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Just press the big blue button to generate a new activity. Simple & straight forward help for frazzled minds! If you can't do something (due to weather, location, etc) just select again. Have your kids press the button. You press the button. Add your own zany sound effects-- You do you!

Here comes the random goodness! Just press the button above for a suggestion!

Full List of Activities

We hope you have enjoyed this app. It was designed by a parent, business owner, and teacher who, two days into COVID-19 social distancing, realized it takes a LOT of work to plan for two kiddos! The idea is to share this website for free, to update it through crowd sourcing, and to also host it on the business website. If you're thankful and willing, it would be awesome to help support the business as a thanks for this app and perhaps even for the things the business has done for the greater community. Weekend Anime & Games has an online web store now (thanks COVID-19!) and through it you can send us your thanks or even buy a gift card. You might not be able to come to our events right now, or get down to the shop for a new board game delivered to your car, but maybe this app or future games can help you and help us through this pandemic together.

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Do some math worksheets!
KidZone Mathhas some great free printable ones!
Play a exercise related video game!
RingFit, Just Dance, Etc.
Do child friendly yoga together.
CosmicKidsYogais a great channel with tons of fun, kid centric story yoga.
Play a board game together.
There are tons of options: from classics like Monopoly and Life, fun new games like Blokus and Spot It, to some epic challenging ones like Catan!
Start a family roleplaying game!
Use whatever dice you have or an online dice roller. Go for traditional D&D or try some free options like Expeditions!
Cook something with your kids!
Tastyhas some great kid friendly recipees.
Have an impromptu living room dance party.
Play whatever songs your family loves and let loose in the living room!
Stage a fancy tea party.
Nibbles and sips- using whatever fancy plates, drinks, and snacks you have available!s
Enjoy a picnic.
Inside or outside- make sure to use a blanket!
Read a book.
Together, on your own, or have them read to you!
Make a new video pen pal!
Flipgridis a great resource for snapchat like friend chats between kids and families!
Curate a family playlist
Pick your favorite streaming service, like Spotify, and create a family playlist. What songs would your family have?
Make some art!
Using whatever you have handy: spend time making art! Draw, paint, or sculpt!
Write a letter to someone you know.
Hand write a letter to someone you know: a family member, a friend, anyone!
Act out your favorite story.
Act out your favorite story or play together. Put on a family show- make your living room a theater!
Science! Try a kid friendly science experiement!
There are plenty of kid friendly science websitesout there!
Pickup a room!
Pick a room and clean up! Maybe try re-arranging the furniture. Who knows: you might find a new favorite layout!
Play a card game.
Have a deck of cards? Play some games together! Have Go Fish or Uno? Even better!
Learn a new language.
DuoLingoor other sites- there are tons of ways to learn new languages!
Watch a movie together.
Make a homemade theater in your living room and pop some popcorn. Enjoy a movie together with the lights off.
Watch an educational related tv show and talk about it after.
Magic School Bus Returns is a great show on Netflix- but there are others on PBS and other channels as well! Watch something and then talk about it after with your child!
Make your own game.
Design your own game using whatever materials you have on hand. After it is made- play it together!
Take a bath and play in the tub!
Let the kids enjoy a good soak in the bath tub. Toss in some toys and make some bubbles!
Make a home scavenger hunt.
Do a home scavenger hunt!
Hide and Find
Hide things around the house that they need to find. Think Easter Eggs- and if you have more than one child, try two different things to hide- or have them see who can find more.
Video Chat with someone.
Connect with someone via video chat- Google Hangoutsor Facetime, whatever works!
Learn how to play an old school game!
Learn something old school like cribbage, poker, chess, or checkers!
Play a game with someone else remotely!
Connect with someone via video chat and play a game together! Or connect with your console through audio chat! Multiplayer games: go!
Watch a movie together with someone remotely!
Start a video chat and watch something with someone else via a streaming service!
Take an online field trip!
Do a virtual online field trip! Discoveryhas some great ones!
Try doing a new science experiement!
Science Momis a great channel with lots of options!
Visit a zoo-- online!
The Cincinnati Zoohas some great videos and an awesome live feed!
Connect with one of your favorite authors or writers and try an activity together.
Mo Williemsis just one of the many awesome creators out there who are now producing some content to connect students directly to them daily!
Have boxes? Build something amazing with them!
From amazing card board housesto space ships and play houses- use that card board before you recycle it! Be creative and let the kids go wild!
Learn to code!
Hour of Codehas coding lessons for all ages!
Googly Eye It!
Put a set of googly eyes (or eyes you draw and cut out) on something in your house. When someone finds them, they need to move the eyes. Enjoy creeping out your family for days on end!
Go outside for a walk!

Are you students inspired by the unknown? The element of surprise that comes from a randomly drawn task? If they are then you’re going to what the check out our new tool.

Introducing “Spin It” a random exercise & activity generator that brings the fun back to your activities.

You can use the app accessible via any device to create your own ‘spinners’ in minutes, allowing you to randomize the results for serendipitous fun. See it in action below

Start Spinning


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Looking for random things to do when bored? This random things to do generator suggests you things to do when you’re bored at home alone.

I created this random things to do generator during the global COVID pandemic. Many of us need to spend time at home alone during quarantines and lockdowns. To offer others some entertainment during these uncertain times, I created this random activity picker for anyone to use.

Click the “Give Me an Idea” button below to get a random thing to do right now!

Your random thing to do is…

About the Random Things to Do Generator

What kind of random ideas does the randomizer suggest? Most of the activities take around 5-30 minutes. You should be able to do most of these things without any special supplies. There are some funny things to do online on the list, while others are more practical and take place in the “real world”. There are more dynamic than passive activities.

I decided to make the random activity generator “slightly wholesome”. Some of the activities are practical and not very funny, while others – such as asking a friend how they’re doing – could help other people. Lockdown or not, many of us spend a lot of time indoors with our screens. This generator suggests active things that might give you energy when you’re feeling bored.

Of course, if you don’t like an idea that you get, you can always click again to get another thing to do at home.

Therandom thing to do generator uses the same code as my old Random Destination Generator. Special thanks to my friend Lauri K for the original programming! You can find all my randomizers on the Random Generators page. That page also explains why you can find these random generators on a travel blog.

Like this:



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