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Behance reveals all-new look for 2019

Behance has long been known as a go-to place to find the best creative work from around the world. Since its inception, the online portfolio platform has become an inspirational resource for everyone in the creative community, whether that be as an artist wanting to get their work out to the masses or an employer searching for new talent.

However, with the arrival of multiple no-coding-required, easy-to-use website builders in recent years, its fair to say Behance started to lose a bit of its lustre. But that all looks set to change, with the company yesterday revealing brand new Behance profile (see above) and project pages to better showcase creatives' work.

And we think it has certainly fulfilled that brief, especially when you compare the new profile page (above) to the previous version (see below). 

Bigger and better 

The all-new Behance profile page has been updated to feature larger, single project images to really let the work do all the talking. And the text that was once displayed below the images – name of the project, likes and views – can now be seen by simply hovering over each project. 

There's also now the option for creatives to upload a custom banner image to their Behance design portfolio – a subtle but hugely beneficial feature to add personality and keep a profile on brand. And it's ridiculously easy to set up, using a simple drag and drop/reposition system with a image of your choice. More information on adding Behance profile banners can be found here.  

The best presentation

The updates don't stop there. The Behance team has updated the layout of individual project pages to help creatives present their work in the best possible way, and at the same time make it easier for viewers to appreciate it. Large hero images fill the screen, with project and creator information at both the top and bottom and actions including share, save, follow and appreciate present the entire time. 

It's clear Behance and Adobe have pulled out all the stops for this update, bringing the site up-to-date and in line with other highly visual platforms like Pinterest. The new look has been rolled out already, and users don't need to do anything to activate the new look. Question is, will this be enough to fully put Behance back on the map? Watch this space. 

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Kerrie Hughes is editor of Creative Bloq. Kerrie was staff writer for 3D World magazine before joining the original Creative Bloq team in 2012. Since then she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX, 3D World and Computer Arts magazines. 


There’s been a fairly big update to Behance, also known as DeviantArt for designers. Heck, I remember when I used DA for my portfolio. Good times.

Anyway… Behance. They’ve gone and updated what has to be the single most important aspect of their site: the portfolios. I mean, that’s what everybody is there for, no? They’re overhauled both the main portfolio view, as well as the experience of viewing individual projects in some small but important ways.



Customizable banners: You know those big image banners you get on sites like Twitter and Facebook? Behance has them too, now. Just upload a picture, crop it to your liking, and go. The stated purpose of these is to allow users to sort of set the tone, and get their branding right in there at the top.

Well, that’s the idea on all the other sites with the same feature, really. It’s a tried-and-proven technique. And if you don’t want a banner image, don’t upload one.


Bigger thumbnails: Not much to say, here. They took the old thumbnails, and scaled them right up. People get a better idea of what they’re looking at.




In their blog post on the update, Behance says, “… actions like Share, Save to Collection, Follow, and Appreciate are always present.” Basically, they kept this part of the UI very simple, and made the action buttons sticky, to reduce the effort it takes to interact with any particular project.

This is a simple but definitely good change. Projects tend to consist of one or more very, very long images, and scrolling can definitely take a while.



My Impressions

The whole experience is definitely tailored for desktop. That’s not to say people don’t look for designers on their phones, but if you really want to see the details, big screens make that easier. Adobe runs this show, so the decision is probably based on a fair amount of data telling them to cater to larger screens.

To be fair, any designer could probably have told them that. We might love our phones, but we work on desktops, laptops, and at the bare minimum, a big ole tablet. In fact, it would be fair to say that Behance is one of the few examples on the Internet where mobile-first design is… I’m going to say almost optional.

Beyond that, the changes just make sense to me. I do like it a lot when things are kept simple.

By Ezequiel Bruni

Ezequiel Bruni is a web/UX designer, blogger, and aspiring photographer living in Mexico. When he\'s not up to his finely-chiselled ears in wire-frames and front-end code, or ranting about the same, he indulges in beer, pizza, fantasy novels, and stand-up comedy. More articles by Ezequiel Bruni

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Adobe gives Behance a facelift with improved profile and project pages

To kick off the new year on the right foot, Adobe has announced an update to its Behance social creative platform. The update includes a redesigned profile page, customizable banners and an updated project page.

The updated profile now includes a larger cover image to highlight prominent work, a cleaner layout and an improved sidebar that better features various statistics, links to other social networks and an accompanying bio. When a visitor hovers over the individual projects important information is displayed on top of the thumbnail.

The new banner image takes a design element seen on other social networks including Facebook and Twitter. The process is as simple as selecting an image as the banner and positioning it so it's framed as it's intended to be seen. Behance has a full guide on banner images, but the TL;DR is the optimal size is 3200 x 410 pixels — not exactly a common ratio.

The updated project pages now show images fullscreen and provide a Lightbox-style effect that keeps the media front and center. Project and creator information is displayed at the top of the page while sharing, following and the 'Appreciate' button are displayed to the right of the image.

Adobe acquired Behance in December 2012 and has since integrated it into its various Creative Cloud applications.

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