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General Schedule (GS) & Wage Grade (WG) Jobs

The government's classification system includes an occupational structure which groups similar jobs together. There are 23 occupational groups comprising 441 different white-collar occupations under the General Schedule; GS-000 through GS-2200.

Each occupational general schedule (GS) group is further subdivided into specific numerical codes called Job Series (for example: GS-856, Electronics Technician, GS-318, Secretary Series, etc.). The Wage Grade (WG) Trades and Labor Schedule offers an additional 36 occupational families; WG-2500 through WG-9000.

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General Schedule (GS) Occupational Groups

GS-000: MISCELLANEOUS  – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work which cannot be included in other occupational groups either because the duties are unique, or because they are complex and come in part under various groups. 

GS-100: SOCIAL SCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY, AND WELFARE GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work, subordinate technical work, or related clerical work in one or more of the social sciences; in psychology; in social work; in recreational activities; or in the administration of public welfare and insurance programs.

GS-200: PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform work involved in the various phases of personnel management and industrial relations.

GS-300: GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE, CLERICAL, & OFFICE SERVICES GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work involved in management analysis; stenography, typing, correspondence, and secretarial work; mail and file work; the operation of office appliances; the operation of communications equipment, use of codes and ciphers, and procurement of the most efficient communications services; the operation of microform equipment, peripheral equipment, duplicating equipment, mail processing equipment, and copier/duplicating equipment; and other work of a general clerical and administrative nature. 


GS-400: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work or subordinate technical work in any of the fields of science concerned with living organisms, their distribution, characteristics, life processes, and adaptations and relations to the environment; the soil, its properties and distribution, and the living organisms growing in or on the soil; and the management, conservation, or utilization thereof for particular purposes or uses. 

GS-500: ACCOUNTING AND BUDGET GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform professional, technical, or related clerical work of an accounting, budget administration, related financial management, or similar nature.

GS-600: MEDICAL, HOSPITAL, DENTAL, AND PUBLIC HEALTH GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work, subordinate technical work, or related clerical work in the several branches of medicine, surgery, and dentistry or in related patient care services such as dietetics, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, pharmacy, and others. 

GS-700: VETERINARY MEDICAL SCIENCE GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise and consult on, administer, manage, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work in the various branches of veterinary medical science. 

GS-800: ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform professional, scientific, or technical work concerned with engineering or architectural projects, facilities, structures, systems, processes, equipment, devices, material or methods. Positions in this group require knowledge of the science or art, or both, by which materials, natural resources, and power are made useful. 



GS-1000: INFORMATION AND ARTS GROUP – This group includes positions which involve professional, artistic, technical, or clerical work in (1) the communication of information and ideas through verbal, visual, or pictorial means, (2) the collection, custody, presentation, display, and interpretation of art works, cultural objects, and other artifacts, or (3) a branch of fine or applied arts such as industrial design, interior design, or musical composition. Positions in this group require writing, editing, and language ability; artistic skill and ability; knowledge of foreign languages; the ability to evaluate and interpret informational and cultural materials; the practical application of technical or aesthetic principles combined with manual skill and dexterity; or related clerical skills. 

GS-1100: BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform work pertaining to and requiring a knowledge of business and trade practices, characteristics and use of equipment, products, or property, or industrial production methods and processes, including the conduct of investigations and studies; the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information; the establishment and maintenance of contracts with industry and commerce; the provision of advisory services; the examination and appraisement of merchandise or property; and the administration of regulatory provisions and controls.

GS-1200: COPYRIGHT, PATENT, AND TRADE-MARK GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform professional scientific, technical, and legal work involved in the cataloging and registration of copyright, in the classification and issuance of patents, in the registration of trade-marks, in the prosecution of applications for patents before the Patent Office, and in the giving of advice to government officials on patent matters.

GS-1300: PHYSICAL SCIENCE GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work or subordinate technical work in any of the fields of science concerned with matter, energy, physical space, time, nature of physical measurement, and fundamental structural particles; and the nature of the physical environment. (Job listings by occupation)

GS-1400: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform professional and scientific work or subordinate technical work in the various phases of library archival science.

GS-1500: MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform research or other professional and scientific work or related clerical work in basic mathematical principals, methods, procedures, or relationships, including the development and application of mathematical methods for the investigation and solution of problems; the development and application of statistical theory in the selection, collection, classification, adjustment, analysis, and interpretation of data; the development and application of mathematical, statistical, and financial principles to programs or problems involving life and property risks; and any other professional and scientific or related clerical work requiring primarily and mainly the understanding and use of mathematical theories, methods, and operations. 

GS-1600: EQUIPMENT, FACILITIES, AND SERVICES GROUP – This group includes positions the duties of which are to advise on, manage, or provide instructions and information concerning the operation, maintenance, and use of equipment, shops, buildings, laundries, printing plants, power plants, cemeteries, or other government facilities, or other work involving services provided predominantly by persons in trades, crafts, or manual labor operations. Positions in this group require technical or managerial knowledge and ability, plus a practical knowledge of trades, crafts, or manual labor operations. 

GS-1700: EDUCATION GROUP – This group includes positions which involve administering, managing, supervising, performing, or supporting education or training work when the paramount requirement of the position is knowledge of, or skill in, education, training, or instruction processes. 

GS-1800: INVESTIGATION GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform investigation, inspection, or enforcement work primarily concerned with alleged or suspected offenses against the laws of the United States, or such work primarily concerned with determining compliance with laws and regulations. 


GS-1900: QUALITY ASSURANCE, INSPECTION, AND GRADING GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, supervise, or perform administrative or technical work primarily concerned with the quality assurance or inspection of material, facilities, and processes; or with the grading of commodities under official standards. 

GS-2000: SUPPLY GROUP – This group includes positions which involve work concerned with finishing all types of supplies, equipment, material, property (except real estate), and certain services to components of the federal government, industrial, or other concerns under contract to the government, or receiving supplies from the federal government. Included are positions concerned with one or more aspects of supply activities from initial planning, including requirements analysis and determination, through acquisition, cataloging, storage, distribution, utilization to ultimate issue for consumption or disposal. The work requires a knowledge of one or more elements or parts of a supply system, and/or supply methods, policies, or procedures. 

GS-2100: TRANSPORTATION GROUP – This group includes all classes of positions, the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise, or perform work which involves two or more specialized transportation functions or other transportation work not specifically included in other series of this group.
GS-2200: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GROUP –  This group includes all positions for the administrative work in information technology.

GS-2200: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GROUP – This group includes administrative positions in the information technology group covering only those positions for which the paramount requirement is knowledge of IP principles, concepts, and methods; e.g., data storage, software applications, and networking.


Wage Grade (WG) Trades & Labor Job Occupations – Includes Job Listings


The Government's Personnel Classification System includes Wage Grade occupations grouped into families of like jobs. The 36 occupational families range from WG-2500 to WG-9000. Each occupational family has its own group number and title which makes it distinctive from every other family grouping. The following is a list of the Wage Grade families. 

Each occupational family has a three part identifier: the Pay System, Occupational Group Number and Title. In the example, WG-2500, Wire Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance Family, WG means the job is in the Wage Grade Schedule (or blue collar) pay system; 2500 is the Occupational Family Number; and Wire Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance is the Occupational Family Title. Each occupational family lists the individual jobs that comprise the family with their corresponding Job Series Numbers and Titles. A brief description is provided for each of the occupational Wage Grade families and the jobs within that family.

Wage Grade Career Articles:

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Federal Job Listings

Find federal government jobs by occupation or agency. Review detailed job descriptions, total number employed, and the largest hiring agencies. You can also research and explore federal agencies using our direct links to 141 federal organizations. There are many opportunities for those willing to take the time and effort to locate job announcements and complete a comprehensive application and federal resume. The federal civil service recruited 175,332 new hires in 2018 and 215,100 in 2017, the 2019 numbers won’t be available until later in 2020.

Field IT Engineer (CIA)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Washington DC. Installation, operation, and maintenance of computer, network and telecommunications systems in Agency data centers worldwide
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Featured Jobs

Job Title: Business Development Manager, Western Region – Part Time
Location: Graduate School USA, Los Angeles, CA
Description: Graduate School USA Business Relations and Learning Solutions Department is seeking a part-time (25-hour work week) Business Development Manager to market and sell training and professional services to the federal marketplace in the Western region. APPLY NOW




Accounting, Finance and Budget Jobs / GS-0500 Group
Administrative Assistant GS-0303
Actuary GS-1510
Administrative, Clerical & Office Services Jobs / GS-0300 Group

  • Messenger, Clerks, Assistants, Secretaries, Logistics Management
  • EEO Compliance and Assistants, Telecommunications, Transcribers

Administrative Officer GS-0341
Administrative Specialist GS-0301
Aerial Refueling Technician GS-2185
Aeronautical Information Specialist
Aerospace Engineer GS-0861
Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic WG-5306
Air Conditioning Equipment Operator WG-5415
Aircraft Attendant WG-8862
Aircraft Freight Loader WG-6968
Aircraft Dispatcher GS-2151
Aircraft Engine Mechanic WG-8602
Aircraft Mechanic WG-8852
Aircraft Mechanical Parts Repairman WG-8840
Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic WG-8268
Aircraft Propeller Mechanic WG-8810
Aircraft Ordnance Systems Mechanic WG-6652
Aircraft Survival and Flight Equipment Repairman WG-4818
Aircraft Electrician WG-2892
Aircraft Weight and Balance Operator WG-5485
Airfield Clearing Equipment Operator  WG-5767
Airframe Test Operator WG-8882
Airplane Pilot GS-2181
Air Marshals GS-0082

Air Traffic Assistant GS-2154
Air Traffic Control Specialist (FAA)

Airport Security Screeners (TSA)
Airway Transportation Systems Specialist GS-2101
Animal Health Technician GS-0704
Animal scientists GS-0487
Anthropologist GS-0190
Apprenticeship and Training Representative GS-0243
Attorney Positions (Dept. of Justice)

Agricultural Economist GS-0110
Agricultural Engineer GS-0890
Architect GS-0808
Architect (Naval) GS-0871
Architecture Jobs / GS-0800 Group
Archaeologists GS-0193
Agricultural Commodity Grader GS-1981
Agricultural Market Reporter GS -1147
Agricultural Marketing Specialist – GS-1146
Agricultural Science Research Technician GS-0404
Agronomists GS-0471
Animal Caretaker WG-5048
Archivist GS-1420
Archives Technician GS-1421
Artillery Repairman WG-6605
Artillery Tester  WG-6606
Arts Jobs / GS-1000 Group
Attorney GS-0905
Astronaut positions GS-0801 NASA
Audiologists GS-0665
Auditor GS-0511
Automotive Mechanic WG-5823


Baker WG-7402
Bank Note Engraver WG-4446
Barber WG-7603
Bartender WG-7405
Battery Repairer WG-3725
Bearing Reconditioning Specialist WG-4850
Bindery Machine Operator WG-4402
Bioengineering GS-0858
Biological Science Aid GS-0404
Biological Sciences Jobs / GS-0400 Group
Biological Scientist GS-0401
Biologists (All Disciplines) GS-0401
Biomedical Engineer GS-0858
Blocker and Bracer WG-4602
Boiler Plant Operator WG-5402
Broadcasting Equipment Operator WG-3940
Budget Analyst GS-0560
Budget Clerk GS-0561
Blue Collar Jobs / WG Occupations (Labor and Trades)
Boat Builder and Repairman WG-4717
Bookbinder WG-4441
Botanist GS-0430
Brake-Switcher or Conductor WG-5736
Building Manager GS-1176
Business & Industry Jobs / GS-1100 Group

  • Analysts, Contract Specialist, Controller, Housing Manager
  • Industrial Specialist, Loan Specialist, Manager
  • Procurement Clerk, Purchasing Agent, Store Manager
  • Underwriter


Cable Splicer WG-2504
Cargo Scheduler GS-2144
Carpenter WG-4607
Cartographers GS-1370
Cartographic Technician GS-1371
Cement Worker WG-3602
Cemetery Administration Specialist GS-1602
Cemetery Administrator GS-1602
Cemetery Caretaker WG-4754
Census Jobs – Multiple Positions (2020 Census Job Opportunities)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Chaplain GS-0060
Chemical Engineer GS-0893
Chemical Equipment Repairman WG-4807
Chemical Plant Operator WG-5427
Chemist GS-1320
CIA Jobs
Civil Engineer GS-0810
Civil Rights Analyst GS-0160
Civilian Pay Clerk GS-0544
Claims Examiner GS-0998
Clerks and Assistants

  • Administrative Assistants, Clerks, school clerk, safety assistant

Cargo Scheduler GS-2144
Civil Engineers GS-0810
Clerk Typist GS-0322
Clinical Counselor GS-0101
Closed Microphone Reporter GS-0319
Cost Estimator GS-0501
Clearance Jobs Center – Security clearance jobs
Clothing Designer GS-0062
Commissary Officer GS-1144
Communications Specialist GS-0394
Community Planning GS-0020
Composite/Plastic Fabricator WG-4352
Computer Clerk & Assistant GS-0335
Computer Engineer GS-0854
Computer Operator GS-0332
Computer Scientist GS-1550
Congressional Liaison  GS-0301
Construction Control Inspector GS-0809
Consumer Safety Officer GS-0696
Consumer Safety Technician GS-0303
Contact Representatives GS-0962
Cook WG-7404
Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Jobs / GS-1200 Group
Correctional Institution Administration GS-0006
Correctional Office GS-0007
Counselor/ Advocate (Generalist) GS-0101
Courier GS-0084
Crane Operator WG-5725
Cryptanalysis GS-1541
Custodial Equipment Servicing Specialist WG-4808
Customs & Border patrol Agents
Cytology Technician GS-0646


Dairy Farmer WG-5034
Data Transcriber GS-0356
Deckhand WG-5788
Dental Assistant GS-0681
Dental Hygienist GS-0682
Dental Laboratory Technician GS-0683
Dentist GS-0680
Design Patent Examiner GS-1226
Diagnostic radiologic technologist & Technician GS-0647
Dietitian GS-0630
Director GS-1071
Dispatcher GS-2151
Distribution Facilities Specialist GS-2030
Document Analyst GS-1397
Drill Rig Operator WG-5729
Drug Treatment Specialist GS-0101


Ecologist GS-0408
Economics Assistant GS-0119
Economist GS-0110
Editor (Audio/Visual) GS-1071
Editor (Writing) GS-1071
Educational Aid GS-1702
Education Jobs / GS-1700 Group
Education Program Specialist GS-1720
Education Research Scientist GS-1730
Education Specialist GS-1701
Educational Therapist GS-0639
EEO Compliance GS-0360
EEO Assistant GS-0361
Electrical Engineer GS-0850
Electrical Equipment Repairing WG-2854
Electrician WG-2805
Electric Power Controller WG-5407
Electrolytic Intaglio Platemaker WG-4449
Electromotive Equipment Mechanic WG-5876
Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic WG-2606
Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic WG-2610
Electronic Measurement Equipment Mechanic WG-2602
Electronics Engineer GS-0855
Electronics Mechanic WG-2604
Electronics Technician GS-0856
Electroplating Worker WG-3711
Elevator Mechanic WG-5313
Engineering Equipment Operator WG-5716
Engineering Jobs / GS-0800 Group
Engineering technician GS-0802
Engraver WG-3816
Environmental Engineer GS-0819
Environmental Health Technician GS-0698
Environmental Protection Assistant GS-0029
Environmental Protection Specialist GS-0028
Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist GS-0260
Equal Opportunity Assistant GS-0361
Equal Opportunity Specialists GS-0360
Equipment Cleaning SpecialistWG-7009
Equipment, Facilities, & Services Jobs / GS-1600 Group

  • Facilities Mgmt, Cemetery Administration, Facilities Operations
  • Equipment Specialists, Food Services

Equipment Specialist GS-1670
Entomologist GS-0414

Exhibit Maker WG-4715
Exhibit Specialist GS-1010
Explosives Operator WG-6502
Explosives Safety Specialist GS-0017
Explosives Test Operator WG-6517


Fabric Worker WG-3105
Facility Operations Specialist GS-1640
Farmer WG-5002
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Court Jobs
Federal Police Jobs

Federal Prison Jobs
Federal Reserve Jobs

Fingerprint Examiner GS-0072

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Protection Specialist
  • Fire Protection Inspector
  • Fire Chief

Fire Protection Engineer GS-0804
Fish Biologist GS-0482
Fish and Wildlife Administrator GS-0480
Fish & Wildlife Biologist GS-0401
Flight Engineer GS-2185
Flight Test Pilot GS-1760
Food Inspection GS-1980
Food Service Specialist GS-1667
Food Service Worker WG-7408
Food Technologist GS-1382
Foreign Agricultural Affairs Specialists GS-0135
Foreign Affairs Officer GS-0130
Forest Products Technologist GS-1380
Forester GS-0460
Forestry Technician GS-0462
Fork Lift Operator WG-5704
Form Block Maker WG-4654
Freight Classification Specialist GS-2131
Fuel Distribution System Mechanic WG-4255
Fuel Distribution System Operator WG-5413
Funeral Director GS-0050


Gardener WG-5003
Gas and Radiation Detecting Specialist WG-5205
Gasdynamic Facility Installer WG-5384
General Equipment Mechanic WG-4737
General Equipment Operator WG-4741
Geodesist GS-1372
Geodetic Technician GS-1374
Geographer GS-0150
Geneticist GS-0440
General Engineer GS-0801
Geologist GS-1350
Geophysicists GS-1313
Guidance Counselor GS-1740


Hand Composing WG-4403
Hazardous Waste Disposal WG-6913
Health Aid GS-0640
Healthcare jobs (VA/DOD/HHS/DOJ)

Health System Administrator GS-0670
Health System Specialist GS-0671
Hearing / Appeals Officer GS-0930
Heating and Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic WG-5309
Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic WG-5803
Helicopter Pilot GS-2181
High Voltage Electrician WG-2810
Highway Safety Specialist GS-2125
Historian GS-0170
Histopathology Technician GS-0646
Hospital Housekeeping GS-0673
Horticulturist GS-0437
Housing Manager GS-1173
Human Resources Assistant GS-0203
Human Resource Management GS-0201
Hydrologist GS-1315


Illustrator GS-1020
Industrial Engineer GS-0896
Industrial Equipment Mechanic WG-5352
Industrial Furnace Building and Repairman WG-5341
Industrial Nuclear Engineer GS-0840
Industrial Engineering Technician GS-0895
Industrial Hygienist GS-0690
Industrial Specialist GS-1150
Information and Arts Jobs / GS-1000 Group

  • Directors, Editors, Interpreters, Writers
  • Photographers, Producers, Translators
  • Visual Information Specialists

Information Technology (IT) Jobs / GS-2200 Group

Information receptionist GS-0304
Information Technology Specialist GS-2210
Irrigation system operator GS-0459
Insects Production Worker WG-5031
Inspection, Investigation, Enforcement, and Compliance Jobs  / GS-1800 Group

  • Investigators, Inspectors, Customs & Border Patrol Agents, Food Inspection

Insulating Worker WG-3610
Insurance Examiner GS-1163
Intaglio Die and Plate Finisher WG-4450
Intaglio Press Operator WG-4454
Intelligence Analyst-GS-0132
Intelligence Jobs (Various Occupations)
Intelligence Research Specialist GS-0132
Interior Designer GS-1008
Internal Revenue Agent GS-0512
International Cooperation Officer GS-0136
International Trade Specialist GS-1140
International Relations Officer GS-0131
Interpreter GS-1040
Instrument Maker WG-3314
Instrument Mechanic WG-3359
Instructor GS-1701
Inventory Management Specialist GS-2010
Investigation Jobs / GS-1800 Group

  • Criminal & General Investigators
  • Food Inspectors, General inspectors
  • Customs & Border Patrol Officers
  • Aviation Safety Investigators

Iron Worker (Structural/Ornamental) WG-3807
IRS Agent GS-0512
Livestock Rancher/Wrangler WG-5035



Kinesiotherapy GS-0635
Kitchen/Bakery Equipment Repairman WG-5310


Labor, and Trades / WG Occupations
Labor Management Relations Examiner GS-0244
Laboratory Aid (Medical) GS-0645
Laborer WG-3502
Landscape Architect GS-0807
Land Surveyor GS-1373
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment Repairman WG-5317
Laundry Machine OperatorWG-7305
Laundry Worker WG-7304
Law Clerk GS-0904
Law Enforcement Jobs

Law and Attorney Jobs / GS-0900 Group
Lawyers – GS-0905
Letterpress Operator WG-4406
Library and Archives Jobs / GS-1400 Group
Legal Administrative Specialist GS-0901
Letterpress Operator WG-4406
Legal Assistant GS-0986
Librarian GS-1410
Library Technician GS-1411
Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine Mechanic WG-8675
Loan Specialist GS-1165
Lock and Dam Operator WG-5426
Lock and Dam Repairman WG-5318
Locksmith WG-4804
Locomotive Dispatcher GS-2151
Locomotive Engineer WG-5737
Lofting WG-5221
Logistics Management GS-0346


Machine Operator (Metal Forming) WG-3869
Machinist 3414 WG-3414
Mail & File Clerks GS-0305
Maintenance General / WG Occupations
Maintenance Mechanic WG-4749
Management Assistant GS-0344
Manual Arts Therapist GS-0637
Marriage and Family Therapist (Licensed) GS-0101
Marine Biologist GS0401
Marine Cargo Specialist GS-2161
Marine Information Specialist GS-1361
Marine Machinery Mechanic WG-5334
Mason WG-3603
Materials Engineer GS-0806
Materials Examiner WG-6912
Materials Expeditor WG-6910
Materials Handler WG-6907
Mathematician GS-1520
Mathematics & Statistics Jobs / GS-1500 Group
Meatcutting WG-7407
Mechanical Engineer GS-0830
Mediator GS-0241
Medical Assistant GS-0640
Medical Equipment Repairman WG-4805
Medical, Hospital, Dental, & Public Health Jobs / GS-0600
Medical Instrument Technician GS-0649
Medical Records Administrator GS-0669
Medical Records Technician GS-0675
Medical Support Assistant GS-0679
Medical Technician GS-0645
Medical Technologist GS-0644
Mechanics / WG Occupations
Medical, Hospital, Dental, & Public Health Jobs / GS-0600  Group
Messenger GS-0302
Metal Buffer and Polisher WG-3727
Metal Forger WG-3802
Metal Worker WG-3800
Metal Processing WG-3700
Miscellaneous Jobs / GS-0000 Group

  • Police, Park Ranger, Safety and Occupational Health Mgmt.
  • Fire Protection, Security Guards Music Jobs

Microbiologists GS-0403
Military Pay Clerk GS-0545
Mining engineer GS-0880
Missile/Toxic Materials Handler  WG-6511
Mobile Equipment Servicing Specialist WG-5806
Model Maker WG-4714
Molding Worker WG-4373
Money Handler WG-6941
Motor Carrier Safety Specialist GS-2123
Motor Vehicle Operator WG-5703
Munitions Specialist WG-6505
Museum Curator GS-1015
Museum Specialist GS-1016
Music Specialist


Natural Resources Management & Biological Sciences / GS-0400 Group

  • Botany, Ecology, Microbiology, Genetics, Entomology, Physiology
  • Range Conservation, Range Tech, Forestry, Fish & Wildlife

Naval Architect GS-0871
Navigator GS-2183
Negative Engraver 4413
Nuclear Jobs – All areas

Nursing Jobs

  • Job Listings by Occupational Title
  • Occupational Descriptions, Average Salary, Total Employed
  • Largest Hiring Agencies

Nutritionist GS-0603


Office Appliance Repairman WG-4806
Offset Photographer WG-4414
Offset Platemaker WG-4416
Offset Press Operator WG-4417
Occupational Therapist GS-0631
Occupational Therapy Assistant GS-0636
Office Automation Clerk GS-0326
Oiling and Greasing Mechanic WG-5323
Operations Research Analyst GS-1515
Optical Instrument Repairer WG-3306
Optometrist GS-0662
Ordnance Equipment Mechanic WG-6641
Orthotist GS-0667
Outreach Coordinator GS-0301


Packaging Specialist GS-2032
Packaging Machine Operator  WG-5440
Packing Specialist WG-7002
Painter WG-4102
Paralegal specialists GS-0950
Paramedic GS-0640
Park Ranger GS-0025
Patent Administrator GS-1220
Patent Attorney  GS-1222
Patent Classifier GS-1223
Patent Examiner GS-1224
Patternmaker WG-4616
Pay Clerks GS-0544
Passport Specialist GS-0967
Pathology Technician GS-0646
Personnel Mgmt/Industrial Relations Jobs / GS-0200 Group
Pest Control Worker WG-5026
Petroleum Engineer GS-0881
Pilots, Air Crew, and Operations GS-2100
Program Management Officer GS-0301
Physiological Trainer Mechanic WG-5365
Psychologists GS-0180
Pharmacist GS-0660
Pharmacist Technician GS-0661
Pharmacologists GS-0405
Photographer GS-1060
Photographic Technologist GS-1386
Physiologists GS-0413
Physical Science JobsGS-1300 Group
Physical Therapist GS-0633
Physician GS-0602
Physicist GS-1310
Pipefitter WG-4204
Plant Pathologists GS-0434
Plant Physiologist GS-0435
Plant Protection Technician GS-0421
Plasterer WG-3605
Plastic Fabricator  WG-4352
Plumber WG-4206
Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic WG-8255
Police Officer GS-0083
Post Office Jobs – Mail Carriers & Clerks
Postal Inspectors

Powered Support Systems Mechanic WG-5378
Prescription Eyeglass Maker WG-4010
Preservation Servicing Specialist WG-7006
Printing Services Specialist GS-1654
Prison Guards (Federal prison system)
Probation Officer GS-0901
Production Machinery Mechanic WG-5350
Program Analyst GS-0343
Program Support Manager GS-0301
Procurement, Purchasing & Contracting GS-1105
Producer GS-1071
Professor GS-1701
Prosthetist GS-0667
Protective and Safety Equipment Fabricator and Repairman WG-4816
Psychologist GS-0180
Psychology Aide & Technician GS-0181
Public Affairs Specialist GS-1035
Public Health Advisor GS-0685


Quality Assurance Analyst GS-0501
Quality Assurance, Inspection & Grading Jobs / GS-1900  Group


Radiator Repairer WG-3858
Railroad Accident Investigator  GS-2121
Railroad Car Repairman WG-4716
Railroad Maintenance Vehicle Operator WG-5738
Railroad Retirement Claims Examiner GS-0993
Railroad Safety Inspector GS-2121
Range Assistant GS-0455
Rangeland management specialist GS-0454
Rangeland Management Technician GS-0455
Realty Specialist GS-1170
Receptionist GS-0304
Recreation Assistant GS-0189
Recreation/Creative Arts Therapist GS-0638
Recreation Planner (Outdoors) GS-0023
Recreation Specialist GS-0188
Research Analyst (Operations) GS-1515
Research Laboratory Mechanic WG-4745
Respiratory Therapist GS-0651
Rigger WG-5210
Riverboat Operator WG-5784
Roofer WG-3606
Rubber Equipment Repairer WG-4361
Rubber Products Molding FabricatorWG-4360


Sales Store Clerk GS-2091
Safety Jobs

Safety Engineer GS-0803
Safety Technician GS-0019
Sandblaster WG-5423
Sanitarian GS-0688
Security Clearance Jobs
School Clerk GS-0303
Secretary GS-0318
Security Guard GS-0085
Security Specialist GS-0080
Sewing Machine Operator  WG-3111
Sheet Metal Mechanic WG-3806
Shipfitter WG-3820
Ship Operator WG-5782
Shipwright WG-5220
Shot Peening Machine Operator WG-3769
Sign Painter WG-4104
Silk Screen Maker and Printer 4419
Small Arms Repairman WG-6610
Small Craft Operator 5786
Small Engine Mechanic WG-8610
Social Science, Psychology, and Welfare Jobs / GS-0100 Group

  • Archaeologists, Economist, Geographer, Historians
  • Psychologists, Sociologists, Social Science Technician

Social Services Assistant GS-0186
Social Services Representative GS-0187
Social Worker GS-0185
Sociologist GS-0184
Soil Conservationist GS-0457
Soil Conservation Technician GS-0458
Soil Scientist GS-0470
Space and Facilities Specialist GS-1601
Special Weapons Systems Mechanic WG-6656
Speech Pathologist GS-0665
Specialty Treatment Program Specialist GS-0101
Sports Specialist GS-0030
Staff Assistant GS-0301
Stationary-Engine Operator  WG-5419
Statistical Clerk GS-1531
Statistician GS-1530
Storage Specialist GS-2030
Store Clerk GS-2091
Store Worker WG-6914
Supply Jobs / GS-2000 Group
Supply Management Specialist GS-2003
Supply Specialist GS-2001
Support Services Supervisor GS-0342
Surveying GS-1373


Tax Examining Clerks & Technicians GS-0592
Tax Law Specialists GS-0987
Tax Specialist GS-05266
Teacher GS-1710
Teaching Jobs (Overseas)
Technical Editor / Writer GS-1085
Technical Information Specialist GS-1412
Telecommunications Mechanic WG-2502
Telecommunications Specialist GS-0391
Telephone Interviewer GS-0303
Telephone Operator GS-0382
Telecommunications Mechanic WG-2502
Teller GS-0530
Testing Equipment Operator WG-5439
Test Range Tracking Specialist WG-5235
Textile Technologist GS-1384
Therapeutic Radiologic Technologist & Technicians GS-0648
Therapy Assistants (All disciplines) GS-0636
Tile Worker WG-3604
Timber Worker 4639
Tool and Equipment Repairman WG-4840
Toolmaker 3416 WG-3416
Tools and Parts Attendant WG-6904
Toxicologist GS-0415
Tractor Operator WG-5705
Trade Specialist GS-1140
Trades and Labor Jobs (All Occupations)
Trades, Electrical, Plumbing, & Mechanics  / WG Occupations
Traffic Manager GS-2130
Training Instructor GS-1712
Translator GS-1040
Transportation Clerk GS-2102
Transportation Industry Analyst GS-2110
Transportation Jobs / GS-2100Group

  • Air Traffic, Railroad, Shipping, Motor Carrier, Mine Safety
  • Freight, Cargo, and Marine, Aircrew

Transportation Specialist GS-2101
Transcriber (Data) Gs-0356
Treatment Program Specialist GS-0101
Tree Trimmer WG 5042
Tug (Vessel) Dispatcher GS-2151
Typesetter WG-4403


Upholsterer WG-3106
U.S. Marshal GS-0082
Utility Systems Operator 5406


Vet Center Support Assistant GS-0303
Veterinary Medical Officers GS-0701
Veterinary Medical Science Jobs / GS-0700 Group
Videographer GS-1060
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor GS-0101
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist GS-1715


Waiter WG-7420
Water Treatment Plant Operator WG-5409
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator WG-5408
Weapon Systems Specialist GS-2183
Welder WG-3703
Wildlife Biologist GS-0486
Wildlife Fire Management Specialist GS-0401
Wildlife Refuge Manager GS-0485
Wire Communications Equip. Installation & Maintenance WG-2500
Wood Crafter WG-4605
Wood Worker WG-4604
Workers’ Compensation Claims Examiner GS-0991
Workforce Analyst GS-0140
Workforce Development Specialist GS-0142
Writer GS-1082




Zoologist GS-0410

General Schedule (GS) Occupational Groups

























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Find a Federal Government Job

Federal Jobs for People with Disabilities

If you’re looking for a job and you have a disability, you might consider working for the federal government.

Advantages of Government Jobs for People with Disabilities

The federal government:

You can also apply for jobs through the competitive hiring process. Many jobs open to people with disabilities use only that process.

Finding and Applying for Federal Jobs

You can search for most jobs on the government’s job site,

To apply for jobs under Schedule A, you must provide proof that you have an intellectual, psychiatric, or severe physical disability.

To apply for a job online:

To apply for a job directly through an agency:

For more details on applying for jobs through Schedule A, read The ABCs of Schedule A.

College Students and Recent Graduates with Disabilities

If you’re a college student or a recent graduate, you can find summer jobs, internships, and permanent positions through the:

Veterans with Disabilities

If you’re a veteran with a service-connected disability, you have even more options. Learn how special hiring authorities let agencies appoint vets to jobs non-competitively. 

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