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You must complete the Saving Thrall instance (Old Hillsbrad Foothills) in the Caverns of Time before you attempt The Black Morass.

In the Black Morass, you and four friends are tasked with defending Medivh from an unknown dragonflight from the future that wants to disrupt the past by killing Medivh as he tries to open the Dark Portal, preventing the Horde from ever reaching Azeroth and, therefore, the Alliance from forming! IF THIS WERE TO HAPPEN, THE BURNING LEGION WOULD SIMPLY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DESTROY AN AZEROTH IN DISUNITY, AND THE WORLD OF WARCRAFT WOULD CEASE TO EXIST AS WE KNOW IT! EPIC!

Back to the task at hand. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defend Medivh through 18 rounds of enemy advances. Medivh has a shield that starts at 100%, and goes down if enemies are attacking him. Each round (except for 6, 12, and 18, which are boss rounds... we will discuss these later) consists of two seperate things happening at once.

- A rift opens and an elite, high HP mob called a Rift Keeper spawns from it
- After the Keeper spawns, nonelite dragonkin will spawn out of the portal every 5-10 seconds and head straight to Medivh

The Rift Keeper for each portal comes in different variations. There is a melee version, a warlock version, and a mage version. You need to keep at least two steady DPSers and a tank on the Rift Keeper at all times. It is imperative that you get him down as FAST as possible. There are several reasons for this. First, if you take too long, another portal will open and you will probably wipe. Second, by getting him down as quickly as possible, you keep the number of non-elite adds that spawn to a minimum.

As for the adds, you must have one SOLID DPSer dealing with them. Be smart when assigning your DPS tasks in this instance. A hunter or pally would be an excellent choice to take care of the adds, because both classes have the ability to tank them with minimal damage taken (hunter has a pet, pally has plate). A rogue, on the other hand, is much better suited to stay on the Rift Keeper at all times, because they have extremely high (and more importantly, sustained) single target DPS.

DPSers, LISTEN UP: You CANNOT slack during this instance or your group WILL wipe. In other instances, you can jerk off during a boss fight, and as long as you have an excellent healer with a large mana pool, you can still get the job done... it'll just take a bit longer. In the Black Morass, if you are not producing, your group WILL wipe because more portals will spawn. This instance rides heavily on the ability of a group's DPSers. THAT SAID, attempting the Black Morass without three SOLID DPSers is extremely inadvisable.

Okay, so you made it to round 6. Now you get your first boss, but first, we must discuss Chrono-Beacons. At the beginning of the instance, everyone will get a Chrono-Beacon from the Caverns of Time NPC. When used, this item spawns a huge dragon for about 20 seconds. The dragon will help you kill whatever you spawn it near. However, if the dragon gets too close to a boss, the boss will despawn it. Therefore, use your dragons for:
- Cleaning up adds if they start to get out of control
- Taking out Rift Keepers in rounds 15, 16, and 17. We will discuss this later.


This guy is relatively easy. He has an arcane missiles-esque AE attack that hits everyone for around 2k. Tranquility/Prayer of Healing/HoTs, etc. You know the drill. Simply tank him and spank him.

Particularly if you are new at this instance, you will want to use one of your dragons to care of adds during this round, because you will need all three of your DPSers focused on the boss. Placement of the dragon is EXTREMELY important. The Chrono-Beacon can be used at a very long range, and its targeting functions much like the Mage spell Blizzard or the Hunter spell Volley. Simply click where you want the dragon to spawn, and he will stay in that general vinicity. So here's what you do:

1. Boss spawns, tank picks him up and tanks him AT THE RIFT. DPS starts immediately... tank has got to be on his game (hunters use your Misdirection)
2. Adds begin spawning.
3. Once there are 3-4 adds attacking Medivh, a designated person uses his or her Chrono-Beacon. They must deploy it very close to Medivh so that the dragon will not venture near the boss and therefore be despawned.
4. The dragon takes care of the adds in very short order, and continues killing adds for about 20 seconds... at which point it despawns.
5. You need to have the boss dead or nearly dead by this point. You can't waste more than one dragon on any boss round.

(Note that, if you're really leet, you can get through the boss rounds without using a dragon. Simply kill the boss really fast, then go kill all the adds. If you can save your Chrono-Beacons up in this way, it gives you a lot more flexibility during rounds 13-18, when the portals will be spawning very fast.)

So you beat Deja! Grats on your mediocre loot. You get a short break to rest up, rebuff, pass our the loot, etc. As soon as portal 7 opens, get there and start burning that Keeper down. Don't screw around or you will waste time and wipe. Portals 7-11 function essentially the same way as 1-5. Don't screw up or disconnect, and everything will be fine.


Temporus is the second and hardest boss, and he spawns from portal 12. He has a 10% healing reducing Mortal Strike effect that stacks up to 10 times (100% reduced healing). There are several ways to deal with this; all of them are dangerous.
- A lesser invulnerability pot, if chugged at the appropriate second, will ensure that the debuff falls off
- Blessing of Freedom
- An off-tank (unadvisable, because wasting a spot for a tanking-specced OT will leave your DPS too weak)
- You may get lucky and the debuff will fall off naturally

The first two, which are also the two best options, both involve the tank losing aggro. It's unfortunate that that happens, but you just have to deal. Priests spam fade, hunters FD, rogues vanish, fire mages... hahahhaha. You get the picture. You should only have to aggro-clear to clear the debuff once in the fight.

That's about it for this guy. Use a dragon as before to take care of adds (if necessary) and enjoy your loot. There are a few really awesome drops off this guy. Now rest up and get ready for the hardest part of the instance... portals 13-17.

PORTALS 13-17!

These get their own section because they are truly much harder than the boss at portal 18. The reason they are so hard is because they spawn really, really fast.

The SECOND 13 opens, you need to be there and your DPS needs to be tearing @*[email protected] up. Then get to 14 right away, and to 15 right after that. On 16, you may need to use a dragon if you are getting behind.

You can use your dragon right on top of the Rift Keeper, and he will not despawn it. Only bosses despawn dragons. So, depending on how your group is doing, it's a good idea to use a dragon on 16 and 17. Hell, even use one on 15 if you still have three left at that point.

At this point you have killed everything and closed all the portals through 17. Nice work. But before you pat yourself on the back, notice that portal 18 has opened and a massive, Nefarian-type dragon is now beating on Medivh's shield. Before engaging him, stay at a distance and drink up/rebuff. You should still have plenty of Medivh's shield left, so you have a while to let him beat on it.


Unlike Deja and Temporus, who stay at their rifts, the final boss will head straight to Medivh and start beating on him. HOWEVER, also unlike portals 6 and 12, portal 18 does NOT spawn any adds. Once 17 is closed, you are free of adds forever.

Aenous does hit pretty hard, and he does have a time-stop ability (kinda like Chrom's), but he is the easiest boss overall (partly due to his lack of adds). It's really nice to have a pally in your group at this point to help your priest/druid heal, but it can definitely be done without one.

Claim your loot, and talk to Medivh to complete your quest. Now hearth to Shatt'rath and talk to Khadgar to get your Karazhan key! Grats to rogues (his droprate for Handguards of Assassination is 100%) and good job beating the Black Morass, aka the most P.I.T.A. instance to ever exist. Hopefully this guide helped you =)








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Attunement for the Black Morass dungeon starts with completing Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Get a group for it and head to the Caverns of Time.

Tbc Caverns Of Time Map Dungeon Entrances
  1. Upon entering the Caverns of Time, you’ll find the Steward of Time. Dismount and from them, accept the quest: To The Master’s Lair. This will now take you to Andormu.
  2. At Andormu, turn the quest in and accept the next quest: The Caverns of Time. Follow the NPC around until your quest finishes.
  3. Head back to Andormu and hand it in. Accept the next quest: Old Hillsbrad. Now you can actually enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills.
  4. Now enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills. Run through the tunnel and speak to Erozion at the end to turn your quest in.
  5. Accept the next quest: Taretha’s Diversion.
    This also gives you Pack of Incendiary Bombs that are needed to set fire to the buildings, so even if you’ve already ran the dungeon spear to Erozion again.
  6. Speak to the dragon nearby and have him fly you to the keep. Once you’re there, head to the lower level and fight your way into each building.
  7. Inside each building, look for a barrel that you can use your Pack of Incendiary Bombs on. Do this until all five buildings are set on fire.
  8. Now head back to the upper level and enter the keep. Inside, go down a staircase near the center room to take you into a jail containing Thrall.
    Before proceeding, make sure all party members hand the quest in and accept the follow-up. It will automatically start and won’t prompt other group members to start the quest!
  9. Turn in your quest and accept the next quest: Escape from Durnholde. Now follow Thrall all the way to Tarren Mill as he looks for Taretha. Kill all the NPCs that spawn around him.
  10. Eventually, he’ll find Taretha in the inn and the final boss will appear outside. Kill the final boss and watch the scene until the quest completes.
  11. Once you’re done, go back to the entrance to find Erozion to turn the quest in. Accept the next quest: Return to Andormu.

Leave Old Hillsbrad Foothills and speak to Andormu to hand in the quest. Now, accept the follow-up quest: The Black Morass. You can now enter Black Morass.

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For other uses, see Black Morass (disambiguation).

The Black Morass was the area that is now commonly known as the Blasted Lands and the Swamp of Sorrows. It is this region where the orcs first appeared in Azeroth through the Dark Portal.

The Morass Road crossed the swamp.


First War

Once Medivh had opened the Dark Portal, the Orcish Horde on Draenor begin to cross their side of the portal into Azeroth reaching the swampland known as the Black Morass. It was here where the orcs made their first stronghold in the new world while they sent scouts to explore the area. After rumors of new creatures in the Black Morass King Llane of Stormwind dispatched Sir Anduin Lothar to uncover who they were. Lothar led a small force of knights to scout the Black Morass, resulting in the Knights of Stormwind clashing with orcs for the first time in a series of bloody skirmishes. Lothar and his men scored a number of small victories, yet for every orcs killed two more seemed to take its place. The humans were more outnumbered in each subsequent battle, and Lothar was eventually forced to pull back without venturing deep enough into the heavily guarded Black Morass to find the Dark Portal. Around this time, the Morass Road traversed the swamp making it easier for travel.[1]

The orcs built the settlements of Rockard, Stonard and the first Temple of the Damned deep within the region.[2]Blackhand, Warchief of the Horde assigned Orgrim Doomhammer to oversee the construction of an outpost in the Swamp of Sorrows. As time passed, the Dark Portal began to wither the land around it.

Second War

During the Second War this area was the domain of the Black Tooth Grin clan, who were entrusted with the keeping of the Dark Portal.[3]

The defeat at Blackrock Mountain irreparably shattered Doomhammer'sHorde. A large group of those who fled the battle made their way south, led by the death knightTeron Gorefiend. Their intention to reach the Dark Portal and, by extension, the relative safety of Draenor, was ruthlessly harassed by Turalyon and his armies. They tracked Gorefiend's force as it reached the Black Morass; the Alliance was eager to discover the exact location of the mystical portal from which the orcs had first invaded their world, which had eluded the human leadership thus far.

Turalyon and his forces descended upon their enemies just outside the Dark Portal itself. The ensuing battle proved to be one of the most brutal and desperate fought in the war, with the Horde and their death knights battling furiously for simple survival. In the end, they were able to hold off their Alliance foes long enough for the majority of their own forces to escape through the gateway. Unwilling to take the risk of pursuing, Turalyon ordered his soldiers not to follow the Horde through. Instead, he chose to have the demonic gateway sealed forever.[4]

To carry out this task, Turalyon called upon the Kirin TormageKhadgar and his fellow spellcasters. Together, they gathered around the Dark Portal and channeled an immense spell to rip the structure apart. The incantation succeeded in pulling apart the very threads keeping the rift open, forcing the path to another world to slam shut. The backlash of residual energy blasted apart the stone frame of the Dark Portal in a blinding arcane explosion. As the portal crumbled to dust, the gathered Alliance forces jubilantly cheered the development. The destruction of the gateway to Draenor marked the end of the Second War and, for the vast majority of those gathered, the end of a dark and personal chapter in their lives. The Alliance was victorious, yet the cost had been high.

By the time of the Alliance's destruction of the Portal the southern portion of the Black Morass was nothing more than parched red soil devoid of plant-life, mirroring Draenor's transformation of Tanaan Jungle into Hellfire Peninsula.[5] Yet the rift between the two worlds remained, and its damaging effects continued. This left behind a completely waterless, treeless wasteland which became known as the Blasted Lands while the northernmost part was named the Swamp of Sorrows, in honor of those who had died during the Second War.[6]

After the final battle against the Horde, Nethergarde Keep was built and elvenscouts were placed on continual patrol within the region searching for any sign of the renegade Bleeding Hollow clan.[7] The orc clan, because they had failed to arrive in time to take part in the battle at Blackrock Mountain, they were now disappeared into the wilds near the Blasted Lands to plot their next move rather than risk destruction by attacking the humans.

In The Burning Crusade

Bc icon.gifThis section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

The Black Morass can be visited in a The Burning Crusade instance, accessible through the Caverns of Time in the event called Opening the Dark Portal.



  • The Black Morass in the TCG.




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The Black Morass Normal \u0026 Heroic Guide: TBC Dungeon Guides Done Quick

The Black Morass Dungeon Guide


The Black Morass Quests

Before heading into The Black Morass, we advise you to get all the dungeon quests related to it. To make this process easier, we have written a separate guide for the quests and their chains.


The Black Morass Entrance Location

Caverns of Time and nearest flight paths

The fastest way to get to the Caverns of Time for both Alliance and Horde will be to fly to Tanaris. From there, follow the image shown above until you find Steward of Time, who will fly you down into the caverns.

When you land, follow the picture below to find the dungeon.

The Black Morass Entrance

Layout of The Black Morass

The Black Morass layout

The Black Morass is a unique dungeon in its layout. Instead of the standard dungeon where a group will follow a path and fight their way through, The Black Morass has the player standing in a centralized location defending Medivh while he opens the Dark Portal by fighting off waves of incoming enemies.

In the picture shown above, players will start in the north side of the dungeon and head towards the south, fighting Sable Jaguar, Darkwater Crocolisk and Blackfang Tarantula along the way. These are weak creatures that can be killed quickly. When reaching the area marked with an "x", the dungeon encounter will begin.

Periodically, a portal will open at one of the four locations shown in the picture, spawning in a Rift Lord or Rift Keeper and waves of non-elites until the main mob is dead. Shortly after slaying the main rift mob, the portal will close and a new portal will open at one of the other locations. Every 6th wave will spawn a boss instead of a rift mob. This process will repeat for 18 waves at which point the dungeon is cleared.

Sa'at can also give you a Chrono-beacon IconChrono-beacon, which you can use to summon a Time Keeper and aid you on a portal. These beacons only work on the trash; bosses will despawn them.


Reputation from The Black Morass

Killing mobs in this instance grants Keepers of Time reputation.

  • Rift mobs grant 50 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 120 reputation.
  • A Normal run of The Black Morass will give around 1,100 reputation.
  • Reputation gains in Normal go all the way up to Exalted.
  • Rift mobs grant 65 reputation each.
  • Each boss grants 250 reputation.
  • A Heroic run of The Black Morass will give around 1,750 reputation.

Overview of The Black Morass Trash Mobs

In this section, we will briefly go over each of the trash mobs that pose a threat to you in this dungeon.

While the Rift Keeper or Rift Lord is alive, non-elite mobs will pour in periodically to join in the fight. Below is a quick rundown of their abilities.

If any of these mobs get past your party, they will start to damage Medivh's shield, eventually stopping his cast and essentially "wiping" your group.

  • Kidney Shot IconKidney Shot

Infinite Vanquisher

  • Shadow Bolt IconShadow Bolt
  • Scorch IconScorch

Infinite Chronomancer

  • Arcane Explosion IconArcane Explosion
  • Arcane Bolt IconArcane Bolt

There are two versions of this mob, a Mage-type and a Warlock-type.

These are very dangerous in either version as they both have very strong spells. Make sure to focus them down and interrupt Shadow Bolt Volley IconShadow Bolt Volley whenever possible. Dispel any Fear IconFear or Curse of Vulnerability IconCurse of Vulnerability, if possible.

The Mage version of these need to be tanked away from the range players to prevent Blast Wave IconBlast Wave from hitting more people than needed. Pyroblast IconPyroblast does very high damage, so make sure to keep the tank topped up before these land.

Make sure to tank these away from the range players to prevent Thunderclap IconThunderclap from hitting more people than needed.


Overview of Bosses in The Black Morass

Here we will give you a full rundown of what you can expect from each of the bosses found here on both Normal and Heroic difficulties as well as the items they drop.

This fight has a lot of highly-damaging abilities, especially on the tank. If you have any major cooldowns such as Heroism IconHeroism / Bloodlust IconBloodlust, this is the fight you want to use them on. You should focus on killing the boss as quickly as possible, ignoring the adds until afterwards. Tanks should try to place their back against an object to avoid the knockback from Arcane Blast IconArcane Blast.

As with most endgame Level 68+ dungeons, Rare drops are the same between Normal and Heroic difficulties. In this section, we will list the items specific to Heroic mode only.

ItemRequired LevelItem TypeSlot
Glimmering Fire Opal IconGlimmering Fire OpalBoPGemMisc
Glinting Fire Opal IconGlinting Fire OpalBoPGemMisc
Glowing Tanzanite IconGlowing TanzaniteBoPGemMisc

Tank the boss in a position where you will not get knocked back far. Remove the Hasten IconHasten whenever possible with spells such as Shield Slam IconShield Slam or Spellsteal IconSpellsteal. Casters need to avoid dealing damage to themselves during the Spell Reflection IconSpell Reflection. Other than that, quickly kill the boss before Mortal Wound IconMortal Wound stacks too high on the tank and they become unable to be healed.

ItemRequired LevelItem TypeSlot
Glimmering Fire Opal IconGlimmering Fire OpalBoPGemMisc
Glinting Fire Opal IconGlinting Fire OpalBoPGemMisc
Glowing Tanzanite IconGlowing TanzaniteBoPGemMisc

Make sure to face Aeonus away from the group to prevent the Sand Breath IconSand Breath and Cleave IconCleave from hitting players other than the tank. If you have a Hunter, make sure to remove Enrage IconEnrage with Tranquilizing Shot IconTranquilizing Shot.

Aeonus also constantly stuns all players with Time Stop IconTime Stop during the fight. Keep the tank fully healed before this goes out as this can be very deadly if paired with other abilities, especially the Enrage IconEnrage and Sand Breath IconSand Breath.


Recommended Group Composition for The Black Morass

The Black Morass is very straightforward, only having to fight one difficult mob at a time. There are no pulls in this dungeon that require high AoE. High single-target DPS is recommended to quickly deal with the Rift Lords and Rift Keepers.

A Shaman is strong for any Black Morass group. They offer Tremor Totem IconTremor Totem, Grounding Totem IconGrounding Totem and Bloodlust IconBloodlust / Heroism IconHeroism to handle most of the difficult abilities and bosses found in this dungeon. As this dungeon has many non-elite adds, Warrior DPS pulls ahead with their consistent cleave damage and no downtime.

  • 26 May 2021: Guide added.

Morass guide black the

Guide to the Black Morass

Guide to the Black Morass
What's happening
Basically, you get back in time when Medivh is opening the Dark Portal. Bad Dragonskins try to stop him. Time rifts will open where mobs will spawn. The rifts are timer based, which means that more than one rift can be open at the same time. If the spawns manage to kill Medivh, you failed and you need to reset the instance. Same goes if they manage to kill you. Notice that if you talk to the NPC at the beginning of the instance, you will recieve an item called 'Chrono Beacon' which will be very useful.

Time Rifts
The time rifts can open at 4 different spots on your map (East / West / North / North East). Like described before, Dragonskins will spawn. There will be 1 Rift Lord per portal, this is the only elite. As soon as you've killed this Rift Lord, the Portal will close. As long as the portal remains open, more non elite dragonskins will spawn. You will some (like 15 seconds) time to rest after a rift.

The Rift Lords
You may have 4 different sorts or Rift Lords spawning, here are the cases
Warlock - AOE Shadowbolt / Fear on second highest aggro target / Curse increasing spell damage taken by 50%(To do: Shadow Aura / Fear Ward / Decurse)
Mage - Instant Pyroblast on random target / Blastwave / Frostbolt (To do: Fire Aura)
Warrior 1 - Sunder Armor
Warrior 2 - Mortal Strike
Basically, you're happy if you get a melee, they aren't too hard to handle but have a lot of HP. The two casters are kinda squishy but can nuke pretty badly.

The Plan
Everybody in the party should start by getting a Chrono Beacon from the NPS. Buff up right away and fight your way till medivh (around 10 lvl 70 non elite beasts). Once you get close to Medivh, I'd say 20 yards, the encounter will start and the first rift will open. Basically, you want to dps the Rift Lords down as fast as possible to have the least spawns possible. The spawns will mostly have 2 target, either Medivh or your healers. Now we have 2 cases: Either you have decent dps and there won't be more than 4 or 5 spawns per portal, or your dps will slack and you'll have more spawns. If you can manage to kill the Rift Lord with 5 or less spawns, then do it and let the spawns go wherever they want. If not, let 4 people focus on the Rift Lord and let 1 person handle the spawns.

The Group
I'll tell you the group we used when we cleared the instance. Notice that this is not a needed group, just the one I had which seemed quite nice to me:
Warrior - Our tank was fury specced, but did a nice job. Keeping aggro wasn't too much of a problem but a protection warrior might be more useful
Rogue - Our rogue was quite decently geared and could dish out some decent damage. He will enventually have to evasion-tank on the second boss for a few seconds
Paladin - Our paladin was holy specced with some good +healing gear. He will be your main healer during the encounter since he could get some aggro from the spawns (if you are using the nuke-rift-lord-technic) and plate will help him. His bubbles will also come in handy.
Priest - Our priest was used for damage and for healing. He had some very good damage gear (+600 dmg), which means he could pretty much nuke single targets. He had a damage discipline spec, allowing him to have Divine Spirit which was quite handy. When fighting rift lord, he used his damage gear and switched to healing gear for bosses.
Mage - Our mage pwned so hard, you can't even imag... Oh, well, I was there and did some dmg, spec isn't important, even if Blast Wave and Dragon's Breath come in handy here.

The different rifts
Rifts 1 - 5 - Shouldn't be too much of a problem, focus on Rift Lord, handle the adds once the rift is closed, rest and get to the next one
Rift 6 - First boss called Chrono Lord Deja. This is a basic tank and spank fight. Uses some kind of AOE (nature based) that can be easily outhealed. Notice that the spawns will continue even when fighting bosses. We had me dpsing all the adds while the rest of the party focused on Deja
Rifts 7 - 11 - Now you'll start be become nervous. The rifts will spawn a lot faster, but still nothing you can't handle. You might eventually use you first Chrono Beacon on the 11th rift to clear it as fast as possible to have time to rest
Rift 12 - Tricky part! Second boss called Temporus. He has an ability like Fankriss, a stacking debuff reducing healing taken by 10% which stacks up to 10 times. You don't want your tank to have more than 6 debuffs. Now you might be lucky with resists and stuff like that but don't count on it. If your tank has 6 debuffs and you're far away from killing the boss, make sure your rogue is second highest in damage and use a little Blessing of Protection on your warrior. The debuff lasts 10 seconds, which means our rogue will have to Evasion-Tank for this duration. Spamheal him! You can imagine that you don't want this fight to last too long (if needed, use Shieldwall on this boss, you won't need it later). Have the whole group focusing on the boss. Spawns will probably go for Medivh. Once there are 4 spawns on him, pop up another Chrono Beacon next to him, your dragon will take care of the mobs
Rifts 13-17 - Rifts open quite fast, focus dps on Rift Lords! Keep your 3 last Chrono Beacons for waves 15 / 16 / 17, don't hesitate to pop them there. You'll have to deal with waves 13 and 14 as good as you can.
Rift 18 - Last boss, Aeonus. Quite a joke, don't let him face the raid. He has a frontal AOE and uses an AOE Timelapse for 3 seconds on the whole party. Keep a Heal over Time on your maintank and loot!

Additional Infos
Use potions! For our first tries, we potted up like hell, healers using Adepts and Healing Power Elixir, me using Wizard Oil and Adept's Elixir and our melee having Mongoose. Cooking can be very handy here too. Our tank popped a flask if I remember corretly, it's a nice help, but not necessary needed. On our third run, we managed to clear the whole rifts without using potions and having our 5 Chrono Beacons for the last boss. Basically, we stood there while they killed him :D

I hope this helps you a bit and you will enjoy this instance as much as I did!

WoW Classic - IMPROVED Paladin Solo ZF Strategy! 40-52! 200k xp/hr!

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