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Phi Sigma Sigma Jewelry & LavalieresThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Your sorority motto is to "Aim High." That's just what you're doing when you shop for your paraphernalia at Greek Gear. This category lists our Phi Sigma Sigma Jewelry and Lavalieres.

The quality and look of the jewelry that you wear matters -- it can make your entire outfit. If you're dressing up a bit for a special occasion, and want to add something special to your ensemble, wear the Phi Sigma Sigma White Pearl and Clear Bracelet. It looks like something timeless that your great grandmother might have passed down to you. There's a charm near the clasp that is engraved with your Greek letters.

If you like to wear necklaces, check out the Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Set. Made with Lab Created Diamonds, it's a sparkling heart shaped charm with your letters positioned to the side that falls a bit to the left when it's dangling from a chain. Wear it every day as a way to pay homage to your dynamic sisterhood of powerful women.

Add a touch of class and distinction to any outfit -- formal or casual -- with Phi Sigma Sigma Jewelry and Lavalieres from . They make lovely and thoughtful presents for members of all ages.


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Sarah Sears - Jewelry Designer - SIGMA ARTisans Series

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