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20 Best Weapons Skins In Rust

While Rust is a brutal and challenging survival game, it doesn’t have to be done without a bit of flair. Over the years, the community has released a number of skins to give the game a bit of customization and pop.

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Perhaps the best skins are the ones that adorn the players' weapons. Everything from the Combat Knife to the AK47 can have interesting color schemes, unique patterns, and complex themes. Here are some of the best weapon skins that players can get right now for various weapons.

Updated September 24, 2021 by Ben Baker: There is no shortage of weapon skins as players continue adding them to the game. It’s a great way to showcase the artistic abilities of the skin creator and add a personal touch to the world of Rust. The best skins in Rust will have well-designed skins, glow, and other special effects to make each weapon truly unique. Here are some incredible creations that players have been using recently you should consider for your next run. Whether it's wielding the power of the ancients, unleashing toxic death on enemies, or harnessing your inner druid, these are some of the coolest Rust skins out there.

20 Dark Feather

The Dark Feather by anathenn replaces the Combat Knife with a feathered variant. The blade is a black and gray feather with pockmarks and chips meant to imitate a feather. The handle is a brownish-gold bronze meta

The result is a unique-looking weapon that looks like it belongs in an art gallery rather than the wilds of Rust. It’s the kind of weapon you’d spend time studying by the campfire before burying an enemy the next morning. This is one of the best Rust skins for the combat knife out there.

19 The Dead Druid

The Dread Druid by TonyaeR is a reskin of the AK47. The weapon is now crafted from old-fashioned iron and leather hand grips. Across the entire weapon are Nordic runes and Celtic symbols. There is also a helmeted skull along the barrel behind the bolt.

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If the Vikings ever developed and mastered gunpowder this gun would likely reside in their Longhouses as a valuable artifact. The AK47 is one of the more popular weapons and this skin is likely to win over a couple of fans.

18 Eternal Sword

Swords are often seen as weapons of desperation or roleplaying in Rust. After all when you can use guns why choose a primitive melee weapon? The Eternal Sword skin by zuf may give players a third reason to consider using swords in battle.

The drab sword has been replaced with a carefully crafted weapon. It’s unclear what the origins are. Was it crafted by a long-dead civilization? Is it the work of elves who have fled for distant lands? Whatever the case may be the end result is an intrigued sword that makes looting enemy players seem more epic than it typically is. This is definitely one of the cool Rust skins that players have made.

17 Old Empire

The Old Empire skin by MDE is beautifully designed. It replaces the boring Python skin and gives it a more mystical and opulent appearance. The weapon seems to have been crafted of enchanted stone emblazoned with runes and small mosaics.

The decorative meander across the barrel suggests this weapon was crafted by the ancient Greeks. Cracks along the surface also suggest it's seen better days and may be prone to breaking soon. It would easily be one of the coolest Rust skins if it came with a firing mode that utilized the legendary Greek Fire.

16 Toxic Juice

The Toxic Juice skin by Epatte is something else. It’s one of the best skins in Rust for the Mp5 that’s equal parts wicked and nasty. The weapon is a dark metal that’s been splattered with what looks like green toxic sludge. It gives the weapon a drippy appearance that suggests holding the thing is hazardous to the character’s health.

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It’s an interesting idea that a weapon could be deadly to use in combat and might make the player think twice about fighting. It can also serve to intimidate enemies who see a combatant wielding a dripping toxic gun in combat.

15 Atomic LR

The Atomic LR gives the LR-300 Assault Rifle a dose of character. The drab gray and black of the weapon has been replaced with a black rifle, splashed with green coloring and a large toxic skull, surrounded by (presumably) radioactive sludge.

These weapons are very useful in the game and one of the most tried and true ways for a solo player to take down the Attack Helicopter. Given the weapon’s description in-game bears a subtle nod to the STALKER game series, the atomic skin seems fitting. It’s available on Steam for $2.10.

14 Blackout L96

The Blackout L96 is a custom skin for the L96 Sniper Rifle. It has replaced the green and black coloring with a solid metallic black coloring. Given this gun is frequently used for stealthy raids, it seems fitting that the weapon should be entirely black.

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It also fits the in-game reality that players are more likely to come across this weapon on a Bradley APC. It’s a rare but powerful weapon that deserves an intimidating color scheme, one that looks like something Agent 47 from Hitman 3 would wield. It costs $4.25 on Steam.

13 Carrot Launcher

Normally, the Rocket Launcher is something to be feared in Rust, given it's one of the most powerful weapons in the game. But, the Carrot Launcher skin takes an otherwise intimidating gun and gives it an absurd, yet somehow stylish skin.

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The rusted DIY appearance has been swapped out for vibrant orange and green coloring, meant to resemble a carrot. Unfortunately, the projectiles don’t resemble carrots, but opponents are likely to be curious and that gives players the perfect opportunity to get a free shot off. It can be purchase on Steam for $1.18.

12 Lightweight Hatchet

The Lightweight Hatchet skin swaps out the traditional wooden handle hatchet and gives it a modern touch. This skin features a solid steel build with an integrated head and a rubber grip handle. It’s sleek, stylish, and perfect for chopping down trees or splitting skulls.

It also seems like something one of the military types in this game would be wielding. Sure it may not make sense to craft this early on out of wood, but coupled with a Sniper Rifle, an LR-300, and some high-tier body armor, it works. It costs $1.99 on the Rust Item Store.

11 Rising Moon Bow

Hunting Bows are often underrated by players in Rust, and as such, don’t always get the most attention when it comes to new skins. This Rising Moon Bow skin is a great bit of flair for this handy weapon and gives it a more modern look.

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The wood handle has been replaced with gray metal and there’s a moon with stars etched into the handle. It goes well with a more militarized aesthetic, yet adds a bit of mystical flair and mystery to an otherwise boring-looking weapon. This skin costs $1.55 on Steam.

10 Aircraft Parts Ak47

The AK47 is a beneficial weapon in the game given its decent damage at a variety of ranges. For many players, obtaining this weapon makes survival just a bit easier.

This particular skin makes the AK47 look like it was cobbled together using pieces of an airplane. It gives the weapon a hardy survival look that fits right in with Rust. It also fits into the overall theme of a player surviving, crafting, and scraping together whatever weapons they can find to survive. It costs $1.46 on Steam.

9 Arctic Wolf MP5

The MP5A4 is a fantastic weapon thanks to its great fire rate and decent damage. While it does cost more useful resources than other weapons in its class, the MP5A4 does represent a huge step forward for the player.

The Arctic Wolf MP5 skin takes the gun’s traditional gray exterior and layers it with a frostier gray. The stock is wrapped and there’s a wolf design on the barrel. The result is a gun that looks at home in the snow-covered northern area of the map. It's a bit pricey though at $21.85 on Steam.

8 Little Nightmare

The Bone Club is a very basic weapon. It’s one of the earliest the player can obtain and is meant for rudimentary survival and self-defense. It’s little more than a hunk of bone fashioned into a crude club.

The Little Nightmare skin takes that concept and adds more eeriness to it. The Bone Club now sports a monstrous face with an open mouth and blue glowing eyes. The rest of the weapon is wrapped in bloody rags. It’s sure to strike fear into the hearts of whoever is unfortunate enough to be clubbed to death by this weapon. This little guy costs $1.80 on Steam.

7 Emerald Knife

The Combat Knife is another basic weapon meant for rudimentary survival. It does have the advantage of being a fantastic stealth weapon, assuming the player can get close enough to their adversaries.

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The Emerald Knife skin takes the typical combat knife and gives it a fine opulent upgrade. Instead of drab-colored metals, the knife now has a finely carved golden hilt with emerald inlays. The blade itself is fashioned out of emerald, or more realistically jade. This weapon seems both at home in a collection and for use in ritualistic sacrifices. The Emerald knife sells for $3.68 on Steam.

6 Blood Dragon Rifle

The Semi-Automatic Rifle is a cheap weapon that works well. It has low recoil, good accuracy at mid-range, and fires as fast as the player can pull the trigger. It may not have the greatest damage, but it’ll put quite a few holes in anything that gets close.

The Blood Dragon Rifle gives this weapon an eerie and beautiful design. The entire gun is painted in blood-red colors with a dragon insignia on the stock and scales on the magazine. It’s almost possible to imagine this weapon was painted using real dragon’s blood. This will cost $4.43 on Steam.

5 Poseidon LR300

The LR-300 is a good weapon. With a high rate of fire and good damage, this gun is devastating in close quarters or short distances. It can only be found which makes this a desired weapon by players and a reason to go poking into places most survivors probably wouldn’t.

The Poseidon LR300 skin gives the weapon a shiny and polished look. The weapon now has a black and gold chrome design that makes it look like something out of a James Bond film. There’s also a small trident insignia on the magazine. The Podseidon LR-300 costs $7.74 on Steam.

4 Desert Warrior

The M39 is a Semi Rifle that sacrifices its rate of fire for more kick. It’s a weapon that requires cool and clear heads. For calm and patient players, it can really do some serious damage to anyone or anything it’s aimed at.

The Desert Warrior skin is perfect for those players who find themselves frequenting the Desert biome to the south. The drab gray and darker colors are swapped for sandy browns. This weapon is ideal for duking it out with players in the harsh arid environments of Rust. It costs $6.50 on Steam.

3 Nordic Relic

The Eoka Pistol is cheap to make, cheap to use, and, consequently, has limited results. It’s certainly better than nothing and it can be enough to put a threat down. Due to its limited accuracy and single shot, this pistol is mostly just used as a last-ditch effort to survive or gain an advantage.

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It seems only fitting that this primitive gun should have a primitive-looking skin. The Nordic Relic gives the weapon an almost Viking-like appearance. The wooden handle is carved in Nordic fashion and the metal looks like it could have been made of the same stuff that fashioned old swords. This will cost $6.59 on Steam.

2 Sacrificial Knife

The Bone Knife is about as basic a weapon as the player can get, apart from the Bone Club. It’s a splinter of bone sharpened to a point that uses some wrapping as its handle. It’ll get the job done, but players will want something better.

The Sacrificial Knife gives this weapon a more horrifying potential. The bone is less crude thanks to a more finely polished tip and skulls carved into the blade. It’s a chilling difference and one that suggests the wielder has darker intentions than simple survival. It's a little pricey at $11.41 on Steam.

1 Gothic Reception

In some ways, the Rocket Launcher represents the peak of an individual’s power in Rust. The weapon and its ammo are incredibly expensive by the game’s standards, but the result is awesome destructive potential against players, animals, and even buildings.

The Gothic Reception skin gives this weapon a more mystical and horror-based twist. The standard launcher is now a decoratively crafted piece of metal. It looks like something that could pass for one of Bloodborne's weapons. The skin hints at terrifying potential and otherworldly power hiding in the metal chamber. This skin costs $1.95 on Steam.

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The Most Expensive Skins In Rust

By Brandon Morgan/Feb. 5, 2021 12:05 pm EDT

Rust is a unique and popular survival game in which players tend to spend 1,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 hours playing over the span of years. The gameplay loop is already both chaotic and addicting, and the introduction of a skin market only provided more reasons to return.

An in-game weapon or item skin is simple. It does not improve gameplay or offer a substantial boost to recoil reduction, for example, but it does offer variety. In a game like Rust, where the community lives and breathes raids and farming, a little variety is a fantastic thing.

That being said, some of these skins are a little out of most people's price range. A few go for well over $1,000, with many reaching hundreds of dollars months, if not years, after their release. It may be unfathomable to imagine someone spending over $1,000 on an in-game skin, like a facemask, and yet folks do precisely that all of the time. The Rust skin market is apparently very lucrative.

With that, here are the most expensive skins in Rust.

Grandmother's Gift Barricade

Who doesn't love the holidays? If you spend your holiday break playing Rust, as many do, chances are you want to spruce up your 2x2 with a little holiday cheer. Well, Grandmother's Gift Barricade covers all the bases, with its festive design, bulletproof material, and... overwhelming cost. 

If your loved ones put cash in your stocking, then this barricade skin, which usually sells for around $70, could be yours.

Designed for the Christmas Contest of 2016 by Krovv, Grandmother's Gift Barricade won first place and was highlighted by developer Facepunch for the holidays. These days, the only way to nab this sandbag barricade skin is via the Steam Market, where players request lower prices and are subsequently ignored due to the rarity of this particular piece. If you pull the trigger, never sell. You never know how high the price will rise on a barricade skin. You could end up profiting pretty substantially.

Zipper Face

When you think of creepy games, do you think of Rust? Chances are you don't. You likely imagine games like Resident Evil or Phasmophobia or even Among Us, but likely not the action-survival world of Facepunch's hit game. But the community wants to change the perception of the game through the use of slightly terrifying in-game skins, like the Zipper Face, which genuinely unnerves players.

It's not often you see someone wearing a balaclava in-game, unfortunately. When you stumble across another player, chances are high they are donning a road sign helmet or metal facemask, which makes the Zipper Face all the more terrifying, as it is rare and quite creepy.

Zipper Face, which was created by OverPovered, was a contest entry for the Rust Nightmare Fuel Skin Competition near the Halloween holiday in 2015. By its popularity, it's pretty clear Zipper Face won the contest, providing OverPovered with recognition within the Rust modding scene and player community. To live out your nightmarish fantasies with Zipper Face, you'll pay between $150 and $165.

Plate Carrier - Black

Is Rust the type of game where tactical gameplay makes sense? No, absolutely not. But does it matter? No. Rust is a ton of fun, especially when you run with a tight-knit clan or chaotic zerg. When you clan up, chances are someone might want to coordinate outfits. What better way to do that than have everyone in matching tactical vests?

The Black Plate Carrier is reminiscent of military or law enforcement body armor, which helps provide a tactical look to any Rust player, especially when paired with the right metal facemask. You will most often see the Black Plate Carrier paired with the Big Grin or Punishment Mask, making the entire ensemble extremely expensive and rare. 

If you see a clan dressed up in all Black Plate Carriers with AK47s in hand, you are likely in for a bad time. If you want to don the Black Plate Carrier yourself, expect to pay between $160 and $180.

Alien Red

The AK47 is one of the most accessible top-tier weapons in Rust. It is a high-end, craftable firearm, and though it takes some time to adapt to its overwhelming recoil, it is a force to be reckoned with once you do. It's also a status symbol, more so once you equip an expensive or rare skin on it. 

The Alien Red is precisely that — alien. The colors are somewhat dulled on this AK47 skin, allowing for nighttime raids without fear of standing out in the shadows. Don't let that fact get you down on it, though: Alien Red is attractive and worth using in the field on your AK. The alien-like symbols, especially along the barrel, add to the out-of-this-world aesthetic. 

With a price tag ranging from $170 to $180 at any given time, this one will set you back for the privilege of running one of Rust's top AK skins.

Freshly Dug Grave

To respawn in the world of Rust, you need to place a sleeping bag. Most bags are boring, brown in color, and stuffed into a bush somewhere before making a play. But if you want to sleep in style, held in the cold caress of a corpse, the Freshly Dug Grave sleeping bag skin by XTab is precisely what you need.

XTab is well-known in the Rust skin community, as many, many of his past skins were accepted by Facepunch and officially sold each week to the community. In the case of Freshly Dug Grave, XTab designed the sleeping bag skin for Halloween 2015, making it a limited-edition, rare, and often expensive in-game skin.

If you want to sleep in a grave, you will pay between $180 and $190 for the privilege. That may seem like a lot, but you'll at least find yourself in quite the exclusive club once you make the purchase.

Tempered Mask

Players love the shimmering colors of tempered skins in Rust. A few of the top skins on the market — the most expensive fare — include tempered items. The Tempered Mask remains within the top ten Rust skins, with its purple and gold alternating colors that definitely stand out in the game's bleak world. This skin is one typically worn by the hardcore PvPers who don't care about camouflage.

Designed by Milho Frito, another well-known name within the Rust skin community, the Tempered Mask is one of 27 unique Tempered skins created by Mr. Frito in the past. In total, the Portugal native currently has over 85 items accepted and sold in Rust

To don the Tempered Mask, prepare to fork over anywhere from $210 to $240. A few players cross their fingers and request prices as low as $190, but those never come to fruition. Folks love the tempered glare.

Creepy Clown Bandana

While perhaps the most eye-catching bandana skin to grace Rust, the Creepy Clown Bandana is embroiled in controversy. After its acceptance, in which its creator pocketed some of the proceeds from each sale (Facepunch routinely pays out $1,000,000 in total to its skin creator community), it came to light that, unfortunately, it was plagiarized. Since the accusation, the creator deleted his account and removed the listing on the Steam Workshop. Despite this, you can still purchase the skin through the Market, though none of the money goes to the "creator" who swiped the design.

If you want to dress up as a creepy clown to terrorize fresh spawns at the beach, expect to pay between $210 and $240. You could get lucky, though, and find a custom server with the Creepy Clown Bandana as a stock item. That could at least let you try it on, even if you don't get to keep it.

Fire Jacket

When you were growing up, did you ever want to become a firefighter? It seems possible many children enjoyed the same dream after seeing a bright red truck with flashing lights. Most likely grew up and entered into other careers, though perhaps some felt the call of the fire truck all their lives. Fortunately, those folks can live out their dream in Rust with the Fire Jacket. 

As one of the only jacket skins to grace the front page of the Rust Market, the Fire Jacket, designed by QRD, is simple yet extremely high quality. It looks like a genuine firefighter's jacket. 

Get ready to fight fires, or start them at your neighbor's base, with the Fire Jacket for the quite hefty asking price of $250 to $280. Like all of the other high-end skins in Rust, players routinely ask for a more reasonable price. For a jacket skin, it's understandable someone wouldn't want to fork over $300. Sadly, there are few deals to be found on this one.

Horror Bag

Who would've thought a sleeping bag would be so immensely popular in the Rust skin community? Every player needs to have one, though, so you might as well invest in something that is both cool-looking and, potentially, a collector's item.

The Horror Bag is yet another Halloween 2015 sleeping bag skin, this time with jack-o-lanterns and bats adorning an orange sleeping bag. It's festive, it's fun, and it is expensive. For this Halloween-themed sleeping bag, designed by MDemon, prepare your wallet for shock. You'll need to pay between $350 and $370. There aren't many in the wild, which is certainly driving demand for the eye-popping price tag you see before you. It's highly doubtful the price will drop anytime soon — at least not significantly.

Whether you're building a Halloween-themed base or simply want to mix up your sleeping bag situation, you could do far worse than the Horror Bag and all its glory. Just remember, prices change on the marketplace, so keep an eye out for fluctuations.

Glory AK47

Unlike other AK47 skins, like Alien Red, the Glory AK47 features intricately-detailed markings, including suns adorning the magazine well, front sight, and rear of the upper receiver. The assault rifle still features its iconic shovel handle stock and tape grips but they're now a subdued red that pairs extremely well with the gold and silver engravings.

The Glory AK47 comes from MDE, another popular skin creator with over 69 accepted skins available on the Market. At the time of this writing, however, this one is currently his most popular and most expensive.

To wield the Glory AK47 in-game, prepare to empty between $400 and $430 from your wallet. This is a rare one, indeed. There are a few for sale on the marketplace, but those go quickly, despite the exorbitant price tag for each skin. If you genuinely want a Glory AK47, watch the market listing like a hawk. The moment the price drops to a somewhat reasonable number, nab it for yourself.

Tempered MP5

Milho Frito is back with yet another Tempered Rust skin. This time around, the popular skin creator focused on the military-grade MP5 — one of the best submachine guns in the game. The Tempered MP5 copies the style and color scheme of the Tempered Mask, with alternating purple and gold colors from top to bottom along the receiver, mag well, handguard, and forward sight.

If your goal is to remain basked in shadows, sneaking up on opponents and scoping out bases, then the Tempered MP5 is likely not your go-to skin. It is, however, a collector's item that will help you stand out in the world of Rust if that's your aim.

To get one of your own, you'll pay between $400 and $430. If your goal is to stand out on your server, the Tempered MP5, even for the ridiculous price, is a surefire way to either make yourself a prime target for a raid or to ensure a YouTube-worthy play against fully-geared roamers. 

Demonic Pistol

The Demonic Pistol is the first and only pistol skin featured on the front page of the marketplace, and gets its name from the numerous foreboding black skulls adorning the starter pistol. If the skulls weren't edgy enough, then turn your attention to the grip, where a series of small bones appear wrapped in metal plates.

Designed by LittleRanger and accepted in October of 2017, the Demonic Pistol remains a fan-favorite, as it easily holds its position within the top five on the Rust Market. The next closest skin beneath it is generally around $40 to $50 lower in price, which is a large margin to make up.

For an astounding price ranging between $450 and $470, the Demonic Pistol could quickly become your most expensive sidearm in Rust. Thankfully, you should have no fear of carrying it while farming, as you can always craft another pistol back at base and apply this overly expensive skin.

Big Grin

The Metal Facemask is arguably one of the most popular Rust items to reskin and sell on the marketplace. The possibilities for unique designs are only limited by the imagination, which is why you'll see clowns, scrapyard demons, and the Big Grin selling so very well on the Market.

Despite not holding the top spot, the Big Grin Metal Facemask is in high demand within the Rust community. Clans don it when going out on raids, pairing the metal face armor with the Black Plate Carrier and an AK47.  The skin was made by a user who goes by Jean-Luc Picard, and it's safe to assume he made quite a hefty sum on its sale. Facepunch accepted Big Grin in 2016, sold it on the game's official weekly marketplace, and the rest is history.

Currently, Big Grin sells for between $680 and $700, depending on the week. You would be hard-pressed to find one, though, as Big Grin is one of the rarest facemask skins in the game.

Alien Relic SMG

Anyone who plays Rust will know the iconic Alien Relic SMG, which remains one of the rarest and most popular submachine gun skins in the whole game. It is perhaps one of the rarest of all skins. It is so rare, in fact, that you could play the game for thousands of hours and never see one in the wild. Those who buy this particular skin generally do so as a collector's item to be kept in their Steam Inventory for bragging rights.

The Alien Relic SMG comes from Rcham, a popular Rust YouTuber, and user Dino Blunt Yuh, both of whom earned their fame with this unique submachine gun skin.

Are you ready for the price tag? Currently, the Alien Relic SMG sells for anywhere between $1,100 and $1,200. Even more astounding is the fact that over 280 players want to buy one for more than $700. That's a lot of people willing to drop an entire month's mortgage payment on a single in-game weapon skin.

Punishment Mask

The most expensive, most popular, and rarest of all in-game skins available in Rust is very likely The Punishment Mask. Officially named the 4 Deuces Skull Mask by creator StabbyMcStabface, the skin was renamed to the Punishment Mask, despite its influence stemming from U.S. Navy Seals, not Marvel's The Punisher.

The Punishment Mask currently sells for between $1,500 and $1,600 on any given day. More astounding is the number of players typically lining up to buy the mask for over $1,000. Unfortunately for them, only a handful are ever available at any given time, and they all sell for more than $1,500. Even its creator would be shocked by the current price. On his workshop store page, he once wrote about how common it was to see the facemask sell for up to $300 dollars, which was high in his opinion. If only he knew how much the price would jump later on.

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The Most EXPENSIVE Skins for Rust

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The Most EXPENSIVE Skins for Rust

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