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Epilogue: Anger 

The scene in front of us is only adequately described by the Monster Armageddon. 

No, I'm not kidding. 

Because it can only be described that way. 

In battle, are two dragons. 

Although not the same shape, both are very large. 

"The Scorch Dragon" Velgrynd looks handsome and beautiful.” 

She's more agile than Veldora and has a better contoured line for flying through the air. 

What kind of battle will it be between the two? 

Although it was late at night, the sky was unusually bright. 

The Great Forest of Jura was burning with roaring flames, and the curtain of night reflected the flames as if dyed with layers of red. 

The capital city "Rimuru" has been hidden in the labyrinth so that it has not suffered any damage, and if it remains on the ground, it will probably be wiped out. 

The destruction of the gate connecting the labyrinth to the outside world was proof enough of that. The upper levels of the labyrinth may have also been devastated. 

The fight between Veldora and Velgrynd is in stasis. 

For Velgrynd lifts the "parallel of existence.” 

Just looking at the tragic state of the forest one might not realize that both are actually in perfect control of their powers. Although the two used tremendous amounts of energy to attack each other, the combat precision was controlled with great precision. 

The speeds are not comparable. 

Veldora has grown at a surprising rate. 

By deftly controlling his power to achieve ultra-high speed flight, he does not budge in the face of Velgrynd. 

It seems to be hiding and secretly cultivating, the fruits of which are manifested in battle. 

For now, it appears that Veldora has the upper hand slightly. 

Veldora was stronger if only the size of the power, the amount of mana, was compared. Not only were they higher than when they were sealed, but he had even learned other fighting techniques that led to the current fighting results. 

Even so, it didn't take away my unease. 

Because in terms of magic operations, it's still Velgrynd that has the bigger advantage. Now that Velgrynd has focused on Veldora, it's safe to say that the real showdown is only now beginning. 

Even so… 

Rudra's calm demeanor was too much for me to let go. 

Why was he so calm when Velgrynd, who was supposed to be an absolute defense, wasn't around? 

In my place, it's because of the peace of mind that comes from being able to summon Veldora whenever I want. Regardless of the crisis, I believe that as long as Veldora is around I can get through it. 

Rudra must have been no slouch as well. 

After all, it was Guy who identified with it, and being able to easily dominate Yuuki at that point was quite threatening. 

But I'm also capable of the ultimate skill. There is also the hidden skill of empowering others in part based on my control, just as I did with Benimaru. 

Truth be told, the Imperial Emperor's Order of Near Guards is no threat to me. 

Only the top five "single digits" and Yuuki are considered to be opponents to be wary of. 

In particular, the man named Damrada seemed dangerous. 

However, it is not an invincible opponent either. 

Even if we don't count Laplace in the battle strength, the fight is one in which we have an advantage. 

The above is my speculation, but it is because of this that I feel more uneasy. 

Why would Rudra be so calm? That point makes me wonder. 

Was it to think that even without Velgrynd, there was still an overwhelming gap of strength? 

But even so, there's no point in taking a chance here. 

Why on earth did Rudra have such confidence? 

While speculating on Rudra's intentions, Veldora's battle situation with them also concerns me. 

After Velgrynd unleashed the fiery flames to attack, Veldora blocked with the barrier. Then Veldora unleashed a storm in return for a counterattack, but Velgrynd dodged his attack. 

It was a fierce battle. 

It was the kind of battle that would have made even me cringe, the fabulous one. 

This was the first time I had ever seen Veldora fight in earnest, beyond my wildest dreams. I didn't expect Veldora to be able to fight with Velgrynd, who had suppressed Testarossa and the others. 

But it's also taken for granted when you think about it. 

Veldora had already been able to use his ultimate skill 'Investigation King Faust' with great proficiency. 

That's why it was possible to go up against Velgrynd. 

Skill-wise, it was indeed Velgrynd who had the upper hand. However, Veldora's King of Investigation was a cheating level ability. 

This is what the King of Wisdom told me about it, whose power is 'probabilistic operation.’ By the way, he also has the uppermost authority in the "Truthfulness" analysis system. It was as if with this ability, one could instantly see through the power of the enemy and respond appropriately. 

It's even a little confusing, what's the point of combat specialization at this point? 

Truth be told, whoever can defeat Veldora, who is skilled in the use of the King of Investigation, is going to be very troubled. 

That's why I firmly believe in the victory of Veldora. 

Even now, there were unseen attacks shooting at Velgrynd. 

It was simply unrecognizable through the image and looked as if Velgrynd had suddenly been hurt. 

However, I am very clear. 

What just happened was one of Veldora's self-created must-kill techniques, called the Harvest Storm Attack. He kept showing off his must-kill skills to me, and I was really impressed after actually seeing it with my own eyes. 

At first glance it looks like all sorts of fluctuations are being put out in meaningless haphazardness. 

Then the overlap occurs at the specified coordinates, and it is at this point that the effect is finally realized. 

The discovery was a step too late. 

After all, it's already hit, and dodging and defense are out of the question. 

Oops, he seems to have developed a brilliant move. 

Just because every fluctuation seems ineffective, it's subconsciously ignored. If you are inexperienced, you will definitely be hit, and it can be said that it is a must-kill move at first sight. 

Velgrynd was also completely hit by a straight attack from the Harvest Storm. Not to be outdone by Veldora, but also to dispel the unease in my mind. 


Things changed rapidly the moment I was convinced of the unshakeable victory of Veldora going on like this. 

And it's going in the worst possible direction… 

Suddenly, a flying airship appeared in the combat airspace. 

Standing in the bow of the ship was a man in a different military uniform than the others. 

Lt. Kondo. 

As I panicked and turned to the reflection on the other side, the Kondo group who had just been there were gone. The ritual ended when Velgrynd lifted the 'parallel existence'. 

It seems I've panicked to the point where I don't even notice these situations. 

<<Notice. Taboo Mantra: "The undead elf was completed about one minute ago.>> Just a minute, but only a minute. 

In this minute, Kondo came to the battlefield of Veldora and Velgrynd. 

Bad feeling after bad feeling after bad feeling. It was because I was unaware of the other party's intentions that my invisible heart was driven to beat violently by anxiety. 

At this point, another figure appeared on the bow of the flying airship. 

That person, looks exactly like the person sitting in front of me. 

…Just lucky…? 

No, not right! 

"Parallel existence…?" 

By the time I found out it was a step too late. What happened next didn't even have a chance to be stopped, it happened in a flash. 

Kondo shot at Veldora with the pistol he held in his right hand. 

For the strongest of them all, Veldora the Storm Dragon, bullets and all that just don't work. Yet after such a thought flashed through the mind, the bullet pierced through Veldora's skin with impossible speed. 

Beyond the unit of sonic speed, the speed of sublight is reached. 

The bullet fired at Veldora did not penetrate the body, but instead stayed inside him. Thus, the power of evil was liberated. 

Veldora began to feel pain. A wound that should have been repaired in an instant, but this instant was fatal. 

Rudra, in the image, held out his hand to Veldora. 

"Let me tell you. That's called, the kingly power unleashed. It is the absolute power that can exercise dominion over all beings that possess consciousness. Even the True Dragon Seed can't escape the remaining domination.” 

While saying so, Rudra stood up. 

Once the purpose was served, he wanted to leave the place. 

"Hey, give me a minute…” 

"Well, there's a deal, by the way. I'm not interested in you anymore, if you join my banner, let's show you a new world.” 

Rudra never put me out of my mind. 

And it seems that the Rudra here, is the impostor that Velgrynd created with 'parallel existence'. While consciousness is shared, there's no point in knocking this guy down. 

It seemed I was being toyed with by Rudra from start to finish. 

This represents, utter defeat. 

"Don't underestimate Veldora.” 

I realized that I was just unconvinced to say that. 

Totally regardless of what was going on inside me, Rudra told me the harsh truth. 

"It's the True Dragon Race, more tricky than I thought, but at last it's completely dominant." 

Rudra is telling the truth. 

Immediately after, I felt a pain in my chest. 

Intense pain that cannot be cured even if the pain is not effective. 

It's like pulling the "soul" out of my body… 

<<Notice. Master and the individual Veldora’s "Soul Corridor" has been destroyed. The "Storm Dragon Summoning" and "Storm Dragon Restoration" from the ultimate skill "Storm King Veldora" cannot be used.>> I was appalled at being told the cause of the pain. 


To take Veldora from me? 

To take the Veldora from me…? 

"Don't joke around, you beast!” 

I hissed, lashing out at Rudra. 

God speed—as fast as I can make it right now. 

However, Rudra had no intention of duking it out at all, there was no need for that. 

My fists hit nothing. 

Rudra lifted the 'parallel existence' and eliminated the Rudra that was no longer useful on this side. 

"Is that your answer? Also. It's a shame that I wanted to take you in as my men, too. It seems that the remaining powers are not all-powerful, and it will be difficult to 'dominate' again.” 


"Since it's not boring this time, I'll give you a little more time to think. At any rate, you were trapped when you were recruited into this place known as the Fortress of Dreams. Let's just hope you'll surrender yourselves.” 

Leaving this sentence, Rudra disappeared. 

Using his voice as a signal, Rudra's men were "diverted" away. 

I didn't even have the thought of catching up, only a violent sense of loss and intense anger. 

"Don't be ridiculous…” 

It was all the result of my carelessness. 

I wanted to attack him, but ended up falling into a trap, and although he guarded Laplace, his opponent took advantage of this and deliberately prepared a more despicable strategy. 

There was no need for Rudra to remind me at all, the moment I entered the place I had discovered it. 

It's a distorted, isolated space. 

Just getting out was enough, but there should always be something I could do. Such thoughts have unwittingly led to my carelessness. 

As cautious as possible, this time it was the opponent who had the upper hand. It's a war that can't be won every time. 

This kind of thing, needless to say, I know. 

"Damn it!" 

While screaming like that, I punched myself in the face with my fist. 

No pain. Only the heartache, which seemed to rip, was even more stark. 

"Please stop, Lord Rimuru!” 

Shion’s words did not reach my ears. 

Two, three. 

And when I wanted to hit the fourth… 

It was stopped by Shion, who was standing behind me. 

Not only Shion, but also Benimaru, Souei, and Diablo, each of them panicked and tried to stop me. 

"I'm sorry, I just got a little carried away. Impatience is a bad habit of mine, and thanks to you, I was able to regain my composure.” 

I lied. 

My anger went up one by one. 

Even then I forcefully suppressed the anger in my heart and stood up at the same time. 

Even after indulging my anger and beating myself with all my might, my face was still intact. 

Quicker than Shion and Benimaru they could react, the King of Wisdom activated self-defense. 

Once again, I realized that everyone was watching over me. 

It is because of this that I am even more unable to forgive myself. In order to be able to fill this sense of loss, the anger kept spilling out. 

This anger, exactly where should it be directed…? 

Ah, I remember. 

It's a war that's coming. 

It that case, no mercy should be shown. 

So I, too, will be their opponent with all my might. 


That may indeed be the case. 

But, what's wrong with that? 

The Empire has angered me. 

If so desired, It will be given to you. 

The blessing called perdition. 

Those fools have touched my reverse scale. 

I allowed my anger to unleash the power I'd been holding back… 

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Manga, Vol. 14


The hostile human nation of Falmuth staged a devastating attack on Tempest, the peaceful land of monsters. Now, in order to bring back the dead and protect the living, Rimuru is determined to become the most feared of beings: a Demon Lord. But this evolution comes at a terrible price, and the assailing humans will soon realize how poorly they've chosen tREVENGE SERVED COLD

The hostile human nation of Falmuth staged a devastating attack on Tempest, the peaceful land of monsters. Now, in order to bring back the dead and protect the living, Rimuru is determined to become the most feared of beings: a Demon Lord. But this evolution comes at a terrible price, and the assailing humans will soon realize how poorly they've chosen their enemy......more

Paperback, 208 pages

Published November 3rd 2020 by Kodansha Comics (first published March 27th 2020)

Sours: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/53418597
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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 14 (Light Novel)

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