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Here are three of our popular word sudoku puzzles with a Valentine's Day theme. Instead of numbers, kids try to arrange the letters of the appropriate Valentine word...

Valentine Word Sudoku - Difficult

Valentine Word Sudoku - Difficult

Print and enjoy this easy Valentine word sudoku for kids, with a 9 x 9 grid and the word "LOVEBIRDS" rather than the more usual numbers

Valentine Word Sudoku - Easy

Valentine Word Sudoku - Easy

Print and enjoy this easy Valentine word sudoku for kids, with a 4 x 4 grid and the word "LOVE" rather than the more usual numbers/p>

Valentine Word Sudoku - Medium

Valentine Word Sudoku - Medium

Print and enjoy this easy Valentine word sudoku for kids, with a 6 x 6 grid and the word "HEARTS" rather than the more usual numbers


Sudoku Levels

Cupid's bow just hit and poof! You found your one true love, Valentine's Day Sudoku! Valentine's Day Sudoku is the only way to celebrate true love this Valentine's. Hearts, arrows, and roses inspire you to gallantly win every level of sudoku you conquer on Valentine's Day Sudoku in the name of amore. There are multiple levels of sudoku play on Valentine's Day Sudoku for you to try your hand at. Play easy, medium, hard, or expert sudoku until your heart's content! There are hundreds of fun Valentine's free sudoku games available at every level of sudoku play.

If Valentine's Day Sudoku is your first date with online sudoku then watch out, you will quickly fall in love with this Valentine! Play web sudoku in the same manner that you would play print sudoku. Only, instead of using a lead pencil to enter the numbers 1 through 9 into the blank sudoku cells you can use your keyboard numbers. Sudoku also has anther fun way for you to enter digits onto the sudoku board! Select the empty cell that you would like to fill, then select a heart tile to the left and right of the board to fill the square.

If you are completely new to the sudoku world then the game is easy to pick up. All sudoku games of every level are played on a nine by nine sudoku board. The board is divided into nine three by three boxes. To beat the sudoku game the objective is is to fill every row, column, and 3x3 square with the numbers one through nine only once. The more you play online Valentine's Sudoku the better your game will be! Progress from Easy Sudoku all the way to Expert Sudoku with Valentine's Day Sudoku!

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Sudoku Levels

Falling in love with Valentine's Day Sudoku is, well, Easy! This online sudoku game is no funny valentine, answers are straightforward and abundant. Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku is easier than the sudoku games of higher difficulty on the Valentine's Day Sudoku site because less strategic play is required. Players still have to follow sudoku rules but they will find that multiple answers can be found on the board. Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku is the summer love of Sudoku. It is short, sweet, and fun. Enjoy!

The rules to Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku are simple. Let's start with the board. The Sudoku board consists of nine columns and nine rows. Within that there are also nine 3x3 squares. Fill each empty square on the sudoku board with the numbers one through nine. Each 3x3 square, row, and column can contain the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 only once. If you enter the wrong number in a square on the sudoku board than you will be penalized by having time added to the timer at the bottom left corner of the Valentine's Day Sudoku board.

This fun loving and easy puzzle game is not only pretty it is also great for your brain! Clouded though it may be with puppy love you can still improve your mind elasticity with the stimulating strategy of Easy Valentine's Day Sudoku!

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Valentine Sudoku

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Sudoku valentines

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Valentine's Day Sudoku

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