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A fantasy comic about a boy's destiny that starts to change as he receives a gift from his guardian god.


Season 1: Stream

Season 2: Reflux

Season 3: Return

Also, the art is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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Here's a couple screenshots I took  \(•﹃•)/

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BTW brace yourselves because trust me that it's not one happy story. It's a rollercoaster of feels and emotions :cry: !





Season 1: The Stream

The Flow: Stream is the first arc of the series. Yun Lee-Rang was noticed by the people as a boy who had possessed the anima of a cat. Because his anima was a cat, he was treated as a weak person who didn't have the right to live. But after he stumbled on a tragic route, his anima was there to help by granting him a wish that he regretted to even wish for.


------Yun Lee-Rang------

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Yun Lee-Rang (윤이랑 yun-ilang) is the main protagonist of the manhwa series, Flow. He has two very close childhood friends, Suh Yul-Bi and Hong Ryun. Suh Yul-Bi was killed due to Lee-Rang's selfish desire to distort time. Lee-Rang worked at a fast-food chicken delievery restarunt with Suh Yul-Bi.

The White Tiger:

Lee-Rang was and is still mistakened as a cat although he is the White Tiger. Even Yun Lee-Rang didn't realize the fact yet, due to him being a bit obtuse. Despite the fact that Yun Lee-Rang doesn't know he is the White Tiger, a few people already knows that he is: his Grandpa, the principal of the school Hong Ryun goes to, and the principal's secretary. However, the Rat kid, is suspicious of his powers when he saw Yun Lee-Rang using one of the five basic Animas, Spread, he became suspicious of his extremely strong "Spread," despite the fact that Lee-Rang is suppose to be a cat. Although Yun Lee-Rang can't fully control the White Tiger's power, Yun Lee-Rang was capable of setting back time.

School Life:

Yun Lee-Rang was suprised by the fact that the principal allowed him to go to a high school, since only strong animal gods can go to high school. Yun Lee-Rang happily decided to go to school for two reasons; first, he would become stronger and set time back to save Suh Yul-bi and second, he would be able to experience a new life as a highschooler. Unfortunetly, most high school students is arrogant by the fact that they are the so-called-chosen-ones and how they think they are better than everyone. When Yun Lee-Rang went to school, he was forced to fight the Rat kid or else wouldn't be able to go into the school. It was set up by Harin and her friends who are the most arrogant people in the school, knowing that Yun Lee-Rang wouldn't be able to beat the rat due to rats having low powered but capable of multiple "Seperate." Fortunately, Yun Lee-Rang made an "Oath" with the rat and was able to get inside the school. Ever since, Harin has been trying to kick Yun Lee-Rang out of the school.

Love Interests:

-Suh Yul-bi: Yun Lee-Rang actually had a crush on Yul-bi for a long time. Although Yul-bi likes Hong Ryun, Yun Lee-Rang was unable to notice that. Yun Lee-Rang has been desperate to save Yul-bi (undead) ever since since she died because of him.

-Lee Harin: Lee-Rang started off thinking that Harin was somewhat a girl who looked better off with Hong Ryun but after he found out she was the president and was very rowdy, his opinion changed. Their relationship started off shaky; Harin did not trust him and he was irritated by her boasting. Throughout the series, the two grew closer and even thought along side-by-side. There were times where they even had a romantic moment.

Before the final battle, Harin was the first to realize her feelings for Lee-Rang as she ran to help and save him from making a big mistake. Sooner or later, Lee-Rang found out how much he had liked Harin from his leap into the future, where he met his future self, future son and daughter, and future wife. With that in mind, Lee-Rang ought it make it his duty to protect her.

Even after Harin had died, Lee-Rang stopped Hyun Eun-Jo from going further by leaping into the past to stop him. It was the past, the time of when chaos first started that he had sacrificed himself to make the happy ending he saw to happen.

When all was done, Lee-Rang was brought back by the contractee of the Red Phoenix. Without looking, Harin and him crashed. She was angry at his blindness but he just smiled and was glad to see her, hinting that he may have regained the memory of the other dimension future.

The Wish:

On Yun Lee-Rang's 18th birthday, Yul-bi asked Yun Lee-Rang to go do a delivery for him so she can finally tell Hong Ryun about her feelings. Yun Lee-Rang, first rejecting her request, gave in when Yul-bi pleaded him. Yun Lee-Rang, on his way to the delivery, was severely beaten up by two freshmen and ended up in the hospital that day. Yun Lee-Rang was told by the doctor that he wouldn't be able to use his eyes and legs forever. On that they, the White Tiger grants him his wish of turning back time. When Yun Lee-Rang wakes up, he is repeated in the same cycle again... for a few hours. When Yun Lee-Rang arrives, Yul-bi asks him to do a delivery for him, and knowing the future, he denied no matter how much she pleaded. But unlike the past, Hong Ryun brings a girl from his school, Harin, who Yul-bi thought was his couple and left for her delivery. Later that day, Yul-bi dies due to a mysterious Monster killing her, which was later found out to be the Black Turtle.

Yun Lee-Rang then made another wish, going back into the past to stop the Black Turtle before he awakens, not knowing that the cost may be, but still insisted on turning back time as he saw himself still alive in the future with his future children and future wife who was known to be Harin. When Yun Lee-Rang turns back time into the past, he met the Black Turtle, and fought him, but unexpectedly, the younger brother of the Black Turtle interfered, leaving Yun Lee-Rang not knowing who to save. Yun Lee-Rang then saved the younger brother, and went back into his own time. Later on, it explains that the (original) black turtle had his anima taken out, and was transfered into his younger brother, as he was special and had no specific anima inside him. When Lun Lee-Rang arrived back into the current time, he then found out that the black turtle in the current time was actually the younger brother.

Later on, Harin sacrificed herself for Yun Lee-Rang, trying to change the future, with her last words, she was telling him it was time for him to go back into his own time. Yun Lee-Rang, was then convinced that it was time to go back to the time when everything started. When Yun Lee-Rang wanted to change back time, he was prepared to accept the price of the wish, and turned back time to his 16th birthday, to when everything started. He ran into his past self, just like how he did on Season 1 Episode 2, and hid as he bumped into him. Yun Lee-Rang, wnet and fixed all the troubles that happened back there, such as giving Yulbi the courage to ask Ryun out, helping the "rat" from being bullied by "chicken". On the lsecond last episode, it shows that Yun Lee-Rang was waiting by the port, for the Black Turtle to arrive, at the end of the episode. On the last episodes, it shows that Yun Lee-Rang and the Black Turtle fought each other, and sacrificed himself in order to defeat the black turtle, having all the sad and happy times, erased from everyone's memories, as well as himself.

------Lee Harin------

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Anima: Tiger

Lee Harin (이하린 ihalin) is the main female protagonist of the korean webtoons, Flow. She is currently the president of the schoolYun Lee-Rang transferred to. Lee Harin is considered as one of the strongest anima user in the manhwa and is noted to have 'the strongest destructive ability' after the Four Animal Gods, shown when Hong Yul's assistant reported about Harin's training, and when the Collectors wanted her to join them, not only Lee Rang.

Unlike most of the other characters, Ha-Rin does not harbor instant trust and respect for Lee-Rang in the beginning of the story. However, after some events, it is shown that she had began to have mutual trust between herself and Lee-Rang that soon developed into romantic feelings.

The Wish:

When Harin was 9 years old, she had wished for her to be the most loved child as her younger sibling was about to be born. This was because her parents had focused more on the baby and not her for she didn't have the anima 'White Tiger' and they thought that the baby would. She wished for her to be 'the child loved most by her parents'. But, When her wish was granted, her mother had a miscarriage and died, leaving her to be the only child loved by the only parent. Harin had always felt conflicted because of this, both about her family and about finding out that Lee-Rang, the cat she had bullied, was the awaited White Tiger. Which had initially caused her to ignore and despise him. (Funny how we all called her a discriminating bitch at the beginning and then we all got attached to her enough to start shipping her with the protagonist).

Love Interest:

It is highly hinted that she developed romantic towards Lee-Rang throughout the course of the series. When Lee-Rang traveled to the future, he meet his future self and soon found out that his future self was married to Harin (My ship is fully built!!!)

------Suh Yul-Bi------

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Anima- Pigeon

The Wish:

Yul-bi's Wish was to have wings on her back, which could disappear and appear when she wanted them to.

Love Interest:

She has a crush on Hong Ryun. They later become a couple when she confessed to him.

------Hong Ryun------

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Anima: Dragon

He is a childhood friend of both Lee-Rang and Yul-Bi. Hong Ryun is part of the student council at school.

Love Interest:

He has feelings for Suh Yul-Bi. They become a couple. (LOL unrequited love. It's kinda sad to think Yul-Bi died without either of them knowing each other's feelings.)

------Ma Yu Sung------

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Anima: Rat

He is one of Lee-Rang's friends.

------Gye Lee-Jin------

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Anima: Chicken

Also a friend :)

------Yang Suh-Yun------

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Anima: Rabbit

She is the long-lost daughter of the principal.

------Kim Kyun------

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Anima: Dog

He is the first antagonist of the whole series.

Not a friend :(


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Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/anime/page/item/flow-peulrou/08tZ_IKrgMKrDb8Bv6q2gzNjg4db5w


In this world, every child is born under a god. Some gods are weaker than others. Some gods are stronger than others.

Children born under weaker gods become defunct in society, and cannot attend high school. Instead, they must get jobs after middle school. High school in this world is a place that trains students to use their stronger gods. They have one thing in common: ThIn this world, every child is born under a god. Some gods are weaker than others. Some gods are stronger than others.

Children born under weaker gods become defunct in society, and cannot attend high school. Instead, they must get jobs after middle school. High school in this world is a place that trains students to use their stronger gods. They have one thing in common: They can grant wishes if the correct price is paid.

Leerang turns back time a day, and pays dearly for it. To reverse his wish, he must attend high school and try to use the powers of his cat god once again....more

Sours: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/30334743
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The Flow.png

Flow (플로우) is a manhwa series written and illustrated by Heo Ni-bi (Honey B). The series is a webtoon. It was published on June 10th, 2013 and was completed on June 15, 2015.

The Flow: Stream

Season 1

The Flow: Stream is the first arc of the series. Yun Lee-Rang is introduced as a boy who had possessed the anima of a white tiger--one of the four horrid beasts, which was disguised as a cat. As a child who was known to have the anima of a weak god, a cat, he wasn't able to go to school and worked at a chicken restaurant. On his birthday, Yul-BI, Lee-Rang's best friend and crush, planned to ask out Hong Ryun, their other best friend, and Lee-Ryun had to take over for delivery. He stumbled on a tragic delivery and powerful students nearly killed him for fun and Lee-Ryun lost his eyes and legs. Feeling unfair how his friends got to be happy and him in tragedy-- his true anima, the white tiger, granted him a wish to turn back time. However, when Yul-Bi goes to the delivery instead, she is killed by a strange anima that wasn't there when Lee-Ryun went for his delivery. Feeling guilt from his friend's death, he broke his friendship with Hong Ryun and is left in despair. After his grandfather found out about Lee-Rang's ability to turn back time, he is offered to go to a special school for students with strong animas. He makes a deal with the principle and decides to go only if Lee Rang was taught how to turn back time on his own again. Yun Lee-Rang initially goes to the school thinking he can bring back Suh Yul-Bi from the dead. On his first day of school, in order to enter, Lee-Rang makes a [vow] with a mouse anima student, Ma Yu-Sung, that caused an attempted murder on Gye Lee-Jin, Yu-Sung's bully. The three boys are forced to attend the yearly competition that allows the top 5 strongest students to meet the blue dragon, one of the four guardian gods. If they were to fail, all three would get expelled as a punishment from troubling the school. In a team of three students each, hundreds of students compete to win the competition. Using Yu-Sungs intelligence, the three make it up to the top 3, competing against the student president's, Lee Harin, team and the vice president/ex-best friend's, Hong Ryun, team. During the competition, the strange anima that killed Yul-Bi appears and Lee-Rang finds out his true god, the white tiger.

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The Flow: Reflux

Season 2

The Flow: Reflux is the second arc of the series, where


The Flow: Return

Season 3

The Flow: Return is the third and the last arc of the series.

Sours: https://the-flow-stream.fandom.com/wiki/Manhwa
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