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Industrial & Engineering Plastic Sheets and Shapes

Industrial and Engineering Plastic Sheets, Sheeting and Shapes is the section where you will find a wide variety of industrial grade plastic sheet and shape materials used in Industry. They are available, for the most part, in Sheet, Rod, Tube and Profile form. We have listed the most common items on our shelves, and there is a wide variety of material and sizes that we can order up from the factory for you and quickly turnaround.

Precision Cut to Size Service of Plastic Sheets available!

Tip: To help find your specific material, you can use the SEARCH function as we usually use the generic name for the materials where multiple brand names exist.

(Please fax or call for large quantity quotes or for machining of materials to your prints)

We have a large stock of Architectural and Engineering Plastic Sheets and Plastic Materials.

Choose from a wide selection of ABS Plastic Sheets, Acrylic plastic sheets, Acrylite, Acetal, KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet, Lexguard and Hygard Bullet Resistant Plastic Sheet, Delrin, FRP sheet, Fiberglass Grate, Sheet, Structural FRP Shapes, Lexan®, Lexguard®, Plastic Mirror, Micarta Industrial Laminates (X, CE, LE, G10, FR4), Clear Polyester rolls & sheets, Nylon, polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Styrene sheet, PTFE sheets, UHMW Sheet, Rod, Shapes, abrasion-resistant sheet, anti-static, and hundreds more.


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Industrial Plastic Liners

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Reef Industries' Permalon® division manufactures the industry's most advanced group of geosynthetic heavy duty plastic liners. Permalon® is ideal for lining various aquaculture applications, ice rinks, pits, ponds, lagoons, and secondary containment applications. This alloyed product is specifically engineered to resist punctures and tears to help minimize water loss and land deterioration. Reef Industries’ industrial plastic liners are available in heavy-duty, internally reinforced constructions and are available in 20 mil and 30 mil thicknesses constructed to suit an array of environments.

Permalon® Plastic Liner Features

Permalon® materials offer outstanding chemical resistance, weathering characteristics and the highest weight-to-strength ratio available. Permalon® liner materials are factory-fabricated up to an acre or more in size minimizing the need for an expensive installation crew.

Custom Plastic Liners

If you are in need of custom plastic liners, Reef Industries’ capabilities includes three-dimensional shapes for box and container liners, raceway liners and waterproofing/rehabilitating all manner of structural containers. Contact us today for more information on manufacturing your custom industrial plastic liner.

For your convenience, Permalon® liner materials are factory-fabricated up to an acre or more in size minimizing the need for an expensive installation crew.

contact us

Need a Custom Solution?

specifically suited for your needs

Our experienced staff can work with exact dimensions, sketches and/or ideas to custom design and build a product specifically suited for your needs. If one of our stock sizes does not meet your requirements, we can custom fabricate a product that does.

request a quote


About Reef Industries

Reef Industries is a plastic film & laminate manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience.

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Spec Sheets

Quick access to product specifications and safety data sheets.

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Frequently asked questions about our plastic film products, how to order and more.

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Discount Visqueen

Visqueen Plastic Sheeting | Many Mils & Types

CALL: (800) 227-8479

CALL: (800) 227-8479



Clear Plastic Rolls

This is a product guide to help you determine what kind of clear plastic visqueen rolls are optimal for your project. If you already know what you are looking for and are ready to buy, click the 'To Webstore' button above.

Types and Use

Clear Plastic Sheeting

• Tarp or Drop Cloth - Clear thin mil
• Dust barrier - Clear 4 mil
• Dust barrier for abatement - Clear 6 mil
• Vapor barrier - Clear 6 Mil or 10 Mil
• Fair Weather Greenhouse / Hoop House - Clear 6 Mil


Our clear plastic sheeting comes in many varieties, sizes, and mils. It is highly versitile! "Clear thin mil" refers to anything we sell under 2 mil; all the way down to .31 mil. These are ideal for painter's tarps, drop cloths, temporary protection for messy activities, or anything else you can dream up. 4 mil can be used as a dust barrier or temporary enclosure for protection against non-hazardous dust and splatters. 6 mil is thick enough to create a strong, long-lasting seal; it is used as a dust barrier against hazardous particulate, as an economical vapor barrier for basement crawl spaces, as a liner for a DIY ice rink, as a slip-and-slide, as a fair weather greenhouse; the list goes on and on! For heavy duty projects, upgrade to 10 mil for additional strength, durability, and tear resistance.

This page is for our standard clear poly sheeting; if you are looking for string reinforced, sticky plastic for carpet protection, or woven reinforced, be sure to visit those pages instead.

Clear standard visqueen is available:
In the thicknesses of 4 mil, 6 mil, and 10 mil
In widths ranging from 10' to 40'
In standard, woven reinforced, and flame retardant varieties

Economy Thin Mil Clear Plastic Rolls

Painter's Drop Cloth Visqueen

Our wide selection of 'thin mil' low cost thin clear plastic rolls are more economical than drop cloths for painting! Use inside or outside to cover, protect, separate, or moisture-proof. We sell thin mil visqueen from .31 mil to 2 mil in a variety of sizes. Use this when you need the solid coverage of plastic at a low price. Great for community activities that are likely to make a mess such as egg tosses, children's outdoor painting, fraternity and sorority activities, and much more. Ideal for protecting furniture and floors from construction dust or paint splatters. Why buy a tarp when you can get buy easy-to-use you can get economy thin mil plastic for less? Thin mil poly sheeting is lso excellent for covering non-native plants during the winter to protect them from the cold that might otherwise kill them. Whatever your price point or coverage, we have the economical thin mil clear visqueen solution for you.

Click below to view our wide variety of sizes and mils for this type of visqueen plastic.


4 Mil Clear Plastic Rolls

4 Mil Clear Plastic Roll Visqueen

• 8x100
• 10x100
• 12x100
• 14x100
• 16x100
• 20x100
• 24x100
• 40x100
• 20x100 Bulk Pallet of 20
All with free shipping over $100!

4 mil clear plastic rolls are used when an economical, but substantial, tarp is required. This is often to protection equipment or open stuctures on jobsites in the short-term. It is also used for dust barriers that protect against wood shop dust, paint splatters, and other non-hazardous detritus. We have 4 mil available in a wide variety of sizes to specifically fit your needs, and we even offer a bulk pallet with one low price and free shipping, ideal for large installations.


6 Mil Clear Plastic Rolls

6 Mil Clear Plastic Roll Visqueen

• 8x100
• 10x100
• 12x100
• 16x100
• 20x100
• 24x100
• 20x100 Bulk Pallet of 30
All with free shipping over $100!

6 mil clear plastic rolls are one of the most widely used and versatile visqueen products. For almost every DIY project, from hoop houses, to ice rinks, to slip and slides, to winterizing porches, 6 mil clear is the recommended choice. It has enough weight to be strong and durable, the clear transparency that is desired for most of these projects, and a great price. 6 mil is even strong enough to be used as a dust barrier for abatement work with mold and asbestos. Many of our customers love to use 6 mil clear poly sheeting combined the Zipwall system or poly hangers for fast installation. It is also strong enough to be used as a vapor barrier in crawl spaces or in concrete slabs. It will hold the moisture at bay for decades to come. If you aren't sure if 6 mil is strong enough for your application, you can order it in the economical 8x100 size to test it out. Click the button below to view all sizes of 6 mil clear plastic rolls in our webstore.


10 Mil Clear Plastic Rolls

10 Mil Clear Plastic Roll Visqueen

• 10x100
• 20x100
• 20x100 Bulk Pallet of 20
All with free shipping over $100!

10 mil clear plastic rolls are often used as a dust barrier to seal off a work area with hazardous dust, asbestos, lead paint or mold spores. The strength, durability, and tear-resistance of 10 mil poly is ideal for use in remediation and abatement work. It can also be used for weather protection on vulnerable open-air construction sites, outdoor equipment, or supplies. The extra thickness and durability of 10 mil will prove its worth against harsh weather and long weeks. Another common use of 10 mil visqueen rolls is as a vapor barrier in a crawl space or concrete slab. Vapor barriers are meant to last for decades and stand the test of time; 10 mil is up for the challenge! It will keep the moisture at bay with dependability and durability. In landscaping, 10 mil clear plastic sheeting is dieal for long-term, maintenance-free installations. It is increasingly used in hot climates where low-water solutions are growing in popularity. With a coating of mulch, it will look orderly and keep the weeds away; a clean, modern, eco-friendly aesthetic that will last for years to come. Change out the mulch every year and cut away the 10 mil poly sheeting where you wish to make new plantings. Use 10 mil clear plastic sheeting rolls inside or outside to contain, water-proof, separate, protect, or any other purpose that requires a strong and long-lasting clear plastic seal.


Discount Visqueen

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Industrial Plastic Sheets

A&C Plastics carries a large variety of plastic sheeting products for many different industries and applications. From the very widely used ABS plastic sheet and PVC strip doors, our line of plastic products caters to nearly everyone. A&C Plastics’ plastic sheets are lightweight, durable, and strong making them great for any industry. For high-demand industrial applications, our products deliver every time. Click below for more information on any of our products. Also be sure to fill out a quote request form to get wholesale pricing options.

Industrial Plastics and Sheeting

From our fluted polypropylene to our expanded PVC sheet plastic A&C Plastics has a full selection of industrial plastic sheeting that will efficiently complete your next project. However, we also have a full selection of polycarbonate sheeting as well. With countless options of polycarbonate sheeting, it is obvious that A&C Plastics is here to make sure you find exactly what you need at an amazing price. If you would like to learn more about our quality products, be sure to look through our information center. Shop with A&C Plastics today!

When it comes versatile industrial plastics, the most popular types of sheeting include:

  • ABS Plastic
  • Expanded PVC
  • polypropylene sheetFluted Polypropylene
  • PETG Mirror
  • Polypropylene Sheet
  • Vinyl Strip Door
  • Vikak (PETG)
  • High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • & More

Learn More About Industrial Plastic Sheets

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