for a point or two than go back to normal.

Now, sometimes your partner does very well or you've noticed something your partner is especially good at (like blocking). Here's a few things to watch for.

1. Your partner does a leaping overhand serve. Typically if your partner does a leaping overhand, she is pumped (same applies if your opponent does too) and will likely be ready to spike. Now, if you're quick setting like I've said, you may be setting her up already, but if you see the ball going to her, you might hit O button (or nothing) to start a 3 set, and set her up with a nice left/right + square button spike if seems really on her game.

2. Your partner seems to be good at blocking. Maybe you weren't paying attention while she was serving or you haven't been going back to the reset position, but you let your partner block and she stuffed the other girl bad. Well, maybe let her keep trying. It's pretty simple to do, every time after you send it back over to the other side, press right on R stick until she's next to the net. (If she just spiked, she'll already be there) Position yourself in the back position at the center of the net which gives you the best position receiving whatever gets past your partner. Now, if your partner is on, she might just shut them down, but blocking is really risky because if she doesn't block it, it may bounce off her and go wild right/left which is an easy point for your opponent.

3. Or maybe you want to block, same rule applies, put yourself on the net and your partner in back center. Now, the key to blocking is the timing and position. You basically have to be parallel to your opponent on the other side of the net that is going to spike, and you press X which starts the block, leaping you into the air, right as the 2nd set or 1st hit on a quick set from the setter leaves their hands. To help yourself get into position, watch who receives the ball first. If the other opponent immediately rushes the net, they are quick setting and you need to block immediately (this is the worst case scenario for a block) if she's passing, keep watching who first received it and keep moving to try to stay with her while checking to see if it the setter has sent it yet. The moment she does, press X to start your block. Good luck! If a block works it almost always results in a point, but it's still very risky.

Finally, one thing about this game is sometimes opponents can get freakishly good. (It often happens when you get on a streak of points, and the opponent just returns everything.) I've had games against two Hard opponents that I've crushed and lost to two normals opponents that I believe went on to win the Olympics. There's really nothing you can do about this to avoid it from happening. Just stay composed, go back to your reset position, and keep trying. I've also had some epic 40 hit volleys for a single point that where worth all the effort it took to get. So keep at it, and you'll be winning 99% of your games in no time.

Beach Flags

Are you good at rapid tapping? I hope you're good at rapid tapping, because that's all beach flags is. In this mini-game, you and your partner or another girl that was in the area on either Niki or Tranquil Beach can have a quick foot race to snatch a flag. It's good for a quick buck and generally easy to win against an easy or even normal opponent (A hard is freakishly tough to beat). There isn't much in the way for strategy for this one, you rapid tap X once GO! flashes on the screen (make sure not to jump the gun, it's an automatic DQ) and keep tapping till you get close enough to the flag to leap for it with O button. Now, timing the leap I recommend looking at your girl's shadow, when it just about touches the flag, you should be close enough to hit O for the leap. Now on normal and easy, you can win without the leap, but you get some extra cash for doing so. If you are going to attempt hard though, I recommend knowing the timing of the leap as it is likely the only way to win.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the new mini-games (and a pretty easy, relaxing one) where you scale a cliff face with pressing corresponding buttons as the pop on screen. Again, not really a strategy here, press the correct button, and if you press it soon enough after it appears, you get a little extra cash and than a final cash reward at the end. Initially, you only have to watch for the X, square, O, or triangle buttons, but later in the vacation, it adds in R1, L1 and two button presses. (i.e. X + O at the same time). If you are trying to complete one of the missions to complete a rock climb under a certain time, make sure to not press the wrong buttons as this adds a couple seconds to your time.

Now, Rock Climbing is pretty lucrative, netting over 100k late in the vacation, for only a minute's amount of effort.

Pool Hopping

Another DOAX staple, pool hopping is the mini-game race of you and another girl across foam blocks over a pool alternating colors and taps/holds to make your way across. Essentially, each block has a color and a distance, (right in front of you, 1 block away, gap between them, two blocks away) You press the corresponding button of the next spot you want to jump and tap if it's one block away and hold if it's two.) For example, the pool might look like this O XOX OX OX. You are on the first O, you'd hold X to leap to the next, than you could tap O to go to or or hold X to jump to the next one, than hold O to the next one, than you have to tap X (because a hold takes you into the water), than hold O again, than another tap. Now, a few things to do to win at pool hopping. First, always jump two if you can. Usually the pool will look something like this O XOX XOX O X O XOX XO XO O Though there will be squares and triangles too. You don't want to jump every block, you want to skip as many blocks as you can on by jumping two when on the front of a 3 block group (there is never more than three). Exaggerate your taps and holds, that controller may tell the difference, but I tap light as possible and hold until my person is ready to jump to the next thing. Its easy to DQ on pool hopping because of a hold that was supposed to be a tap. Next, you don't have to match the color, if you simply hold when you have to hold, you jump forward even if the color doesn't match. Now, I still match colors cause you get extra money, but if you are trying to beat a tiBmed mission from Zack or a hard opponent, you might just tap/hold X to get thru as fast as possible. Finally, the last leap out of the pool in a race or solo is always a hold. It can be hard to tell there is a gap there, but you always want to hold for the last leap.

Pool Hopping is pretty fun, not that hard to beat even a hard opponent once you get used to it, but it's not very lucrative. My go to thing when wanting to pass the time or Zack sends me there.

Tug of War **UPDATED**

Okay, Tug of War is one of the two game modes that results in swimsuit malfunctions and a lot of frustration on my part trying to consistently win at it. You basically have three inputs, left on the D-pad to pull, Right to fake and not pull (which if the opponent does pull, they fall in the water), and if you do get pulled, but haven't fallen in yet, you can rapid tap X to get back to center to try to pull/feint again. What makes this mode difficult is there isn't a lot of time to think about what you are doing and the harder difficulty opponents will crush you. Easy ones, just tap Left until they fall in the water. You pull faster than they tap and they almost never feint. You should win every time. What you'll find in this game though is that there's nearly no easy opponents a few days in and normal opponents will start feinting. If you just mindless hit left, they'll trick you and you fall in. So, the strategy I've been using is when the announcer says GO!, don't do anything. Let them go first. If they feint, nothing happens, but there is a delay before they can go, so now you pull, and keep pulling until they go in. They'll never get to reset and they go in every time. Now, when they pull you to start, rapid tap X and start mashing left to pull back. Most of the time, you should get them in the water, but they may feint again and you'll end up in the drink. There's no real way to avoid this. If they pull first and you keep waiting for a feint they'll eventually pull you in normal. So, to recap, do nothing, if they feint, mash left until they are in the water. If they pull you, mash X to get centered and then left. I never feint. I've been beating normal opponents nearly every time since doing this, and even some hard ones.

Butt Battle **UPDATED**

The other clothing mishap mini-game, where the two girls square off their posteriors against one another to knock their opponent into the water. Honestly, you should play this mode just to watch the goofy intros as they smack their rear ends and put their hands up like, "Yeah, all this booty is about to be smacking your booty." Okay, so I've been working on updating a strategy for this mode. I have something that works better on normal opponents, but still needs some polish. So, you have 3 inputs. Left on the D-pad, Up/Down on the D-pad, and O to strike. Left dodges, up/down side steps (strafes around your opponent, useful if you get backed up against one of the sides), and O by itself does a regular strike. You can do a super strike by hitting O right after you dodge (pretty much right at the pinnacle of your dodge where their body is furthest away from your opponent. You've done it right if she lunges across the other side.) Now they key to winning consistently is landing the super attack, but there is some rules to how it works. Essentially, if you super attack and your opponent dodges, but it connects, it's a one hit finish. If she strikes you, than you will push her back more. The problem with doing the super attack is if she times one as you dodge for yours. You get taken out instead. So, I basically go with a 1-2 combo. At GO! hit O for a regular until it connects (If she dodges out of it, hit it again). Once it connects, immediately go for a super attack. Usually you'll either catch her dodging and get the one shot, or you'll push her up to the edge. Just rinse repeat, doing regulars than following up with a super after it connects. I've been beating normal opponents pretty consistently with this method, even scoring some perfects. Like Tug of War, it's not guaranteed to work every time, but it seems pretty effective.

Chapter 2: Satisfaction & Closeness


Okay, DOAX is not really a game that I would say has a point to it. There is no right way to play this game, it's a game about finding what you enjoy doing or want to collect and go do that. If you want to collect your favorite swimsuits on one girl, go do that, you want to watch them relax and pool hop the day away, do that, and so on. However, two big things will probably drive your first playthrough and one of those is satisfaction. Satisfaction determines a lot of things, how much money you get at the end, how much their excitement level goes up (which I think unlocks certain costumes), if you get it to 100 by vacation end you get a special event ending (and a trophy) for each girl, you get more owner xp, and its easier to give a girl a gift from the owner the higher her satisfaction. There are lots of ways to raise satisfaction, and I have some ideas on raising all the girls satisfaction in a single vacation. First off, nearly anything you do with a girl has some satisfaction gain tied to it, mini-games, giving her a gift, completing missions. However, Volleyball is the fastest gain if you win (with 3 heart gain each win). So step one of raising satisfaction is playing volleyball whenever you can. Step two, is to complete missions whenever you can, which you get satisfaction from whatever you did and the mission completing. Now, what I do is I drop any mission if i'm not making progress on it that time of day. If I have a mission to give her her favorite drink from the owner but it's not available, cancel the mission, go play volleyball. The only time i'm not playing volleyball is if there's a mission to do right then, like beach flags or I can buy them something. Otherwise, if I can't progress it or it's too tiresome to do, cancel it, go play volleyball. To cancel a mission during the day by the way, go to Owner Mode with the Touch Pad, go to Pool Side, and quit mission there. You can also go to the owner shop there. You can do both at night from Owner Mode as well. Step three, and i'll cover this in more detail below, is to give her gifts from the owner at night. Nighttime the owner can give a gift from owner mode and it doesn't cause time to go forward. It's a free time that you can use once a day to give a gift she likes.

Generally, if you are playing consistent mini-games, completing missions, and giving gifts, I usually cap satisfaction Day 10-12 of the vacation. Sooner if I played more volleyball, but honestly you can let the missions kinda guide your vacation if you don't like doing the same thing every day, and the extra gifts at night help get you there.

Finally, your partner and the other girls get satisfaction when you give them gifts, participate with them, and the owner interacts with them, with your partner (if she stayed the same ending up pretty high as well.) I haven't done this yet, but I do want to try to get a 100 on all girls vacation (which has to give something secret, right?) My idea for doing this that you are welcome to try, is each day, pick one girl as your partner, (which takes up the morning) play two games of volleyball with them, and have your girl in Girl Mode and the Owner in Owner Mode send every girl a gift at night (and give one to yourself from the owner) With 9 girls and 14 vacation days, you could play with every girl in volleyball for at least one day, and 5 of them for two days. Anyway, that's may plan, I'll let you know how it goes.


Closeness is how easy it is for a girl to accept gifts between, any girl may accept any gift at any time, but if it's not something she likes the odds go down that she'll take it. If you want to raise closeness, go play butt battle. It's the fastest way to increase this stat (You can tell the closeness by looking at a girl while trying to give a gift, it's the 3 musical notes, you want 3 filled ones for the best chance. You can also play pool hopping which I believe is the second highest. If you are doing a playthrough trying to give another girl your swimsuits, go take her out for butt battle than give her the gift at the evening.

This is unconfirmed, but I want to test it further. One of the Zack tooltips I got after completing a vacation mentioned that zooming closer to the girl while taking a picture in Owner Mode made them closer to you. However, it didn't say it raised closeness specifically, in a very tongue-in-cheek, pun way it mentioned getting closer to them, but getting closer with the camera.

Chapter 3: Owner Mode

Okay, I don't have a lot to put down here yet. Owner mode is where you can give gifts to girls, watch her relax, take pictures, and collect special swimsuits for her at the Owner shop, and some other items like the mysterious tickets. (I know what the tickets do, but I don't know how exactly it works as it hasn't interested me in working on yet).

Now, I do have a list of what each girl likes/loves and I'll include below. As I said above, the owner can give one gift at night pretty much in a free time where time won't pass to help raise satisfaction (or simply to not waste a time during the day you can do something else. I use this to give them cheap gifts. Every girl has a few cheap gifts you like, and every gift in the game can be bought 5 times. So, once I spot one of the liked, cheap gifts, I buy every one of them for that vacation. Any gifts I end up with extra, open up, and use the Silver paper in the owner shop to re-wrap them (Silver is like universal, any girl will accept silver). You can normally only wrap items you buy from the owner shop with silver, but any unwrapped gift you can re-wrap in silver. This gives you a stock pile of cheap gifts that one of the girls likes.

As far as making money goes at the owner, playing poker at the 500 amount and simply raising opponents until they fold is probably the fastest way to make money, but it can backfire depending on who your opponents are. I lost about 400k yesterday as Marie Rose and Helena cleaned me out calling all my bluffs. I recommend just going back to your room and than back to the casino (which resets the opponents) if you come across one that is just calling you like crazy rather than folding.

Personally though, I find playing poker really boring, and I really just go thru vacations, make sure to complete owner specific missions (i.e. give girl food, instrument, item she likes, take pictures, watch her relax, so on) as these net money/owner xp and I enjoy it a lot more. You do make a tiny bit of money from watching a girl play an activity (Volleyball is the highest at 10k a match you watch) but unless you just enjoy watching the computer play, not very lucrative. The higher the satisfaction at the end of a vacation though, the bigger payout, so for me, I just go thru a vacation following missions, and usually make a 400-500k on the owner by the end of it. It takes a few times to buy what I want as the owner, but I enjoy it vastly more than staring at the poker screen for an hour or two.

Chapter 4: Liked/Loved Item List (completed)

I've split the list into food, drink (each girl only has one liked drink btw), instrument, cheap (items that cost under 10k) then everything else. I don't really recommend stockpiling everything else, but if you have a mission to complete to give a girl an item she likes you might spring for one over 10k to finish the mission quickly. I've completed nearly every girl's collection, but there may be 1 or 2 liked items I've missed. I'll add them if I come across anymore. Also, there is really no pattern to how many of each thing a girl has other than they have one fav drink, instrument, and loved item. Some have more food, some have more cheap items, and so on.



Food (Strawberry Mille Feuille, Sushi, Large Strawberry)

Drink (Iced Cafe au Lait)

Instrument (Recorder) Really, Kasumi?

Cheap (Blue Wind Chime, Sunset Flying Disc, White Watering Can, Red Windmill)

Other (Novel: The Blue Bird, Telescope, Newspaper, Four-leaf Clover (expires), Artist Set, Windmill Dagger, Legendary Scarab)


Kasumi Coin



Food (Yokan Cake, Sushi, Fresh Banana, Big Pineapple)

Drink (Iced Cafe Au Lait)

Instrument (Silver Trumpet)

Cheap (Rainbow Flying Disc, Lyrical Poetry Book, Purple Windmill, Orange Watering Can, Newspaper, Red Wind Chime)

Other (Legendary Scarab, Kasumi Coin, Cloth Bag, Tea Ceremony Set, Windmill Dagger, Houseplant (expires), Novel: The Blue Bird)





Food (Sachertorte, Chocolate, Succulent Tangerine, Cabbage, Soft-Serve Ice Cream)

Drink (Orange Juice)

Instrument (Violin)

Cheap (Lyrical Poetry Book, White Watering Can, Red Windmill, Romance Novel)

Other (Cloth Bag, Romance Novel, Novel: Bridge to Space, Magnifying Glass, Yellow RC Plane, Tea Set, Toaster Oven


Fancy Basket



Food (Blanc Mange, Quality Muskmelon) That's actually it, Helena is kinda picky

Drink (Iced Tea)

Instrument (Lyre)

Cheap (Peacock Fan, Red Watering Can, Sunset Flying Disc, Yellow Wind Chime)

Other (Handbasket, Dumbbell, Tengu Fan, Skyblue RC Car, Tea Set, Opera Glasses, Novel: Swept from the Sea, Pocket Watch, Romance Novel


Frilled Parasol

Marie Rose


Food: (Prinsessbakelse, Pizza, Cheesecake, Cabbage, Crab)

Drink: (Fruit Punch)

Instrument: (Harmonica)

Cheap: (Blue Wind Chime, Skyblue Flying Disc)

Other: (Black RC Car, Artist Set, Skyblue RC Car, Lantern, Handbasket)


Novel: Endless Galaxy



Food: (Cream Puffs, Fried Chicken, Donut, Pizza, Tomato, French Fries, Soft-serve Ice Cream, Juicy Peach) Honoka likes to eat.

Drink: (Lemon Soda)

Instrument: (Electric Guitar)

Cheap: (Red Wind Chime, Pink Windmill)

Other: (Skyblue RC Car, Pocket Watch, Laptop, Mister Moo)


Yellow RC Plane



Food: (Manju, Chocolate, Red Apple, French Fries)

Drink: (Iced Coffee)

Instrument: (Gold Trumpet)

Cheap: (Peacock Fan, Skyblue Flying Disc)

Other: (Lantern, Telescope, Black RC Car, Four-leaf Clover (expires), Novel: Swept from the Sea)





Food (Anmitsu, Round Watermelon, Fried Chicken)

Drink (Coconut Juice)

Instrument (Taiko Drum)

Cheap (Red Watering Can, Yellow Wind Chime, Pink Windmill)

Other (Mister Moo, Novel: Endless Galaxy, Pink Bag, Music Book, Tengu Mask, Japanese Parasol, Dart Set, Laptop, Crystal)


Tea Ceremony Set



Food (Marron Glaces, Tomato, Crab, Succulent Grape, Sushi)

Drink (Cream Soda)

Instrument (Ocarina)

Cheap (Purple Windmill, Rainbow Flying Disc, Music Book)

Other (Blue RC Plane, Magnifying Glass, Novel: Bridge to Space, Frilled Parasol, Japanese Parasol, Fancy Basket, Legendary Scarab)


Opera Glasses (Wait, what?)


Okay, so that's it for me folks. Hopefully plan to keep adding more to the guide and feel free to leave feedback on what you'd like to see more about. Thanks for reading and hopefully it helps you enjoy the game more!

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How to play volleyball [DOAX3 guide]

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Wiki Guide

With each win, your character’s Satisfaction rating increases along with your Friendship with your island buddy. With each progressive win, your partner will start getting better at Volleyball techniques like Blocking and spiking and you’ll be rewarded with “Nice” points (more on that below).


As your character’s relationship with her partner becomes more durable, you’ll notice that you’ll start scoring extra cash for doing certain advanced moves on the volleyball court.

  • THE NICE SERVE (10,000 Z) – When you perform a well-timed Overhand or Jump Serve at the beginning of each round, you’ll gain points.
  • THE NICE SPIKE (10,000 Z) – Simply do a well-timed spike on your opponents at the right moment to get the Perfect Spike.
  • THE NICE BLOCK (10,000 Z) – This move will require precise timing but when executed properly, your character will do in instant block move.
  • THE KNOCK-DOWN (5,000 Z) – While not as easy to perform, you can gain points by doing a power spike and knocking down your opponent.


The Nice points are only awarded as Cash if your team wins the match.


There are THREE types of serves:

  • Underhand Serve
  • Overhead Serve
  • Jump Serve

The Jump Serve is reserved more for advanced players that know the timing of when to hit the ball while in mid-air. If done correctly, your character will toss the ball upwards and then jump and spike it in mid-air. The timing for the mid-air spike is crucial because if you miss the spike, the opposing team scores a free point on the miss. “Nice” Points are rewarded for good timing on the Overhand and Jump Serves.


To volley a ball over to your partner for a spike, press

near the net. If done correctly, your character will volley the ball upwards and your partner will run in for the spike attack.

ALWAYS use the volley move so that your partner goes in for the attack. If the spike is blocked, your character can immediately jump in and volley the ball to avoid losing a point.


Spiking the ball is an easy move but setting it up for the kill isn't as easy as it looks. To spike the ball, position your character in front of the net after your partner does a volley and then hit the ball in mid-air by pressing


If successful, the Spike leads to a free point, though be ready to defend your side if the opponent volleys back. Depending on your opponent, spiking the ball too hard can lead to a blocked hit so only use it when you know the opponent won’t Block it (you’ll see them jumping up for the Block). If the opponent is going for the Block, trick them by using a Feint move (more on that below).


Although the game rules won't indicate it, your character can direct the ball as they go for the spike. When your character is in mid-air for the spike, move the Left Analog Stick UP, RIGHT, or DOWN to make them spike the ball in that direction on the opponent's side. This is a useful technique to use when the ladies on the opposing team are not standing in the direction that the ball is spiked towards.


This sneaky tactic is useful when facing off against opponents that tend to have a strong defense (AKA way too many hard spikes and Blocks). If the other team blocks too much, then your next best move is to do a fake spike or a “feint”. As your partner does a volley for a spike, press

as your character jumps to make her do a soft tap over the net.

When done correctly, the opponent will attempt to block your spike but will end up falling for the feint move. And if your opponents aren’t paying attention during the soft tap, it awards your team a free point.

Just be aware that your opponents can also do the same thing against your team, so be ready to volley quickly just in case!


The number one strategy to defeating your opponents (especially ones on "HARD" difficulty) is learning how and when to block the ball. As your opponent sets up the volley for a spike, move your character up towards the front of the net and press

to make the block. Make sure your character or teammate is standing and jumping in front of the spiker or the Block won’t work!

The timing for the block is crucial and can end up winning or losing the game. If done correctly, your character/teammate will block the spike and make the other team scramble to try and volley again. In most cases, a successful block leads to a free point for your team. But depending on your opponents, sometimes the spikes they do can be too strong and and end up knocking your defender to the ground.

When using the Block move, you can time your Block by pressing and holding

so that your character jumps at the same time as your opponent. If

is pressed too quickly for a Block, your character will jump in the air and miss. Time your Blocks carefully!

The amount of cash you receive for winning Volleyball games will differ on the degree of difficulty of the opposing team. The list below gives a break down of the cash rewards on Easy/Normal difficulty.

For teams on “Hard/Hard” difficulty, the cash per winning score is added by an extra 50,000. For example, winning with a score of 7-to-5 on Normal equals 190,000 Zack Dollars while the rewards for a 7-to-5 score on Hard is 240,000 Zack dollars. This also applies to teams with “Hard/Normal” and “Normal/Hard” difficulties on certain occasions.

If your team loses a game, you’ll only be rewarded 30,000 Z (not including any Nice points).


The game usually tends to award the extra 50,000 Z for games won on “Hard/Normal” and “Normal/Hard” difficulties on Days 8-14.
  • Keep the Ball moving! If the opposing team blocks your attacks, keep moving! Quickly reposition your team and go for another spike attack (or a soft tap).
  • Defense is the key! Always set yourself or your partner for a spike attack. When the opposing team is going for hard spikes, make sure to always volley their attacks so that your team can plan an attack before the other team can get into a defensive position. Plus your partner’s Closeness will increase if you let them do the scoring.
  • Always block! As you take on progressively tougher teams of ladies, you won't be able to win against them unless you ramp up your defense. When facing against teams on Hard difficulty, well-timed blocks will take them down fairly quickly.
  • Make sure you have a very good relationship with your partner! As your Closeness with your Island buddy becomes more solid, they will end up becoming more useful on the court. They will block continuously and even go for deadly spike attacks.
  • Be sure to take advantage of Nice Points so that your character can make even more money with each Win.
  • Avoid the mid-court Spike! During a match, your partner will volley the ball up in the air and your character will immediately go for the spike from mid-court. This move is very risky because your character may be too far away from the net and the mid-court spike may end up hitting the net and awarding your opponent a free point. To avoid the embarrassment, press if this happens to make your character do a light tap on the ball in mid-air rather than spiking it. This is especially better for your team since your opponent will do the same thing but go for the spike.
  • Immediately re-position your partner after each hit! When the ball is in play, move your partner to the back of the court (with the Right Analog Stick) and move your character to the front (with the Left Analog Stick). This will allow your team to cover the entire court in case the other team spikes the ball. If both ladies on your team are standing in front of the net, the other team can instantly go for a spike and score a free point since nobody is there to volley the ball from the back court.
  • Do not underestimate your opponents. Even if your team winds up with a 6-0 score, the tides can easily turn and your opponents will go into overdrive, causing the score to become a 6-6 Deuce in less than 30 seconds.

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Replay volleyball point

After scoring or losing a point in volleyball, hold L2 to replay the volleyball point.

Owner level unlockables

Reach the indicated owner level to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Black Fan: Reach Owner Level 70.
    Black Sailor Uniform: Reach Owner Level 80.
    Blue Sailor Uniform: Reach Owner Level 90.
    Event Paradise: Reach Owner Level 30.
    Forest Bloomers: Reach Owner Level 60.
    Gold Fan: Reach Owner Level 60.
    Gold Volleyball: Reach Owner Level 22.
    Gravure Paradise: Reach Owner Level 50.
    Mysterious Silent Figurine: Reach Owner Level 39.
    Mysterious Sound Figurine: Reach Owner Level 05.
    Mysterious Volleyball: Reach Owner Level 100.
    Navy Bloomers: Reach Owner Level 40.
    Navy School Swimsuit: Reach Owner Level 10.
    Pose - (Bending forward) Basic: Reach Owner Level 50.
    Pose - (Crouching) Basic: Reach Owner Level 45.
    Pose - (Crouching) Chin on hand: Reach Owner Level 75.
    Pose - (Grasping knees) Basic: Reach Owner Level 70.
    Pose - (Lying on side) Basic: Reach Owner Level 10.
    Pose - (Lying on side) Laying down: Reach Owner Level 15.
    Pose - (Other) Breathless: Reach Owner Level 40.
    Pose - (Other) Duck: Reach Owner Level 30.
    Pose - (Other) Mermaid: Reach Owner Level 20.
    Pose - (Other) Moebius (Fast): Reach Owner Level 28.
    Pose - (Other) Moebius (Normal): Reach Owner Level 18.
    Pose - (Other) Moebius (Slow): Reach Owner Level 08.
    Pose - (Prone) Back extension: Reach Owner Level 110.
    Pose - (Prone) Chin on hand: Reach Owner Level 60.
    Pose - (Puppy) Basic: Reach Owner Level 90.
    Pose - (Standing) Flutter: Reach Owner Level 03.
    Pose - (Standing) Jump: Reach Owner Level 80.
    Pose - (Supine) Sit-up: Reach Owner Level 100.
    Pose - (W-sitting) Basic: Reach Owner Level 05.
    Rouge Bloomers: Reach Owner Level 50.
    Rouge School Swimsuit: Reach Owner Level 20.
    Silver Volleyball: Reach Owner Level 12.
    Skin Lotion EX: Reach Owner Level 110.
    Time Stop: Reach Owner Level 80.
    White Sailor Uniform: Reach Owner Level 70.
    White School Swimsuit: Reach Owner Level 30.
Unique items

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item or swimsuit:

    DOA Costume 1: Win 50 activities.
    DOA Costume 2: Win 100 activities.
    DOA Costume 3: Win 150 activities.
    Favorite Food: Successfully complete character mission 3/7.
    Fortune Swimsuit: Get an "S" rank score on 9 vacations.
    Lovely Summer Swimsuit: View the girl's ending pictorial.
    Personalised Forest Bloomers: Play Rock Climbing 10 times.
    Personalised Navy Bloomers: Play Beach Volleyball 10 times.
    Personalised Navy School Swimsuit: Play Pool Hopping 10 times.
    Personalised Rouge Bloomers: Play Beach Flags 10 times.
    Personalised Rouge School Swimsuit: Play Butt Battle 10 times.
    Personalised White School Swimsuit: Play Tug-of-War 10 times.
    Unique Item: Successfully complete character mission 5/7.
VIP tickets

Bet the indicated cumulative total of Zack Dollars in the casino while in Owner mode to unlock the corresponding ticket for purchase. Note: It does not matter if you win or lose; once the amount is reached, the ticket will be available for purchase at the start of the next day.

    Dangerous Ticket: 1,000,000 Zack Dollars
    Forbidden Ticket: 5,000,000 Zack Dollars
    Secret Ticket: 10,000,000 Zack Dollars
    Tempting Ticket: 2,000,000 Zack Dollars

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    DOAX3 MASTER (Platinum): Earn all of the trophies in the game.
    Kasumi's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Kasumi.
    Kasumi's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Kasumi.
    Kasumi's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Kasumi's ending pictorial.
    Momiji's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Momiji.
    Momiji's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Momiji.
    Momiji's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Momiji's ending pictorial.
    Hitomi's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Hitomi.
    Hitomi's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Hitomi.
    Hitomi's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Hitomi's ending pictorial.
    Helena's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Helena.
    Helena's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Helena.
    Helena's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Helena's ending pictorial.
    Marie's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Marie Rose.
    Marie's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Marie Rose.
    Marie's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Marie Rose's ending pictorial.
    Honoka's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Honoka.
    Honoka's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Honoka.
    Honoka's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Honoka's ending pictorial.
    Nyotengu's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Nyotengu.
    Nyotengu's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Nyotengu.
    Nyotengu's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Nyotengu's ending pictorial.
    Kokoro's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Kokoro.
    Kokoro's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Kokoro.
    Kokoro's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Kokoro's ending pictorial.
    Ayane's Memories (Bronze): Play and complete Vacation Mode with Ayane.
    Ayane's Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 swimsuits for Ayane.
    Ayane's Special Vacation! (Silver): Watch Ayane's ending pictorial.
    Welcome to My Island! (Bronze): Select the girl you would like to invite to New Zack Island.
    You're Amazing! (Silver): Complete Vacation Mode with an S Rating or higher.
    Let's Play Together (Bronze): Successfully pair up with a girl 10 times.
    Please Accept This (Bronze): Successfully send a gift to someone 10 times from a girl.
    Feeling Free! (Bronze): Watch 10 different virtual pictorials.
    Makeover (Bronze): Change a girl's hairstyle.
    The Gambler (Bronze): Earn 10,000 Zack Dollars at the Casino.
    So Many to Choose From (Bronze): Go shopping at the Owner Shop.
    Photo Please (Bronze): Take a photo of a girl in Owner Mode.
    Will She Like It? (Bronze): Successfully send a gift to a girl 10 times from the owner.
    No Peeking! (Bronze): Activate the Changing Event in Owner Mode.
    The Journey Begins (Bronze): Complete the tutorial mission.
    No Longer a Beginner (Bronze): Raise your Owner Level to 10.
    Owner of All (Silver): Raise your Owner Level to 30.
    Pool Hopping Master (Bronze): Win 10 times in Pool Hopping.
    Butt Battle Master (Bronze): Win 10 times in Butt Battle.
    Tug-of-War Master (Bronze): Win 10 times in Tug-of-War.
    Beach Volleyball Master (Bronze): Win 10 times in Beach Volleyball.
    Beach Flags Master (Bronze): Win 10 times in Beach Flags.
    Rock Climbing Master (Bronze): Reach the goal 10 times in Rock Climbing.
    Paradise Forever! (Gold): Play Pictorial Paradise.
    Bringing Back Memories (Gold): Play Event Paradise.
DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 - MORE THAN 6500 OWNER EXP IN 15 MINUTES! (During EXP Events)

Closeness determines how the other girls respond to the character you’re playing as.
Closeness Rating comes in values of one to three and is represented by music notes.
Closeness is not the same as Satisfaction. Satisfaction is the measure of how much a girl likes the Owner, which is represented by hearts and the pink border around the girl’s portrait. Closeness is exclusively between the girls and only concerns the player character.
One of the most important aspects of having a high closeness is gift-giving. Giving gifts is essential for completing pose card and swimsuit collections.

For the sake of this list/guide, closeness ratings are defined as Dislike (♪), Trust (♪♪), and Admire (♪♪♪). Closeness can be improved beyond three notes, but at the start of any vacation, it is only ever as high as just the “base” three notes. This will be detailed more below under Portrait Notes.

Example of closeness. Hitomi trusts the player character.

A girl that admires (♪♪♪) you always accepts your request to partner. A girl that trusts (♪♪) you is fairly likely to accept your request to partner, but just as likely to refuse. A girl that dislikes (♪) you will always refuse your requests and gifts. The only viable way to partner with someone that by default dislikes you is to, by chance, let her make the request on the first day.*
Higher closeness makes a girl more likely to accept your gifts, but gifting is more difficult than partnering. Raise the status of portrait notes to be an effective gifter.
Higher closeness with your partner will increase their skill and responsiveness in volleyball.

*It is technically possible to raise closeness enough for someone who dislikes you to accept you by playing butt battle with them several times, but it will usually be late in the vacation before getting to a reasonable level.

A partner can never have fewer than two notes. If you manage to lower your partner’s closeness down to one note, she will leave you.
Refusing a girl’s request to partner on the first day will sometimes, but not always, decrease your closeness rating with her by one note.
Ditching your existing partner will decrease your closeness rating with them by one note. This is when you ask another girl to be your partner or sleep in. You cannot go below two notes with your partner if a request to another girl is rejected. If you succeed in gaining a new partner, it is possible for your old partner to fall to dislike (♪) you as a result. They can fall to dislike (♪) you as a result of sleeping in as well.

Not all starting feelings are mutual. Seeing three notes on a girl while playing as one character doesn’t necessarily mean you will see three notes vice versa. For example, when you play as Kasumi, you will see three notes when looking at Momiji (on Day1). However, when you play as Momiji, you will see two notes when looking at Kasumi. Momiji admires (♪♪♪) Kasumi, but Kasumi doesn’t return the feeling and only trusts (♪♪) Momiji.
There are also relationships that differ between one and two notes. Example: Helena trusts (♪♪) Nyotengu, but Nyotengu dislikes (♪) Helena.
There are no relationships in which a girl has one note and the other has three.

With that said, you don’t need to worry about mutual feelings during your vacation.
After a vacation is started, only the top part of each list shown below (Admired by/Trusted by/Disliked by) is necessary, as these are the stats you will be seeing when playing as the designated character. These are how the other girls feel about the girl you’re playing as. A character’s feelings do not apply when you’re playing as them, since you, the player, are the one making their decisions.
The bottom part of each list (Admires/Trusts/Dislikes) is only for reference and may come in handy if you want someone specific as a partner and want to play as someone they like.

Default Closeness – Relationships List

The list below details the default closeness between each girl. These are the stats every vacation on Day 1 Daytime. These can fluctuate throughout the vacation, but always reset to default at the start of each vacation.

A girl that dislikes (♪) your character will be improved to trust (♪♪) you if she requests to be your partner on the start of the first day and you accept.


♪♪♪ Admired by: Momiji , Hitomi , Honoka
♪♪ Trusted by: Leifang , Helena , Marie , Misaki , Kokoro , Ayane
Disliked by: Nyotengu

♪♪♪ Admires: Hitomi , Helena , Honoka
♪♪ Trusts: Momiji , Leifang , Marie , Misaki , Kokoro , Ayane
Dislikes: Nyotengu


♪♪♪ Admired by:
♪♪ Trusted by: Everyone on the island
Disliked by:

♪♪♪ Admires: Kasumi
♪♪ Trusts: Leifang , Hitomi , Helena , Marie , Honoka , Nyotengu , Misaki , Kokoro , Ayane


♪♪♪ Admired by:
♪♪ Trusted by: Everyone on the island
Disliked by:

♪♪♪ Admires:
♪♪ Trusts: Everyone on the island


♪♪♪ Admired by: Kasumi , Helena , Kokoro
♪♪ Trusted by: Momiji , Leifang , Marie , Honoka , Nyotengu , Misaki , Ayane
Disliked by:

♪♪♪ Admires: Kasumi , Helena
♪♪ Trusts: Momiji , Leifang , Marie , Honoka , Nyotengu , Misaki , Kokoro , Ayane


♪♪♪ Admired by: Kasumi , Hitomi , Marie , Kokoro
♪♪ Trusted by: Momiji , Leifang , Honoka , Misaki , Ayane
Disliked by: Nyotengu

♪♪♪ Admires: Hitomi , Marie , Kokoro
♪♪ Trusts: Kasumi , Momiji , Leifang , Honoka , Nyotengu , Misaki
Dislikes: Ayane

Marie Rose

♪♪♪ Admired by: Helena , Honoka
♪♪ Trusted by: Kasumi , Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Nyotengu , Misaki , Ayane
Disliked by: Kokoro

♪♪♪ Admires: Helena , Honoka
♪♪ Trusts: Kasumi , Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Nyotengu , Misaki , Ayane
Dislikes: Kokoro


♪♪♪ Admired by: Kasumi , Marie
♪♪ Trusted by: Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Helena , Nyotengu , Misaki , Kokoro , Ayane
Disliked by:

♪♪♪ Admires: Kasumi , Marie
♪♪ Trusts: Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Helena , Nyotengu , Misaki , Kokoro , Ayane


♪♪♪ Admired by:
♪♪ Trusted by: Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Helena , Marie , Honoka , Misaki , Kokoro
Disliked by: Kasumi , Ayane

♪♪♪ Admires:
♪♪ Trusts: Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Marie , Honoka , Misaki
Dislikes: Kasumi , Helena , Kokoro , Ayane


♪♪♪ Admired by:
♪♪ Trusted by: Everyone on the island
Disliked by:

♪♪♪ Admires:
♪♪ Trusts: Everyone on the island


♪♪♪ Admired by: Helena
♪♪ Trusted by: Kasumi , Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Honoka , Misaki , Ayane
Disliked by: Marie , Nyotengu

♪♪♪ Admires: Hitomi , Helena
♪♪ Trusts: Kasumi , Momiji , Leifang , Honoka , Nyotengu , Misaki , Ayane
Dislikes: Marie


♪♪♪ Admired by:
♪♪ Trusted by: Kasumi , Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Marie , Honoka , Misaki , Kokoro
Disliked by: Helena , Nyotengu

♪♪♪ Admires:
♪♪ Trusts: Kasumi , Momiji , Leifang , Hitomi , Helena , Marie , Honoka , Misaki , Kokoro
Dislikes: Nyotengu

Portrait Notes

Portrait notes are the floating notes that appear along with the girl’s portrait in the lower left corner when speaking with them. These represent closeness beyond the regular three notes that are shown in menus.

One yellow portrait note: Appears at two regular notes, but when closeness is nearing three regular notes. Slightly more likely to accept gifts. (Will also erroneously display for characters with three default notes. Raising closeness once updates it to properly display the next level.)
Two pink portrait notes: Appears at three regular notes. Slightly more likely to accept gifts. With her as your partner during volleyball, you will receive an additional technique bonus of 10,000 Zack Dollars for each nice spike you score, 10,000 for each nice serve you make, and 5,000 each time you knock down an opponent with the ball.
Three pink portrait notes: Appears after continuing to raise closeness even higher. Slightly more likely to accept gifts.
Three red portrait notes: Appears when closeness is raised to maximum. She is very likely to accept gifts of liked and indifferent items. Disliked items are somewhat to mostly likely to be accepted. Hated items may still be unlikely, but she will eventually take them.

Personality Quirks

Some girls have unique traits that affect their closeness. A girl does not have these traits when she is the player character.

Helena and Ayane are not morning people. They dislike morning.
Helena and Ayane will have one fewer note with you during the morning unless you’re partners. If you’re not partners with the one you’re trying to befriend, you can play a game with her, but avoid talking to her in the morning. The closeness deduction will make them less likely to partner with you or accept your gifts.

Honoka is sleepy. She dislikes evening.
Honoka will have one fewer note with you during the evening unless you’re partners. If you’re not partners with her and you’re trying to befriend her, you can play a game with her, but avoid talking to her in the evening. The closeness deduction will make her less likely to partner with you or accept your gifts.

Hitomi is competitive. She wants a winning team.
When Hitomi is your partner and you lose more than win in volleyball, you will lose one note with her overnight. She can fall to dislike (♪) you over this. If this happens, she will ditch you in the morning. Presumably to look for someone more competent. She won’t mind how you play in a one on one game, though.

Nyotengu is affectionate. If you give her attention, she will grow to like you quickly.
Nyotengu’s closeness gains are twice that of normal. Despite disliking the most people, she’s easy to please if you manage to get her to be your partner.

Kasumi, Leifang, and Nyotengu are elusive. They become distant quickly.
These girls will lose closeness with you everyday by a random amount if they are not your partner. Unattended, they will dislike (♪) you within the first week—as early as the first night, which can make it difficult to partner up with them on any character. Kasumi will even lose admiration (♪♪♪) for Hitomi, Helena, and Honoka and drop again to dislike (♪) as early as the second night. To keep your friendship and partner up with one of them, you need to be quick and hope you don’t get unlucky.

Raising Closeness

There are a few ways to raise closeness. Keep playing these games with someone and you will eventually improve your closeness rating with them.

-Butt Battle is the easiest way to get close to another girl. Whether or not she is your partner and whether you win or lose, butt battling a girl will always raise closeness by a moderate amount. You can do this repeatedly with your partner to bond quickly, but if you want to bond with someone specific that is not your partner, you’ll have to wait until she appears at the pool.

-Pool Hopping can raise both closeness and satisfaction. The winner gains more satisfaction, but for closeness, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Pool hopping gives an inconsistent amount of closeness that can make this a somewhat quick method or very slow method to improving your closeness rating with someone.

-Volleyball is the most profitable way to gain closeness. Of course, you can only do this with your partner. A game of volleyball takes longer than a butt battle, but winning a game of volleyball will net you a similar amount of closeness as well as a lot of Zack Dollars and a lot of satisfaction. Losing a game of volleyball won’t hurt your closeness unless you’re partnered with Hitomi. See Personality Quirks above.

-Gifting an item that the other girl likes is one way to gain closeness, but it is not a particularly great method for raising closeness alone. If she isn’t already very close, she may not even open the gift. You will gain the closeness if she unwraps the gift, even if she rejects the gift afterwards. However, you will gain nothing if she rejects the gift with the wrapping still on. This makes it impossible to raise closeness through gifts if she already dislikes you as she will reject everything from you.

Using Closeness for Collections

Making use of closeness can be invaluable to completing collections. If you intend to acquire all of the swimsuits or pose cards from a girl’s shop to give to another girl, I recommend playing as the girl whose personal sports shop has the items you want and partnering with the girl you want to receive the items. Play volleyball repeatedly to raise your closeness rating and earn money to make gift-wrapped purchases. If you find it easier, you may just focus on earning money and making purchases until everything you want is gift wrapped, then spend the next vacation or two getting your partner, raising closeness, and handing them over. Gifting all of the pose cards is very easy when your partner has three red portrait notes, but still expect to have to re-wrap a few of them.

See full pose card list here.

If the partner/recipient you want is someone who dislikes the character whose items you want them to have, then you’ll have no choice but to repeatedly end the vacation by going home and starting a new one until she asks you to be her partner. At that point, you can start raising closeness. Poor game design, maybe, but that’s just how it is. Going home and ending the vacation early will cause all of the girls’ satisfaction to drop to the preset blue level for the next vacation, but this has no effect on closeness or girl-to-girl gifting, so it has no negative impact on this method. Satisfaction only affects Owner-to-girl gifting and exp gained at the end of the vacation.

An alternate option is to buy and gift as Owner, but I find this method far more tedious as it is dramatically faster in girl mode to both earn money and raise closeness, even at level 100 excitement. Girl-to-girl gifting is more efficient most of the time. Of course, you’ll still have to gift as Owner when buying exclusive items from the Owner shop.


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