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If message flashes saying Auxiliary Battery Malfunction , Should I show the car to the dealer as it is still under warranty ?

Aux battery is a back up power source of the main battery for safety related functions. For example, power to brake system, airbag, etc. When a car sits for a while, any battery will self discharge a bit. A partially worn out aux battery will self discharge so it becomes low in voltage, thus triggering the error message. Once the car is started, the alternator first charges the main battery for the power lost during sitting, and those used by the started. After the main battery reaches its maximum, the aux battery gets electricity to charge it up. If you aux battery is flashing message intermittently, you may want to check your main battery condition first. As a weak main battery can prevent the aux battery from being charged unless one goes for a long drive so the main battery can be fully charged up. It happen to me once as I have replaced the aux battery only about two years when the red message flashes from time to time. After replacing the main battery but not the aux. battery, the red message has been gone for years and the car is now 14 years old.

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How To Solve Your Mercedes-Benz Auxiliary Battery Malfunction (Singapore)

What should you do when you see the auxiliary battery malfunction indicator on your dashboard computer

The biggest thing that people want to know when they receive the DTC fault code on their dashboard is whether or not the vehicle is still safe to drive. Auxiliary batteries control extension functions in your vehicle like supplying power to your entertainment system, powering the PDC sensors, allowing the radars to work correctly, and providing action for the start/stop function. When you experience an auxiliary battery malfunction, these components and operations in your vehicle will be severely impacted.

However, these components do not often times impact the general mobility and drivability of your vehicle. Still, you don’t want to wait too long to fix the problem as it can lead to more serious issues down the road. Auxiliary batteries like all other car components wear out over time so at some point you will eventually have to replace it.

It’s not recommended to drive when you’re experiencing issues with your auxiliary battery. However, it does not put you in any immediate danger as long as you don’t notice a decline in the overall handling and performance of your car. If it is just a malfunction, you may not need to replace your auxiliary battery at all instead you will only need to correct the on-board computer configuration so that it can read the signals from the battery correctly.

Generally, it is only acceptable to drive your vehicle for about 100 km after you begin to notice issues with your Auxiliary battery as a standard safety precaution to avoid any serious problems. Since the battery itself does not provide power to any main functions in the vehicle, you shouldn’t notice any significant impacts in the area of driving or functionality but if you do, you need to try and solve the issues immediately to avoid causing further damage to your vehicle.

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Auxiliary battery replacement cost ranges from $200 to $300 including both labor and parts costs. This range differs significantly depending on your vehicle's make, model, and year. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Most vehicles usually come with only one battery. However, certain vehicles use dual batteries or what's called a primary battery and an auxiliary battery.

The primary battery will provide the initial charge to get your vehicle started. On the other hand, the auxiliary battery helps run certain accessories in your car where the alternator cannot keep them going.

This battery is not designed to last forever, and there will be a point in time where you must replace it. This article provides you with all the details you need to know about auxiliary battery replacement costs. We provide you with a step by step guidance on how to replace the auxiliary battery yourself to save on labor costs. 

What does an auxiliary battery do?  

Most vehicles, with only a large battery, usually located under the hood or, in some makes, in the trunk near the spare tire.

There is a common misconception that your vehicle's battery is responsible for charging all electrical components in your car. However, your battery is responsible for just providing the initial charge to get the vehicle going. It's the alternator's job to charge and continue having the electrical components running. 

Some of the higher-end European imports are equipped with multiple batteries. Those vehicles have a primary battery and an auxiliary battery. Having two batteries is to charge some of the accessories that the alternator cannot charge, which requires about 12 volts of power. 

The auxiliary battery is not designed to last forever, and there will be a point of time where you need to replace it or fix it, depending on its condition. 

Luckily, if your auxiliary battery goes bad, your vehicle will not stop running but, you will notice that some of the main electrical components that the alternator cannot charge will not work.

How much does an auxiliary battery cost? 

While the cost to replace the auxiliary battery differs from a vehicle to another, in general, it might cost you between $200 and $300. 

This range includes both parts and labor costs. If you have certain mechanical skill sets, you might even save on labor costs and replace the battery yourself.

Let's take a look below at some of the common auxiliary batteries' costs according to automotive expert’s statistics: 

VehicleAuxiliary battery replacement cost
2007 Porsche Boxster$344.36
2012 Hyundai Santa Fe$263.66
2010 Acura TL$262.56
2009 Audi A4$344.36
2009 Ford Expedition$268.06
2007 Saturn Aura$252.66


How long does a Mercedes auxiliary battery last? 

According to recent statistics, your Mercedes auxiliary battery should last between 18 months to three years.

The lifespan of the auxiliary battery depends heavily on your driving style, the frequency of use, and how well you maintain it.

For instance, if you are driving on rough roads frequently, you will notice that your auxiliary battery will not last long because its cells might breakdown as you drive on these rough roads.

Similarly, if you left the auxiliary battery to drain for more than 1/2, you'll notice that it will reduce its performance significantly.

Lastly, if you know that you will be parking your vehicle for a long time, it is recommended to install a battery maintainer to enhance and expand the lifetime of your auxiliary battery.

It is also recommended that you keep an eye on any bad auxiliary battery symptoms by watching how your electrical accessories behave. For example, if you have noticed that your accessories are not operating normally, this indicates that your auxiliary battery might be the culprit. In some scenarios, a faulty auxiliary battery might not even be able to start these electrical accessories. 

Can I drive with an auxiliary battery malfunction? 

Your vehicle's auxiliary battery is not a primary component that will prevent you from driving your car if it's not working properly. 

However, it is not recommended to keep driving your car with a bad or malfunctioning auxiliary battery. This is because it might introduce additional problems to the electrical components that it's supposed to charge.

Did you know that some people don't even fix their auxiliary batteries? Yes, it will not cause any immediate danger or reduce your handling of the vehicle. You will not even notice any difference between your driving and your vehicle's behavior even after a malfunctioning auxiliary battery.

While that's true, you should not continue driving your vehicle after 100 kilometers if your exhilarate battery goes bad and if you would like to keep it working properly. You should get it inspected and repaired by a professional mechanic immediately. 

How do you change an auxiliary battery? 

  • Check if you can replace it yourself 

Before proceeding with replacing your auxiliary battery, it is documented that you check whether you can replace it on your own or not. While the process itself should not be complicated, it is necessary to know that you have the required level of mechanical skill sets.

To do so, you can visit online tutorials and see how the process looks to you. In general, most people should replace their own exhilarate battery if they followed certain correct instructions.

The other thing to check for is whether it's worth replacing your auxiliary battery or not. In some situations, Mercedes might replace your auxiliary battery without charging you. Check with your insurance company and reach out to a dealership. Sometimes replacing the auxiliary battery can be a great area when it comes to warranties. First, your best option would be to have a conversation with your dealership and check whether they are willing to replace it for you without charging you or not.  

  • Choose the right replacement for your auxiliary battery 

Once you confirm whether you need to do it yourself or not, it is not the time to determine the right exhilarate battery that matches and complies with your vehicle's make, model, and year.

Usually, any auxiliary battery that is sealed with a 12 Volt should be good to go. However, it's recommended that you review your vehicle owner's manual and confirm the battery you need to install. 

  • Locate your auxiliary battery 

Once you determine the type of the new battery, it is time to get your vehicle ready and remove the old auxiliary battery.

This battery is usually located behind the driver's dashboard site. However, this location might differ depending on your vehicle's make, model, and year. Thus, refer to your vehicle's manual and detect the auxiliary battery located exactly. 

  • Remove the old auxiliary battery 

To remove your old auxiliary battery, you need to use a trim removal tool to take out the battery without damaging it safely.

First, remove all the Phillips screws on the bottom of your dash panel to detach the battery.

On the auxiliary battery covering, you will need to remove bolts using a ratchet and a socket. Then, you need to unbolt the bracket that is carrying the auxiliary battery. Once you do that, it is time now to disconnect the negative and positive leads from your battery to make sure there is no electrical charge going through the battery and prevent yourself from the risks of getting shocked.

Check for any other bolts before removing your battery from the bracket. Ensure that you support the battery so it doesn't fall inside your vehicle's dashboard.

  • Install the new auxiliary battery 

Follow the exact opposite procedure that you did to remove your vehicle's exhilarate button. Ensure that you're installing the battery in the right position and 1st tighten the bolts holding the bracket. Then, reconnect your vehicle's leads.

After that, tighten the bolts on the lower portion of your battery's brackets. Finally, attach your battery to the lower portion of your dashboard. 

Once your new auxiliary battery is in place, is the time now to turn on the ignition switch and make sure that you no longer see the error of “battery production convenience functions temporarily unavailable.” Once this error is cleared out, you should be good to go.  

Symptoms of or a bad auxiliary battery malfunction 

When your vehicle's auxiliary battery dies, you will be able to continue driving your car, and you will not notice directly that it has any problem.

However, if you took a closer look at your vehicle's dashboard, you would see an error indicating an auxiliary battery malfunction. In some vehicles, you might even see a battery symbol on the dashboard.


On other newer vehicles, you might even see exact errors indicating that your auxiliary battery is having trouble, including:

  • The battery symbol on the dashboard
  • Stop vehicle shift 2P leave engine running
  • Stop vehicle leave engine running
  • Auxiliary battery malfunction 

Can Mercedes's auxiliary battery be charged? 

The nice thing about auxiliary batteries is that they are rechargeable. You can use a 12 Volt 2.28 H battery.

In general, if your auxiliary battery runs out of charge or if it's charged drops significantly, the alternator will try to charge it.

You can also try and take out the auxiliary battery and charge it externally. Then, you can install it once it's fully charged. 

However, if it continues to drop the charge, the alternator will not charge it, and you will end up with a malfunction.

If you've noticed that your vehicle's auxiliary battery is not holding the charge, then it has a major problem, and you should get it replaced. Otherwise, you might overstress the alternator, which costs too much more money than replacing the auxiliary battery. 

Is it worth fixing my auxiliary battery? 

While fixing the auxiliary battery itself is not considered a measured repair, sometimes it might not be worth fixing it.

Before making a final decision about whether you should fix your auxiliary battery or not, you need to evaluate your vehicle's overall condition. If you have noticed that other major problems are associated with the engine or the transmission, it might not be worth spending this money to fix the auxiliary battery.

Another thing you should investigate is your vehicle's mileage. If you've noticed that your vehicle is around more than 100,000 miles, it is expected that this vehicle will face major repairs. Therefore, it might not be worth fixing a small repair associated with the auxiliary battery, and instead, you should consider shopping for a better vehicle. The used market has a lot of decent vehicles that you can get for a good price. 

Also, if you realize that through fear, costs are getting closer to 75% or more from your vehicle's value, it is not worth spending a penny on this vehicle, and you should sell it instead and use the money as a down payment towards your better vehicle. 

The bottom line 

Auxiliary batteries, or what’s known as secondary batteries, are responsible for charging certain accessories in some vehicles that the alternator cannot charge.

These batteries are not designed to last forever, and you will have to deal with the point where you need to replace them.

To replace an auxiliary battery, you need to spend between $200 and $300, depending on your vehicle's type and condition.

If you've noticed that your vehicle has major problems and it's not worth spending a penny fixing an auxiliary battery, we advise you to get in touch with Cash Cars Buyer who will accept buying your vehicle despite its type or condition.

Whether your car has major issues with the auxiliary battery or even the alternator, we guarantee to buy it.

We provide you with the top dollars you can get around your area along with free towing no matter where you live around the United States. 

To learn more about our process, you can give us a call at 866-924-4608 or visit our home page click on the free instant online offer

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How to fix Auxiliary Battery Malfunction on Mercedes S550 w221

Mercedes-Benz Auxiliary Battery Malfunction Explained

The most common issue that triggers this error on Mercedes-Benz vehicles is a dead auxiliary battery

Auxilary battery malfunction

In most cases, to fix Mercedes-Benz auxiliary battery malfunctions, all you need to do is replace the auxiliary battery. This repair takes about 30 minutes. 

The auxiliary battery location varies between models.

Mercedes auxiliary battery malfunction problem location

Auxilary battery is typically located in one of these locations:

  • the left side of the dashboard
  • in the engine bay
  • under the front passenger seat. 

In some models, the auxiliary battery may be in the engine bay (W211), under the passenger seat (most SUVs such as GL, R, ML), trunk, and behind the driver's seat (SLK convertible); we will go into more detail later.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the auxiliary and replace it yourself for under $100. 

Newer Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs have two batteries:

  • Main battery (G1) - Also known as system battery, starter battery, or G1. Its main function is to start the engine and be the primary power source for all electrical systems.
  • Auxiliary battery (G1/7). - Also known as the secondary battery, backup battery, aux battery, or G1/7. Usually an AGM battery. Typically specs:  12V, 12Ah, 170 A.  Supplies power if main battery (G1) voltage is low. 


auxilary battery

When the main battery dies, the car won't start. The car starts when the auxiliary battery dies, but an auxiliary battery malfunction appears on the dashboard.

In most cases, the car runs and drives fine even with a bad auxilary battery. 

mercedes auxilary battery malfunction

Reading the fault codes with a Mercedes-Benz All System Scanner brings up the following fault code: 

  • 9062 Component G1/7 (auxiliary battery) is defective or not installed. Status: Current and stored. 

Some models, such as the early E-Class, the auxiliary battery warning, show the battery symbol on the dashboard.

On newer models, when the auxiliary battery dies, you get a battery symbol and error message on the dashboard such as:

  • Auxiliary Battery Malfunction
  • Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running - can also be caused by the main battery.
  • Stop Vehicle Shift to P Leave Engine Running - can be caused by low voltage for the main battery.
  • Battery Symbol on Dashboard - can also be caused by faulty alternator or voltage regulator. 

Why does Auxilary Battery Malfunction come up? 

Mercedes auxiliary battery

When the auxiliary battery fails to hold a charge to recharge, you will get an error message such as "auxiliary battery malfunction" or, in 2015 and newer models, "stop vehicle shift to P leave engine running" warning message.

These two error messages are common for Mercedes-Benz cars, and other than the error message, the vehicle usually runs and drives fine. 

If the car runs and drives fine, but you keep seeing the auxiliary battery malfunction error on the dashboard, you know the auxiliary battery problem. 

We have seen Mercedes-Benz try to read the codes with a generic OBD-II scanner, but no fault codes come up. Using a generic scanner to read the codes, you will not find fault codes that point to a bad auxiliary battery because generic scanners can not read Mercedes-Benz specific fault codes. 

You will know that the secondary battery is at fault because the car will still turn on, and some functions will work. The auxiliary battery does not affect the car’s mechanical functions. 

What is the auxiliary battery used for? 

function of mercedes auxiliary battery

One of the most important functions of the auxiliary battery is to operate the gear shift selector when the main car battery dies. 

Mercedes-Benz has what is known as a drive-by-wire. This means your gear select shifter is electronically controlled. If the main battery dies, you can no longer control the shifter and place the vehicle in Park. Since there is an auxiliary battery, you can still shift to Park even if the main battery dies. This is a safety feature. 

The reason why the car runs and drives fine is that the auxiliary battery is hardly ever used. In the early models, such as E-Class W211, it was used to run electronic consumers, but that's no longer the case. 

Depending on the model, the auxiliary battery can operate additional functions and accessories such as sensors, COMAND, heated seats, various radars, stop-start functions, etc.

Where is the auxiliary battery located? 

Mercedes benz auxiliary battery location

The most common location for the auxiliary battery on a Mercedes-Benz is on the left side of the dashboard. Other locations where you will find auxiliary batteries on a Mercedes-Benz.

  • Engine bay - Passenger side. 
    • E-Class W211 installed below air intake of HVAC.
  • Under Passenger Seat
    • ML, R, GL have the aux battery under the front passenger seat.
  • Behind the driver's seat
    • SLK, SL has the auxiliary battery behind the driver's seat, back panel. 
  • Trunk - Near fuse box. 

The main location of the auxiliary battery is the left side of the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace the auxiliary battery on a Mercedes Benz? 

First, you need to determine where the auxiliary battery is located on your Mercedes-Benz. Next, follow one of these guides on how to replace the auxiliary battery on a Mercedes-Benz. 

Can I use an aftermarket auxiliary battery? 

Yes. Aftermarket batteries that have similar specs as the original battery can be used. We have used aftermarket auxiliary batteries many times without any issue. 

I replaced the auxiliary battery, but the warning still comes up. 

First, check the new auxiliary battery is charged. We had seen it happened before where the new auxiliary battery that we installed was discharged. You can use a voltmeter to measure the voltage of the auxiliary battery. It should be above 12 volts. 

Several issues can trigger the auxiliary battery warning message: 

  • Battery Control Module (N82).  The battery control module monitors voltages and calculates the condition of both batteries. N82 monitors the voltages of (G1) and (G1/7)
  • Auxiliary battery relay (K57/2) Learn more about the K57/2 relay replacement here. 
  • CAN communication issue - Typically due to damaged wires or connector
  • Polyswitch Fuse (F30)
  • Auxiliary Battery Relay (K57/2) - Used to charge the auxiliary battery if the engine runs and the voltage is low.
  • Cut-off Relay for Interruptible Loads (K75) Cut-off Relay for Interruptible Loads (K75)

Even though many of the components above can cause auxiliary battery malfunction, we have found that 9 out of 10 times, the problem is the auxiliary battery itself. 

Which Mercedes-Benz models have an auxiliary battery? 

Most 2003 and newer Mercedes-Benz have a secondary battery, also known as an auxiliary battery. 

For example: 

  • C-Class (W205 S205 C205)
  • S-Class (W221 W222),  
  • E-Class (W213 S213 C238 W212 S212 C207 A207 A0009829308 auxiliary battery is located at the driver side.
  • GLC-Class (X253, C253), 
  • SLK R171 R172
  • GL, GLS Class X164, and newer
  • R-Class W251
  • ML-Class W164

For example, most models including  E class W211 S211 W212 S212 C207 A207 ML W166 GL X166 C class W204 S204 S class W220 W221 A-class W176 W177 CLA W117 CLS W218 C257 Sprinter W906 Vito W639 W447 B Class W246 W247 G Class W463 G500 G55 G63 AMG cars have the small auxiliary battery.

If your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with the 722.9 7-speed transmissions, it will also have an auxiliary battery. 

What is the difference between Secondary and Auxiliary Batteries?

Secondary and auxiliary batteries are often used interchangeably. In fact, there is a difference between the two.

Typically a secondary battery may be used to power several electronic consumers. Simultaneously, an auxiliary battery is mainly used as a backup to operate the electronic shifter if the main battery fails. Whether your Mercedes-Benz has a secondary or aux battery depends on the car model and year. 

What is Mercedes-Benz N000000004039 auxiliary battery?

N000000004039 A000000004039 12V 1.2Ah lead-acid battery is the second model of the auxiliary battery, also known as the backup battery. It is used on many models including Mercedes SUVs such as GL X164 GL450 GL550 GL350 GL320 S-class W220 W221 S320 CL-class  W216 CL550 CL600 CL63, R-class W251 R350, ML-class W164 ML250 ML300 ML350 etc.

What is the A0009829308 auxiliary battery?

One more type of battery for Mercedes cars is A0009829308, which is very similar to the previous model described above. Still, it has a little bit different shape and different locations for positive and negative terminals.

Can you re-charge an auxiliary battery?

Mercedes-Benz auxiliary battery is a rechargeable 12V 1.2Ah battery. The alternator charges the auxiliary battery when the engine is running.

If the auxiliary battery voltage drops significantly, the alternator will stop charging it, and you will get an aux battery warning on the dashboard.

If the battery is still good, your only option is to remove the car's battery and charge it with a 12 Volt Smart Charger, then reinstall.

If the auxiliary battery doesn't hold a charge, it needs to be replaced.

How much does it Cost to Replace a Mercedes Auxiliary Battery?

The average cost to replace a Mercedes-Benz auxiliary battery at the dealer or auto mechanic is between $250 and $450. 

The average cost to replace a Mercedes-Benz battery yourself is between $30 and $95. 

Does an auxiliary battery need to be programmed? 

No, the new auxiliary battery that you install does not need to be programmed. It will work without programming, and the Auxilary Battery Waring on the instruction cluster resets on its own. 

Can I drive the car with the auxiliary warning on? 

While the vehicle can still be driven with an auxiliary battery warning light on, for safety reasons, we recommend getting this problem fixed as soon as possible. 

Which Mercedes-Benz has an auxiliary battery? 

Almost all 2005 and newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles have an auxiliary or secondary battery. Here are some examples: 

  • C Cass W205 Saloon Sedan
  • C Class S205 Estate Touring
  • C Class A205 Cabriolet Convertible
  • C Class C205 Coupe
  • C Class 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  • C Class C180 C200 C220 BlueTec C250 C300 C350 c350e Hybrid C400 C450 C43 C450 C63 AMG
  • CLC Class W257 2017 2018 2019
  • E Class W213 Sedan
  • E Class S213 Estate
  • E Class C238 Coupe
  • E Class A238 Convertible
  • E Class 2016 2017 2018 2019
  • E Class W212 S212 A207 C207
  • E Class E200 E250 E300 E350e Hybrid E400 E450 E200d E220d E300d E350d E400d 4MATIC E43 E63 AMG BlueTEC
  • ML-class W164 ML250 ML300 ML350
  • GLE W166
  • R Class W251 R350 R500 R320 R63 AMG
  • GL X164 GL450 GL550 GL350 GL320
  • GLA-class X156 GLA180 GLA200 GLA250 GLA45 AMG GLA220 CDI
  • GLC X253 C253 W253 Hatchback Coupe 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
  • GLC GLC300 GLC350e GLC220d GLC 220d GLC250d GLC350d GLC300 GLC43 AMG
  • S Class W220 W221 S320
  • CL-class  W216 CL550 CL600 CL63
  • S Class W222 Sedan 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  • S Class C217 Coupe 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  • S Class A217 Convertible Cabriolet 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  • S Class S300 BlueTec S320 S350 S400 Hybrid S500 S550 S65 S63 AMG 4Matic

What is the part number of the Mercedes-Benz auxiliary battery? 

The most common part numbers for a Mercedes-Benz auxilariy batery are: 

  • A0009829308
  • A0019822708,
  • A0009829608,
  • A0049820008
  • A0009827008
  • A000 982 70 08
  • N000000004039
  • A0009829308
  • 000-982-96-08
  • A0009829608
  • 001-982-27-08
  • A0019822708
  • 001-982-27-08-28
  • 004-982-00-08
  • A0049820008
  • N000000004039

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