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Best Samsung phones 2021: Which Galaxy model should you buy?

The best Samsung phones encompass everything that Androids have to offer, from mighty flagships to surprisingly full-featured budget devices. Whether it's the inexpensive Galaxy A32 5G or the expansive (and expensive) Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung has an option at every price. 

Samsung may be skipping out on a Galaxy Note model this year and the status of the rumored Galaxy S21 FE is up in the air, but we've seen plenty of new contenders for the title of best Samsung phone in 2021. Samsung's rolled out three new Galaxy S flagships, Galaxy A midrange phones and two foldable devices that are among the best the company's ever released. You'll certainly find some of the best phones overall among Samsung's offerings.

It all comes down to figuring out what kind of phone you're looking for and how much you're willing to pay. No matter what the answers to those questions are, there's likely a device for your needs among the best Samsung phones.

What are the best Samsung phones?

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung's ultimate smartphone at this point. The Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus are both impressive phones in their own right, with dynamic displays, fast processors and lower price tags compared to last year's S20 models. They're just as deserving a place in the debate over the best Samsung phone.

There are cheaper options, still, especially with the launch of the Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A32 5G. Last year's Galaxy S20 FE also remains a popular option for getting flagship features at a lower price, though a new version could be coming before the end of the year. Both of these are excellent back to school options, with Samsung's three-year update promise to back them both up.

As for Samsung's foldable phones, we've had a chance to review both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. The former is the more impressive addition to Samsung's phone lineup, thanks to a giant screen that offers a 120Hz refresh rate. But the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is still a compelling option, thanks largely to its lower price tag.

The best Samsung phones you can buy right now

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best Samsung phone you can buy


Screen Size: 6.8 inches

Android Version: 11 with One UI 3

Processor: Snapdragon 888 (US)/Exynos 2100 (WW)

Cameras: 108MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 2 10MP telephoto, and laser autofocus sensor (Rear); 40MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 12GB, 16GB/128, 256, 512GB

Reasons to buy

+Dynamic 6.8-inch AMOLED display+Dual telephoto lenses+S Pen support

Reasons to avoid

-No charger in box-Lacks microSD card slot

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra takes its spot at the top of our best Samsung phones list for a number of reasons. Start with the Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip, which powers the U.S. version of the phone, which gives the best performance results we’ve seen from an Android device. We also appreciate that the S21 Ultra is the first phone outside of Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup to support the S Pen, giving your productivity an added boost.

But a couple of features really stand out from those selling points. The Galaxy S21 Ultra features a dynamic display with a refresh rate that can scale between 10Hz and 120Hz, depending on what you’re doing. (Tasks like scrolling get the faster refresh rate, while more static activities get a battery-saving speed.) You’ll find two telephoto lenses on the back of the S21 Ultra — one with a 3x zoom, the other capable of a 10x zoom — cementing Samsung’s place as the phone maker that handles zooms lenses the best.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra remains a pricey phone, but it’s debuting at $200 less than the Galaxy S20 Ultra cost when it arrived in 2020. If you want the best features Samsung offers, snap up this device right away.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Still a great Samsung phone with an S Pen included


Screen Size: 6.9 inches

Android Version: 10 with One UI 2.5

Processor: Snapdragon 865 Plus (US)/Exynos 990 (WW)

Cameras: 108MP, 12MP, 12MP and laser autofocus sensor (Rear); 10MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 12 GB/128, 512 GB

Reasons to buy

+Dynamic 120Hz display+Smoother S Pen performance+Powerful 50x zoom camera

Reasons to avoid

-Large camera bump on back-Expensive

It's been more than a year since the Galaxy Note 20 arrived, and it's since been supplanted as the best Samsung phone by the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Still, the Galaxy Note 20 remains a great choice for phablet fans given all the advances Samsung introduced in this model. 

One of the most eye-catching features on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra remains the phone's dynamic refresh rate that automatically adjusts based on what you're using the phone for. There are other productivity-minded features, too: The S Pen is more responsive than ever, with latency reduced to 9ms, and unlike the S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Note 20 Ultra includes a slot for the S Pen. The phone is also powered by the Snapdragon 865 Plus, which is still an excellent chipset even after the Snapdragon 888's arrival.

The Note 20 Ultra's hefty camera bump takes some getting used to, and people who balk at paying four figures for a smartphone will want to look elsewhere. But the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra delivers one of the most versatile big phone experiences of any Samsung handset. With no new Note coming in 2021, the Note 20 Ultra remains the best phablet you can get — and a less expensive alternative to the newer Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review.

3. Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung’s lower-cost flagship phone


Screen Size: 6.2 inches

Android Version: 11 with One UI 3

Processor: Snapdragon 888 (US)/Exynos 2100 (WW)

Cameras: 12MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 64MP telephoto (Rear); 10MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 8GB/128, 256GB

Reasons to buy

+Excellent dynamic 120Hz display+Powerful performance+Excellent telephoto lens

Reasons to avoid

-No charger or microSD card slot-Plastic back

The price is right for the Galaxy S21, the least expensive of the 2021 Samsung flagships. At $799, the Galaxy S21’s starting price is $200 less than what Samsung charged for last year’s Galaxy S20. That price also compares well to Apple's iPhone 12.

In some ways, the feature set reflects that lower price, as Samsung uses plastic for the case on the S21 and leaves out a microSD card. You’ll also have to deal with a 6.2-inch screen with scaled-back resolution. But that display also has a dynamic refresh rate, altering the speed at which the screen refreshes based on the task on hand. And the Galaxy S21 has the same Snapdragon 888 chipset that powers the S21 Ultra to the best performance for an Android phone.

Throw in excellent cameras that fare well against comparable models from Apple and Google, and you’ve got a great phone for a less astronomical price.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy S21 review.

4. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Another big screen option from Samsung


Screen Size: 6.7 inches

Android Version: 11 with One UI 3

Processor: Snapdragon 888 (US)/Exynos 2100 (WW)

Cameras: 12MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 64MP telephoto (Rear); 10MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 8 GB/128, 512 GB

Reasons to buy

+Gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED display+Excellent performance+Crazy zoom feature

Reasons to avoid

-Bulky and unwieldy-No microSD slot or included charger

There's not much separating the Galaxy S21 Plus from the Galaxy S21, though the former phone offers a larger screen, bigger battery and a more polished design than the less expensive S21. Whether that's worth the extra $200 depends on how you feel about extra screen space, as the S21 Plus lasted about as long as the S21 on our battery test even with the larger power pack.

You will get an excellent phablet if you opt for the Galaxy S21 Plus, particularly when it comes to the 6.7-inch OLED panel. That's because like other members of the S21 family, the Plus' screen has a dynamic refresh rate that adjusts based on what you're using the phone to do. (It matches the S21's 48-120 Hz range.) Cameras are also excellent, particularly the Galaxy S21 Plus' telephoto lens, which features a 3x optical zoom and a 30x zoom digital zoom.

Fans of big phones won't mind how bulky the Galaxy S21 Plus can be. They'll just be happy to have a solidly designed phone that gives them the display real estate they demand.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus review.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung’s best foldable phone


Screen size: 7.6 inches (inner), 6.2 inches (outer)

Android version: 11 with One UI 3.1

Processor: Snapdragon 888

Cameras: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrade, 12MP telephoto (rear); 10MP (front); 4MP (under-display)

RAM/Storage: 12GB/256GB, 512GB

Reasons to buy

+Dual 120Hz displays+Durable design with water resistance rating+More apps supported for multitasking

Reasons to avoid

-S Pen isn't included-Still expensive

Samsung’s premium foldable phone remains the Galaxy Z Fold 3, especially now that the new version has added 120Hz displays both inside and out. What’s more, the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 is more durable than ever, thanks to an IPX8 water resistance rating, The Armor Aluminum body is stronger than before while the phone’s use of a Gorilla Glass Victus display should reduce the likelihood of scratches and other damage.

One of the best things Samsung did was to convince more app makers to optimize their software to work with the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s foldable display. You’ll see popular apps like Spotify and TikTok now take advantage of the Z Fold 3’s unique form factor. Samsung added S Pen support, too, and while the main display certainly gives you a lot of real estate for sketching and taking notes, it’s a shame the stylus is an optional accessory (meaning you’ll have to pay extra to pick up both an S Pen and a case for holding the stylus).

Battery life on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be better, and while the debut price is lower than what it was for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, $1,799 is still a lot to pay for the phone. Nevertheless, if you want a premium device that gives you plenty of screen to work with, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the best Samsung phone yet to offer a foldable display.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review.

6. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Best value for a Samsung phone


Screen Size: 6.5 inches

Android Version: 10 with One UI 2.5

Processor: Snapdragon 865

Cameras: 12MP, 12MP and 8MP (Rear); 32MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 6 GB/128 GB

Reasons to buy

+Affordable price+Big 120Hz display+Solid performance

Reasons to avoid

-Battery life could be better-Doesn't ship with fast charger

Maybe you were impressed by the different Galaxy S20 models that debuted in 2020, but you were put off by the fact that they cost $999 or more. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE can alleviate that sticker shock by packing in many of the best features in the S20 but for $300 less. It compares well to a number of phones, including Apple's latest models, as we found in our Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs. iPhone 12 face-off.

This $699 phone runs on a powerful Snapdragon 865 system-on-chip with 5G connectivity. Its 6.5-inch OLED display features the super-fast 120Hz refresh rate that makes for smoother scrolling. And while its 8MP telephoto lens isn't as sharp as the 64MP lens on the S20, we're still impressed by the Space Zoom feature.

You'll make some tradeoffs with the Galaxy S20 FE — the phone features a plastic case and its included charger isn't as fast — but this is a great phone for people who want premium features at a reasonable price. At $100 less than the Galaxy S21, it's still a good value unless you have to have the Snapdragon 888. A rumored successor, the Galaxy S21 FE, may not materialize this year, so the Galaxy S20 FE remains the best way of getting flagship features for less.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review.

7. Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Low-cost 5G from Samsung


Screen Size: 6.5 inches

Android Version: 11 with One UI 3

Processor: Snapdragon 750G

Cameras: 64MP, 12MP, 5MP and 5MP (Rear); 32MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 6 GB/128 GB

Reasons to buy

+120Hz display+Versatile main camera

Reasons to avoid

-Inconsistent performance from other cameras-Display scratches easily

Samsung's midrange phone lineup is currently led by the Galaxy A52 5G. (That's the case in the U.S., at least, where the Galaxy A72 5G won't be shipping.) Despite a lower price tag than the Galaxy S series, you'll find a lot of the key features that highlight those phones. Samsung includes a 6.5-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate, though there's no dynamic adjustment for the Galaxy A52 5G's screen.

The main 64MP lens takes some pretty compelling shots, even if the other cameras on the phone (a 12MP lens plus dedicated macro and depth sensors) can't keep pace with the photos produced by top camera phones in this price range. You will appreciate the A52 5G's Snapdragon 750G chipset, its hearty battery life and the fact that a phone charger ships with the phone.

If you're looking for a Samsung phone for less than $500, the Galaxy A52 5G is a pretty solid choice, though the Galaxy A42 and A32 go even lower on price. (See how these phones stack up in our Galaxy A52 5G vs. Galaxy A42 5G vs. Galaxy A32 5G comparison.)

Read our full Samsung Galaxy A52 5G review.

8. Galaxy A32 5G

The budget 5G option from Samsung


Screen size: 6.5 inches

Android version: 11 with One UI 3.1

Processor: Dimensity 720

Cameras: 48MP main, 8MP ultrawide, 5MP macro, 2MP depth (Rear); 13MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 4GB/64GB

Reasons to buy

+Very low price+Four years of security patches+Great battery life+90Hz refresh rate

Reasons to avoid

-Subpar HD+ display

Samsung isn't resting on its laurels with the affordable 5G smartphone market. Cue the Galaxy A32 5G, a sub-$300 5G-capable smartphone. It sports many things people love about Galaxy phones, but with some corners cut to keep the price down. The biggest downside is the underwhelming display. The size combined with the low resolution doesn't look great in person.

However, if you're strapped for cash and want a phone with decent cameras, the Galaxy A32 5G is one you should consider. With its big 6.5-inch screen, the A32 is not a small phone. But it packs a 5,000 mAh battery that lasts a really long time — almost 12 hours in our testing with its adaptive refresh rate enabled. You can also expect the Galaxy A32 to go for longer than many other budget options, with Samsung promising three years of Android updates and four years of security patches.

Read our full Galaxy A32 5G review.

9. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Making foldable phones more accessible


Screen size: 6.7 inches (inner), 1.9 inches (outer)

Android version: 11 with One UI 3.1

Processor: Snapdragon 888

Cameras: 12MP wide, 12MP ultrawide (rear); 10MP (front)

RAM/Storage: 8GB/128GB, 256GB

Reasons to buy

+More affordable+Enhanced durability+Bigger cover display

Reasons to avoid

-Short battery life-No telephoto lens

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first “affordable” foldable phone. Starting at $999, it offers top-end specs and the ability to fold in half horizontally. This makes for a very pocketable device that packs a serious punch. 

That said, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 has notable flaws, such as its short battery life. In our testing, it lasted for just 6 hours when the display was locked at 60Hz. And the Flip 3 lacks a telephoto lens, unlike other phones at this price range. But the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a novel thing.

At this point, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is one of the best Samsung phones you can buy, but others like the Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy S21 Plus are better phones altogether. 

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 review.

10. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Last year's phone is still solid


Screen Size: 6.7 inches

Android Version: 10 with One UI 2

Processor: Snapdragon 765

Cameras: 64MP, 12MP, 5MP depth and 5MP macro (Rear); 32MP (Front)

RAM/Storage: 8 GB/128 GB

Reasons to buy

+Good battery life+Solid performance+Price has dropped

Reasons to avoid

-Middling cameras-Last year's hardware

You might have forgotten about the year-old Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, especially since Samsung has launched the Galaxy A72, which promises newer hardware, even if it lacks 5G connectivity. But the A72 won't be headed to the U.S. — it's too similar to the Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung's decided. That means the A71 5G is still an option in this country, especially since its price has fallen from the original $599 cost and it remains available from both carriers and retailers.

The Galaxy A71's launch price was already pretty low for a 5G phone, so anything below $599 is an even better value. That's especially true, when you consider that the A71 5G offers good battery life, decent performance and — most importantly — connectivity with all kinds of 5G networks. You'll also appreciate the big, 6.7-inch OLED screen, which reinforces the idea that you have big screen options beyond the pricey Galaxy Note series.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy A71 5G review.

How to choose the best Samsung phones

Picking which Samsung phone to buy is primarily driven by budget considerations. You're not going to spring for a Galaxy S21 Ultra, for example, if you're not prepared with at least $1,199 even if you opt to spread those payments out over time. But other factors need to be taken into consideration as well.

Start with how you use your smartphone. If it's primarily a productivity device, you'd want to focus on the Galaxy Note lineup, specifically because of the powerful S Pen that comes with Samsung's large-screen phone. If you turn to your phone for photography, the Galaxy S series is usually first in line for Samsung's camera innovations.

Budget-minded shoppers will want to consider the $499 Galaxy A52 5G or the even cheaper Galaxy A32, . You can also find discounts on Samsung phones by buying directly from the phone maker and trading in your current device. Check out the best Samsung phone deals for the latest savings.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 now shipping, our attention can turn to future Samsung releases. The company has no plans to release a Galaxy Note 21 this year, but  we could see the Galaxy S21 FE by the end of October. (Some rumors suggest this budget version of the S21 has been cancelled, though.) We're certain to see the Galaxy S22 to debut in early 2022, offering upgraded cameras to take on the iPhone 13.

How we test Samsung phones

To find the best Samsung phones, we test the company's handsets the same way we test every smartphone we review. We run benchmarks on each phone, including synthetic benchmarks like Geekbench 5 and 3DMark to measure graphics performance. That allows us to compare Samsung device to other phones, including Apple's iPhone. In addition, we use real-world testing that includes a video transcoding test using Adobe Premiere Rush. 

In our lab, we measure the brightness of the phone's display (in nits), as well as how colorful each screen is (using the sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamut). In these cases, higher numbers are better. We also measure color accuracy of each panel with a Delta-E rating, where lower numbers are better and score of 0 is perfect.

To determine how long a Samsung phone's battery lasts, we have the phones continuously surf the web over LTE with their screens set to 150 nits of brightness. The average smartphone lasts for 10 hours, with the best phone battery life reaching 11 hours or more in our testing.



The new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Striking design, adaptive 120Hz Infinity-O display, an amazing camera with 8K video and 30-100X Space Zoom, and an all-day battery—the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phones are epic in every way.

Shop Galaxy S21 5G Shop Galaxy S21+ 5G Shop Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

Striking design, adaptive 120Hz Infinity-O display, an amazing camera with 8K video and 30-100X Space Zoom, and an all-day battery—the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G phones are epic in every way.

Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. While 5G access won't require a certain plan or feature, some uses/services might. See Coverage details, Terms and Conditions, and Open Internet information for network management details (like video optimization) at

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Delivers uncompromised innovation, packing in all the fan-favorite features of a Galaxy series device at an even more accessible price.

Shop now

5G is still developing. Not all devices & signals are compatible; may not support 5G tethering; check device specs.

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  • SM-G780 (LTE), SM-G781 (5G)
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Samsung Galaxy WatchJuly Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018) Samsung Galaxy On6 June Samsung Galaxy A8 Star[20]Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) May Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018)Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)Samsung Galaxy J4 (2018) Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) April Samsung Galaxy J3 Duo March Samsung Galaxy J4 Prime 2
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) February Samsung Galaxy S9Samsung Galaxy S9+January Samsung Galaxy J4 Pro (2018) Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018)[21]Samsung Galaxy A5+ (2018) 2017 October Samsung Galaxy J4 (2017)
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Samsung Galaxy Tab ActiveSeptember Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017)
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Samsung Galaxy C8 / C7 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy J7+
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    SM-C8000 (C8)
August Samsung Galaxy Note 8Samsung Galaxy S8 ActiveJuly Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE) June Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)
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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)
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Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)
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Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (2017)
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February Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini
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Samsung Galaxy S7
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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)
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August Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
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  • SM-G928S
  • SM-G928T
  • SM-G928T1
  • SM-G928TR
  • SM-G928V
  • SM-G9280
  • SM-G9288
  • SM-G9289
Samsung Galaxy A8
  • SM-A8000, SM-A800F, SM-A800I, SM-A800S, SM-A800Y
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • SM-N9200, SM-N920C, SM-N920T, SM-N920A, SM-N920I, SM-N9208
Galaxy S5 NeoJuly Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 LiteSamsung Galaxy V Plus June Samsung Galaxy S6 ActiveSamsung Galaxy J5
  • SM-J500F (India)
  • SM-J500H (Russia)
  • SM-J500M (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile)
  • SM-J500G (Philippines, Thailand)
Samsung Galaxy J7
  • SM-J700F (India)
  • SM-J700H (Russia)
  • SM-J700M (Colombia, Argentina, Chile)
  • SM-J700T (T-Mobile Prepaid USA)
  • SM-J700P (Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA)
April Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • SM-G925A
  • SM-G925AZ
  • SM-G925F
  • SM-G925I
  • SM-G925K
  • SM-G925L
  • SM-G925P
  • SM-G925PZ
  • SM-G925R4
  • SM-G925R7
  • SM-G925S
  • SM-G925T
  • SM-G925T1
  • SM-G925TR
  • SM-G925V
  • SM-G9250
  • SM-G9258
  • SM-G9259
Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

  • SM-G920A
  • SM-G920AZ
  • SM-G920D
  • SM-G920F
  • SM-G920FD
  • SM-G920I
  • SM-G920K
  • SM-G920L
  • SM-G920P
  • SM-G920PZ
  • SM-G920R4
  • SM-G920R7
  • SM-G920S
  • SM-G920T
  • SM-G920T1
  • SM-G920TR
  • SM-G920V
  • SM-G9200
  • SM-G9208
  • SM-G9209
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3February Samsung Galaxy J1Samsung Galaxy E5
  • SM-E500H (3G)
  • SM-E500F (4G LTE)
Samsung Galaxy A7
  • SM-A700F
  • SM-A700FD
  • SM-A700FQ
  • SM-A700H
  • SM-A700K
  • SM-A700L
  • SM-A700M
  • SM-A700S
  • SM-A700X
  • SM-A700YD
  • SM-A700YZ
  • SM-A7000
  • SM-A7009
  • SM-A7009W
Samsung Galaxy E7January Samsung Z12014 December Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)
  • SM-A500F
  • SM-A500F1
  • SM-A500FQ
  • SM-A500FU
  • SM-A500G
  • SM-A500H
  • SM-A500HQ
  • SM-A500K
  • SM-A500L
  • SM-A500M
  • SM-A500S
  • SM-A500X
  • SM-A500XZ
  • SM-A500Y
  • SM-A500YZ
  • SM-A5000
  • SM-A5009
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015)
  • SM-A300F
  • SM-A300FU
  • SM-A300G
  • SM-A300H
  • SM-A300HQ
  • SM-A300M
  • SM-A300X
  • SM-A300XU
  • SM-A300XZ
  • SM-A300Y
  • SM-A300YZ
  • SM-A3000
  • SM-A3009
November Samsung Galaxy Core PrimeSamsung Galaxy Note EdgeOctober Samsung Galaxy Note 4Samsung Galaxy Young 2September Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • SM-G850F
  • SM-G850FQ
  • SM-G850K
  • SM-G850L
  • SM-G850M
  • SM-G850S
  • SM-G850W
  • SM-G850Y
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
  • SM-G530BT
  • SM-G530F
  • SM-G530FQ
  • SM-G530FZ
  • SM-G530H
  • SM-G530M
  • SM-G530MU
  • SM-G530P
  • SM-G530R4
  • SM-G530R7
  • SM-G530T
  • SM-G530W
  • SM-G530Y
  • SM-G5306W
  • SM-G5308W
  • SM-G5309W
Samsung Galaxy Core PrimeSamsung Galaxy Pocket 2Samsung Galaxy Mega 2August Samsung Galaxy Star 2 PlusSamsung Galaxy Ace 4Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3July Samsung Galaxy Core 2Samsung Galaxy S5 MiniSamsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
  • SM-T800 (WiFi)
  • SM-T805 (3G, 4G/LTE & WiFi)
  • SM-T807 (3G, 4G/LTE & WiFi)
  • SM-T807P (Sprint CDMA)
  • SM-T807V (Verizon CDMA)
June Samsung Galaxy CoreMay Samsung Galaxy K ZoomSamsung Galaxy Ace Style April Samsung Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900
  • SM-G900FD (dual-SIM/LTE)
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo
  • GT-I9300I, GT-I9301I, GT-I9303I
March Samsung Galaxy Win 2January Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo
  • SM-N7500 (3G model/Samsung Exynos chip/international)
  • SM-N7502 (dual-SIM)
  • SM-N7505 (4G/LTE model/Qualcomm Snapdragon chip/international)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo (GT-I9060) Samsung Galaxy Grand Lite 2013 December Samsung Galaxy Win Pro (SM-G3812) Samsung Galaxy J (SGH-N075T) Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (GT-S7582) Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus (GT-S7580) November Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (SM-G7100) October Samsung Galaxy Star Pro (GT-S7260) Samsung Galaxy J (SC-02F) Samsung Galaxy Express 2 (SM-G3815) Samsung Galaxy Round (SM-G9105) Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite (GT-S7390) Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite (GT-S6790) Samsung Galaxy Light (SGH-T399) Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3500) September Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • SM-N9000 (3G model/Samsung Exynos chip/international)
  • SM-N9002 (dual-SIM)
  • SM-N9005 (4G/LTE model/Qualcomm Snapdragon chip/international)
Samsung Galaxy GearJuly Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9190)[22]
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (I9195, LTE)
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (I9192, dual-SIM)
June Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (GT-I9295) Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C1010)[23]Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (GT-S7270)[24]Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo (GT-S5310) May Samsung Galaxy Star (GT-S5280)
  • GT-S5282 (dual-SIM)
  • GT-S5283 (triple-SIM)
Samsung Galaxy Core (GT-S8262) Samsung Galaxy Y Plus (GT-S5303) Samsung Galaxy Win (GT-I8550)
  • Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552, dual-SIM)
April Samsung Galaxy Mega
  • GT-I9150 (5.8")
  • GT-I9152 (5.8", dual-SIM)
  • GT-I9200 (6.3")
  • GT-I9205 (6,3", LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Fame (GT-S6810) Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)
  • GT-I9505 (LTE)
  • GT-I9506 (LTE+)
March Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 (GT-S7710)[26]Samsung Galaxy Young (GT-S6310) January Samsung Galaxy Grand (GT-I9080) Samsung Galaxy S II Plus (GT-I9105) Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus (GT-S5301) 2012 November Samsung Galaxy Discover (SGH-S730M)
  • Samsung Galaxy Discover TracFone (SGH-S730G, SCH-S735C, SCH-R740C)
  • Samsung Galaxy Centura (SCH-S738C)
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (GT-I8190)[27]October Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (SGH-I547)
  • Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE (SGH-i547C, Canadian market)
Samsung Galaxy ExpressSeptember Samsung Galaxy Rush Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4GSamsung Galaxy Note II
  • GT-N7100 (3G model/Iinernational)
  • GT-N7102 (dual-SIM)
  • GT-N7105 (4G/LTE model/international)
Samsung Galaxy Reverb Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (SPH-L300) Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos (GT-S5302) August Samsung Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7562)
  • Galaxy S Duos (GT-S7568, China Mobile TD-SCDMA)
  • Galaxy Trend (S7560M, single-SIM)
  • Galaxy Trend II Duos (GT-S7572, different camera, 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, Chinese market)
July Samsung Galaxy Stellar (SCH-I200) May Samsung Galaxy [email protected] (GT-B5330) Samsung Galaxy Appeal (SGH-I827) Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)[28]
  • Galaxy S III (GT-I9305, LTE)
April Samsung Galaxy S Advance[29]Samsung Galaxy Rugby (GT-S5690M)[31]March Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300)[32]Samsung Galaxy Rugby Smart (SGH-i847)[33]February Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520[34]Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS (GT-S6102) Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500)[35]Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160)[35]
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 x (GT-S7560M)
January Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500[L/T/W])[36]Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS (GT-B5510)[37]


2011 November Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)[39]October Samsung Galaxy NoteSamsung Stratosphere[40]August Samsung Galaxy Xcover (S5690) Samsung Galaxy Precedent[41]Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)[40][42]Samsung Galaxy M[40][42]Samsung Galaxy W (I8150)[40][42]Samsung Galaxy R (I9103)[40][44]Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-i9001)[40][45]June Samsung Galaxy Z[46]Samsung Exhibit 4G (SGH-T759)[47]May Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100)[48]April Samsung Galaxy Neo[51]Samsung Galaxy Pro[52]Samsung Galaxy Prevail (SPH-M820)[53]March Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570)[54]Samsung Galaxy Gio (GT-S5660)[54]February Samsung Galaxy SL (GT-I9003)[56]Samsung Galaxy Fit (GT-S5670)[54]Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830, GT-S5830i)[57]2010 October Samsung Galaxy 551[40][59]August Samsung Galaxy U[60]Samsung Galaxy 5[61]July Samsung Galaxy 3June Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000)[65]2009 November Samsung Galaxy Spica[71]June Samsung Galaxy[72]
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Somehow it happened by itself that I entered the apartment with Masha. She asked me to take the bag to the kitchen, and she said that she would change and give me tea. My heart was already thumping in my temples.

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Well, you have already remembered my name, and it is even easier to remember my friends - Sasha and Sasha. - Very nice, Elena - I answered and tried to sit down in a playful knixen almost falling. - Wow, you be more careful, otherwise we will be left without you and without the pleasant appearance of your legs. - And what, really nice view. - I asked, and lifted my jacket, heading up my hips.

Kamu pasti pengen HP ini :) Nyobain Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Indonesia!

He relaxed his hands, and they joined The head touched the flesh, Light barely audible gasped, SHE WAITED. Holding my wife under the thighs, Sergei began to slowly lower her onto his trunk, the head of the penis rested against. The vagina, he moved his hips attaching it, straightening his lips, finding that hollow that would wrap up I found it, and began to slowly lower Sveta onto the trunk.

Sveta screamed and bit her lip, pain reflected on her face - the penis was tearing her with its size - a drop of blood appeared on the.

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This orgy was not enough for them. Therefore, they, having settled down more comfortably on the floor, touched each other with their pussies and began to rub. After a few minutes, moans escaped from their lips and they began to hammer in orgasm, collapsing to the floor.

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